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Learning is best done by doing.
Abraham Lincoln summarizes this beautifully.

Mindset Finished 30/09/2020

We are live on YouTube!

If you are interested in the most powerful tool out there; your mindset, then you can watch our video on how to develop a growth mindset for yourself!

Mindset Finished A successful life starts with a strong mindset. This video outlines the main types of mindsets and shows you how you can go about developing a growth mindset...


School as a factory.

A century ago, the idea of delivering standardized education was a fresh and new initiative. It fit the times, it fit the workplace and it fit the dominant contemporary ideology.

However, this model is not fit to prepare students for the information age. A time that celebrates creativity over conformity, communication over isolation and critical thinking over obedience.

We encourage you to think about the purpose of school. When you sit in class, ask yourself: what is this for?

When you are preparing for a test - what is this for?

When you raise your hand to speak in class - what is this for?


Today's question:

Which is more important in today's world, creativity or literacy?

Let us know your thoughts!


The ancient greeks believed knowing the self was the ultimate source of wisdom, and we agree. Understanding your values, your desires and your personality are crucial parts of being TRULY educated.
"The self" is a core part of the education delivered at Find Out Academy.

"Know Thyself"


Some Henry Ford for you!


You guys are the ones building the future of education. Thank you so much for 20.000 followers!

Will we ever need to memorize anything ever again? 29/08/2020

Will we ever need to memorize anything ever again?

Will we ever need to memorize anything ever again? How would you handle the following situation? Your boss walks into your office one day and tells you that he wants a new digital marketing strategy for your company. How would you go about that? Would you try to remember back to the digital marketing class you took in college 5 years ago? Probably n...


Our school system is predicated on following instructions, obedience and memorization. All of which are values that belong in the industrial age.

In preparing the next generation for the future workplace we need a system that emphsizes individual differences, creativity, technology and skillsets.


Do you agree with Albert Einstein?

Let us know in the comments.



The world has seen incredible progress in the past 150 years, and education has not. That is what we are here for.

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The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work 23/08/2020

Will you be valuable in the future workplace?

When the world changes, so must we. There is a disconnect between the skillset for the future workplace and the skills that are being trained in public education.

We highly recommend that you read the following article about how you can master the future of work and develop the skills necessary to do just that.

Education at Find Out Academy is built with a skill oriented approach rather than a memory based approach. You can't memorize your way into being a great communicator, a great creator or a great thinker. These skills require practice, trial, error and incremental improvement. We provide just that.

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The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work To stay ahead of the curve and prepare to be relevant in the future workforce that will look very different than it does today and demand different things from human employees, it's time to assess your skill-set. Here are ten skills you will need for the future of work.


There is a difference between formal education and true education.

Having a degree does not mean you are the right employee.
Not having a degree does not mean you are the wrong employee.

Pioneering companies like Apple, Google and IBM have understood this. They have lifted their requirements to have a university degree to work for them.

What do you think about this?

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Is it worth 100.000$?

In 1989, a 4-year college degree would cost around 50.000$ after you control for inflation. In 2018, that same degree costs over 104.000$.

It certainly is a paradox that while the internet made knowledge free and accessible to everyone, the colleges are continuing to increase their tuitions at astronomical rates.

What are your thoughts on this?

You can read more about this phenomena here:

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The world needs a new view of education.

The current school system is built on industrial age values. One-size-fits-all, standardization and obedience. In meeting the future, we have to reconsider what being educated means. That is what we are here for.

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