Charlotte Eames xx
Morning lovely peeps,
Well if all goes to plan we will be reopening on the 4th of july...
But we have already started booking clients in,
We have worked on a system of how the appnt book was before lockdown began so if you had an appointment booked we will be in touch to rebook if we haven't already 💗...if you didn't have an appnt booked before lockdown but would like to make one now we are taking bookings so please get in touch through the fb page & we will do our best to get you an appointment as soon as we can ..but there might be a waiting time of a few wks..

Just to let you all know our procedure, we are working on 1 in 1 out basis per stylist, we are allowing Husband & wife or parents & children to come together as they are from the same bubble, but we will expect everyone to repect the 2 meter rule & maintain this with any other person in the salon,...we will have a 2 meter distance between our work station, we will be wearing full PPE, & we request you wear a face covering, we will have mask available to purchase if needed. when arriving at the salon, stay in your car & we will send you a text message when we are ready for you ...we have disposable gowns & capes...we will have disposable cups for drinks but you are more than welcome to bring your own cup & spoon...i will upload our Risk assessment so you can have a look at our policies.
We are really looking forward to seeing you all...we have missed you all loads.
Love Sue, Donna, Nikki💜
Chloe Hush_beauty_derbyxx

Beauty salon and beauty training academy based in Derby

Operating as usual


Hi Everyone, I’ve decided to stop sharing so much about my personal life on this instagram, if you want to follow my personal Instagram it’s .a.bailey

I’m also going to be launching something VERY exciting over the next couple of months, I’m busy working behind the scenes working on it all but it’s going to be BIG 💥


We take our brows seriously here at Hush 🖤 Brows goals always by

Did you know our girl does it all? Hd brows, Semi Permanent Make up, Brow lamination and a brow educator! ✌🏼

Our girls here are all bloody amazing at brows so look no further so know you’re in the best hands possible when you book in at Hush


Halloween is totally our colour scheme at the salon 🕸️🕷️👻

Our girls are getting really busy at the moment so head over to our booking system to secure your appointment today ✌🏼


Space available to rent within the salon for full / part time nail technician, beauty therapist, massage therapist, tattoo artist, hair extension specialist… if you could use the space and it fits in drop me a DM.

We pride ourselves of being top of the game here at HUSH so I am looking for the best of the best to join us …


Halloween at HUSH 👻🎃🕷️🖤

Yeah I know it’s still September but I just love Halloween and decorating the salon .. there are a few more decorations that I’ve forgot to put up (I’ve got baby brain still 🙈)


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the skills of our fabulous 🔥

Kate’s talents are never ending, from elite beauty trainer, expert therapist, boss babe business women, exceptional wife and mother and wonderful friend 💗

Kates appointment go fast , which is understandable so if you do want to book in with her act quick when she releases her dates ✌🏼


is based at the salon on Saturdays and luckily for you guys she’s still accepting new clients 💗

Emma is very busy so get booked in whilst you can, you can book via DM or on our online booking system ✌🏼

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is offering all new clients £10 off their first set of lashes 💁🏼‍♀️

Keira has a space available for this offer tomorrow at 11am 🖤

Book online or DM to take advantage of this asking offer valid for her first month with us



Ive decided I’m ready for a few keep in touch days here and there so if you’re a client of mine and want to come in for your treatments with myself drop me a message and I’ll see if we can arrange something 🖤

I imagine these dates will get booked up very quickly so keep your eyes out for my stories or turn your notifications on for when I post… I can’t wait to see you all and have a good catch up.

I won’t be returning properly until around March next year but I am aiming to do one day a month until then 🤞🏼

Love Chloe xx


💗💋 Go check out Lenya’s insta for all the aesthetics goodness


⭐️OFFER⭐️ Lash lift and tint. Patch test will be required. £40 instead of £48!! If lash extensions aren’t for you then enhance and elevate your own natural lashes. Make your eyes pop 🤩 Lasts around 8 weeks! ⏰ Treatment time takes around 45mins.


The reason why I’m so quiet 👶🏼

📸Photo by

Being self employed I’ve always struggled to switch off from work, however these days my priorities have changed. Even though the salon & training academy will always be my first baby you won’t find me permanently attached to my phone anymore ✌🏼

I have a list a mile long for things I need to do for the salon but it will wait. I’m soaking in all these snuggles and savouring every moment. For now I’m so grateful for & for taking over the running of my business for me over the past couple of months, I don’t know what I would of done without these two 🖤

As it stands now I’ve still not got a clue when I’ll be returning to work , it will most probably be at least til after Christmas, possibly more but I’ll be sure to let you all know ✌🏼

Thank you to all the clients who have continued to support all the girls who rent space from myself as you’re helping support my family through my maternity leave and for that I’m very grateful , I’m lucky my clients are such true friends , Love you all ###



Our beautiful baby boy came into the world on Saturday morning at 10:48am weighing 8 lbs 5 oz

We are all doing perfectly, enjoying soaking up this amazing feeling of becoming a family 💙

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We have some space to rent within our established luxury beauty salon located just outside Derby City centre, in a beautiful grade 2 listed building.

As most of you know timing could of been a little better as I’m currently on maternity leave as I’m expecting my baby any day now 😥 There is currently a very large client base needing appointments too ✌🏼

Self employed beauty / nail techs drop me a DM and I’ll let you know our extremely competitive room rates, which also includes use of our online booking system 💻

We are also a training academy so we offer discounted training for anyone who rents space from us and we have opportunities to become trainers for the brand in the future so would suit applicants looking to grow within the beauty industry 🖤

Please tag anyone you think may be interested and share this post on your stories ✌🏼

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Our Baby Shower 👶🏼🍼💙

I am still on cloud nine after the most amazing day yesterday, Thank you so much to all my friends and family for coming to celebrate with us.

I have so many photos it was hard to pick just a few 🧸

A big thank you to for all the beautiful set up 💛


As a lash tech I have the responsibility to make sure my products and technique are on point! As the client, your responsibility is maintaining good aftercare at home.

The bad habits I keep seeing are mascara wearers and make up on eyelids. This build up makes my job harder, takes me longer to clean therefore less time to apply lashes. If you feel the need to wear mascara then we can discuss making a thicker set/style to prevent the temptation ❤️


💋0.5ml for a bit of added volume💋 #lipaugmentation

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My Maternity leave has officially started !!!💙👶🏼🍼

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my pregnancy journey and to everyone who’s sent gifts over the past few weeks! Im so lucky to be surrounded by so much love 💗

Don’t worry the girls will still be on hand to pamper you all at the salon , but please remember to message the girls directly if you have any work related questions (apart from training as I’m still going to do the admin for that for Kate’s beauty courses)

I’ll still be sharing things on here and promise to keep in touch ✌🏼

Love you all, Chloé ###



🌼 First 5 clients to book in will be honoured £85 for 1ml! Get your lips summer ready 💋 can be booked via online booking system or by DM’ing me 💋

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is taking over a lot of my lash / lash lift clients whilst I’m on maternity… but I’ve got a feeling they won’t be coming back to me once I come back next year 😂✌🏼

I told you all I was leaving you in good hands but jeez this one is even better than me!! Get booked in asap as Lenya is getting booked up AF these days!

She also offers all things aesthetics so go check her other page 🖤


.bylaura our resident nail Queen is getting busier these days so I recommend booking in your appointments with her in advance ✌🏼

Laura will be taking on a lot of my clients whilst I’m on maternity leave so if you haven’t booked with her yet …. Hurry!

Laura will be covering my maternity leave for the following services …

Intimate waxing
Body/ Facial waxing
Lash lifts

Head over to our booking site to get your appointments secured today 🖤✌🏼

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Loving our new olive tree 🫒

I feel like this is the finishing touch the salon needed 👌🏼


Different angle to what I usually post but … any who! 😝

Lash lift & tint + brow tint and shape , brow stain of dreams just where we wanted it in the front of the brow to even things up ✌🏼

If you’re struggling with any treatments remember we offer 1-2-1 mentoring , currently priced at £60 per hour , this will change soon as we are spicing things up in the training department 👌🏼so get booked in at our current rate ASAP


Outback Organics female intimate wax course ladies 🌿

Nothing makes me happier than passing on my knowledge ✌🏼

Well done girls you all smashed it



This is the first set of lashes completed by a student of ours, all perfectly applied during the practical part of her course.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality of training so if you want to be the best , train with the best ✌🏼


Bronsun hybrid tint magic 🪄 ✨

Featuring 🖤

Photos from Hush_beauty_derby's post 08/02/2022

Brow Tint & Shape 🖤

After years of HD brows and getting these babies where we wanted them is able just to top up her treatment every 4-6 weeks with a Brow Tint & Shape … swipe for before 👉🏼



Hey my lovelies, so the time has come to plan my MATERNITY LEAVE 💕 I can’t believe I’m actually lucky enough to be doing this it feels like a dream! 🥰

My last working day will be Saturday 21st May ✌🏼 which is already fully booked in record time 💋

Don’t fear though girlies I won’t be leaving you all in the lurch I have my talented team of beauty pros ready to cover my maternity leave and are all ready on the online booking system so you can start booking in with them ❤️

Laura will be covering my lash lift, brow/brow lamination, waxing & intimate waxing clients Wednesdays-Saturdays including evenings

Lenya will be covering my lash extension, lash lift & dermaplaning clients Monday-Thursday day times & evenings

Kate will be covering my brow/brow lamination, HD brow clients, waxing / intimate waxing , lash lifts & lash extensions on a Saturday

So I really did mean it when I told you all not to panic when I was going on maternity leave ❤️ I love you all so so much, I’m going to miss you all ❤️

Be sure to follow …


Total brow transformation ✌🏼

These brows have gone form zero to hero for the beautiful Ellie 💗

Photos from Hush_beauty_derby's post 31/01/2022

A Sunday well spent indeedy for who was brushing up more skills with me for her Advanced Brow course and safe to say she smashed it 🖤

On the advanced brow course you learn everything brows! From several tinting technique’s, shaping, waxing, threading & finishing ✌🏼

Prices are just £200 pp for group courses of £250 for a 1-2-1 course , but these prices are due to rise in the upcoming months so get booked on ASAP to reserve your course for the old price 🖤


Getting more and more valentines-y everyday 😂🌹

I don’t know what it is about valentines this year but I’m really excited!

I know a lot of people don’t celebrate V-day but I’m up for any excuse to share the love ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️



My lifesaver of a dog trainer came to the salon for a full on pamper yesterday with .bylaura & myself 🐕🐾💕

Lashlift using
Brows using


Dreamy brow lamination before and after using products & 🖤

Yes I have shared this before but it’s my favourite brow transformation so far this year so expect to see it on the grid a few more times 😂✌🏼

Photos from Hush_beauty_derby's post 26/01/2022

Still obsessed with this brow transformation using tint 🖤

This tint is perfect for is your client needs that extra skin tint and longevity as it’s a hybrid tint so similar to henna without the henna product that so many people are allergic too ✌🏼

Feat. a few stragglers of lashes that had lasted from way before Christmas on the before picture 😂💗


Training courses are FLYING off the shelves at the moment ❤️💕💋💗 if you want to grab yourselves a bargain and book in a course at our current price before the increase DM me 💗

We offer courses on …
Lash lifts
Brow lamination
Advanced Brows
Classic lashes
Russian volume lashes
Body massage
Introduction to waxing
Female intimate waxing

Also why not add on a mini course to your day?! Currently priced £75 these mini courses can be done when you’ve finished your day course with us and are a great way to gain extra revenue per client …
Facial waxing

Chloé only has 2 more dates in the diary before leaving for maternity leave so be quick to grab those spaces ✌🏼


Natural brow tint and shape for using my new fave brow tint 🖤


Training courses are FLYING off the shelves at the moment ❤️💕💋💗 if you want to grab yourselves a bargain and book in a course at our current price before the increase DM me 💗

We offer courses on …
Lash lifts
Brow lamination
Advanced Brows
Classic lashes
Russian volume lashes
Body massage
Introduction to waxing
Female intimate waxing

Also why not add on a mini course to your day?! Currently priced £75 these mini courses can be done when you’ve finished your day course with us and are a great way to gain extra revenue per client …
Facial waxing

Chloé only has 2 more dates in the diary before leaving for maternity leave so be quick to grab those spaces ✌🏼


Brow tint and shape for my fellow baby mama 👶🏼

I love hiding away this old semi permanent make up with a good old brow tint ✌🏼

Again using 💗❤️💋


Whilst I’m here spreading the love recently I can’t leave out my girl 💕

Kate is a trainer for me here at HUSH beauty & training and if you’re lucky enough to enrol on one of her courses you will know how knowledgeable she is ! What this chick doesn’t know about beauty isn’t worth knowing! 💁🏻‍♀️I never thought I would meet someone more addicted to going to training courses than me!

She’s using all that knowledge to re-vamp our training courses from manuals to student kits and just all making them the next level of courses ✌🏼But that will mean that the course prices are having an increase so get and book on your courses ASAP to get them at our current price 💕

I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would trust my training business with more whilst I’ll be off on maternity leave 💕

Photos from Hush_beauty_derby's post 12/11/2021

Back with a bang 💥

I’ve been off for a week … and haven’t taken a picture in FOREVER but by gum I’m glad I documented these bad boys 😍

Lash lift & brow lam package using and as always 🖤 for the STUNNING

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