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⭐Confidence Beyond the Curtain: How Introverted Kids Shine on Stage⭐

Concerned about your introverted child's success? Jim Carrey's journey from struggling in small clubs to stardom shows confidence can be cultivated. Explore practical tips to empower your child's confidence on stage and in life.

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Taking it Too Far

I once learned how to stage fight and for many years, I regularly taught it as part of my classes. I’d start with simple things like pulling someone by the finger or the hair. Of course, the point of it is that everything is faked and safety comes first. When you work with a partner and one holds the other ‘s finger you have to teach that person to do nothing but look scary – scary sounds add to it. All the real work is done by the person who shouts and hollers, begging them to stop. You can move on once they’ve understood that they are more like dancing partners. So next one of them makes a fist and rests it on the other’s head and again the person whose hair is “pulled” holds the fist in place and does the squirming and even throws themselves down the room. It looks so real, not unlike professional wrestling.

The favourite was always the punch or slap. To do the punch the actors have to understand that there are three parts to it. You don’t want the audience to miss it so part one is called “I’m going to punch you,” and the puncher pulls back their fist while the punchee stands back and raises their hands in protection. Part two is the fun bit, “the punch.” The puncher briefly rests their left hand on their partner’s shoulder and then moves their fist across at the same time taking the hand from the shoulder and clapping the now open fist after which it immediately becomes a fist again. The quickness of the hand deceives the eye and the clap sounds like the fist made contact. The partner also has work to do, and this is part three “Ouch I got punched.”. They must react to the “punch” by twisting their face as if contact has been made. It sounds dangerous but in all the years I taught no one ever hurt someone else because it’s all trickery.

I won’t take you through it all but slaps, kicks, double slaps and all sorts of comic business would be added. So, a fight is constructed by connecting several of these choreographed moves. A particular favourite of mine was to privately tell an actor to crunch up some polo mints in their mouth and then, after the final punch, spit them out as if all their teeth had been knocked out. As the others didn’t know it was coming it never failed to get a gasp from the rest of the room.

I did all this with a group of teachers in a town in Germany called Marburg. We had a ball but I heard after I left that two of them caused a real commotion. They practised their routine together until it was pretty good. Then at breaktime in the staffroom, they had a pretend argument and went into their fight. Oh dear. Of course, everyone thought it was for real and became very distressed. In the joy of surprising their colleagues, they forgot how real it looked and what that might bring. After that when working with teachers I always told that story as a warning.

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Can’t believe it’s Saturday number 3 tomorrow! Now that we are well and truly into 2024 why not take the plunge and come and see what we are all about! Still enrolling!


Really Looking Forward to our Mamma Mia Workshop with the Excellent Dean Read on Sunday 28th January from 10am to 1pm at KT School of Dance. 🎉
If you haven’t already booked your place……what are you waiting for? Just drop us an email to [email protected] to book your place and we’ll see you there.
Hurrah! 😁🥰⭐️🎭💃🎶🕺

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Ignite the creativity in your little ones! Join our Creative Performing Arts classes for a vibrant blend of singing, dance, and drama fun.

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📚 Turn the Pages to Music:If your favorite classic novel could transform into a musical, which one would you choose? Dive into the world of imagination and share your dream cast! 🌟

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🎭 At Theatretrain, kids explore life skills through drama, music, and dance. 🌟 Join the fun, make friends, and grow together!

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🌟 Build a strong foundation for success with Theatretrain! Our performing arts education installs discipline, teamwork, and a lifelong appreciation for creativity. Join us to shape your future as an empowered artist. 🎭🎉



Theatretrain Coventry are inviting all children or young people out there who LOVE the Performing Arts, to join us for a FREE TRIAL!

We provide professional training in Singing, Acting and Dance. Our main school classes are for ages 6 to 18 Years, led by our amazing team of Professional Teachers!

At Theatretrain your child will........
🎭Take classes in DANCE, SINGING & ACTING
⭐️Take Part in regular performances

Main School Saturday’s 10-1pm, Minis (4 & 5 year olds) 10 - 11.30 at Sidney Stringer Academy!

To sign your child or young person up for a FREE TRIAL then simply fill in this form

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A great start to our “Minis adventure” last weekend and lovely feedback from our trialists. Free trail session available for Saturday for all 4 and 5 year olds! Runs for 90 mins with a 10am start and a wonderful way to start the Theatretrain way!


The Power of Drama

Last week’s ITV presentation of Mr Bates versus the Post Office has caused a national furore. It’s the story of how sub-postmasters and mistresses up and down the country were held responsible for miscalculating their returns when actually there was a fault with the Horizon computer technology. It’s been a national scandal for many years.

But over 4 nights we watched the harrowing story of people who lost their lives, their livelihoods and their health. Some went to prison and some even took their lives. Suddenly we were immersed in the story and understood how ordinary people were lied to by an institution. No wonder the politicians are now falling over themselves trying to solve the problem when before they had no interest.

Has there ever been a better example of a drama series that completely galvanised the British people? So powerful was the effect of this emotional telling that there was a huge shift in public opinion. The former CEO of the Post Office had been awarded a CBE. Surely we trust the heads of the Post Office? We don’t now. On Friday there was a petition with 600,000 signatures demanding that she return the award. This morning it is at a million. That shows the depth of feeling. And that is why ministers are now rushing around like headless chickens long before the public inquiry reports back.

I want to take a step back and ask the question. How would it be this morning if that drama didn’t go out? Would we be where we now are?

It goes to the heart of what the arts do in our lives. As Shakespeare says it holds up a mirror for us to see ourselves and allow us to understand the human angle on events more clearly and oh boy did this do that.

I think it will become a piece of TV history and be a game changer. The powers that be got away with it for so long because each person was isolated and believed themselves to be the only one with a problem because they were told so.

I love the way that drama can give us insight into other people’s lives and hold up a theme like injustice and take it apart piece by piece. This bigger platform has created what I think is an unstoppable force.

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Ain’t that the truth folks ❤️🎭🎶🎵🥰

🎶 Join the chorus of success at Theatretrain! Our singing classes inspire vocal growth, confidence, and a love for music that resonates throughout life. Unleash your voice with us! 🎤🌟


Just two days to go until the start of our Spring Term! Still time to register for a free trial to come along and see exactly what TT is all about, including our new Minis Class for 4 and 5 year olds! Follow the link!


Guess who’s getting ready for a new Spring Term on Saturday 6th January?
He may be a little nervous as it’s his first day but we know he’ll be just fine and in kind and capable hands?
Welcome to the family TT Ted. Official mascot of Theatretrain Minis 🥰


🎭Dance, act and sing! with Theatretrain Minis!
⭐️Starting in January 2024 our Theatretrain Minis class!
⭐️Calling all 4 & 5 year olds, this 90 minute class is an exciting introduction to the performing arts and is a real fun way to help your little one build confidence, have fun and make friends!
⭐️Places are strictly limited to ensure that your child gets the right amount of attention and high quality training they deserve! So get in touch now to enrol and secure a place!
Visit or email [email protected]

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Theatretrain is where the stage becomes a canvas for imagination, unlocking boundless creativity in your child. More than just an arts programme, it's a platform for building character, fostering confidence, and instilling a love for self-expression. Join us in unleashing your child's full potential on the captivating journey of theatrical discovery.


Hope you have all had a fab Christmas. Here's something to look forward to.....first day of term Saturday January 6th! Come and join us!!!!


Wise words to end 2023 from our founder and mentor. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed these blogs this year and look forward to what’s to come in 2024.

They Have Something in Common

Over the years I’ve often been asked whether anyone famous has come out of Theatretrain. It’s a strange question because most people who work in any aspect of the performing arts industry are not household names and I’ve always thought we’re about the work that we do not the so-called value of fame. But in our business people don’t seem to rate what you do unless it’s attached to celebrity.

If you were to push me, I’d say the most famous performer who went through Theatretrain was the singer, Sam Smith.
In the recent Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall an ex-student and now patron Simon Lipkin performed a magic routine from his latest west-end show Unbelievable. A few weeks ago, I visited ex-student Callum Balmforth currently a lead with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The other day I went to see Mr Apple the first short film produced by Tyla Sharp who was a student for 10 years at Northampton Theatretrain. The world premiere was held at the Cineworld Northampton where they rolled out the red carpet for it.
This was a stunning film. It dealt with the passing of a young woman and how her young daughter and husband dealt with this tragic event. The film spoke to anyone who has suffered a bereavement and told a profound story. The image of a gradually decaying apple encapsulated the process beautifully. told its own story.

We also saw a documentary that showed us the amount of work that went into its making. Every camera shot, piece of music, line of acting and especially the acting, particularly the young girl, came together to create a mini-masterpiece.
I’m going to put my head out on this one and predict a blossoming future for Tyla who left film school only 18 months ago. He showed extraordinary dedication and care in the way he put this film together. I bet he learned valuable lessons.
I think he might become a household name in the future but you know, who cares? What all these people have in common is their amazing commitment to what they do. That’s what matters to them, that’s what marks them out and that is why I am proud of them.


I say you Fellows!
The Creative Team at TT Cov would like to wish you ALL a simply magnificent Christmas and offer our most sincere THANKS for all your support in 2023.
We’ll raise a glass to each and every one of you and yours this Festive Season, sending lots of Love and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Peace Filled and Prosperous 2024 brimming with more Theatretrain magic than ever.


Still enrolling for Spring term starting on 6th January. Free trail session on offer, please drop us a message for details!


Hooray! About time too 🎉🎉

GCSE in British Sign Language to be taught in English schools


Save the Date - Saturday January 6th 2024 - The day Theatretrain Minis come to Coventry! Open to all 4 and 5 year old's who want to sample life as a Theatretrain Student. 90 minutes on a Saturday morning, the perfect way to start the Theatretrain Journey. Drop us a message for information on how to enroll! Full details can be found at



Timeline photos 18/12/2023

Step into the enchanting world of "My Neighbour Totoro," a mesmerizing collaboration between Japanese composer Joe Hisashi and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Artistic Director Kevin Dowsett deems it an unmissable, brilliant, and heart-touching experience that lingers in your thoughts long after. 👏

To read the full blog, click on the link below or above in the bio. 👇☝️


Normally at this time on a Saturday we are just starting our session at Sidney Stringer School, but with Christmas approaching its time for a well earned break! Having said that we cant help but look forward to starting back on the 6th January. Fancy seeing what we are all about. Get in touch!!!!

Timeline photos 16/12/2023

All that said, this dedicated mentor is having a lie in!! Happy Christmas TT Cov 😁🥰

At Theatretrain, dedicated mentors guide young talents on a journey of self-discovery. Beyond honing performance skills, children develop into well-rounded individuals, gaining insights into creativity, empathy, and collaboration. This holistic approach ensures a meaningful and enriching experience, sparking a lifelong passion for the arts.

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