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CRiSM Masterclass: Effective Data Visualisation with R
Tutor: Paul Murrell (Assoc Prof, University of Auckland and R Core Developer)
Dates: Mon 5 - Tues 6 August 2024 (10am to 4:30pm both days)
Venue: Chancellors Suite 1 and 2, Rootes Building, University of Warwick, UK
Registration: includes refreshments, lunch and free parking
* PGR/Academic/Research-adjacent staff, UKRI eligible organization - Free of charge
* Participant, other non-profit organization - £100
* Participant, business/industry - £200

This course will cover the two big data visualisation questions: what should I draw and how should I draw it.

Full details:

Registration required by 15 July 2024. For those eligible for free registration we kindly ask that you only register if you plan to attend, as places are limited and there is a cost for no-shows!

Data Visualisation Masterclass This 2-day course covers the big data visualisation questions: *what* should I draw and *how* should I draw it. Discover how to represent your data visually, following guidelines that play to the strengths of our visual system while avoiding its weaknesses, using the R package ggplot2.


Undergraduate of the year award with AON

The Undergraduate of the Year Awards are a national competition that aims to find the best students in the UK. Students go through at least 3 rounds of an application process concluding with an in-person assessment with the award partner.

This is the 15th Year these awards have run. And there were over 5000 competitors.

The Warwick Statistics Department are very proud that one of our students, Oliver Crook, has won the Future Actuary Undergraduate of the Year Award with AON.


Workshop on heterogeneous and distributed data

We would like to advertise a workshop on Heterogeneous and Distributed Data, to be held at the University of Warwick, UK, from the 10th-12th June 2024. This is organised by Thomas Berrett (Warwick) and Timothy Cannings (Edinburgh). The aim of the event is to bring together researchers in areas such as missing data, (local) differential privacy, causal inference, communication-constrained inference and transfer learning to share recent progress and motivate future directions.

Please visit our website ( for a list of speakers, an outline schedule and a link to a registration page. All are welcome, but we particularly encourage early career researchers to attend and present a poster. An abstract can be submitted through the registration form.

We are very grateful for funding from the EPSRC and CRiSM at the University of Warwick. Registration is free, but is required by Monday 13th May in order to attend.


Theo Damoulas wins Wilkes Award

Theo Damoulas and co-authors have been announced as the recipients of the 2024 Wilkes Award.
The Wilkes Award is presented once a year to the authors of the best paper published in the volume of The Computer Journal from the previous year, based on originality and quality of theme and treatment. The prize is named after Sir Maurice Wilkes, who was Director of the Cambridge Computer Laboratory throughout the whole development of stored program computers starting with EDSAC; inventor of labels, macros and microprogramming; with David Wheeler and Stanley Gill, the inventor of a programming system based on subroutines.

The award-winning paper describes the development of methodology to process over 900 camera feeds in near real-time to generate new estimates of social distancing adherence, group detection and camera stability. This work was essential to informing policy interventions by the Greater London Authority during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See Theo's research contributions here:

Professor Theo Damoulas I am a Professor in Machine Learning and Data Science with a joint appointment in Computer Science and Statistics. I am a Turing AI Fellow (2021-2026) having received the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Turing AI Acceleration FellowshipLink opens in a new window in order to lead research on settin...


Warwick's Slice of Science Schools Day

On the 13th March Warwick welcomed 91 female-identifying year 9 students from the local area to a day of interactive workshops, talks and engagement with STEM staff and students.

Statistics offered four workshops in which we estimated animal abundance, explored biased sampling and learnt about regression towards the mean. Along the way we encountered some famous statisticians from the past, like Florence Nightingale who was not only a nurse but also an accomplished statistician who used visualisation effectively to communicate the insights she had gained from her data. The workshops were supported by our fantastic team of Statistics Widening Participation Ambassadors who are all current undergraduate students in the department.

Workshops were also offered by the Department of Computer Science, the Mathematics Institute and the Women in Cyber from the Warwick Manufacturing Group.


Warwick Academics contribute to The Maths Manifesto

Warwick Statistics’ Dr Martine Barons and Professor Jon Forster contributed to the development of the Maths Manifesto launched at The Maths Summit held at The Science Museum on 12th March 2024.
The Maths Manifesto was produced under the leadership of Professor Catherine Hobbs who drew together a team from the five UK Learned Societies in the mathematical sciences and the Academy for the Mathematical Sciences.
The Maths Manifesto covers a range of issues within mathematical sciences and its contribution to society and sets out priorities and actions under the headings of improving mathematical literacy, increasing investment in research and commercialisation, bringing further insight to public policy and industry and improving attitudes towards mathematics in society. It was produced ahead of the forthcoming UK General Election.
The Rt Honourable Michelle Donelan MP, Secretary of State for Science Innovation and Technology gave a keynote speech followed by a discussion with Professor Jon Keating FRS and Catherine McKinnell MO, Shadow schools minister, contributed to a panel discussion on equipping young people to build and benefit from the increasingly mathematical world.
In addition, The Maths Summit brought together leaders from academia, industry, education and politics to explore how the mathematical sciences can support research, innovation and prosperity. The Maths Summit was organised by Protect Pure Maths and supported by the Academy for Mathematical Sciences, the Council for the Mathematical Sciences, the Edinburgh Society, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society, the Royal Statistical Society and the Operational Research Society.

Read The Maths Manifesto here:

Photos from University of Warwick Department of Statistics's post 01/02/2024

Jointly with the Mathematics Institute and the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Statistics will be offering again a stream for Mathematical Sciences in the Sutton Trust Summer School.


Tom Leonard (1948-2023)

The department was saddened to hear of the death of Tom Leonard on December 18, 2023. Tom was one of the three founding members of staff of the Department in 1972, before leaving to take a position at the University of Wisconsin in 1980. He was influential in the development of the department's MORSE degree programme which flourishes to this day. RIP Tom.

AI as good as doctors at checking X-rays - Warwick University 15/01/2024

Warwick-led study shows how AI can analyse X-rays and diagnose medical issues

A study led by Professor Giovanni Montana from the Department of Statistics and WMG has shown that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyse X-rays as accurately or more accurately than doctors' analysis at the time the image was taken for 35 out of 37 conditions.
The AI X-ray tool, a collaboration between Warwick, King’s College London and the NHS, and funded by the Wellcome Trust, has the potential to educe doctors' workload and delays in diagnosis, and offer radiologists the "ultimate second opinion".

AI as good as doctors at checking X-rays - Warwick University The software could cut delays in diagnosis and offer the "ultimate second opinion", researchers have said.

Philip Leverhulme Prize Winners 2023 | The Leverhulme Trust 23/10/2023

Yi Yu wins Leverhulme Prize

Congratulations to Yi Yu who has been announced as one of the winners of the 2023 Philip Leverhulme Prizes. Chosen from over 400 nominations, five prizes were awarded in each of six subject areas, one of which was Mathematics and Statistics. The prizes recognise and celebrate the achievements of outstanding researchers whose work has already attracted international recognition and whose future careers are exceptionally promising. Each prize is worth £100,000 and may be used for any purpose that advances the prize winner’s research.

Philip Leverhulme Prize Winners 2023 | The Leverhulme Trust Leverhulme Trust awards £3 million to 30 extraordinary researchers The Leverhulme Trust has announced the winners of the 2023 Philip Leverhulme Prizes. Chosen from over 400 nominations, the Trust offered five prizes in each of the following subject areas: Biological Sciences, History, Law, Mathemat...


The Department will be holding PhD Open Days in Autumn of 2023:
- Online: Wednesday 25th October 2023, 10:30 (UK Time)
- In person: Wednesday 8th November 2023, 14:00 - 15:00 (UK Time)

Registration for all events are now open.

Open Days provide an ideal opportunity for prospective students to meet with staff and current postgraduate students, to learn about the Statistics CDT and to ask questions about the CDT and the application process.

For more information, please contact our Postgraduate Research Team: please email [email protected]

If applicable please submit a link to a relevant web-page.:

PhD in Statistics or Probability The Warwick Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) in Mathematics and Statistics is a collaboration between the Mathematics Institute and the Department of Statistics which started in 2019. General information about this CDT can be found here.


Congratulation to MMORSE student Megan Adrian who has been awarded a PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry) student prize for her Integrated Masters dissertation “ Investigating Missing Data in Clinical Trials for the Elderly: the Case HYVET-COG, a Randomised Clinical Trial”

PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry) is a non-profit organisation run by statisticians from industry. One of the aims of PSI is to encourage the study of mathematics and statistics, and to raise awareness of the possible career opportunities available within medical research.


David Firth awarded Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship

Professor David Firth has been awarded a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship, to support his research in the next two years on a new project, ‘Compositional data analysis via statistical modelling.’ David’s methodological work will underpin a growing style of data-analytic activity that spans fields as diverse as archaeology, food science, horticulture, machine learning, microbiology, physical sciences, social science and sport.

David describes the project as follows:

Analysis of composition is found in almost every branch of science and across a wide range of data-centric social science and humanities research. The composition of a multi-part entity is a quantitative description of how large its parts are relative to one another; most often, a composition is represented by a set of percentages that sum to 100%. Just a few examples are: the vote shares for different political parties in an election; the percentages of different minerals in rock samples; the relative prevalence of different microbes in the gut of an animal; and the ways in which people spend their time, e.g. fractions of the day that are spent sleeping, working, sedentary, physically active, etc.

The research literature on this topic has been dominated for the last forty years by a mathematical framework set out in John Aitchison’s highly influential 1986 book The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data. Aitchison’s axiomatic development results in the so-called ‘logratio’ method, whereby a specific mathematical transformation of the data must be applied before any further analysis. The required transformation distorts the analysis, though, in undesirable ways: the smallest parts dominate; zero-valued parts are not permitted at all; and interpretation of the results of the analysis is often more difficult than it needs to be. These important practical limitations are a high price to pay for the logratio method’s mathematical coherence.

The solution is to relax Aitchison’s axioms to allow statistical modelling of the data directly without transformation. The full modern statistical toolkit then becomes available through models that account properly for measurement and sampling errors and are straightforwardly interpretable. This is the essence of my project.

My first experience of analysing compositions came about twenty years ago when I worked with the psephologist John Curtice to develop a new, accurate method for exit-polling at UK general elections. Our method – which has enjoyed success at every general election since 2005 – uses data from a specially designed exit poll to predict the political shift in each parliamentary constituency, from the previous election to the current one. [For details see] The image above shows the shifts in vote shares for the three main parties in England between the 2017 and 2019 elections. The task is inherently compositional, and our method of analysis uses statistical models that are carefully designed to be easily interpreted by political commentators. Freedom from the strictures of the logratio approach has been central to our method’s success.

Professor Jane Hutton wins 2023 Mardia Prize 11/04/2023

Professor Jane Hutton of Warwick Statistics has won the Royal Statistical Society 2023 Mardia interdisciplinary workshop prize. Four workshops will be held on aspects of Statistics and the Law.

Professor Jane Hutton wins 2023 Mardia Prize We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2023 Mardia interdisciplinary workshop prize is Professor Jane Hutton of the Department of Statistics, University of Warwick.

QS World University Rankings for Statistics & Operational Research 2023 06/04/2023

Warwick Statistics ranked 16th globally by QS

In the latest (2023) QS World University rankings, Warwick has maintained its top 20 ranking for Statistics and Operational Research. The global ranking of 16th (4th in the UK) is the highest for any subject group at Warwick.

QS World University Rankings for Statistics & Operational Research 2023 Discover the world's top universities for Statistics & Operational Research 2023. Explore the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 in various disciplines.


PhD open day Open Days provide an ideal opportunity for prospective students to meet with staff and current postgraduate students, to learn about the Statistics CDT, to ask questions about the CDT and the application process.

Bernoulli Society News 07/11/2022

Congratulations to Tom Berrett who has received an honourable mention for the Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award 2023!

The Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award ( is given annually to young researchers of the Bernoulli Society alternately in the fields of Mathematical Statistics and Probability.
Tom has received an honourable mention for the 2023 award for researchers in Mathematical Statistics.

Tom joined the Department of Statistics as an Assistant Professor in July 2020. He works mainly to develop statistical methodology and theory for nonparametric and high-dimensional problems, with a recent focus on data privacy and missing data. Particular interests include nearest neighbour and permutation methods, and hypothesis testing.

Bernoulli Society News The annual meeting of officials of the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics was organized on September 6th, 2022,  on zoom platform and with kind support of Elyse Gustafson. The IMS was represented by Peter Bühlman (President) and Krzysztof Burdzy (Past President).  The ...


PhD Open Days!

Join our Department, let's do research together!

The next PhD Open Days will take place on Wednesday 2 November (virtual) and Wednesday 9 November (in-person) at the Department of Statistics, University of Warwick.
Follow the link below for further information:

PhD open day Open Days provide an ideal opportunity for prospective students to meet with staff and current postgraduate students, to learn about the Statistics CDT, to ask questions about the CDT and the application process.


Joint research between our Applied Statistics & Risk Unit
and The National Archives
has been shortlisted for the international 2022 Decision Analysis Society / Society of Decision Professionals
Practice Award

Read about the project here:

Decision Analysis Society DAS promotes the development and use of logical methods for improving decision-making in public and


"Stunned silence turned into massive applause - truly the Statistics Department had arrived in style!"

While we reconsider our 50th Anniversary Alumni Day cancelled in the national period of mourning following the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, check what statistically significant event has marked launching WarwickStats on 9/10/1972


Congratulations to Dr Massimiliano Tamborrino
who was awarded an EPSRC small grant for the project 'AI-informed decision making based on decision field theory', with Dr Lyudmila Grigoryeva and Dr Shweta Singh as Co-Is.

They will push the frontiers of explainable and interpretable AI - one of major challenges in data science!

Dr Massimiliano Tamborrino I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick since December 2019. Before I was a University Research Assistant at the Institute for Stochastics, JKU Linz, Austria (2014-2019) and Postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen,...


📢 Calling all Statistics alumni, students and staff! Come along and celebrate Warwick Statistics 50th anniversary at a special one day event being held on 17th September.

Featuring talks and presentations as well as campus tours during the day and continued celebrations at an evening reception and dinner, the day promises to be a wonderful way to mark this special occasion.

Book your place today:


Did you know that Warwick’s Statistics department is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year? 🥳🍾🎉

Join us on 17th September for a special celebration day featuring exciting talks and presentations from staff and alumni and take a trip down memory lane during a campus and accommodation tour! Continue the celebrations into the evening at a reception and dinner on Campus.

Book your place now by visiting:

Alumni Day Registration Please complete the registration form below if you wish to attend the "Statistics 50th Alumni Day" being held at the University of Warwick on Saturday 17th September 2022. You should receive a confirmation email after submitting this form. If you do not receive any emails, then please contact the or...


Chenlei Leng awarded EPSRC Small Grant

Congratulations to Professor Chenlei Leng who has been awarded an EPSRC
Small Grant for the project 'Statistical Network Models: Building the Foundation'.

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