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Why 'busywork' is Unproductive and Provides No Value in the Workplace | Fierce 24/04/2022

Why 'busywork' is Unproductive and Provides No Value in the Workplace | Fierce Why ‘busywork’ is Unproductive and Provides No Value in the Workplace by Ed Beltran   Hello everyone. I just read a very disturbing article from the BBC titled “The Managerial Obsession with Busy Work.” The underlying theme is really a two sided problem. On one side, you have managed who ar...


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There's no shame in taking care of your mental health 05/04/2022

There's no shame in taking care of your mental health When stress got to be too much for TED Fellow Sangu Delle, he had to confront his own deep prejudice: that men shouldn't take care of their mental health. In a personal talk, Delle shares how he learned to handle anxiety in a society that's uncomfortable with emotions. As he says: "Being honest abou...


Celebrate the beauty of Autism


Hands up!


Thanks to Priya for sharing this.


In the 10th and final post (for now) exploring the idea that CHILDREN DO WELL IF THEY CAN I want to share this image created by Kristin Wiens of North Star Paths that serves to provide a pretty thorough summary of what the last 9 posts were all about. Sure I could have just shared the image and left it at that 9 posts ago, but too often we hit the like and share button without really pausing to 'take in' what we are liking and sharing.

If we could really take in and absorb that children, and in fact all humans, are doing the best they can at any moment in time, then what a compassionate world we could make! The idea isn't that we ignore hurtful or harmful behaviour, but that we respond from a place of wanting to help rather than to punish.

*sigh* a girl can dream right?


There is so much more to behaviour than most people think. Children don’t try to upset us, there is usually something behind it. They are communicating their need through behaviour. If we look behind the behaviour we can see a child who is doing the best they can


I am currently working with a client who is looking for new talent to join their organisation based in Warwickshire in an entry level sales support role. There is no prior experience required in this role, which includes admin and telephone sales (warm leads only). The organisation is looking to support someone in to a career in a secure and growing market. The starting salary is excellent plus commission. There are great progression opportunities into sales advisor which is OTE 50 - 60k! If you are interested please DM.

Timeline photos 16/09/2021

THIS feeling. I sometimes anticipating triggered off the alarms as I exit. 😂


Happy September everyone. For all school communities, getting back to school in September is a challenging time.

Check out this video. SLT Supply's senior associate, Nichola Davies, MD of SENDCO Services, explains her approach to supporting and improving SEND provision in education .

We are working together to conduct a number of SEND reviews across the midlands this term. If this service is of interest please get in touch.


You were born not caring much,
For the curves along your thighs.
And it took you several years
To care a thing about your size.

When you die, I’m kinda thinking.
That your thoughts won’t stray to that.
You won’t waste your final breath,
To utter words of being too fat.

Yet the years spent in-between,
From your birth till you depart.
When your life is there for living,
When you’re young, alive and smart.

Are the years you waste with worry,
For the way your nose sticks out.
Or the changes in your body,
You can’t do anything about.

And those years may seem a-plenty,
But for some they end too soon.
What if you had not embraced them,
Whilst your world was in full bloom.

So, remember how you frolicked,
Little child of untamed glory.
It’s not too late to change your thoughts,
Not too late, to change your story.

Donna Ashworth
From To The Women - words to live by

UK: To The Women: words to live by




Beautiful art by Tarn Ellis Tarn Ellis


Recently I posted about diagnosis in the mental health field and it sparked some intense discussion and debate. One of the big issues that came up again and again was the diagnosis of developmental trauma vs the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental differences.

One of the main difficulties is that developmental trauma and some neurodevelopmental differences like ADHD in children can present very similarly in visible behaviour.

* Young children who experience trauma may have symptoms of hyperactivity and disruptive behavior that resemble ADHD.

* Trauma can make children feel agitated, troubled, nervous, and on alert. These behaviors can be mistaken for hyperactivity.

* What might seem like inattention in children who experience trauma might actually be symptoms of dissociation (feelings of unreality or being outside of one’s body) or the result of avoidance of trauma reminders.

* Among children who experience trauma, intrusive thoughts or memories of trauma (e.g., feeling like it is happening all over again) may lead to confused or agitated behavior which can resemble the impulsivity of ADHD.

This image is from a clinicians guide by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network which you can access here:




At primary school my son couldn't take part in sports day, he couldn't cope with the social scenario or the concept of competition. He would instead be a judge, or a helper. Imagine my joy and regret this evening when at 14 he comes home from school with this array of medals. Joy and elation at his progress and achievement, regret that I couldn't be there to watch.

The hard work and heartache that went in to the process of ensuring my boy had specialist education, from people trained and experienced in getting the very best out of all children, all felt worth it today.

Well done son. Get used to collecting medals. You're a star!

Parents - need impartial advise, help and support navigating endless acronyms and legal processes? I have an extensive career in education and I was still not equipped with the nohow to navigate the EHCP process. I contacted Nichola Davies of SENDCO Services for support. A senior leader with considerable knowledge and experience of SEND, Nichola now runs an operational consultancy to support schools , parents and children with SEND.

Check out for more information.


Check out the new website from SENDCO Services. Operational consultancy for schools a d parents working and loving children with special needs.


One Day…
An army of furious older women will take over the world.
And I want to be there at the front.

Because one day, every woman wakes up and realises, that quite frankly, they put themselves through hell.
Trying to fit in, trying to be enough, to be attractive, to be acceptable, to be responsible, to be reliable, to be a mother, to be a wife, to be a friend, to be a carer, to hold a career, to keep it all spinning effortlessly….

And in a flash, years and years of back-breaking conformity, whizzes before your eyes and you have a lightbulb moment…
It was never going to happen.
We could never have done it all.

For it is not possible.
No man could do it either. Not a chance.
Women of this world, beautiful, wonderful women – let that lightbulb go on sooner rather than later because when it does, you will be free.
Free to live.
Free to mess up.
Free to take breaks and make mistakes.
Free to pass over on the list of things you ‘should’ be doing.
And you will understand that whatever you did today, it was enough.
You are enough.

One day, an army of furious older women will take over the world and I want to be there, right at the front.

Donna Ashworth
From ‘to the women’ :

US link:

SENDCO Services – Transform your SEND provision and outcomes! 16/07/2021

Fantastic offering from SENDCO services. Check out the website below to find out about this operational consultancy approach.

SENDCO Services – Transform your SEND provision and outcomes! We are a team of qualified and experienced SEND specialists able to support any mainstream school and their SENDCO with timely, practical, and sustainable support packages.


Just saying...



It’s tempting to restrict your joy, when times are uncertain.
You feel uneasy, anxious, life is coming back but still so strange.
But I promise you, with all my heart, that saying no to the celebratory cake placed in front of you, is not a win.
Life has been tough my friend and fun is a medicine of great power.
Joy comes in fleeting moments and they must be snatched with both hands.
Eat the cake.
It’s the mark of a year survived, no mean feat.
Or a mark of something, ANYTHING, worth living for.
If food is your trigger, use love.
Anything eaten with love will not allow your guilt or your loathing in.

We have had it tough, seize the moments, however they look.
Eat the cake.
Take the trip.
Go for that coffee.

You may not feel deserving but you are, you truly are.
You got through this.

Eat the cake.

Your weight is not a marker of your recent achievements,

nothing can mark that, not this year.

Donna Ashworth
Author of ‘to the women’ and ‘the right words’

Art by Cynthia Christine

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