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Your life can change in 24 hours, it begins with you ❀️


What is holding you back, is today the day you decide no more?


When you stand with shield battered, blood, sweat and tears upon your face with memories of the many times you have had to get back up after many battles, that is the testament to your will and determination to carry on. You are the warrior you never thought you be.πŸ™


Time to stop the shouldah, couldah, wouldah and learn from from waht was and how you will use that learning to better your now and tomorrow ☺️


Next time you look in the mirror, remember that the best you is right now, because you have learnt from yesterday and want to change tomorrow for the better, you are the best you right now and you are only getting better πŸ™πŸ¦™


Because it needs saying πŸ™πŸ¦™


However in your case you are both perfect and amazing😘


When love feels lost, light the way, when love feels alone, draw closer, when love cannot feel, hold close, when love falters, stand firm, when love yerns, speak love.

We all have different love languages and when it is not met in any relationship, we feel hurt, discover your language, understand what you need, how you need it and importantly why you need it, as it may be there in a different form but invisible to what you look for, discover your love language so you can see what you may have been missing πŸ™πŸ¦™


You are the fire the world needs πŸ¦™


The door that leads you to being your best may not be the one you expect πŸ€”


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 12. Find your adventure.
Time to break out of your funk and begin your new life, find your passion, try new things, make connections, reach out but above all believe in you, believe in the resources you have within, believe you can achieve, don't let negative thoughts or limited beliefs hold you back, break through, how do I do that you ask, well it all starts with you, challenge the negative thoughts, believe it is possible, its not too late, it all starts with one step towards where you deserve to be, you are the warrior ready for the adventure, you no longer just survive but begin to thrive, believe and achieve, you are amazing, you got this, your adventure begins with you.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 11. Rediscover your heart.

We never really lose ourselves but we do forget the truest part of who we are or rather get caught up with the challenges of daily life that we rarely take time just for ourselves. When was the last time you did something just for you? Take time to quiet your mind, refocus on what is important to you, just be still and allow stresses to ease away, remember your dreams and goals, take time for your mind, relax and meditate, remember all that you are is more than the pain you have suffered, the hurt and the scars, the mistakes you made, remember the truest part of you, for you are amazing.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 10. Connect with others.

Is good to rely on your inner resources and strengths to get through the days challenges, but you don't have to do it alone, as much as it takes trust and vulnerability to share deeply with others or ask for help from others we are social creatures, there is energy shared when souls connect, a trusted freind can help you when you need it most, but you have to take the first step and reach out, it's not weakness or failure to admit that you want to or can't face the challenge on you own. It does take trust to confide and rely on another and some will let you down, but the rewards of connecting with another is emeasurable, it can literally change your world, and importantly it can changes there because are just what they need and so you reaching out can give you the them the courage to reach back. You are strong and fearsome but two shields locked together will protect you even more, don't walk the path alone, reach out today, you do so much more good than you realise.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 9. Face you fears.

What is holding you back? Or maybe a more reflective question might be, have you ever told yourself? "I can't do this" "I feel like a fraud" or I'm never going to get this, yes you may need to keep practicing to achieve a new skill, or keep going to break a habit, addiction or lose weight or keep persevering to find a new job, partner or whatever you are trying to do, but the key factor here is the doing, to overcome the fear or make that breakthrough takes action, it does not matter how small the steps, but be determined to keep trying, the biggest fear is the one of failure so we don't even try, but by making goals, setting actions, celebrating little wins and brushing yourself down and getting up and doing it again when you stumble, will strengthen you to break through the fear, don't fake it till you make it because you will feel like a fraud, but rather believe and achieve, and even if you don't reach the end goal, you will still grow from where you were. Believe in you, believe you will get through this, believe you can do this and you will achieve and why can I be sure you can do this, because you are awsome, you just need to recognise it too.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 8. Embrace your quirks.

Whenever we want to change things about ourselves, we sometimes overlook the best part of who we are, what others deem unusual, strange or quirky. We think we need to change that part of us because it's different from others or because we feel this part of us has no purpose, but you are who you are, yes there are some behaviour, habits, mindsets or limited beliefs you wish to change, heal or resolve, but don't reject your wonderful quirks, its what makes you, "you" it's your inner strength and personality that makes you so awesome, never compare yourself to others, believe in you, the amazing, awesome, quirky you.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 7. Connect back with nature.
There is something rejuvenating about being outside, being mindful, listening to birds, enjoying a walk, watching the sea, there is a connection of energy from being outside. Take time to clear thoughts ease anxiety. Find some time for you, recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your energy, hey you deserve it.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 6. Reach for your dream.

The older you get and life throws everything at you, your dreams may take a back seat and before you know it you looking back with regret and find your self saying "it's too late" well the amazing thing is it is never to late to pick up your dreams and go for it, or discover new dreams to aim for, let me ask you this, would you spend your life trying to achieve your dream if you could only live your dream for one day? You may say well what's the point, well the thing is, life is the journey you travel not the destination, keep your dreams, have goals, hold on to your vision, the fact you keep trying is what helps you grow, keeps you determined, it gives you purpose, never stop believing, never stop trying, because your dream is worth it, you are worth it.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 5. Feed your soul.
To help you grow you need to educate your mind, strengthen the body and enrich your soul. Try something new, maybe join a gym class do the couch to 5k, take yoga or other mindful movement, read a book, take an online course, anything that helps you grow, it focuses the mind, generates energy and nourishes the soul. Like a tree you are designed to keep growing, changing and fulfilling your potential, the world needs your energy, time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 4. Dig deep.

Whenever we want to change a habit or behaviour, it does take perseverance, I know there are days you feel you are not making progress or you may have slipped back a little and the words "stuff this, it's just not worth it" may come to mind, but keep at it, just pick up from where you are and keep going, on average it takes about 8 weeks to change a behaviour and reinforce a new one and that's the key, if you want a change in your life, don't leave an empty space as nature abhors a vacuum, to change a habit or behaviour, you need to replace it with a new one you want, keep at it, this will change and strengthen the neuron connections in brain, keep going even if you step back a few times, keep going, you got this, you deserve this, you own this.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 3. Take time to play.
Having fun may sound childish or a waste or time, give me a nice glass grape and a book or a film and I'm happy, you mat say, and that is good and relaxing, but there is time to release the inner child, go be a little silly, be a rebellious, just have some all out fun, bring back the wonder, do what a child does and live in the moment for the moment, go find something that is just a fun experience, try something new, expand your experiences, it will do you so much good, it will refresh you and motivate you, live in the moment, live for the heart, if you hear someone say"humph look at them being silly" first you have made it yay, second they wish they had the courage to be as silly, go on go amd play see how alive you feel.
Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal (with Grogu)
Day 2. Eat the frogs.
Yes I know it sounds disgusting, but procrastination is a sure stopper to any growth or change, whenever we want to move forward or change, it is tough and there will be tasks, habits, actions we have to do or break through to get where we are going, so when you have to do something you don't like, pick the hardest thing, get through that first and then the rest if the day will feel a little easier having got the toughest bit done first. If you say I will start tomorrow or I will get round to it, you never will and it will keep pulling you back and hindering the change you deserve, so its get the big pants on and eat that frog, you will feel a sense of achievement and the rest of the day is yours, you got this. Time to say Love Life Accept Myself Always. Give it some LLAMA πŸ¦™


12 days of renewal.(with Grogu)
Day 1. Time to emerge.
Taking that first step in wanting to make changes in your life, can feel well, lets be honest "tough", "overwhelming", "too hard", like trying to climb a mountain in flip flops (sliders if your aged under 30).
However whenever we make any changes it all starts with little steps, take jogging for example couch to 5k, stuff that Grogu you may say, but a start of 5 minute jog on day 1 becomes 10 mins the next day and so on. Changing habits is essentially building new neuron connections in the brain, keep going over and over strengthen those connections, but just keeping at it, you may miss a bit here and there but there is no judgement, no failure, only continually striving. Now is the season for change, for growth, for new beginnings, for renewal, you don't have to do it alone just reach out. Just make that promise to yourself today. You can even share your promise in the comments below. This is your day, you can say Love Life Accept Myself Always, give it some LLAMA.πŸ¦™


Steps to healing:

1. Make you healing a priority, time to commit to you.
2. Feel and understand your emotions
3. Breathing mindfully
4. Healthy eating (yeah I know, but you know it’s important)
5. No way round it you gotta move that body anyway you can
6. Listen, what is your body telling you
7. Live life, have fun, find that which ignites you
8. Bring some colour
9. Be thankful for what you have
10. Have a laugh, get a good belly chuckle going

If you woudl like to know more about healing therapy through Hypno, please message me.


Your emotions are in the Palm of your hand, listen to your physical body, what does it need (Physical) where is your attention going, good or bad that is where your energy flows, (Attention), what words are you saying, what are you declaring (Language), and what meaning do you take, from what you think, see and feel, hear and touch, challenge any negative thoughts and limiting thoughts that hold you captive.
Your emotions are in your control, in the PALM of you hand, time to back your future πŸ™πŸ¦™


What does being whole mean to you? Would you like to explore deep healing resources within you, the power and the energy within you? Then meassage me for a consultaion and let your healing journey begin, nothing missing nothing lost.


Time to be you


When you feel you are different from all round you, then smile because you are awesome.


If you want to return to the real you and live to the fullest, message me for a consultation and get on your the path you deserve.


Everyone has inside them a piece of good news!
The good news is that you really dont know how great you can be, how much you can love and what your potential is! (Anne Frank)


To the male INFJs, I'd particularly say the following:

1 ) It's okay to be empathetic and nurturing.

2) It's okay to not be like the stereotypical image that's served up to what a man is meant to be.

3) It's okay to be (too) sensitive.

4) It's okay to not be good at fixing or building things.

5) It's okay to want a deep, almost mystical, connection with a partner.

6) It's okay to want harmony in your relationships and not treat them as pi***ng competitions.

7) It's okay to feel vulnerable and be open about it.

8) It's okay to engage in meaningful, interpersonal discussions.

9) It's okay to be concerned and genuinely seek the well-being of others.

10) It's okay if you feel like you're a bit odd and don't really fit anywhere - you will fit in and with the right setting, environment and people.

If you are interested in discovering your personalty preference, please contact me to book a one to one session :)


Lessons from Llama
Every day is a New beginning, take a deep breath, Smile and start again.
You got this, give it some LLAMA...


Take control of your language


Men are not the enemy, women are not the enemy, they are both fellow victims, the enemy is the limiting belief within ourselves.


Every Woman has a right to be all that she can be, and to know all she can know. Be the fire that ignites the flame in others.


We have the opportunity to create a new conversation with our ideas, thoughts, passions and skills, not based on the problems we face but on the joy, confidence and spirit within, Today you decide what you want, nothing is impossible. Give it some LLAMA…


You are very much loved πŸ™πŸ¦™


Just be you, not others expectations of you πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦™

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