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It’s always wonderful to start the year with some great news. One of our year 11 tutees, struggling a term ago with Maths, just achieved grade 4 (C grade) in her mocks. Given that she was working at 1 (F grade) a few months ago, this is a remarkable achievement - and perfectly highlights what can be achieved with a skilled one-to-one online tutor.

There’s more… A mature student needed Science support for a course she’d previously failed. After intensive study lessons online with a switched-on tutor, she let us know she passed this time with a distinction. 🏆 Truly made our day here!

Currently, we have a batch of 11+ students champing at the bit to sit their exams this week and next. Again, it’s been brilliant to bring out the best in them, especially children with learning difficulties or lacking confidence.

Wishing all our students and tutor team a fantastic year ahead! 🌟🔥🌟

Fresh English, Maths and Science Tuition in the heart of West Sussex and Surrey. For a burst of life-

Operating as usual


Breaking News: our 11+ students of 2021-2022 not only achieved 100% pass rate, but each was offered the school of their choice from September onwards. As a season first, every student had online lessons - and loved them!

One of my children in particular had specific learning needs. She struggled to maintain concentration, didn't read and found sustained writing difficult.

After working with me for five months, she was able to maintain better focus, she'd started to read more and learnt how to write a gripping story as well as analyse comprehensions.

Three top Surrey schools offered her a place, leaving her with a dilemma about which one to choose!

Very proud of all our students who go forward with new skills, feeling positive and more confident than ever.

If you too would like to experience the Lemon Tree difference if your child is facing 11+ exams, GCSEs or A Levels, get in touch with me at [email protected].


Tuition isn't purely about teaching a student a concept or skill. Sometimes, we enter a difficult situation where a family is at the end of its tether after years of problems and knock-backs.

The problem from the outside can seem insurmountable - our cue for working extra hard to find ways in.

This term, an entrusted Lemon Tree colleague and I started tutoring a young person with a litany of problems and needs.
Mum emailed to say the following humbling words:

'Nikki, as far as I am concerned, you and X have achieved more with our son in a few hours than anyone else has in many months, myself included. I can't thank you enough.

I can't imagine there are many private tutors delivering the outstanding service that you are. I am so thankful that you have entered our lives and definitely see it as a turning point.'

This is what we do here at Lemon Tree Tutors - we make a difference, and change lives.

Remember: there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even when it feels bleak now. Do get in touch if you're stuck in the quagmire, unable to see a way forward...


Year 11s are under a lot of pressure as Covid ramifications continue. With bubbles and year groups sent home regularly, it remains to be seen whether exams will be replaced by school assessments.

Nonetheless, exam boards in England have published their exam timetables, making for rather interesting reading. Weirdly, English Language Paper 1 is very early in 2021 - Weds 26 May. Language 2 is Thursday 10 June.

Both Literature papers are after half term unusually: Mon 7 June Lit 1, and Mon 21 Lit 2. AQA exams finish on the 2nd July - again much later than usual.

There are clear gaps in students' understanding from the year 10 lockdown, so we advise that your teen starts the exam process early.

Since many students reach peak performance in the summer term, we would suggest they start addressing core subject gaps now so they are more prepared for a succession of internal testing (should exam centre testing be called on).

Luckily, our tutors are a whizz at online tuition if your teen has reached panic stations and needs an experienced tutor to help them overcome subject terror.

Sometimes, all you need to know is how to take the first step to then climb the ladder.

Feel free to get in touch with me Nikki at [email protected] if you're not sure where to start.


Running an education service like the Lemon Tree would be nothing without the great team at its roots - a team who transform the lives of young learners.

I'd like to salute our incredible tutors and teachers for their endless dedication this year. And would like to wish all our parents and young people all the very best for 2019. Go spread your horizons...


Trust has always been a watchword for us at Lemon Tree Tutors. The GDPR legislation (due to come into force tomorrow) doesn't change that.

Personal data - whether you are a parent, tutor or school - has always been safeguarded here. Confidentiality goes without saying.

What I won't be doing as head of Lemon Tree Tutors today or tomorrow - or any time soon - is send an email begging for recipients to opt-in. I prefer to do things on a human - or common sense - level, while still respecting legal obligations.

So if you are a parent, school or part of our incredible tutor team, and wish to read our privacy and data notices, email me at [email protected].

Other than that, it's business as usual here at the Lemon Tree.


Integrity is everything in teaching, business and life, isn't it?
That's why when we receive applications to join Lemon Tree's tutor team, I take time to get to know people.. So important to discover the 'person' beneath a name.

Recently, one applicant's approach stood out. In an email, the lady said that because she'd applied elsewhere she couldn't possibly ask her referees to write more references.

Unfortunately, the application stopped there as referencing is part of our professional process. Because we recommend tutors to parents, we have to be sure that we are providing the best of the best tutors with character, credentials and commitment.

Sadly, this tutor will miss out on the extra perks of working with us. But that's OK. We'd rather maintain our reputation for professional tutors who you can rely on than risk it for someone we can't vouch for...

So if you're a tutor or teacher and want to join our fab team, we're recruiting. So long as you don't mind us sending for a reference or two!

Subject tutors in demand just now: Maths, English and Science specialists - as well as History, Geography, 11+ and Languages. Email [email protected]...

Well done? A guide to using praise effectively in the classroom 27/10/2017

As tutors, we use focused praise to change mindsets and help our students appreciate the mini achievements along the learning journey

Well done? A guide to using praise effectively in the classroom Praise has its place in any lesson, but using it too much or when it’s not deserved can be demotivating. Here’s how to inspire your students


More fantastic emails and texts this evening from delighted parents and students. It's never about the numbers, or grades at the end of the day. It's about what the achievement helps young people to do in their life going forward...

Being a part of that special journey - helping young people (and sometimes adults) achieve their dreams - is what it's all about for us here at the Lemon Tree.

Thanks, too, to every one of our fantastic tutor team who worked tirelessly all year. Heroes, all of you! xx


More fabulous news! One of our English students increased his grades by four - FOUR - since the Christmas mock exams. This is a phenomenal result! Up from an E to a B shows that you CAN achieve your dreams.

One of our marvellous Maths tutors has helped her student to GCSE success!

And just heard that a struggling dyslexic student - on a 3 and 2 before tuition - achieved a 5 and a 4 (both C passes) for his Literature and English exams. Fantastic news!

So proud of our students and tutors today...


First GCSE results in for the day. Our students have smashed it!

One of my Weybridge students, on an E/D grade for both English and Literature, achieved an A and a B! His mum said, 'Thank you for your support. He wouldn't have been able to get this without your help.' Fantastic news so far...


Always lovely to receive kind words: 'I would say a heartfelt thank you to Nikki de Villiers from Lemon Tree Tutoring for finding a tutor for my son. Nikki quickly arranged the great Gabby to tutor our son for 4 weeks for an English entrance exam abroad where we had no idea about the content.

Gabby was an amazingly engaging tutor who instantly built a great rapport with my son and built up his confidence. Happy to report he got into the said school! Thank you Nikki, thank you Gabby.'


One of my students - a dyslexic boy - bounded downstairs to see mum after his first holiday tuition, buzzing about what he'd learnt. That's what we aim for!

Lemon Tree Tutors - Does Your Child Find School Challenging too? 05/05/2017

Many parents we speak to live with a silent struggle - a struggle to help their child access the curriculum, achieve or feel positive about learning. The good news is, there is hope. There is a way forward...

Lemon Tree Tutors - Does Your Child Find School Challenging too? Is your child struggling at school? Special needs causing learning problems? Call Lemon Tree Tutors - across Weybridge and Chichester.


One of the best things ever is when a child says with a beaming smile, 'That was the best lesson I've ever had,' and then for the parent to message a day later to say her daughter can't stop talking about her first tuition session.

Seeing children excited by learning is what motivates us here at the Lemon Tree...

Your revision technique should be about quality not quantity 12/04/2017

Fantastic ideas if you're studying for GCSE exams. Revise 'better' not 24/7

Your revision technique should be about quality not quantity The run-up to exam season is a tense time. Students and teachers clock up extra hours as the revision timetable takes hold. But do these extra hours have an impact? Could a more effective revision technique mean fewer hours studying, making the looming A levels, GCSEs or Sats a less daunting prospec...


Brilliant news here at the Lemon Tree. We've a top-notch English teacher based in Byfleet to the team. With a set of fantastic credentials, she can teach KS2-GCSE English across Addlestone, plus Cobham and Weybridge areas.

Because we only pick tutors with the finest references, qualifications and experience, they make a huge difference from day 1.

Excellent English and Maths teachers are hard to come by. That's why our current tutors are often fully booked. So if you're looking for a super tutor from Hersham to Weybridge, or Cobham to Guildford (and the surrounding areas) do get in touch with me, Nikki, at the Lemon Tree.


It's always wonderful to receive emails from parents singing the praises of our tutors. This week, we've heard that one of our English tutors has boosted a teenager's confidence and skills so much that he's now on course to smash his predicted GCSE grades.

Another mum got in touch to say one of our tutors has made all the difference to their child sitting an entrance exam. Suffering with low self-esteem in Maths, the youngster learnt how to answer questions he'd always struggled with before. As well as being offered a school place, mum said how her son has changed from being scared of failing into a more positive youngster who'll now have a go.

This is why we love what we do. It's never about the result itself; it's about helping children truly grow. And we couldn't be prouder of our tutors and tutees for giving it everything they've got.

Timeline photos 14/03/2017

With exams round the corner for many of you, how do you make all that revision stick?

Here's some useful tips here...


Hi there,

Is your reception, year 1 or 2 child struggling with school - or is taking a 7+ exam soon and needs support?

I can recommend the most gifted Surrey teacher (In Dorking) who has just become available again at the weekends. Apart from having such a lovely, kind nature, she's worked miracles with children who struggle in a fast-paced classroom.

Do get in touch if you are worried about your child and need an extra boost to help your child shine. Email me at [email protected] to chat further.


Latest testimonial from a delighted parent:

A huge thank you for helping our son achieve success in passing his 11+ exam this January. You spent time really getting to understand where his individual weaknesses were and giving him personally-tailored strategies to overcome them. This enabled him to tackle comprehension and writing exercises which he would struggle with even starting before. Your knowledge in verbal and non-verbal question types and the best strategies to adopt in answering these were also invaluable. Our son's confidence in approaching his schoolwork has also shown a marked improvement. Can't thank or recommend you highly enough!


Time seems to fly so fast these days, doesn't it? Before you know it, your year 5 or 6 child has the hurdle of SATs or entrance exams to face. Yet, one of the issues is that many children have learning gaps left unfilled. Because the curriculum is delivered at such a blistering pace, some children fall through the net. The result can be knocked confidence, as well as reports saying your child 'hasn't met expectations.' Another knock...

The value of tuition is that your child is taught tailor-made strategies to overcome problem areas such as Maths and English. Empowering children to tackle and excel in exercises they struggled to even start before is what we do best.

If you're looking for a local primary tutor or teacher who has the experience, patience and kindness your child needs to help them shine, do get in touch.


Lovely email today from a very happy parent, delighted by how much effort their tutor put into helping raise their child's confidence for the 11+ exam.

Tuition is never prescriptive as every child is different. Not only do tutors use flexibility and creativity to work round a problem, they also put in the extra effort to prepare lessons which are exactly what that specific child needs. This takes time, commitment and often sacrifice.

We often hear about people who go the extra mile, don't we? I'm very proud of the Lemon Tree tutor team who walk down that road - refusing to give up on their students along an often bumpy learning journey.

Timeline photos 30/11/2016

With mocks exams season upon us, it's time to do some positive thinking.

First: remember that this is a test to help you single out areas of the curriculum you need to focus on for next summer. A lower than expected grade at this stage offers an opportunity to improve - and is not a forecast.

Second: mocks are notoriously challenging - especially since GCSE students haven't been formally tested under exam conditions for five years. So if you feel a tad overwhelmed, don't worry. It's natural. Just try your best at this stage..

Nobody 'walks' an exam. Doing well is a combo of subject knowledge, timing and technique. And even if it feels impossible right now, never forget than anything IS possible.

Good luck to all our students!

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