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If you're interested in pursuing a postgraduate course with us, then check out our livestreamed open day events on Saturday March 26th!
Checkout our postgraduate degree tutor Jo Quail giving a live demonstration of the Boss RC600

Jo is a fantastic cellist, and a great tutor for our students!
Our short courses have helped thousands of composers level-up their skills to tackle the real world challenges of working in the music industry.

Check out our website for more info!🔊
Cubase 12 is the brand new upgrade to Steinberg's music production software - but is it the greatest!? Join Guy as he looks at the new features and takes it for a spin.
Cubase Quick Controllers are an incredibly powerful way to control and create amazing tracks in real-time. In this demonstration, Guy Michelmore shows you how to link up Quick Controllers to hardware controllers to transform your workflow and add so much more expression to your music.
Irregular time signatures like 5/4 or 7/8 present both opportunities and challenges for film and games composers. In this real-time scoring tutorial, Guy Michelmore takes Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark series of libraries and scores a short action cue in a weird and wonderful time signature.
Ever wanted to know what controllers Guy uses?
What's this? Guy has changed up his template again?

Writing orchestral music for film traditionally involves big templates with thousands of tracks. But as we enter 2022, is there a more effective alternative to the traditional approach?
Merry Christmas Everybody!
Celebrating the holiday season, join Guy Michelmore for some festive cheer writing a Christmas tune using Vienna Symphonic Library's complete Synchron Orchestra. The recently released Sunchron woodwind and Synchron Harp both ferature prominently in this Christmas Special!
Spitfire Audio have just released the second library in their partnership with the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. This is a very distinctive solo string library underpinned by some very promising new software. The sound is very different to other solo string libraries. So how does it sound in practice? Guy Michelmore has been trying it out and puts it in context with pop arrangement and a piece of contemporary drama.
Want to create your own synth sounds from scratch? Break out of the world of the preset and learn to programme your own! It’s not rocket science and once you get to grips with the basic structure all synths use, you are on your way. Join Guy Michelmore as he shows you how to create a synth patch from scratch in minutes.
It's the Black Friday Weekend again and this year Spitfire have produced a bonkers library of instruments played through 56 cabinets and 4 subs in the Air Lyndhurst Hall. But what does it sound like? Guy Michelmore has been finding out.

ThinkSpace Education is the first online postgraduate degree providers in composition for film, game

As the first music education company of its kind taught by professional composers and musicians, ThinkSpace Education has established its position as one of the top online music schools in the world, with over 5,000 students and graduates from over forty different countries. Founded by film composer Guy Michelmore in 1995, after many requests from aspiring musicians, ThinkSpace Education has been

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We have been working on this for quite some time. If you want to take yourself to the next level, this is for you! Link in Stories 🔗
❗️Limited availability ❗️

Film Scoring in GARAGEBAND?! 14/09/2023

So... Garageband?!

Film Scoring in GARAGEBAND?! Film Scoring in GARAGEBAND?! Are you mad Guy? Maybe - but I wanted to find out if it's possible to write proper music to picture in Apple's free music prog...


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Meet the ThinkSpace team: Giorgio Vezzini!

Creative and Logic brain collapsing into a happy existence of arts and lateral thinking.
Spawned in the north of Italy, he's surrounded at an early age by music instruments, videogames and boardgames.
It was just a matter of time before everything combined in the crazy idea to make a living out of them.
Once he leveled up enough, he soon enrolled in a journey that led him to meet other weird creatures, who loved sounds as much as he does.
Following their path, he learned tips and tricks of the job.
When he's not working, he's with friends and family watching films, playing games, going to concerts and live chatting... or together with a good cup of tea.
He recently finished working on Baldur's Gate 3 as Audio Lead, where his most precious achievement is DEFINITELY the cat sounds.

Composers - How to grow Your Career 19/07/2023

Guy breaks down how to grow your career!

Composers - How to grow Your Career How do you grow a career as a film, games or TV composer? Composer Guy Michelmore explains how careers develop for most composers and the things you need to ...


Do you want to see what ThinkSpace is like for a week? Of course you do! Visit the link in our bio and join us for a jam packed week of exciting things!


Give a warm welcome to the newest member of the ThinkSpace team, Lucy Hackett! If you’ve been in touch with us about our courses it’s quite likely you’ve already been chatting to Lucy. We are very happy and excited to bring her onboard 🎉

About Lucy:
Lucy is a composer and musician with a BA Hons in Music and a Masters in Professional Media Composition. She writes music for an audio branding company and a number of production music libraries, with regular music placements worldwide. As a multi-instrumentalist and music producer, her approach to composition synthesises live acoustic performance and music technology.

Lucy recently won a place in a new anthology of piano works by women composers, 22 Nocturnes for Chopin, which is set to to be published this summer.


Available now!


Welcome to Write Record Release, a new part of Our mission is to empower musicians and artists like you to achieve your full potential. We believe in the power of learning from the best in the industry, which is why we invite some of the world’s most talented artists and professionals to share their knowledge and experience with you. Through our channel, you’ll gain access to insider tips and tricks, valuable insights, and exclusive interviews with some of the most respected names in the music business. Join our community and let’s grow together as artists and musicians!


Meet the ThinkSpace team: Kevin Manthei!

Kevin is a film, TV, and game composer working out of Los Angeles for the past 30 years. He was twice nominated for an Annie Award for his work on Invader Zim and Batman Gotham Knight. Kevin has written music for known properties such as Spider-Man, Marvel, Lego, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter, Tron, Iconic Disney characters, Looney Tunes, Justice League, and many original I.P.'s like Invader Zim, Villainous, Generator Rex, Ben 10, Mixels, and more. Additionally, he has scored over 60 games and many animated series. Kevin mentored under Christophe Beck and Marco Beltrami scoring additional music for feature films such as Scream 2, Scream 3, The Faculty, and Resident Evil. The three composers were classmates at USC while studying film scoring in the Scoring For Motion Pictures and Television graduate program under the icons of Jerry Goldsmith and Buddy Baker.

With a strong desire to help the younger generation, Kevin eagerly gives realistic and real-world feedback that promotes forward-looking aspirations. Many of his prior assistants have gone on to become very successful composers and industry players.


Meet the ThinkSpace team: Sergio Ronchetti!
Sergio splits his days between sound design, music and teaching game audio business skills.
He’s a big advocator for freelancing and learning about personal finances, has
played/toured/recorded with metal bands after high school before eventually deciding to pivot towards media composition. After his first game jam is he decided video games were way more exciting and he’s never looked back since!

Here’s just some projects he’s been involved with:
Eldest Souls 2021 (nominated for a G.A.N.G. award for best indie audio)
Rail Route, early access (current project) sound designer
Mythwrecked (currently working on this one too) about wholesome greek gods!

Some personal stuff:
He recently moved to Barcelona
and he told me his moustache is now part of his personality.
Sergio is also a MASSIVE F1 fan (even more so than Tim, apparently!)


Link in bio!


Meet the team: Matthew Besler!
“I have been a sound designer and audio engineer for the better part of 25 years.

I got my start in the film, television, marketing and advertising industry as an audio editor and sound designer and made the transition to video games in 2006 where I was with BioWare for 13 years as a senior sound designer and narrative audio supervisor.

Upon leaving BioWare in 2019, I have been freelance for just about 4 years now, involved predominantly in the video games industry as a senior sound designer and audio producer.

My wife Mary and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with our two dogs, Eugene and Emmy. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing video games, making model planes and ships and taking my dogs to the dog park.

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you and being involved in your journey!”


Thinking about joining us? Come to our taster week and see what it’s like to be at ThinkSpace! Link in bio ℹ️


🎊 Thank you! 🎉 Guy and the ThinkSpace team are so grateful to have 4 thousand lovely and talented followers! 🤯❤️


Do you want to be a film or game game composer, or a sound designer? How about orchestration, or perhaps you want to develop your song writing and production skills, and learn about the music business? If this is you, join us for our open day!

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 06/09/2022

Meet the ThinkSpace team: David Denyer!
David is a composer, violinist and sound artist. His work is challenging, striving to explore the darkest and most uncomfortable corners of sound, being most active in London's experimental theatre scene. His recent work with Collide Theatre, Kafka’s Metamorphosis (2019), sought to expose the horrors of ostracism through a score built on familiar classical tradition, warped beyond recognition. Their experimental opera, Troy (2018), aimed to expose the complicity of their own audiences in the violent atrocities of war.
Other theatre work, with Dirty Rascals, explores the blurring of the lines between musical performance, drama, and performance art. Fascinated by non linear music, he joined the Faceless game development team in 2014, as a composer, sound designer and programmer, helping them finally release their first videogame (The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story) in 2019. More recently, he co-founded Wormtea, a sound-game production duo with acclaimed composer Sami El-Enany, releasing their first game (with the support of the BBC and the ICA) Deadly Structures, in 2019.
He also composes for film (being featured recently on HBO, National Geographic, and the Bodleian Library), live art, and he currently plays in a number of London-based bands.
David drinks black coffee, and listens to black metal. When threatened, David can propel voluminous quantities of thick black ink towards his foes. This allows him to make a speedy getaway, hiding under a nearby rock.


A personal message from Jason Graves to all of us:


CONGRATULATIONS SAM!! We will be in touch shortly!




Our Second Place Winner is:


Well done Jacob! We will be in touch shortly!


Our Third Place Winner is:


Winners Announcement!

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 22/07/2022

The competition begins! We are very happy to have a special guest judge, the man himself, !


In this week’s episode; Guy loses the ability to explain things, head-butts a keyboard and Windows 10 takes him to the brink of madness. Full video

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 14/07/2022

Meet the ThinkSpace Team: Michael Worth!
Mike is one of TSE's resident video game music and sound design tutors, and a complete progressive rock and retro video game music nerd. He works in the mobile and independent game industry, and thinks that Final Fantasy VI might be the greatest video game score ever written. Mike started in the television industry in New York City, but moved to video games in 2009, and never looked back. You might know Mike from his Youtube series, Farkle Fridays, where he discusses music theory and composition whilst sampling quality bourbon. Fun trivia for Mike; when he's not farkling around in the studio, he's a certified boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, and often shows up to tutor sessions with a smartly dressed black eye! 🙂

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 08/07/2022

Meet the ThinkSpace team: Arhynn Descy! ✈️
Arhynn is a film composer and pianist, frequently flitting around the world with a full travel 'studio' in her hand luggage. Originally from South Africa, she now divides her time between London and LA.

Arhynn loves to write music for musicians, ranging from solo instruments to full orchestra and will always try to sneak in live players into in her synth and sample scores. Her favourite place is in the studio, fingers on the keys of a piano, hearing her music come alive for the first time.

Arhynn's compositional output is mainly for feature films, but during the pandemic Arhynn released an album called Postcards from a Pandemic, which features 10 short pieces of music for solo instruments, each of which was recorded by the musicians in their homes during lockdown.
One of the greatest honours of her professional life thus far was to be invited to become a member of the Oscars Academy.

Other than coffee, home-cooked food (with a glass of wine... of course) or a good book, Arhynn loves flying. She has a private pilot license and will find any excuse to take to the skies in a 4-seater plane.

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 27/06/2022

Meet the TSE team: Ella Walker!
Ella is a songwriter and musician, published by Danger Mouse's Figure 8 Songs. Ella has written for Michael Kiwanuka, RHODES, Sara Hartman, St Francis Hotel, Josh Record, and Joel Potts as well as her own project WILDES, which has streamed over 60 million plays globally. Ella has worked with producers Danger Mouse, Catherine Marks, Cam Blackwood, Alex Goose, and Bramwell Bronte, and is now working with developing artists to help hone their songwriting.

Photos from ThinkSpace Education's post 13/06/2022

One of our talented tutors has released a new album, The Cartographer! It is a wonderful sonic experience, go check it out! (9/10 from Metal Hammer!)


We have the amazing joining us for a special webinar for our lucky MA and MFA students next week! We’ll be talking and more!


Meet the ThinkSpace team: Richard Wilkinson!

From his studio in Brighton, UK, Richard Wilkinson draws on a rich variety of musical inspirations, from his brass band upbringing in Lancashire, to classical piano training and creative sound-manipulation from his years of experience as a sound designer.

His music for videogames and feature films is bold, melodic, charismatic and painstakingly crafted, whether it’s an expansive, thematic orchestral score or an intimate, textural minimalist sound. In recent years, he’s worked on several high-profile videogame and VR projects, like Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, with its ronroco and charango-led folky score, reminiscent of Pedro Bromfman’s excellent work on the original Neflix series.

Narcos featured a music system designed to sound like a semi-improvisational South American folk ensemble accompanying the peaks and troughs as the action unfolds – it was praised for its authenticity as well as the dynamic, scored-to-picture effect it produced during gameplay.

His work in the Doctor Who universe has been warmly received by fans and critics, with a critically-acclaimed soundtrack to the first ever feature-length VR episode of the show, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. The score (recently released as a collectors’ edition vinyl LP) is a mix of orchestral, melodically-led thematic work, alongside plenty of the kind of sonic experimentation that goes to the heart of the show and harks back to Delia Derbyshire’s work with the Radiophonic Workshop.

He has recorded a new version of the iconic Doctor Who theme to be used in two upcoming Doctor Who games in 2021.

Richard is currently working on the music for the upcoming Doctor Who game The Edge of Reality, having completed an orchestral session at Air studios in London in December 2020, and the upcoming Peaky Blinders VR game, with Cillian Murphy Paul Anderson reprising their roles from the smash-hit TV series.


Meet the ThinkSpace team: Noa Beazley!

Noa is a Boston-based composer for video games. Primarily a drummer at heart, Noa is a multi-instrumentalist, and features her own playing on her tracks as often as she can. She specializes in making realistic orchestral mockups, but believes that sneaking in a budget for a player, or two, or four is an invaluable addition to any piece of music. In addition to tutoring at ThinkSpace, Noa is an organizer at Game Audio Boston, and an ambassador for Women in Games.


Meet the ThinkSpace Team: Jake Few!

Jake is our marketing guy, so any mailout or advertising you see on the web is his territory. He also works with Jenny on the degree recruitment side of things so you'll often see him around in our support inbox.

He is a huge musical theatre fan, and was musical director of the Off West End musical Lovestuck. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, mostly focussing on piano and guitar.

Away from ThinkSpace he is a keen mixologist, especially whiskey-based drinks! 🥃

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Our Story

ThinkSpace Education is an online school that brings professional working composers, orchestrators, and sound designers together with students looking to enter the film, games, and TV music industries.

Founded by film composer Guy Michelmore in 1995, after many requests from aspiring musicians, ThinkSpace Education has been mentoring composers to make a full-time living from their music, with graduates working throughout the industry in everywhere from Los Angeles to London to Vienna.

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A personal message from Jason Graves to all of us:
CONGRATULATIONS SAM!! We will be in touch shortly!
Well done Michael! We'll be in touch shortly!
Our Second Place Winner is:
Well done Jacob! We will be in touch shortly!
Our Third Place Winner is:
Meet the ThinkSpace team: Michael Baugh (me) I'm the new guy who takes care of the ThinkSpace Education socials! I'm als...
Masters Degree student Hussain Ramadan conducts his own music with the City of Prague Philharmonic!
Meet the ThinkSpace team: Andrea!Andrea is an incredible composer, orchestrator, conductor, organiser and makes sure eve...
Good morning Prague!
Good morning Prague!






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