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My name is Jennifer Norman. I offer Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute lessons in the Chichester area. Al

Operating as usual


Today marks 10 years since my graduation from Chichester University. Time really does fly when you have the best job in the world.


Why I don't teach at the weekend...


I've spent the afternoon crunching some numbers and updating my fees for September. Did someone say DISCOUNTS!? Get in touch to hear how you can save when you book in bulk!

Photos from The Hipshaker Lounge's post 15/06/2022

Very excited to be back at the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend with my Ska Band, Too Much 2Tone. Playing an instrument can lead to the most amazing opportunities and experiences.


You know your pupils are dedicated when you receive some holiday snaps of them and their saxophone. ☀️⛱🎷


Young Frankenstein - 19th-22nd April 2022

Tonight is the last night of Young Frankenstein. It's been such a fun show to play on. 🎷🎶



Today I was recording a demo track for one of my pupils so that they can practice playing along at home. I will send them two recordings: one with the click track (metronome) and one without so that they can learn to count and feel the rhythms. I've kept dynamics and performance to a minimum for the demo but will bring these out more in their performance of the piece.


Here's a glimpse inside a musician's life. I'm learning some new riffs for a dep set so trying out some varying phrasing and going round on loop until the fingers and brain work together and have it internalised. This is all learnt and played by ear (no written music). Aparently I look down when memorising! Anyone know the tune?


Set up and ready to record a pupil for the Christmas concert 🎄🎶


I've just sent out the invites... Project Christmas Concert 2021 is a go! I love hearing my students perform and am also excited to be welcoming a lot of new faces to the mix this year. What's your favourite song to get you in the Christmas spirit?

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I've been performing onstage rather than under it this week for the Bognor Regis Operatic Society's Sound of Musicals production. Piccolo, flute, alto flute, clarinet and alto sax. Can't believe there are only 3 shows left!

QUIZ: Could you pass Grade 5 music theory? 15/10/2021

QUIZ: Could you pass Grade 5 music theory?

Grade 5 theory is essential for progressing past grade 5 in ABRSM exams. Happy to say I got them all correct. (I'd be worried if I didn't!) How did you do?

QUIZ: Could you pass Grade 5 music theory? ABRSM Grade 5 is one of the most popular music theory courses in the world. But could you pass with no practice?


Very rarely do I get to play piccolo. In fact, I play it so rarely that I don't even own one! I am very thankful to have wonderful friends who will let me borrow the more rare instruments when I need them. So to those friends: Thank you. ❤️


I'm looking forward to a music filled weekend. Something a little different with this company before we return to the theatre pit in October.


Tonight is our Summer Gala band call and we couldn't be more excited!!

Keep an eye on our page this evening for some sneak peaks 👀

We can't wait to see you this weekend!

Photos from Ackerman Music Ltd's post 20/08/2021

Photos from Ackerman Music Ltd's post


Summer is gigging time! Though teaching may slow down through the summer holidays, the gigs pick up. This weekend saw me playing at one wedding and two festivals, all in a day's work.


Good morning! I hope you are all practicing hard. Who can guess my warm up for today?

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This week has been a very special one. Lovely to welcome some new pupils and say welcome back to many more. The past year has had it's challenges and changes for everyone, but my love of teaching will always remain the same.


Good news for those awaiting face to face lessons! I will be welcoming pupils back into my studio from Monday 19th April.


I'm upgrading from a chromebook to a custom built pc soon, so I've bought a new we**am. Now my online lessons will have a much clearer picture. Here's a quick before and after for quality comparison...


It's my 30th birthday today! I have the most amazing and generous pupils. They got me some incredible gifts! However, this notebook especially made me smile 😁

Amy Rabson Repair - Saxophone, Woodwind, Repair 04/03/2021

Amy Rabson Repair - Saxophone, Woodwind, Repair

My favourite repair lady has posted some tips on how to keep your instrument in top working condition.

Amy Rabson Repair - Saxophone, Woodwind, Repair Professional repair for saxophones, flutes and clarinets based in Edinburgh.


The latest addition to my home music studio is a ring light. This will help keep my lessons bright even on these gloomy winter days.

Music and the brain: Why schools should really fund music education more 02/02/2021

Music and the brain: Why schools should really fund music education more

An American article but one close to my heart. There is always a correlation between those who play music and those that achieve highly throughout their education.

Music and the brain: Why schools should really fund music education more Back in high school, if there was one thing I could rely on every year, it was the annual threat that the music program would be cut. Usually, by the time the budget passed in April, these threats became meaningless and the program was saved. However, it was frustrating to hear that every year, the....


I've just signed up to the Dawkes Music Teacher Loyalty scheme. This will allow myself and my pupils to buy all their woodwind instruments and accessories at a discounted price. Ask me for more details...


One of my teen sax players has just discovered this album after playing Take Five. He's asked to play Kathy's Waltz next and even sent me the music he'd found for it! I love when you see passion awaken and the student starts taking an active interest in their own musical path.


It's my first day of teaching for 2021. I'm looking forward to a new year with all my wonderful pupils. 🎶 Here's what Annemarie has to say about my lessons:


Happy New Year!
Do you have any new years resolutions? Mine is to spend more time on the bassoon. Would anyone like to join me?


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


I've got my diary ready for next year and some new students already booked in. Who else is looking forward to 2021? Learning an instrument is the perfect New Year's resolution!

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Long tones are the foundation to a great sound. Here are some tips for your


I like big bells and I cannot lie 🎶 Here are my three vintage saxes: alto, tenor and baritone. Can you guess which bell is which? 🤔


At the weekend I attended a Virtual Sax Workshop. Such a wonderful variety of incredible musicians and teachers. We may think that these musicians are at the top of their game and can't get any better, but one phrase common to all of them (no matter how many CDs, YouTube likes, awards etc!) was:

"That's something I'm still working on."

Never be afraid to keep learning and get out of your comfort zone from time to time.


Happy Saxophone Day everyone!

Timeline photos 02/11/2020

Staying at home? Keeping safe? Maybe feeling a bit fed up of watching the news?
Learning an instrument can give you something new and exciting to fill your time. I offer online lessons (at a slight discount!) so that you can continue to learn and improve. The best bit? You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own house. It doesn't get much better than playing some sax in your comfiest slippers...


The Mushroom Composer

When I do bits of composition with my pupils, I tell them you can compose about anything you can think of. This man proves that to be true. Find your passions and follow them into the music.


Composer with dementia meets students he inspired

The dream of a music teacher is to inspire and encourage those you teach. Give them tools and opportunities to go out and do amazing things, which they might never have dreamed of doing before. I hope my pupils remember me so fondly in 50 years time. What a wonderful man.


Welcome to my page. I offer clarinet, saxophone and flute lessons to pupils of all ages and abilities throughout Chichester and the surrounding areas. I have experience playing and teaching across a wide variety of genres and cover both ABRSM and Trinity exam syllabuses. So, whether you would like to complete a musical exam or simply wish to be able to play "Happy Birthday" to your grandchildren, I can help you achieve your musical goals.


I am so excited to have a ticket for this! A whole weekend of online masterclasses with some incredible musicians/ teachers. Time to put on my own learning hat and pick up some new skills. I'm particularly excited by the beatbox sax session. 🎷

VIRTUAL SAX WORKSHOP is here with an incredible lineup of teaching artists! Link in bio for full class schedule and details.






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