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What a weekend! 🔥

These guys absolutely smashed it! All of them hitting PBs and leaving everything on the comp floor! Unbelievable work from and an unbelievable group of people!

We at LVLUP are so proud of how hard they trained in the lead up to and with how they performed on the day! 👏

On to the next one! 👀


Here are some tips to help improve your lifestyle! 😁

Increasing physical activity could be looking to increase you step count or adding and extra gym session each week! 💪

Sleep is so important for all aspects of our lives! Without sufficient sleep we will struggle to function mentally and physically! 😴

Spending time outside is not only good to clear your mind but also to increase the levels of Vitamin D in your body! Vitamin D plays a huge role in bone health! ☀️

Eating a balanced diet is quite a broadly used term and one persons balanced diet will not be the same as someone else’s. However, it’s still important to eat a diet with plenty of nutrient dense foods and adequate protein! 🍲

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Why Functional Fitness is a must in your training program? 🤷‍♂️

Whether it is training for your job, a goal you have in mind, to be fitter and stronger or to find general housework easier, functional fitness is the way to go! Exercises that will move your body in ways that is relative to movements in daily life will be the most beneficial way you can workout. 🏋️‍♂️

So if it’s training for a competition or even reaching up for a mug at the back of the cupboard so you’re not off balance… we’ve got you covered 👍

So, to better yourself in all aspects of daily life by functionally training your body suited for your needs… Why not give the LVLUP Program a go and see how you can start to implement that way of training today! 💪

Start your 7 day FREE Trial now! 👊

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To celebrate the start of our new 12 week training phase on the LVLUP programme we’re doing a giveaway! 🎉

3 people will win a FREE month on the programme! 💪

To enter👇
1️⃣ Like
2️⃣ Follow
3️⃣ Tag a friend

For a bonus entry share the post and tag us in your story! 👊

We will announce the winners on Friday 11th November!

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The faces of LVLUP! 💪

George has always had passion for sport and has competed at a high level in them. George wanted to take that knowledge he’d gained to help other like minded individuals too. He, now after 5 years of being in the industry brings a wealth of knowledge to the LVLUP team. The programming now, they believe is the most optimal and consistent way of training. Giving you functional benefits to improve in the gym and in daily life!

Barney has always had a passion for sport and exercise. This led him to complete a Bachelors in Exercise and Health Science and then a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology. During his years of studying he completed an internship at Harvard University where he worked with their top level athletes. With 10 years of experience working with all levels of fitness, Barney brings a wealth of knowledge to the LVLUP team.

George and Barney have been recently competing with each other too and won their first event, The National Fitness Games last summer! Their drive and passion of training to better themselves is the effort they are also putting in daily to make sure the LVLUP program is best suited for everyone for all ages and abilities!

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Why the LVLUP program?

Here are just a few of the benefits from being a part of our community…
• We are soon beginning a new 12 week phase of training
• Working towards higher weight lifted on those compound movements
• As well as feeling more comfortable in moving your own bodyweight
• Options to 5 days a week of training every week
• An easy to use app that allows you to track your progress
• Interact with the other Athletes
• Learn new exercises
• Exercise tutorials
• A coaches corner for walkthroughs of each day
• And much more!

Now is a perfect time as ever to start taking your training to the next level! Make improvements, reach your goals and gain the knowledge you need which will train your body in the most efficient way!

We’re not like any old program. We know what works. Everything we do is tried and tested and results are a given.
Don’t wait… Start your 7 day free trial now and see what you have been missing.

The LVLUP Team 👊

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Why follow a training programme? 🤔

These are all benefits we provide on the LVLUP programme! 👇

🔹A plan for every time you step in the gym
🔹Structured workouts
🔹Learn new exercises
🔹Track progress
🔹Use your time efficiently
🔹Holds you accountable
🔹Keeps your training fresh and exciting

Do you want to take advantage of these benefits? 👊

Start your 7 day FREE trial by clicking the link in our bio! 💪

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New training block starts next week! 💪

Our training blocks are 4 weeks long giving you time to learn and improve at all the movements! 👊

Click the link in our bio to start your 7 day FREE trial! 🤩

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The LVLUP programme is now live! 💪

Sign up today and take your training to the next level! 🚀

With our 7 day FREE trial you can experience what it’s like to train the LVLUP way! 🔥

Make the most of the Jubilee Bank Holiday! 😎

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Discover a new way of training! 💪

The LVLUP programme is designed to give you the body you desire whilst improving your performance in everyday life!

Sign up tomorrow so you’re ready for the Monday Launch! 😁

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Top level coaching at an affordable price! 👌

The LVLUP programme will feature video tutorials for all exercises so you know exactly how to perform them! 💪

Each day will also feature a forum on the app allowing you to ask specific questions about the workouts! 🤓

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7 day FREE trial! 🤩

1 week until the LVLUP programme launches! 💪

Test out the programme with the 7 day free trial available to everyone!

Get full access to the app and experience what it’s like to take your training to the next level! 🚀

Sign up this Friday so you’re ready to smash the first day of the programme on Monday 30th May! 🔥

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1 week until sign ups open! 🤩

From Friday 27th May you’ll be able sign up for the LVLUP online programme with it launching on Monday 30th May! 💪

Make the most of your Jubilee bank holiday by taking your training to the next level! 🚀

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The LVLUP Wednesday challenge! 🏆

A chance to test yourself against the rest of the LVLUP community!

Our app will feature a leaderboard system allowing you to compare your scores/times to others on the LVLUP programme!

It’s not compulsory to log your Wednesday Challenge results but some light hearted competition can add a different aspect to your training 😊

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Take your compound lifts to the next level! 👊

The LVLUP programme includes all the main compounds such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and overhead press!

Compound lifts work multiple muscle groups at once making them an efficient and great way to train!

We’ll have variations for beginners and experienced lifters so no matter who you are, you’ll be able to learn, improve and dominate your compound lifts! 🌟

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The Programme Structure 📈

The LVLUP programme will bring organisation and structure to your workouts!

Each time you go to the gym you’ll have a plan of action allowing you to make the most of your time! 💪

🔹2 lower body days
🔹2 upper body days
🔹1 full body with more of a cardio focus
🔹Conditioning circuits at the end of each workout
🔹4 week blocks
🔹All main compound lifts included (Squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press)

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Spend less time in the gym but make more gains than ever before! 💪

We have designed the programme so all muscle groups are sufficiently trained in the most efficient way possible!

Coming your way on 30th May! 👊

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Photos from LVLUP's post 09/05/2022

Welcome to LVLUP!

We will deliver an online training programme directly to your phone!

The programme is designed to help you achieve the body you desire whilst improving your performance in everyday life!

The programme will go live on Monday 30th May

Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

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