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Grief is a really difficult topic to cover, especially with so many young people having already suffered or currently are suffering through it.
I think it's a good idea to be factual, tell them that it is difficult to navigate, but also that it will eventually feel lighter with every step forward they take.
Yesterday was exactly a year since I lost one of my favourite people. It's not ok still. And it still hurts a lot. But I also feel very lucky to have had him in my life for so long. It helps for me to remember all of the good times, so that's what I do.


I went to an Educator's launch of Skills Street recently. It was interesting.
I suggest if you are in North Derbyshire or South Yorkshire that you have a little look at their FB page, because next summer it could be a very worthwhile place to go on a PSHE careers trip.

Skills Street Skills Street is an immersive and innovative careers training experience developed to inspire and inform children, young people, and adults from across the South Yorkshire region.


Great wealth of resources from the Alcohol Education Trust :)

Don't forget, we have a range of excellent resources available to download free of charge!

> Teacher Workbook:
> Scotland Teacher Workbook:
> Six ready-planned lessons and accompanying PowerPoints:
> SEN lessons and activities:

Download your copies now to help plan engaging and effective lessons around alcohol and other substances!

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It's Friendship Friday!

It's a great day to remind students what it takes to be a good friend.

Be an Upstander - Prevent Bullying: A NED Short 16/11/2023

Continuing Anti Bullying Week.

Be an Upstander, not a Bystander!

Be an Upstander - Prevent Bullying: A NED Short The NED Show takes a positive stand on bullying by offering four ways that students can be an upstander (vs a bystander) when they see bullying. The four way...


Some really great points here for Anti Bullying Week!


Happy Anti Bullying Week!

I love this poem ❤️


We've all seen the 'Tea' consent video, but I like how simply it's explained here too.
Teach students that saying no is ok. That it's not rude to reject someone or something.

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Does anyone use Canva?
I use it for making posters, making statistics look pretty and helping to dress up dry content.
Here's some examples of things I've made on Canva just using my phone.

Photos from Mrs B's PSHE's post 11/11/2023

Did you ever see the posters made by the UK government to highlight issues with forced marriage?
What do you think about them? I think they're very 21st Century, which is good and I'm glad there was a male poster made, as I often think this issue become more about protecting women, which it obviously shouldn't be.

Photos from Mrs B's PSHE's post 10/11/2023

I'm struggling to find a good poster for personal hygiene. I want it to highlight key areas of hygiene for students to pay attention to, but also be visually appealing and not overwhelming with the amount of words there.
These aren't quite right for me, does anyone have any suggestions? If not, I guess I'm making my own!

Nadiya Hussain Opens Up About Her Arranged Marriage | Loose Women 09/11/2023

This is a clip from an episode of Loose Women where GBBO winner, Nadiya Hussain, discusses her arranged marriage.
It's a difficult topic, but one that needs looking it, especially alongside forced marriage. This video would be a good short one to watch to show that "arranged marriage" and "forced marriage" is different and can be looked at from different angles.
This would be especially helpful if you're also show the Nadiya documentary about her mental health as you get to see her husband in that a lot and he seems very supportive and caring towards her.

Nadiya Hussain Opens Up About Her Arranged Marriage | Loose Women Subscribe now for more! From series 20, broadcast on 05/02/2016Nadiya tells the story of how she and her husband got engaged when she w...

Eggshells - A Short Film About Domestic Abuse (coercive control, gaslighting, domestic violence) 08/11/2023

This video is a hard watch. I showed it a friend and she got quite upset by it and said that it was "harder to watch being about an older lady".
There's many videos about young women being in this position, but maybe this one will make a bigger impression, thinking this is someone's mum, auntie, grandma.
Eggshells would be useful to watch during lessons about coercive control, domestic abuse or gaslighting.

Eggshells - A Short Film About Domestic Abuse (coercive control, gaslighting, domestic violence) A Made By Mortals production, Eggshells is a short film about domestic abuse in older adults. It has been co-produced by a team of professional artists, part...

We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it | Nora McInerny 07/11/2023

I recently used this video in a lesson discussing grief.
I found it powerful, moving and weirdly funny. It was delivered brilliantly and really had an effect on my students too.
It is about 15 minutes long, but if you can spare the time, I promise it's worth the watch.

We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it | Nora McInerny In a talk that's by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny shares her hard-earned wisdom about life and death. Her candid appr...

Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make A Noise About Bullying 06/11/2023

It would be worth having a look at the Anti Bullying Alliance's resources, videos, assemblies and posters ahead of Anti Bullying Week.

Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make A Noise About Bullying ABA are official organisers of Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Anti-Bullying Week 2023 will take place from Monday 13th - Friday 17th November. The theme is Make A Noise About Bullying. In this section you will find everything you need to help make a nois...


Tech addiction is a growing problem with some students admitting to spending most of their non-school time using their smartphones. Some use them primarily for social media, others for watching videos and listening to music, while more use them for gaming.
This infographic shows some of the indicators that a person may be suffering from tech addiction.
There's more information here:


Following on from my post about tech addiction, it's useful to know the dangers that lurk on the internet. Obviously, this isn't exhaustive, but more like the surface issues.
I intend to use this by chopping it up to look at each section individually.

Roman Kemp - Our Silent Emergency 03/11/2023

A brilliant video which discusses the mental health and su***de crisis unfolding in the UK.
Roman Kemp is relatable to students who will know him from radio and various TV shows. He speaks openly about how these issues have affected his life, including the death of a friend.

Roman Kemp - Our Silent Emergency This film came out yesterday evening and the moment I began watching it, I knew I had to share it.I have had one of my own mates take his own life, so I rela...


Consent is such an important topic, not just in sexual relationships but any relationship.
Boundaries should always be set and students should know that saying no is always an option.

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Can social media posts affect your students' lives forever? Absolutely.
Employers will likely search them up when they hand in CVs. University staff will search them when deciding to offer them a place. Prospective partners will search for them before they decide to date them.

Remind your students that what goes online can always resurface and can potentially bite them later on.


An excellent Halloween themed display, which could be adapted for all-year use.
A display which shows students what alcohol content is contained in drinks.


Another Lainey Molnar cartoon.
This time, the message focuses on abusive relationships. I think this is a good one when discussing domestic abuse, consent, and respect among a number of other topics.


If we don't teach that self love is the beginning, there's little point in teaching the rest.
The minimum anyone deserves in a relationship is to be respected. And that's any relationship.


What a valuable app! The Hollie Guard app.

Definitely worth sharing with your students - and anyone else who would benefit from extra security while being out and about alone.


Is there any wonder people struggle with their body image when things like this are posted on social media? My news feed informed me Madonna didn't have "a wrinkle in sight", promoting plastic surgery over body positivity.


This proverb is one I have mentioned for several different contexts in PSHE lessons. Bullying, discrimination, mental health, addiction and so many more topics tie in to this saying.

Photos from Mrs B's PSHE's post 21/10/2023

A quarter of people will experience a mental health problem each year.

Yet there is still stigma attached.

One of my biggest gripes is with the idea that you have to look sad if you're experiencing mental ill health. Students should know that this isn't the case, as it may help them to explain why they don't see a quarter of people walking around "looking depressed" all the time.
Many people cover up their mental illness with a brave face due to societal stigma, having to continue with their daily routine or a number of other reasons.


I always say that crying is actually one of my coping mechanisms and I feel much better after I've done it.
Students need to know that crying is not a weakness and sometimes feels like it might be necessary to help us to open up or deal with something big.

Photos from Mrs B's PSHE's post 19/10/2023

Check in!
It's good to share self help advice for students, but it's also helpful to show them how they can help the people they love. Here are a few ideas.


Rita's full TED talk is quite brilliant. I've seen it a couple of times now and it never gets old. I bet she would've been a great, inspiring teacher to have around.


Has anyone watched this?


The impact of social media is always apparent, but students often seem shocked to realise that social media takes cues from you to decide what you access. News feeds, stories, whatever they are; we are only shown what algorithms say we can see, unless we literally search or go out of our way to make choices, hide things, etc.
Social Media is always listening. And that's a powerful thing to know and remember.


Planning some self screening, check yourself lessons recently and found this, which was actually shared by a friend.
I like it because it's quite well explained and the images help with the understanding.


How do you teach kindness in your school?


Not that you probably have room in your curriculum for additional content, but if you do, here's a handy little guide of some awareness days for this month.


I adore this cute infographic poster. It highlights our human rights in an easy to understand way, while also being interesting to look at.
What's the best way to teach these important facts?

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