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When we slow down, we allow ourselves to connect to our real truth and we have the opportunity to heal our old wounds.

In the slow lane, we notice nuances.

We learn what soothes, what triggers us and ultimately we learn what we need.

Are you supporting yourself or self-sabotaging in your busyness?

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Happy New Year ✨

New Year has always been a point where I pause and reflect. And this year I have so much to be proud of, to be excited about and to be thankful for.

My heart is full of gratitude.

A massive thank you to all those who have journeyed with me over this last year.

Thank you to those who have joined my spaces - you support me in making my dreams a reality.

Thank you to those who support me on each step of my journey (you know who you are) - I couldn’t have done it without.

May 2024 bring you prosperity, joy and all that you need.


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Learning how to adapt a movement practice to meet your needs is SO empowering.

And developing a familiarity to a sequence so that you can move truly mindfully if one may go to ways to reconnect and create mental clarity.

Want to learn how Surya Namaskara can serve you?

Join me and we’ll deep dive in to the postures.

🗓️ Saturday 13th January
⏰ 14.00 - 16.00
📍 Kula, Chesterfield, S41

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Only three days until we gather and the Sun begins his steady return.

Only two spaces remain for the gorgeous gathering and booking closes at 9pm 21-Dec.

Unsure if this is for you?

This circle is there to support in stepping into 2024. It’s not only your opportunity to press pause and rebalance for the Christmas celebration but time to reconnect to what you really want.

Join us to set your compass and follow your path.

To book, head to:

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How do you find calm?

Finding a sense of calm doesn’t require you to run away to a retreat in Goa and shut down life.

We all have ability to rebalance and find calm within us at all times. We only need to access our tool-kit of calm.

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How are you starting the New Year?

Join me for this gentle journey with Cacao, journaling and meditation to fully ground and reconnect before the routines of everyday life resume.

To book, head to the link in my bio 👆🏼

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Short answer... a lot.

As the end of the year approaches and as Mother Nature encourages us to slow down, it's only natural for us to become more contemplative.

Over the last few weeks, I've taken the time to list out all the changes and big moments in my life over the last 12 months.

To be honest, it was a much more emotional and demanding process than I expected. Looking back, I'm pretty shocked to see how much I've navigated, and I'm left questioning did I neglect my own needs.

But more than anything, reflecting has reminded me how resilient and how awesome I am. I'm also incredibly grateful to those who have supported me during this rollercoaster of a year (you know who you are).

At the end of 2023, I feel burnt out, worn down and ready for some long-overdue rest. But, I am so excited for what 2024 has to bring. To see the seeds that I've sown over the last few months flourish.

Whats changed for you in this last year? And what lessons has lif gifted you?


The gathering and coming together of people has power.

Through community we find and nurture:

✨Deeper relationship with self

Discover the power of circle spaces for yourself.

Upcoming circles:

Honouring the Slow: Winter Solstice Gathering
Fri 22nd Dec | 18.00 - 21.00
Kula, Chesterfield, S41

Gathered: Grounded Strength
Mon 1st Jan | 17.00 - 19.00
Kula, Chesterfield, S41

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Life can be busy. The world can feel frantic.

But no matter how long the to-do list is or how much is on your plate, there are always opportunities to slow down & reconnect.

For YEARS I didn't have the time to connect to myself. I was TOO busy. There was nothing on my jobs list that I could strike off to make time for me!

Until I realised that slow-down didn't automatically mean doing less. Being mindful didn't require me to sit in meditation for an hour each day.

Incorporating simple, consistent acts of pressing pause and reconnecting are now a daily staple in my often busy and frantic life.


💫 I feel calmer
💫 More clarity
💫 I do more
💫 I sleep better
💫 I feel less anxious
💫 Greater sense of control
💫 More positivity

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Gathered | New events coming for 2024 💫

For so long, I sought a space where I felt safe enough to be myself. On my journey towards embodiment, I knew needed a community where I could embrace all aspects of myself and begin to integrate all fascias of my being.

I felt alone.

But as I found my tribe, I began a long, slow unravelling and process of alchemising. These collective spaces nurtured me as I healed old wounds and held me as I ventured towards new edges.

As I expanded, I knew this community was around me and that I could lean on them.

I could share my experience unjudged.
I could be held & witnessed with compassion.
I could seek advice & wisdom without bias.
I could be vulnerable & feel secure.

Gathered is a space for us all to find our community.

It's a space to explore and self-enquire. It's a space to move freely and be present and still. It's a space to be seen and feel safe. It's a space to alchemise and bloom.

Our first circle is 1st Jan, 17.00 - 19.00. Join us and take a little time for yourself to ground and reconnect with your inner strength before normal routines resume.

What to expect:
• Cacao Ceremony
• Space for self-inquiry and journaling
• Guided Meditation

To Book, head to:


We all need a space to be with ourselves fully.

A space where we can embrace it all. A space where we are embraced for all that we are.

Details of a new offering and a new space I will be holding from January will land tomorrow.

If any of the below resontates, these gatherings are for you.

🌀 want a space for you
🌀 want to feel seen
🌀 want time to fully embrace yourself
🌀 want to connect to deeper levels of yourself
🌀 want to be part of a community
🌀 want to be seen and accepted for who you are
🌀 want to support others
🌀 want to find new edges
🌀 want to nuture yourself

Watch this space.
Details landing Friday 24th Nov

Bronwyn 🌻



So often we seek that one single intervention that will make it all right.

We seek that single habit that will be the catalyst to us finding happiness, eliminating our pain or eradicating all our worries.

But this should dishearten us. It actually sets us free.

Knowing that each simple act, even if it's just a single conscious breath, is a key step on our journey towards radical lasting change.

Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 20/11/2023

Slow down.
Look within.
Set your compass.
Follow your path.

As the longer warmer days begin their slow return, nature calls us keep in our wintering state and keep in the slow.

Coming into circle we’ll gently turn our awareness inward to reflect, to look ahead and begin to sow the seeds of change.

This is your time to embrace your truth and lay the foundations for slow meaningful change in your life.


As 2023 comes to an end, there are just a couple of long form events left in the diary.

Embodied Yin: winter & water
08-Dec | 18.00 - 19.30
Kula, Chesterfield S41

Honouring the Slow: Winter Solstice Gathering
22-Dec | 18.00 - 21.00
Kula, Chesterfield, S41

Join me to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

To book either event, head to:


The most important chapter in any women’s empowerment journey, is coming into full relationship with herself.

Connecting to and embracing all aspects of ourselves can feel icky but so liberating!

Nurturing awareness and true self acceptance is a never ending journey that ebbs and flows and like any good story will contain many a plot twist.

But this is the essence of being human.


Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 10/11/2023

Today, I took time for me ✨

I set time aside. I wore the clothes I wanted to wear. I went somewhere special, a space where I feel connected to this land.

And I came into ceremony with myself.

I had questions I needed to work through in my head. And I needed quiet to give myself the permission to step into the next evolution of my path in full authority.

Over those few hours, I witnessed time passing slowly, tuned in to my own inner wisdom and let Mother Nature hold space for me.

Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 29/10/2023

The biggest lessons in life can come from the most mundane sources.

Despite my love of nature and being outside, for such a long time I ignored her teachings and overlooked her nuances.

Not any more 🌍

Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 27/10/2023

Embracing the slow.

Slowing down looks different every day, but no matter how busy I am I try and incorporate time for me. Even if it’s just a few mindful breaths.

Today, filling my cup involved
✨ Rambling in the wonderful Peaks
✨ Appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature
✨ Spending time with a dear friend
✨ Sharing the magic of Mama Cacao
✨ Leaning into the deep and ancient wisdom of this land

What did you do for you today?

Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 22/10/2023

Slowing down doesn't always give that immediate sense of rest and comfort that we crave.

It can be uncomfortable. It can feel icky. And as we dial down the busy, we create opportunities for so much else to come up.

The condition of being human makes it almost impossible to go from running around to coming into stillness.

Without the tools or habits to support the process, slowing down can feel even more overwhelming than the perpetual state of doing.

Do you want to carve out some time for yourself but struggle to do so at home?

Feel like you need to press reset on your nervous system but don't know where to start?

Then why not join me for a morning of gentle movement, nourishing food and meditation, and lean into the slow

✨Sunday Slow Down
🗓️ 5th November
🕰️ 08.30 - 12.00
📍 Kula, Hasland, S41


Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 22/10/2023

Slowing down doesn't always give that immediate sense of rest and comfort that we crave.

It can be uncomfortable.

It can feel icky.

And as we dial down the busy, we create opportunities for so much else to come up.

The condition of being human makes it almost impossible to go from running around to coming into stillness.

Without the tools or habits to support the process, slowing down can feel even more overwhelming than the perpetual state of doing.

Do you want to carve out some time for yourself but struggle to do so at home?

Feel like you need to press reset on your nervous system but don't know where to start?

Then why not join me for a morning of gentle movement, nourishing food and meditation, and lean into the slow

✨ Sunday Slow Down
🗓️ 5th November
🕰️ 08.30 - 12.00
📍 Kula, Hasland, S41
🎟️ £40



Integrating that new habit that is going to revolutionise your life rarely does. Why?

Because so often after just a few days or weeks we drop the habit!

I’ve recently been exploring the work of BJ Fogg and his Behaviour Design methodologies.

And it’s got me thinking.

How much insight and self-awareness could we develop if we consciously and consistently checked in with ourselves?

I don’t mean setting aside an hour a day to meditate or check-in. It doesn’t even need to be 5 minutes.

Imagine if just a few times a day you pressed pause and asked yourself one simple little question.

‘ how do I feel right now? ‘

And what if you just gave yourself 5 slower conscious breaths to listen and hear how your body responds?

Maybe that simple habit could radically change your day.

Photos from Bronwyn Benstead's post 08/10/2023

Press pause and take time out for yourself.

Join on a journey incorporating:
✨ Restorative yoga & gentle somatic movement
✨ Yoga Nidra Meditation
✨ Self-Massage
✨ Nourishing plant-based food

This slow and mindful morning is your opportunity to alleviate stress, release tension and press reset on your nervous system.

📍 Kula, Hasland, S41
📆 Sunday 5th November
⏰ 8.30 - 12.00
🎟️ £40*

*Sliding scale tickets are available. Get in touch for details.

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable to another yogi.

To book, head to or follow:


The Sun will set,
but it will rise again.

Doors will close,
whilst others open.

Life ebbs and flows.
We twist and churn.

The only constant,
our ever changing state of being.

No matter how we resist,
we evolve.

So why not commit to being present?
To fully sit in witness?


The pursuit of less…
…can actually lead to more.

For a long time I was the kind of first in, last out, never say no kind of employee. All under some delusional impression that this is what I needed to do to progress and advance my career.

And as someone who left university without a degree in the second term of third year after a life changing trip to Uganda, I had a huge sense of needing to prove I could be successful.

Working like that didn’t make me happy. I didn’t feet truly satisfied and if i’m honest, I’m not even sure it helped my career.

I would collapse into my evening sand weekends whilst applying pressure to squeeze in ‘selfcare’ and should-do practices in to each day.

I would ignored my mind and body’s calls for rest and to be still, and push more and more.

Downtime was climbing mountains and scaling cliffs.

The accumulated and to dis-ease, disease in my body and disembodiment…

The last few years have been a slow uncomfortable unwinding but I’m loving the journey.

In the slow, I’ve found more joy, more connection and more clarity.

It’s not been easy. A lot of big shifts. A lot of slow deconstruction of unhelpful rules I’ve self imposed. But it has SO been worth it.

My life is about to contract again, but I know there is going to be so much more than comes from it…


As I found Yoga and my practice started to form part of my daily life, my mat became my safe space.

Going on holiday? My mat came with me.
Crap day at work? I went to my mat.
Starting the day "right"? I went to my mat.

My mat felt safe. Through my practice, it held up mirrors to me. It offered chances to find new edges and challenge myself. It was where I came to relax and unwind.

My mat felt safe and coming onto it became my refuge.


Not all that long ago, one very wise woman, who I'm privileged to call a teacher and friend, introduced me to one single concept...


Like a jolt of lightning, it hit me. In my decade of Asana practice, what I had relished wasn't coming onto my mat, it was coming home to ME! It was coming back to MY BODY!

I still practice Asana. I still LOVE my yoga mat.

But now I walk through each day knowing that without props or material things, I carry with me all the wisdom, empowerment and safety that I thought my mat brought to my life.


Change isn't comfortable.
But comfort can still be found amongst it.

No matter how small or big the changes, they can feel unsettling. Big changes can feel discombobulating and overwhelming.

The upended I feel, the more I root myself into those seemingly little everyday joys. The more unsettled I feel, the more I lean into them. The more disregulated I feel, the more mindful I try to be.

Here are my top 5 things to focus on when life starts to feel turbulent.

✨ Food
Eat nourishing foods that feel both mind & body. Turn the Netflix off, put the phone down and eat mindfully without distraction. Savour the taste.

✨ Self-Care
Those little acts of self-care (skincare, doing your hair, taking a bath) relish in them. Prioritise them! Carve out that much-needed time to press reset and make yourself the priority.

✨ Hydrate
We all know we need to drink plenty of water, But it's easy not to. It is SO important though, No one thinks clearly or feels good when they're dehydrated.

✨ Get Outside
Put the phone and laptop down, put on some shoes and go for a walk. Even just 10 minutes can be enough to help the mind & body relax.

✨ Sleep
Stick to a routine. The more disordered our sleep patterns become, the more disordered we become. And the more we stick to a routine, the body adapts and starts to switch-off ready for a good night's sleep all by it's self.


Focus on the now ✨

Life is continually evolving. Paths open ahead of us. The road in front of us is always full of twists and turns.

As we journey, it is easy to fixate on the destination.

Here is your reminder to take it all. Pay attention to every step. Be present and mindful in each moment.

It’s not the destination that builds a life, it's the journey that we carry with us.


Community and Yoga go hand in hand 🪷

I am so excited to announce that I will hold the first Karma class .uk this weekend!

🗓️ Sunday 3rd Sept
⏰ 16.00 - 17.00
🎟️ Pay What You Can: £2-£10

Breaking down barriers to Yoga is a core pillar on which we are building Kula. This is why we will hold regular Karma classes each month with all proceeds from these classes being invested directly into opening up more free classes and experiences for those who otherwise may not be able to afford them.

Each Karama session will be slow and steady. Accessible to those who are new to yoga whilst providing a gentle reset and a good old stretch.

After the class, you are invited to stay for coffee, tea and cake.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited. Head to to book your spot.

Yoga mats and other props are available to use at the studio.

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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