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I know that your baby is your pride and joy, but I also know that sometimes, spending all day with a baby can be hard work and the hours can seem to stretch on forever.

Coming to classes can break up the monotony and mean you have a reason to get dressed and get out of the house, even just for an hour. And when you’re there you’ll meet other parents who are also experiencing the joys and challenges of parenthood, that you might just enjoy a bit of adult conversation with!

And it that class also provides a wide range of activities that will support your baby’s development, while you have fun and make special memories together even better!

You’ll find all that and so much more at Tots Play, so why not give it a go?

I’d love to welcome you. You can find all the details you need and book your space at, and I’ll see you there xx


Introducing our BRAND NEW Tots Play logo 🎉🎉🎉

You may have noticed that our cheeky mascot Totsy Monkey has been popping up in lots of what we’ve been sharing with you in recent months, that cute little face is everywhere! He’s been nagging us to have more of a starring role on our logo too, and who can say no to Totsy, so here is he, star of the show and introducing our brand new Tots Play logo!

We hope you’ll agree that this really compliments all the changes to our branding that we’ve introduced over the last few months, showcasing all the fun we have at classes, as well as all the fantastic learning and development they provide - none of that is changing, but you’ll be seeing this new look extend to your classes very soon too.

Right Totsy is now demanding more bananas, so better go and feed him before he gets into more trouble! 😁🐒

Give this post a ❤️ to show Totsy and our new logo some love! xx

Photos from's post 30/06/2024
Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 29/06/2024

🦒🐯🦐 Exploring Nature & Animals 🦒🐯🦐

This week in Tots Play Cannock and Cheslyn Hay our tots have been having a wild time. Discovering seacreatures in the dabble pool, hunting mini beasts, feeding the dinosaurs in the taste safe sand and camping out with a good animal book to read.


This is just part of our session. Firstly our tots practiced some yoga moves, riding their bicycles, swinging to miss polly, and more.
Our Social Tots got to shake their maracas in time to the music and Discovery tots got to be very noisy with the sensory foil blankets. Then both groups learnt some fab signs for toys, so they could join in the baby signing, hide and seek game.

Finally we finish off our play with sensory bubble time and a lullaby massage for our little ones. Our big kids got to play 3 little monkeys, jumping about with their grown ups 😊.

Next week is 🌈 Rainbow colour week !!!😀
I cant wait, see you there.

Claire & Totsy # # #

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 29/06/2024

Rockpooling -toddler edition ❤️
at Tots Play Cannock


🧠A baby’s mind is the most powerful learning machine in the universe.

Incredibly, a baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year and continues to grow at it’s most rapid rate over the following two years.

Billions of connections are established in the brain in this time, forming the building blocks of all future learning.

As adults, we can help our children to become even more powerful learners by giving them lots of opportunities to play and explore during these early years.

Activities which encourage little ones to investigate and experience things, all help them to understand the world around them, and strengthen those connections in their brain.

So, playing really is the work of a child, but if you’re not sure how to get started with supporting your little one’s learning, Tots Play can help.

We love inviting babies and toddlers to play using their whole body and all of their senses, as it is not only helping them to form more all those new brain connections (more than a million every second), it’s also laying the foundations for them to become successful learners as they grow older! 👩🏼‍🏫 🍎 ✏️

Each of our classes blends a range of different types of play experiences together to create a holistic learning journey for your little one, and with different classes for different age groups, the programme grows with them, so you can feel confident they are getting just what they need for the age and stage they are at.

And you thought we were just playing?! 🤩

Give your little one a head start and have lots of fun as you play and learn together when you join me at Tots Play.

Head to to book your space today and get ready to play! # # #

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 27/06/2024

🥳🎂 It's a week of birthdays 🎂 🥳
Happy birthday to our lovely tots 😊 I'm so glad we could celebrate with you in class this week # # #


Did you know that when we cuddle for 20 seconds or more, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is released. This creates a stronger bond and connection between the huggers - plus oxytocin has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce stress too!

We never need an excuse to cuddle our little ones do we? Grab them and give them a big hug, after all a 20 second cuddle a day really can keep the stress away! 🥰

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 24/06/2024

What has Totsy Monkey got in store for us this week?
Totsy just loves exploring and this week he is looking at lots of natural objects. He has packed his weather cones, sensory feathers, wooden toys, natural bricks, shells and much more.

In the learning trays we are focusing on animals. He has made a super minibeast den with magnifying glasses and identification cards. He has popped in the rockpool tray with lots of interesting sea creatures, shells and seaweed to splash around in and he has added his taste-safe sand with the big dinosaurs, ready to make some dino footsteps.

BUT this is just part of Totsy's session.

He's also got some super yoga songs to help tone and flex those little muscles (great for getting ready for rolling over, sitting and crawling).
In our signing time he is teaching us a hiding game and some super signs for our toys.
And don't forget Totsy's Band... this week we are shaking our maracas!
Then to end our session we have the lovely sensory bubbles to pop and a nice group activity (this week we are cheeky monkeys) before we say good bye.

I cant wait to see you all....if you haven't booked a place, there is still time. Pop along to my webpage at and book yourself on our trial classes!

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 24/06/2024

🤷‍♀️ What are you doing THURSDAY at 11.50am? 🤷‍♀️
Why not come along and try our lovely Discovery Tots class at Cheslyn Hay Village Hall.

🌷Who is it for?
Our classes are especially suitable for babies between 2 and 9 months.

🌷Is it busy?
We limit our classes to 15 places so our little ones are not overwhelmed and there's plenty of time for you to connect and chat with other local parents.

🌷What do we do?
We start off with our weekly yoga songs, gently stretching and toning our little ones. Then we try our new baby sign if the week & activity and lastly we enjoy exploring ways to use our sensory item of the week.
Next its time to explore our sensory collection, discovering different textures and enjoying everyday objects. Each week is something different...shiny, natural, colours etc.
We finish off with the lovely sensory bubbles and a relaxing lullaby massage 💕

🌷Each part of our session is carefully planned to help your little one get the best start in their learning journey.

🌷Time and day
Thursday @ 11.50am
Cheslyn Hay Village Hall

🌷How to book
Head to my webpage at
Book your 3 week trial ❤️

It would be lovely to welcome you to one of our classes.
Claire x

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 24/06/2024

🤷‍♀️ What are you doing WEDNESDAY at 9.50am? 🤷‍♀️
Why not come along and try our lovely Social Tots class at Longford Center in Cannock.

🌷Who is it for?
Our classes are especially suitable for tots who are just on the move, whether they are crawling or toddling. (9 months to 2 years)

🌷Is it busy?
We limit our classes to 12 places so there is lots of time for your tot to learning social skills and plenty of time for you to connect with other local parents.

🌷What do we do?
We start off with our weekly yoga song & movement, then try our new baby sign if the week & activity and lastly we enjoy playing in totsys band with his musical instruments.
Time to explore... search out our sensory collection, discovering our learning trays and trying the physical activities to develop balance and coordination.
We finish off with a quick tidy up, the lovely sensory bubbles and a group game (eg parachute play.)

🌷Time and day
Wednesday @ 9.50am
Longford Center, Cannock.

🌷How to book
Head to my webpage at
Book your 3 week trial ❤️

It would be lovely to welcome you to one of our classes.
Claire x


With such lovely weather, cleaning time was a pleasure this weekend 😊


Why join a Tots Play class?

Here are just a few of the benefits…


🌻Help us make Fridays fantastic! 🌻
In the month of July I will be bringing you our very popular baby workshops. Just right for babies aged newborn up to 6 months.

Each workshop is an hour and costs £8 to join on.

🌟🌟🌟Write in the comments the ones you would be most interested in.🌟🌟🌟 Any comments won't result in a booking, I'm just nosy 😁

Here are the workshops on offer;

😊Massage Masterclass
😊Tranquil Tots Summer Retreat – learn to relax with your little one.
😊Tummy time Workshop
😊Baby Yoga Introduction
😊ASL Baby Signing Starter class

More details to come....keep your eyes peeled!😁
Claire x


Is your baby on the move?

Wondering how best to play with them as they head towards toddlerhood?

At this age your little one will be curious about the world around them, and fascinated with just about everything they come across. They will be using all their senses, and their new movement skills to explore and learn - and the best way to support this learning and development is through play.

Repetition is an important part of learning and you might find they want to play their favourite game or listen to their favourite song over and over again. While they’re able to play a little by themselves they prefer playing with parents or other adults - so you will remain their favourite playmate for a while to come.

Some great activities for children around this age include:

movement games, singing, dancing, action rhymes

push along toys, push and pull toys, posting boxes,

all kinds of sensory play

exploring natural materials, like pine cones or shells

splashing in puddles, water play, messy play

Play is the best way to help children learn and there are so many ways to bring it into your day.

Need some more inspiration? Join us at Tots Play, where you’ll find lots of play ideas perfect for older babies and toddlers, for you to enjoy together.

Each one is carefully researched and chosen to help boost your Tot’s development, and simple enough to do together at home through the week too - so the fun and learning doesn’t need to stop when you leave class!

Head to to book your class today, and come and join in the fun! xx


Have you heard about our Discovery Tots class for babies from 8 weeks to crawling?

For a fun, interactive, play session that you and your baby will both enjoy it’s the perfect place to be!

Each week you and your baby will enjoy focused time together, signing, bouncing, exploring and playing together. No two classes are the same and with so many new things for your baby to experience each week, we often get told that babies sleep very well after their Discovery Tots class!

Even at such a young age a structured playtime, such as coming to a regular class, helps a child to feel secure, giving the confidence to explore, learn and grow, making development more rapid and learning more fun. It is also a great place to start building social skills, first by watching and later through interaction with the other babies.

More than anything though, Discovery Tots is a place to cherish this special time in your baby’s life and make lasting memories together away from the rush and stress of day to day life - those babies really do grow fast!

I even offer trials, so you can come and give the class a go before committing to more.

So what are you waiting for? Places are limited at all our classes so they are not too overwhelming and we can offer a more personal experience for you and your little one, so book your trial today at and I’ll see you there xx


Make your own rainbow shakers! 🌈

Little ones love bright colours, as well as exploring things that make different sounds, and they’ll not only love their own rainbow of shakers like the ones in the picture, but they offer so many fun learning opportunities too.

Line them up in rainbow order, ask your child to find and shake a particular colour, or just let them play and explore however they would like, and discover all the colours, sounds and sensory delights these bring.

The good news is they’re super simple to make. Just find some empty clear plastic bottles (they don’t have to be the type shown), add some small items of a single colour to each, or have some with a mixture of colours. You can pick up lots of bits inexpensively from a craft shop, or see what you already have at home, and get creative!

Seal the tops well, with either a glue gun or tape when you’ve filled the bottles with what you’ve chosen, and you’re ready to play!

Pop a picture or a comment below if you give it a try, and enjoy your colourful fun! xx


I'm currently looking for babies between 2 & 9 months. If you have one of these and don't currently attend our class, comment below with you babies age.


One of the most magical parts of Tots Play for me is being able to support you as a parent with ideas to strengthen the bond between you and your little one during the very early weeks, months and years.

My classes offer so many ways to do this, from baby massage, to yoga, lots of different types of sensory play, various ways to boost early communication and more.

Bonding with our tots can be instant or take time, sometimes weeks and even months. Both are totally normal, and wherever you are on that journey you'll find no judgement, just the support of a like minded tribe to ease you on your way.

If you haven't tried classes yet, why not come and join us and see for yourself. You'll find a warm welcome when you do🧡🐵💙

Just pop me a message to find out more xx

Photos from Tots Play Cannock's post 12/06/2024

Surprise Daddy with some super signing this Sunday ❤️

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