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Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 24/02/2023

Cheeseburgers - reinvented for under 600 calories.

This is a great meal to prep for your weekly dinners also, just add a few greens for a boost in vitamins and it's a great all-round meal!


Happy Pancake Day 🥞

It's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to get my hands on the Aldi pancakes, but a great high protein alternative is blending one banana, two eggs, and a scoop of protein powder together. Simple and quick, yet tasty.

Here I've got some crunchy peanut butter and fresh raspberries, what's your choice of toppings?


Why weight training?

Recently I've been speaking to clients about why weight training is necessary and why 99% of the time PTs programme this over anything else. Whether you're looking to lose weight, become stronger, or increase longevity, it should be a priority.

Bodyweight work is fantastic (especially the likes of pull ups and push ups) and you can get cardiovascular benefits with exercise programmes such as HIIT (which is actually shown to help those with type 2 diabetes), but I would always advocate for weight training as well.

Here're just a few reasons as to why I'd recommend it:


Happy client = happy trainer!

Thankfully, you don't need to just run on a treadmill to lose weight or do 100 burpees. As a PT it's important we find exercises are clients not only enjoy but are for them. Yes there are things you might need to do that you don't love and that can be challenging, but it's important to find a balance.

If you're interested in finding out how you can lose weight without hours of cardio and super restrictive diets, message me today! Let's start a healthy weight loss journey.


It's not always easy training alone (even PTs get PTs).

As a trainer, you learn to get to know people's limits, and those limits can change every day. There's an art to knowing how much someone can give and it's our job to get them there safely.

If you're looking for help in the gym and aren't sure on what to do or where to start, message me today.

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 03/02/2023

An easy meal to get 50g of protein in one go.

You can easily add in more vegetables to increase the fiber and vitamins.


Slowly bringing the scale down and the strength up!

Weight loss isn't always linear (in fact, it almost isn't ever). Would you believe this client believed she hit a plateau just a few days before this? Small changes were made, and patience was needed, but progress is often happening even if you can't see it.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 24/01/2023

How good does this look?

Meals don't need to be boring or basic when on a diet (although there's nothing wrong with that!). Focus on hitting at least 30g of protein per meal and always have veggies of some sort (health shouldn't decline when on a weight loss journey).

If you want more recipes just like this, my recipe books are only £5. Message me today to get yours.


Anything that makes you happier and healthier is the right investment.

This is from my client I see a couple of times a week. We've focused on making small changes to her lifestyle and she's found a love for weight training.

Don't wait to feel like this, let's start now. Message me today for a free consultation to chat about how we can work together.


What a text to receive 😍

I'm honoured to work with fantastic people, and love that I can help them find enjoyment in something which only benefits their health.

Find an exercise that you enjoy (lifting, running, swimming, anything!) and suddenly your goals will become a lot easier to reach.

If you're tempted by the world of lifting just like my client was, why not try it out? Message me to book in a one-off session to see how you find it!

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 15/01/2023

Keeping warm and keeping full. A great dish for upping your fibre intake and something you can make multiple meals out of!

Find plenty of recipes like this in my recipe books for just £5 🍽🥣


What a win 🤩

I love seeing clients go from strength to strength and reap the rewards of their hard work.

If you want to feel like my client, don't hesitate to book in a free consultation. Email me at [email protected] 📲

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 11/01/2023

Thinking of stepping into the gym? I know the nerves might be stopping you, so I'd love to help you build the knowledge and confidence you need to train on your own by March.

If this sounds like something you're interested in and want 20% off of your first two months training, message me today!

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 09/01/2023

Who doesn't love chicken parm?

This has been a hit with those who have my recent recipe book so I wanted to share it.

Let me know how you find it!

If you want a recipe book full of recipes just like these, let me know. £5 for 30+ recipes straight to your inbox.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 07/01/2023

Sleep is incredibly important for health, but also has a part to play in weight loss too.

Swipe through the images to find out how sleep affects hunger, and how you can optimise sleep in order to help your weight loss journey.


A lovely testimonial from Greg, who stuck with classes until venturing onto the gym floor with me.

We went straight to work, focusing on areas he wanted to improve on; building his knowledge of what he could do in his own sessions.

Whether you've tried training on your own or are currently joining classes, personal training can benefit you. Learn new movements, hone in on form, know how to build exercises into training sessions.

DM me today to feel as confident heading into the gym as Greg.


Happy New Year!

I'm always unbelievably thankful I can work with fantastic clients doing the job I love. I love seeing them all achieve PBs, learn how to lift for the first time, grow their confidence not only in the gym but in them selves, reach weight loss goals, understand their nutrition, and walk out of the gym after a session feeling better than when they came in.

Their dedication, hard work, smiles, passion, appreciation, messages, updates, and achievements don't go unnoticed. I'm frequently driving home thanking the universe that I'm in the job I'm in.

2022 was a big year for me, and it's like I shared it with friends, not just clients. I'm hugely grateful for this.

Here's to an even better 2023 - I can't wait to see what everyone achieves.

If you'd like to join the team, I'd love to have you. Email me at [email protected] and we'll arrange a consultation for the New Year.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 29/12/2022

A reminder that as a new client signing up between now and the end of January you can get 20% off of two months training.

Don't wait to start your healthiest year ever.

Email me for more details: [email protected]


Merry Christmas!

Whatever your plans today, I hope you have a lovely one 🎄


Only a few sleeps to go...

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 21/12/2022

Are you looking to get fitter, healthier, and more confident in 2023? New client sign ups between now and the end of January will get 20% off of two months training.

Message me to book in a free consultation!

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 20/12/2022

Add this to your snack list 😍

Just over 200 calories for this Rocky Road - we're onto a winner.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 17/12/2022

If you're looking for some last-minute recipes to make for Christmas that require less than half an hour to sort, I've got you covered!


Imagine feeling this way before the year is out…

Well you can 🤩 helping clients feel their best is why I do this job. Not only do I want you to hit the goals you set out to, but I want you to have moments like these along the way; feeling more confident and stronger each day.

If you want to want to start feeling your best, I’d love to help. Drop me a DM and we’ll get started ⭐️


Receiving texts like this 😍

Helping clients feel more confident in the gym is incredibly important to me.

Training with a PT is a ticket to understanding various movements, you learn how to safely use the equipment, and know when and how to push yourself. Without these tools, you're less likely to have the confidence to train - I get it, I've been there. Let's work together on building the foundations.

To start building the confidence you want in the gym, email me at [email protected]


There's no better investment.

If this is something you think it's time to invest in, drop me a DM. Don't wait for optimal health.


Think of this as we head into the week.

Complaining about things that are in your control but you aren’t doing something about doesn’t make sense.

What changes can you make this week to get you closer to where you want to be? If you’re unsure, I’d love to help.

You’re in complete control of what your future might look like. Let’s get a plan together.


It's advent calendar day! That means we're only 25 days away from Christmas...and although that seems like it'll fly by, don't wait to start your journey. Imagine what you can achieve in the next 25 days.

Unsure on where to start?

Let's do it together.

We'll look into your training - what exercises are right for you?
We'll look into your calories - how many do you need in a day and what foods work well for your goal?
We'll look into your daily movement - where can we increase steps and extra movement while making it fit around work?

Drop me a message to get started - don't wait until the 1st of January.


Dani worked with me to lose weight and gain confidence training, and she did just that! She worked hard in and out of sessions, looking into how she could make small changes to her diet to give her big results.


I've worked with James on his nutrition over both his bulk and then his cut. We had regular catch ups, tailored his diet and lifestyle to his wants and needs, driving us to fantastic results!

If you're to hit your fitness goals and aren't sure where to start, I'd love to help. Drop me a message to get started.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 21/11/2022

Super simple and quick salmon fishcakes to add to your meals this week.

High protein and a fantastic fat source - it's a great food to keep you full!


You can love where you are now, while pushing to give yourself a happier and healthier future.

Drop me a message to get started today - let's do it together.


Training and nutrition coaching doesn't have to be face to face.

Over lockdown (seems like a lifetime ago!) I moved part of my business online, and have since branched out to Nutrition Consulting also, meaning I can help people further afield.

Not all of my clients are face to face, however the support system is still the same.

So if you're looking for a coach but don't live in the local area, I'm still here for you! Let's arrange an online call to discuss how we can work together to get you on the road to being a happier, healthier, and more confident you.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 13/11/2022

Who else has a sweet tooth? 😍

These honey and whey bars are fantastic to prep in advance and have as a snack over the week. Let me know how you find them!


A lovely testimonial from a Rav 🥰

Rav worked with me after her second child. In just over 2 months she lost 6.6kg and gained confidence training in the gym. She should be super proud!


A quote from a new client last week. It was so lovely to hear this!

Getting a PT can feel nerve wracking - you’re putting your faith and trust in someone and if you’ve never had a PT, you won’t necessarily know how a session works or how you’ll feel.

Being a PT is about knowing clients; understanding their limits, knowing when they can push harder, knowing when they need to rest, knowing when & how to change the session plan even last minute, and knowing what the clients enjoys and knowing what will benefit the client.

If you’re unsure if Personal Training is right for you, why not come in for a consultation? There’s no commitment at this point - it’s the ideal time to see if personal training is right for you, and if I am!

If this is something you’d like to set up, feel free to drop me a message or email me at [email protected].

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 05/11/2022

An Autumnal warmer to try this weekend 😍

Nearly 50g of protein in this one!

Vegan pumpkin soup 31/10/2022

Vegan pumpkin soup

Don't let your pumpkins go to waste. Try this Vegan Pumpkin Soup:

Vegan pumpkin soup Make the most of pumpkin season in early autumn with this healthy vegan pumpkin soup. Toast the pumpkin seeds and use as a garnish to add texture


Some clients come to me purely for movement. With desk-based jobs that can leave them feeling stressed, 30 minutes or an hour of movement a day can help not only improve their health, but also help them unwind.

I would encourage everyone, regardless of their job or lifestyle to move daily. Whether it be body weight work on the floor, a brisk walk at lunch, or lifting in free weights. Movement is SO good for you.

Photos from Robyn Salvi Fitness Coach & Nutritionist's post 24/10/2022

Did you know you don’t have to cut these out when losing weight?

If this is news to you and you’d like to learn more about making weight loss sustainable and manageable, drop me a DM 😊

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