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GET the most pioneer HOODIE - [ UNISEX] by tFv = https://tinyurl.com/3uta3z3w . Think Family Vacation. Old Stoic Society.
How about this photo of a boxing day? staff ice hockey match on the Oxford Water? with Roger Potter and David James! Stowe grounds staff bravely drove a tractor onto the ice first to check it was safe!
Client spotlight 🌟 welcome Old Stoic Society Stowe 100 Racing Club
We can't achieve our fundraising goal to secure the legacy of the Curwen Print Archive, without the help of our supporters and friends like Stowe... And we only have a few days left - thank you for sharing Old Stoic Society ☺️
A great aerial view of Stowe House and gardens from 'The Stoic' publication, March 1970. Can you notice anything that has changed since?
Old Stoic Society Stowe School National Trust - Stowe
Old Stoic taking on great challenge for an even greater cause!

So, it is happening! In April '22 you'll find me running, rolling and scrambling my way round the golden sands of the Sahara desert. An approximate distance of 254km carrying all essentials including, food, water and sleeping gear. It's no surprise this event has been globally recognised as one of 'the world's toughest foot races'. Snakes, spiders, sandstorms, and extreme temperatures are just a number of obstacles we will have to compete against. I have decided to take on this challenge in order to raise money for a charity I truly believe in. Hope for Children is an international charity with a simple mission. To create brighter futures for the next generation. A world in which every child has a happy, healthy and positive childhood is something we passionately believe they deserve. However, with almost half the worlds children living in extreme poverty this is a vision that is still not yet a reality. We are helping to change this by delivering education, health, livelihoods and Child Rights projects that benefit thousands. I'm taking on this challenge in the hope that together we can make a real difference. Create a tangible change. Encourage a brighter future. Any donations will be greatly received. Keep up to date with my social media accounts for other fundraising events and training updates. Instagram
click on the link to donate

Welcome to the exciting news that Stowe House is going virtual!

The Virtual Tour can be viewed through smartphones, tablets and computers. Explore the room by clicking the arrows found on the floor but don't forget to look up at the marvellous ceilings by simply clicking and/or dragging your mouse or finger around the room.

Lifted Imaging Papers and Paints Old Stoic Society
EXCITING NEWS - Over the past 6-months, Stowe House has been working with Lifted Imaging Lifted Imaging to design a virtual tour around some of our magnificent staterooms.

We can't wait to show you!

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Lockdown tidy up. Had this since 74
Hey guys, I need some help... I am an old Stoic from 1998-2002 and thanks to Brexit am force to say goodbye to my UK Drivers' License...
Long story Short - I need to get my A-Level Diploma and (of course) did not save a copy...
Anyone better organized than I whom could tell me which Exam Board we had to pass the test? (It should be visible on your Diploma).
Today is A. A. Milne birthday so we're celebrating . Stowe House has a close connection to the characters of the Hundred Acre Wood as Christopher Robin Milne himself attended Stowe School in 1930's. You can find his name within the house when we reopen?
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Hello fellow Old Stoics!

As the strangest COVID Christmas is scratching its Scrooge claws on the windows, I would like to drum up some old fashioned cheer with this:

Earlier this month I became the first woman to run Chesil Beach, 18 miles of shingle in Dorset, England. it got some publicity on BBC and I have raised just over £700 to send back to my home country of Zimbabwe.


A couple of years ago I was the first person to run across Zimbabwe - 724 km in 16 days, raising money & awareness for mental health.

This time the money will go to extremely vulnerable families in the poorest parts of Zimbabwe, who are on the brink of going hungry (once again) on Christmas Day.

My memories of Stowe are of generosity and soft hearts and I urge you to take the time to read or share this post.

Wishing you all a very unCovid Christmas!

Thank you ###########
This morning "photoed" a church window for a possible benefice Christmas card. Got to be done early because the PCCs of 4 churches plus the Vestries of the Methodists and Baptists have all got to agree its suitability............. could take a while during these straitened times.
Even after 33 years (1929 to 1962), such memories seem timeless! I hope they continue today? Such touches help to create Stoics into the very special people they were & are today.
Today is Speech Day at Stowe School, watch to see the Headmaster tour the beautiful National Trust - Stowe landscape gardens.

Old Stoic Society Stowe House
hello everyone i have a painting of the stowe south front from david shepherd i am selling the painting is 27.5x37.5 inches
they painting itself is in great condition and was commissioned by my grandfather in 1955
if you are interested please send me a message

We hope to bring you all the latest news and details on our upcoming events and sports fixtures. You can also visit our website at www.oldstoic.co.uk

Stowe School Alumni

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 15/03/2023

In 1966, Stowe welcomed American folk singer Julie Felix to the Roxburgh Theatre. Later in the year, Julie appeared on David Frost's satirical television show 'The Frost Report'.

Timeline photos 14/03/2023

In 1965 the Foundation stone for Lyttelton House was laid by Lord Chandos.

Timeline photos 13/03/2023

In 1964 the golf course opened. It was a 9-hole course and was formally opened on 29th October with an exhibition match between the Ryder Cup players John Jacob and Bernard Hunt and three young amateurs, Pam Tredinnick, Shirley Ward and Peter Townsend.

Timeline photos 12/03/2023

In May 1963, Stowe celebrated its 40 years anniversary. To mark the occasion Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, visited.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 11/03/2023

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visited the Pineapple Club in 1962.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 10/03/2023

The Climbing Club's expedition to Cleeve Hill in February 1961.

Timeline photos 09/03/2023

In 1960 the statue of George returned to Stowe after four years of absence.

Timeline photos 08/03/2023

Winners of the Youll Cup 1959. A first for Stowe; they then went on to win it for three consecutive years.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 07/03/2023

In 1958 the Roxburgh Theatre was completed.

Timeline photos 06/03/2023

In 1957 Stowe was visited by Lord Mountbatten. He went slowly around the ranks, asking questions of cadets and showed particular interest in the Naval Section.

Timeline photos 05/03/2023

Come and join us for our first-ever Easter Afternoon Tea on Sunday 2nd April from 11 am-1 pm. Situated in our beautiful music room, based on Pompeiian wall art created in the 1780’s. Relax and indulge in a tasty range of sandwiches and cakes with some live music in the background; You can also add a bottle of prosecco to your order to make it extra memorable! An in-depth tour of Stowe House then follows your delicious Afternoon Tea.

The link for tickets is below: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/buckingham/stowe-house/stowe-house-easter-afternoon-tea-and-house-tour/2023-04-02/11:00/t-qjayzjv


Timeline photos 05/03/2023

A run in the sun for Stoics, South Front 1956.

Timeline photos 04/03/2023

1955 re-assembly train times to return to Stowe.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 03/03/2023

On September 18th 1954, at a private service in Chapel, the casket containing the ashes of the late Mr J F Roxburgh, first Headmaster of Stowe, was placed beneath the Chancel floor.

Timeline photos 02/03/2023

In 1953 like everyone else in this country, Stowe newsreel showed tendencies to go red, white and blue, In celebration of the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II.

Later in the year, The Rhythm Ramblers' Jazz Club enjoyed a recording session.

Timeline photos 01/03/2023

In 1952, this term's chief event was the Contingent Inspection on June 2nd by the Army Commander, General Sir O L Roberts, KCB, KBE, DSO.

Timeline photos 28/02/2023

South Front group exercise class, 1951.

Timeline photos 27/02/2023

On the evening of June 15th 1950, a School Dance was held for the first time since the beginning of the war.

Timeline photos 26/02/2023

At 2pm on Sunday 5 March, The Stowe Film Festival features Old Stoic David Niven in the film, ‘A Matter of Life and Death’. This 1946 fantasy-romance film is set in England during the Second World War and was directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. It is listed in the Top 100 Best British Films by the British Film Institute. It was filmed at the Denham Studios, Buckinghamshire and on location in Devon and Surrey, and cost £320,000 to make (£12.5m in today’s money). ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ was chosen for the first ever Royal Film Performance in November 1946 and has remained a well-loved classic of British cinema.

You can book your free ticket to the Stowe Film Festiva here: https://www.stowe.co.uk/whats-on/centenary/centenary-service-of-celebration

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 26/02/2023

1949 was a significant year at Stowe as JF Roxburgh announced his retirement.

Timeline photos 25/02/2023

December 1948, the Grafton Hunt visit Stowe.

Timeline photos 24/02/2023

In 1947 The French Ambassador, René Massigli visited Stowe.

Timeline photos 23/02/2023

In 1946, a group of five Stoics went on a trip to the USA. The purpose of the tour, which had the backing of the British Ministry of Education, was the hope that both American and English schoolboys can see something of the others' country.

The Stoics visited many places including New York, Washington and Niagara Falls. They attended farmers' meetings and peasant dances; they met scholars, industrialists and the unemployed. When they visited Princeton, they even had a very long private interview with Albert Einstein!

They were hosted by the Roosevelt family and spent the first weekend in their country house at Oyster Bay - Theodore Roosevelt's home.

Timeline photos 22/02/2023

“On the night of the Seventh of May, 1945, the British government announced that the next day would celebrate the victory of the Allied Forces in Europe.

This was the day that Stoics had been expected to return to Stowe for the summer term. Many families kept their sons at home for a family celebration. Others returned their sons to school, some possibly with some relief. Stowe had a bonfire to celebrate.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 21/02/2023

In 1944 The King approved the award of the Victoria Cross to Wing Commander Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire DSO and two bars, DFC (C.1935). Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 617 Squadron.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 20/02/2023

Monday, July 5th 1943, was observed as a whole holiday to mark the award of a Victoria Cross to Major J T McKellar Anderson, the first Old Stoic to win the V.C.

Timeline photos 19/02/2023

1942 - The Home Guard

Timeline photos 19/02/2023

1942 - Captain Kenneth P P Goldschmidt (Chatham 35) 'A forward post at Torbruk'

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 18/02/2023

1941 was the year of the Air Raid at Stowe. Former member of staff, Alasdair Macdonald, said "The bombs started less than 200 yards due south of the front and curved round to miss Vanbrugh's Rotunda... and end ignominiously in the mud at the edge of the Eleven Acre. It was true that more than a hundred panes of glass were smashed in the main buildings and classrooms , but no one was hurt by glass or splinter'".

There are letters in the archive from JFR asking whether Stowe School could be camouflaged in some way to avoid future bombings. He was told about the pros and cons of painting the building and putting nets over the building - the conclusion was that Stowe should be left as it is.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 17/02/2023

In Spring (April) 1940, Stoics were still Ice skating and having snowball fights. Later in the year, Sports Day had to be cancelled due to cases of Scarlet Fever.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 16/02/2023

The outbreak of WWII in 1939 prompted an OTC Inspection at Stowe.

Timeline photos 15/02/2023

In 1938, HRH Duke of Gloucester visited to celebrate 15 years of Stowe School.

Timeline photos 14/02/2023

To celebrate the Coronation in 1937, Stoics who wished to see the procession were allowed three days' absence from Stowe. A firework display, only slightly spoiled by rain, was given for the benefit of those who remained at Stowe.

Timeline photos 13/02/2023

In 1936 there was an opportunity for Stoics to go on a 28-day cruise to Greece for under 30 Guineas!

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 12/02/2023

In June 1935, the cricket pavilion was opened.

Photos from Old Stoic Society's post 11/02/2023

On the 4th May 1934, Head boy P B Lucas laid the first brick of Walpole House.

Timeline photos 10/02/2023

In 1933 Stowe celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a garden party and HRH Prince of Wales was in attendance. As part of the visit, he planted a Copper Beech tree, which was also ten years old.

Timeline photos 09/02/2023

In 1932 the Daily Mirror featured an article about a Stoic who had some cutting-edge help with infant paralysis.

Timeline photos 08/02/2023

On November 6th 1931, the first son of an Old Stoic was entered for the school by telegram for his father's House, on the same day he was born.

Our Story

The Old Stoic Society exists to cushion Old Stoics throughout their lives by means of support, activities, connections and members’ services. We also aim to support Stoics to thrive during their time at Stowe.

There are 10,500 Old Stoics dotted around the globe, ranging in age from 18 to over 100. We’re run by an elected committee of Old Stoics who work hard to serve our members. We employ two members of staff, who are based in the Old Stoic Office at Stowe.

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We have been thrilled with the excellent response to the launch of the Stowe 100 Racing Club. OS' from far and wide have...
Are you recruiting? Please list job vacancies on our Jobs Board on Stowe Connect: https://stoweconnect.co.uk/jobs/post
Have you lost touch with a friend from your days at Stowe? We offer an email or letter forwarding service to help you ge...
Are you recruiting? Please list job vacancies on our Jobs Board on Stowe Connect: https://stoweconnect.co.uk/jobs/post
Wishing the best of luck to our Old Stoic Racing Club horse, Sweet Reward, who represents us at the famous Glorious Good...
It's Change 100 Day: a day for Stoics to celebrate the impact and sucess of Change 100. @change100_stoweschool
Alex Hales introducing OL’RIVER SHINE
It’s another runner for our Old Stoic Racing Club with SWEET REWARD heading to Windsor this evening in the 7.10pm race. ...
On Saturday, we are thrilled that two OS teams will challenge Stowe at Lacrosse...one big problem, we need someone to pl...
We're looking for Old Stoics to lend a hand on the OSS Committee and Networking, Marketing and Events Committee.  Email ...
We're looking for Old Stoics to lend a hand on the OSS Committee and Networking, Marketing and Events Committee. Each Co...
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