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As an old and experienced guitar teacher it is extremely rare that I clench my teeth and raise my eyebrows in disbelief, but today is one of those occasions:

C add flattened 13th/E

I mean come on? What kind of drugs must they have been on to throw that in a pop song? For goodness sake. It's OK though, I have worked it out using my knowledge of intervals and trying various combinations of finger placement lol!

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Yup - this is almost exactly where I was at on my first gig! Fortunately I persevered and here I am more than 50 years later, gigging constantly and passing on the benefit of my knowledge and experience to others. If you know anyone who is looking to improve their bass playing feel free to put them in touch with me :-)



Hitting the ground running this week with a transcription of a very nice bass solo from the Rockschool Grade 6 syllabus. Isolated audio of the bass provided by the marvelous Moises app, slowed down to a more manageable speed and EQ'd to make it a bit less boomy in Reaper and then tabbed using very experienced 66-year-old ears! A winning combination I think, because it was sounding spot on by the end of the lesson :-)


Truth! Mostly. I do change my roundwound strings at least once a year, though :-)



Teaching a variety of styles today, examples ranging from Bob Dylan to Led Zeppelin to Rush to The Cramps, stopping at Rockschool grades and all points in between!

Even though I am busy I still have some room for more students, so if you know anyone who wants tuition on guitar or bass in the Bridlington area send them my way :-)


Wise advice.


And here is why you shouldn't rely on tabs and chord charts! I don't think there can be a guitarist in the world who would use 51 - yes, that's FIFTY ONE - chords in a song. Needless to say I gave this one a miss.


This! Absolutely this.

ALWAYS make it groove!

Pic: Bass Magazine Online

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So true! Even though after 50 years of playing I still haven't had one snap and hit me in the eye yet lol!

Photos from Dave Allott Guitar Tuition's post 10/06/2022

Those Strats just keep coming in! Definitely one of the most popular guitars amongst my students.


Duelling Strats Part 2! There's something about a Strat that several of my students just love :-)


Duelling Strats today! Always nice when you can match your student's guitar lol!


I have been blessed to play with some amazing musicians over the years. Without exception they have lifted me to another level and made me raise my game. I appreciate that not everyone gets the opportunity, but start by going to jam sessions/open mic nights and look for friends to jam with - playing with other people brings you on so much.


Attitude and mindset is everything!!

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Ah, that old chestnut lol! I have never got why many bassists are sniffy about using a pick. For me, if the song requires a pick to get that dynamic, or if a cover song was originally played with a pick, then I use one - simples!



Great meme, but do remember to use a metronome when you practise if you want to learn to play in time :-)

Follow Chuck 😎

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For what it's worth I get my share of these kind of days, especially since lockdown! Just remember that a little practice is better then none :-)



New Years Eve 2018 - proof that I don't only gig as a bassist! Depping on lead guitar with York band Mint Condition.


A major part of my playing philosophy!

Interesting way of thinking about it........ πŸ€”


This goes out to the student who insisted today on having an hour-long guitar lesson despite having just tested positive for COVID-19!

I am in awe of your dedication, but take it easy and get well now. Yet another benefit of having a professional Zoom teaching setup here.


It may seem blindingly obvious, but no matter how well you learn to play your instrument it will sound pants if you don't tune up before playing it :-)

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"Be careful - it could have your eye out if it snaps"!

I can hear that E string now. πŸ‘‚

Timeline photos 19/11/2021

It can happen. If it does just go to bed, have a good night's sleep and practise again the next day. We all have bad days and we all get bumps in the road, but if you keep going it works out :-)



Idly browsing for new songs to teach a Grade 1 student and this came up. "Difficulty: advanced" it says - NO KIDDING! Back to the drawing board lol!


Yes, it can seem to be a chore, but unless you are just strumming chords you need to be able to understand and play scales in order to play your favourite song, especially if it has a solo. It gets easier the more you do it, and you will be grateful that you did spend time on it :-)


Having a big clearout of stuff and have decided to give away all my old Rockschool books to a good home or homes. Free of charge to any of my current students - just Inbox or text me to let me know which ones you want. Here is a complete list:

Rockschool Guitar 2006-2011
Grades Debut-8
Rockschool Companion Guide (Guitar) 2006-2011
Grades 1-8
Rockschool Technical Companion (Guitar) 2006-2011
Grades Debut-8

Rockschool Bass 2006-2011
Grades 1-8
Rockschool Companion Guide (Bass) 2006-2011
Grades 1-8

Rockschool Hot Rock 2006-2011
Grades 1-3

Rockschool Guitar 2012-2018
Debut & Grades 1-8

Rockschool Bass 2012-2018
Grades 1-8
Rockschool Technical Handbook (Bass) 2012-2018
Grades Debut-8

Rockschool Acoustic 2016-2018
Grade Debut-3


Starting the week with a bang! When you are teaching a song as hard as this you need every bit of help you can find!


Due to being in contact with so many people every week I do lateral flow tests a couple of times a week, which have always come back as negative. As I have recently had a lingering nasty cold and cough I had a PCR test done yesterday, which also came back as negative.

I just want to reassure all my students that I am aware that COVID hasn't gone away, and that I am committed to doing all I can to help us stay free from it, including hand sanitising, social distancing, regular use of air conditioning and wearing of face masks. Stay safe everyone.


What he said!

See you in the shed 😎πŸ’ͺ!

Pic: daily.musician.memes


This is so true. I have been blessed to play with some amazing musicians over the years - it has stretched me, taught me, lifted me and has helped me progress.

Truth. ❀


Very true. Prime example of this is David Gilmour, my favourite guitarist.

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