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St. James' Primary Academy


Gov advice on how to form support and child care bubbles.
I haven't been able to log into our virtual school since the beginning of term. I phoned the school and got a new password - still can't log in...:( I need some help to contact Miss Bowen please.
Bunting VE DAY 75.
My big baby girl and I made this after-school SNAZTASTIC DISCO WORKOUT FOR KIDDIES & GROAN UPS last week when we were cocooned in a happy bubble. It was the best night out-out-in we've had in ages.

Fun for all the family... Well, those who like bad jokes, weird Disney-inspired dance moves and some really dodgy mum moves.

Forget vile reality for 10 minutes, please comment, share and hopefully have as much ridiculous, Pinot fuelled (just me) fun doing it as we had making it.

Love Lyla & Lyla's ridiculous mum. ###

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I have always loved St James and the community feel of this school. I have always felt proud that my children have been students here. This morning, the Thank you video took my love to a whole new level! Whilst Stan and Daisy were chuffed to be seeing their friends, I sat in tears at how beautiful this was. Well done and thank you to all the staff for all you do for the children, families and the wider community at St James. I hope you all have a lovely Easter break and stay safe. You are all amazing! ###
Riley Allen playing bingo with his nan xx
Hi all, parents of years 5 & 6 that allow their children to cycle in this afternoon I witnessed a St James child cycling down the middle of southbourne main road (near miss with an on coming car) then turning left at One Stop (no signals or looking!).

I think this child may need to revisit their cycling proficiency before they cause an accident and get themselves hurt.

The young cyclist was riding a black bmx, wearing a black beanie and a black jacket.
I dont know if anyone would be interested but i have some new pairs of trousers still tagged and 2 new school dresses.

2 school shirts age 10- 11 £2 each
Dresses age 10 - 11 £3
2 pairs trousers age 10
2 pairs trousers age 8 - 9
3 pairs age 9 - 10

All trousers are £3 picture in comments section

St. James' Church of England Primary Academy is a 2 form entry primary school located at the top of Pokesdown Hill on Christchurch Road in Bournemouth

Operating as usual

Photos from St. James' Primary Academy's post 03/03/2022

Even more fun going on at Hooke Court today... Some tasty Tudor treats, candles and some 'old school' learning. What a way to learn about the Tudors and their history

Photos from St. James' Primary Academy's post 03/03/2022

Just look at our Year 4 children! Immersed in Tudor history. What a wonderful time we are having at Hooke Court.

Photos from St. James' Primary Academy's post 02/03/2022

View with a room! Goodnight from Hooke Court.


Year 4 are at Hooke Court.
They have transported back to Tudor times. Everyone is having fun, will they sleep tonight?


School closure - Friday 18th February 2022.

Due to the incoming storm tomorrow and the Met Office issuing a Red warning for our region, BCP Council have advised schools that they must put the safety of staff and pupils first and we have been asked to switch to remote learning for tomorrow. Staff and pupils would have to travel at what would be potentially the most dangerous time during the high winds.

School will therefore be closed tomorrow.

We will switch to remote learning on Teams for the day. Children will need to log in to their Teams account where they will find work and activities for the day. We have attached our Parents’ Guide to Teams which should help you to find what you need in your Year Group’s Class Materials.

We fully appreciate that this will be inconvenient for many families but the safety of children and staff must come first.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present your St.James’ Academy council 2022.
The future is in safe hands!


Dear Parents,

Without warning Scottish and Southern have cut off the electricity to the school for building work going on across the road.

We are working hard to get them to restore the power, however for the time being you may find it difficult to contact the school.

In AN EMERGENCY only, please call 07922091737 to contact the office.

We anticipate this continuing for most of the morning. Thank you for your understanding!

Mr Payne

Photos from St. James' Primary Academy's post 25/10/2021

And the next chapter in the occasional game of ‘Mr Payne goes on a road trip and visits a new church - who can work out what/where it is…???’ has landed!! No prizes apart from personal satisfaction if you get it right!! Guesses/answers in the comments, please!!

UPDATE! Congratulations to those of you who rightly identified this as Chichester Cathedral - the home currently to a rather spectacular moon!!!


If you would like to attend our LIVE open morning Zoom presentation, please contact [email protected] with OPEN MORNING as your subject. We will then email you the zoom link on the day before so that you can come along and see a little more about us. We intend to give you a flavour of our school and then there will be the option to breakout into smaller groups where you can discuss more specific questions about subjects like Inclusion, Admissions, Behaviour, Curriculum etc. If you can't come into St. James' at the moment, then we are happy to come to you!


With just under 7 hours to kick off.... the big question is whether we will be using playlist ‘A’ or ‘B’ when you arrive at school in the morning.... (for the curious, playlist ‘A’ is the one with ‘Three Lions’ in it....). Hope you all have a great evening....!!!

THREE LIONS (IT’S COMING HOME) - Official 2021 Video 29/06/2021

THREE LIONS (IT’S COMING HOME) - Official 2021 Video

There may be music in the morning….

THREE LIONS (IT’S COMING HOME) - Official 2021 Video

26. Octoman's 8 Octo Tips to make the Earth a better place - Owen 07/06/2021

26. Octoman's 8 Octo Tips to make the Earth a better place - Owen

One of our friends from Year 1 has created a rather special film to enter a competition to encourage others to do their bit to help save the planet. OCTOMAN has made the shortlist for Octopus Energy's 'How to make the Earth a better place' competition, and the three individuals who have the most 'likes' on their YouTube entry will win!!

We think that it's really rather good, and although everyone has free choice, it would seem churlish for us not to get our family and friends to watch and like this film and see if we can help Octoman out...!! (Clearly can't reveal who the person behind the mask is - he's a superhero...!!!)

26. Octoman's 8 Octo Tips to make the Earth a better place - Owen LIKE this video to vote for Owen to win our 5th Birthday Competition! Five creative 5 year olds will take home a Tesla for Kids and a year's free power for t...

The Great St. James' Election 2021 26/05/2021

The Great St. James' Election 2021

Voting is now open to decide which of our Year 6 parties will win this year's election. Please see the school website for manifestos, speeches and presentations from each party. You can see each party's Party Political Broadcast in the links below, and when you feel fully educated, use the link below to cast your vote!

Results are announced on Friday.

The Great St. James' Election 2021 Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.

Green Eco Party promo 26/05/2021

Green Eco Party promo

Green Eco Party promo

The Education Party Campaign Video 26/05/2021

The Education Party Campaign Video

The Education Party Campaign Video

Vote Life party promo 26/05/2021

Vote Life party promo

Vote Life party promo

Wellbeing Party promo video 26/05/2021

Wellbeing Party promo video

Wellbeing Party promo video

Photos from St. James' Primary Academy's post 24/05/2021

Wednesday 26th May.

Wellbeing Party. Life Party. Green Eco Party. Education Party.

Who wins? You decide...

Well well well! It's that time again, time for one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the St. James' calendar... election night!

So far, is has been a fantastic project. The children have had to apply to work as part of their chosen party, devise the all important policies that will form the basis of their campaign, write persuasive letters to their teachers and Mr. Payne (gulp!) to gain approval for their polices and then use this to write their manifestos, before working in teams to create their campaigns. For this, each party member has been given different roles; we've had leaders to speech writers, graphic designers to website creators, publicity teams to canvassers - you name it, we've had it!

These manifestos have detailed the policies each party proposes to help to make St. James' an even better place. At the beginning of this half term, Mr. Payne had addressed each class in person to talk about the power of this project and how each and every child has an opportunity for change and to create a legacy for future generations at St. James'. The children responded so passionately and have really thrown themselves into the team building element this project offers. It has been a delight to behold.

Of course, this is all done in preparation for election night, which takes place on Wednesday 26th May for 24 hours. Before this, you will all be able to see the videos, speeches, websites and manifestos for each party before casting your vote. The children will also be leading assembly on Tuesday 25th May to share their ideas with the rest of the school and give their voters the opportunity to answer any questions they may have.

This all forms part of the learning we have done this half term about politics, democracy, debates and global issues and movements (such as the Black Lives Matter protests). And, just for good measure, a bit of geographical learning about Brexit too!

So, get out your diaries and pen in Wednesday 26th May. The St. James' Election. Which party wins?

...YOU decide!

Help raise £500 to commemorate the life and love of Mrs Barbara Mills (BEM) with a friendship bench for the children of St James' Primary and pre-school. 14/05/2021

Help raise £500 to commemorate the life and love of Mrs Barbara Mills (BEM) with a friendship bench for the children of St James' Primary and pre-school.

With your support, the PSA would like to purchase a buddy/friendship bench, which will be dedicated to the memory of Mrs Mills.

UPDATE! : We have already surpassed the target amount and people are still keen to donate - there is more that we can do beyond a buddy bench and we will use any funds donated to secure a strong legacy for Mrs Mills that makes an impact and improves our children's lives. Thank you!!

Mrs Mills (Barbara) played an enormous and invaluable role in our church, pre-school and school community and was loved by all.

She will always be remembered for her friendly, loving and reassuring smile, that was as big as her generous heart. She was always there for 'her children' as she called them, throughout their pre-school, primary school lives and beyond! A hug when they were sad, a caring smile when they were unsure and encouraging words when they were needed. She taught them so much about life, love and friendship and how to always be kind to others.

What better way to commemorate the love she had for the children of St. James', than with a buddy bench for them to sit on when they are sad, lonely or in need of a friend, or just when they want to sit and reflect. (The bench will be sourced by the PSA and the size and type will depend on the amount raised).

If you think she would like this idea and would like to contribute, please click on the donation link below. Photographs will be shared once the bench has been purchased and installed. Many thanks.

Help raise £500 to commemorate the life and love of Mrs Barbara Mills (BEM) with a friendship bench for the children of St James' Primary and pre-school. Weʼre raising money to commemorate the life and love of Mrs Barbara Mills (BEM) with a friendship bench for the children of St James' Primary and pre-school.. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.


The token tube is nearly full...!!! Everyone's going to get a 'pizza' the action soon..!!!


The Masked Reader - Who is Chips??


The Masked Reader - Who is Monkey???


The Masked Reader - Who is Lion???


The Masked Reader - Who is Cat???


The Masked Reader - Who is Sausage???


The Masked Reader - Who is Dolphin???


The Masked Reader - Who is Frog???


The Masked Reader - Who is Badger???


The Masked Reader - Who is Duckling???


The Masked Reader - Who is Viking???


The Masked Reader - Who is Potato???


Update regarding school opening on March 8th.

Short version - we are having an INSET day, school likely to open on the 9th to everyone, but logistics still to be resolved...


Everyone homeschooling right now 😂🙈

Parents, we see you! We know you're out there and you are doing an amazing job. Stay strong, we're here to help in whatever ways we can!! Enjoy a rest over this weekend, you are all sorts of amazing!!


School will be closed to all pupils tomorrow. Please read the letter on the attached link to find out more. We will update you with further information as soon as it becomes clear to us and we are able to respond to tonight's announcement. Thank you for your support and understanding - we're doing the best we can with limited information and want to keep everyone safe.


Advent window 25 - CHRISTMAS DAY!! A Christmas message from General Payne and Brigadier Brown...

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