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Well, I asked you earlier in the week, what positive impact you were going to make this week to not just you're own, but someone else's life.

So what did you do?


What a great day training clients today, loved every single session, you were fantastic!


Want to make you're life better?

You need to help other people more

We don't do it enough, everywhere you look

On the news, on the internet

It's filled with division,

Politics, Wars, Sewage, it's literally everywhere

But what if we all focussed on helping each other instead?

Have an impact on other peoples lives and that energy will return to you tenfold.

Yesterday I ran the Bognor 10k event

And the one thing I noticed is the amount of support you get from complete strangers

It's incredible,

In fact it's one of the main reasons I love being a personal trainer

Helping other people feel good.

So let me ask you a question that you can answer in your head right now:

What positive impact have you had on people recently?

It can be a loved one, a friend, a client or even a complete stranger.

Oh and a little challenge for you too

IMPACT someone positively this week.

How will you do it, What will you do, who will it impact?

Let me know in the comments

Because on Friday I will ask you if you took action on what you said you would...

Never underestimate the impact your actions have on other people.

Commit, right now, let's do it...


Right let's do this, good luck to Iain Bird Abbi Parkinson Helen Godfrey and everyone else running Bognor Prom 10k today.


And I don't want to hear.... The end of it!


You start lifting weight's and soon notice::

You’re clothes are fitting better

You have more energy

You’re sleeping better

You’re body feels ‘tighter’


The scale hasn't moved

You realize you no longer need to be chasing the ‘SMALLEST’ version of yourself with hours of cardio

& The scale shouldn't be the only measure of progress

So, if you want that, drop me a message

Let's go…..


What's the one thing we could all do to be better, right now?

Protect our energy

If you spend all of your time "feeling" tired?

You have to question where you are spending your energy

Not just physical energy, but mental and emotional too

How can you help yourself and others if you are constantly tired and running low on energy?

Where does it go?

Do you spend countless hours doom scrolling your phone watching what other people are doing?

Are you constantly complaining about that driver in the car in front?

Moaning about your boss and their decisions?

Let me ask you a question how does any of that help you?

It doesn't, it's a total waste of ENERGY!

You know one place you don't spend enough energy, working on yourself?

How much time did you spend today focussed on self care?

Have you invested in yourself physically with some exercise or even a walk?

How's your nutrition have you given your body the nutrients it needs?

Any work on your breathing?



Listened to a podcast?

No, none of the above!

But you have managed to spend two hours whining about Glenda's latest Facebook post?

Then you wonder why you are low on Energy?

Want help to get a handle on it?

Comment the word Energy below, and we will get yours back to where it should be

Have a good one!


A little throwback to when I used to run a weight loss challenge program, really enjoyed teaching it, but mainly the awesome results it got people!

Heres just one of them...


Do you want to run a Marathon?

I know I do, the London Marathon

When my journey started I always had that dream of one day crossing the finish line at the London Marathon.

Every year since 2012 I have entered the ballot and hoped to win a place!

So far, no luck, but I won't give up, one day I will get that email that simply says You're in!

But this post isn't really about that

It's to let you know that whatever you want to achieve in life

No matter how big or small,

Be it health related, work related or a fun goal

One day, with perseverence you will get there


Go get it!

Have an awesome day!


It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you start!

So lets GO....

Have an awesome weekend


Looking to achieve success with your goals?

There are plenty of things that will get in the way that you cannot change, but you know what you can change?

The amount of Effort you put in, and how much Focus you put on it, so what are you waiting for?

Reach for those dreams!

Photos from DJ Fitness & Wellbeing's post 13/04/2024

If someone had told me 13 years ago that what just happened, actually happened, I would never have imagined that it was even possible.

In 2011, I was fat, massively out of shape, depressed, lazy and self soothing by eating and drinking far too much, far too often, at times I couldn't see a way out.

But you already know that part of the story, now we look ahead and fast forward to today.

I have recently been at an awards event at Solent hotel and Spa where I was not only nominated but actually won the award for South of England Personal Trainer of the Year 2023.

My passion in life lies in helping people feel better every single day, and being a part of helping them achieve incredible things.

So to be recognised for this has been totally humbling to me!

But, this isn't about me.

I couldn't have done this on my own, so this award is thanks to my amazing wife and children, to all my family and friends and especially clients who have supported me in starting this business and building it to where it is now.

And to every single other person I have worked with on this journey, thank you so much for your support, without all of you none of this is possible.

Oh and just a special mention to the people who told me I couldn't do it, thank you for the extra determination you gave me to prove that no matter what anyone else says, you need to go for your dreams.

So if we can achieve that, who knows what we can do next? Let's find out shall we.


Wow, 3 years since the opening of DJ Fitness & Wellbeing!.

This post is a massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of what we are building and making every single day better for everyone around us, clients friends and supporters, you know who you are, thank you!

To celebrate we are having a little rebrand, I mean why not, right?

DJ Fitness & Wellbeing is going nowhere anytime soon!

Thank you again.


It's all about providing as much good in the world as you can,

If you know me you will know one of my main values is to make sure anyone I meet on a day to day basis feels better after.

Which in regards to DJ Fitness & Wellbeing means I need to be as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to knowing how to help people

So studying to get better is a really important factor in fact.

Getting this certificate today means an awful lot.

Now I can impact more people better.

Which is what I believe we should all be striving for.

I'm not going to lie, this one was a tough one, I never thought I would be a Level 4 specialist in Obesity and Diabetes, but here we are.

Now let's make the most of it!

But not before I ask you who are you going to impact in a positive way, today?


Do you have a battle with the below.........

You have an idea, put a plan in place to help you get there.

It all starts really well,


Something happens

- A stressful event
- A night out
- A holiday
- Someone says something that annoys you
- The scales don't move
- Etc

Then, you give up,

Think, I just can't do it, it won't work for me.

And find yourself in a spiral straight back to the beginning, why?

Because you give up.

Then you decide it's time to try again

You have an idea, put a plan in place


Something happens

You see where I'm going with this, you feel stuck in this cycle of seeing a bit of success then it all goes away and you are right back where you started!

How in the world will you break this cycle?

Stop quitting whenever something happens you weren't expected, you see


The scales won't move
People upset you
You have a night out
You get triggered

It's inevitable, you really can't control it!

All you can control is how you react to it!

And the answer is to just keep going.

So, if you want to learn strategies that will get you away from the never ending cycle, DM me, and I will show you how.

Have a good day, and whatever happens, don't quit!



What are you doing today that will challenge you?

Let me know in the comments.


Working towards a weight loss target?

Hard isn't it!

Especially if you frequently step on the scales!

The problem is, we are kind of led to believe that if we eat right, exercise, get plenty of hydration etc etc, the weight will just steadily drop off.

It starts ok, then one day you step on the scales!



I've been so good.

Which then leads to thoughts of screw this, its not worth it!

If you were a robot, it would be easy, because the same day would be a repeat of the previous.

But you're not, you do different movements every single day, your hormones do different things every day, some days you feel like you have more energy than others.

So yes, sometimes your weight will go up, and sometimes it will go down.

Accept it, you can't change that.

The other thing you need to accept, is that if you focus on your health, nutrition, and physical mental and emotional health over a longer period, you will reach those goals.

You just need to be consistent and keep going! You got this.

Of course as always if you want to turbo charge those results, pop me a quick message and let's get you started!

Have a good one



Its up to you how you live your life.

Sadly its really easy to get caught up in this:

"Oh no, its Monday again, another week of work"

But that's your choice, you choose to say and think that.

So what happens if you choose something else, how about instead you say:

"Yes its Monday, another opportunity to do and achieve awesome things!"

That's what I'm doing, this is going to be the best week myself and especially DJ Fitness & Wellbeing have had.

And I want you to join me this week, are you in to make this week amazing, let me know below.......

Have a brilliant day!


Sometimes, life gets hard, its inevitable, but its then that you should........


Alright own up who think's "I will show you" when I say, you can work harder than you are!

And you would be right, you can....


Procrastination Level: Expert!

What's one hobby we've all mastered?

Yep Procrastination!

While some people are out there crushing goals, we're over here perfecting the art of "I'll do it later."

But fear not, Let's procrastinate together, because there's strength in numbers... and memes. Lots of memes. 😆

Behind the jokes, though, lies the curious psychology of procrastination.

It's not just about being lazy, it often stems from deeper reasons like fear of failure, perfectionism, or feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.

But hey, recognizing the problem is the first step to overcoming it!

So, how do we kick this habit out of the door and become a goal conqueror?

1. Break it Down: Sometimes, tasks seem daunting because we view them as one big, overwhelming mountain. Break them down into smaller, manageable steps. Each little win brings you closer to the finish line!

2. Set Deadlines: Procrastinators thrive on deadlines, but why wait for the last minute? Set your own deadlines ahead of time to create a sense of urgency and accountability. Plus, you'll have more time for revisions or unexpected challenges.

3. Find Your Why: Connect with the reasons behind your goals. What motivates you to improve? Whether it's personal growth, career advancement, or simply wanting to feel better, reminding yourself of your "why" can reignite your drive, also figuring out what you want and aiming for it is much better than doing what you think you should and hoping it feels good when you get there.

4. Embrace Imperfection: Perfectionism often fuels procrastination. Remember, it's okay to make mistakes and learn along the way. Progress over perfection, always! Just get started!

5. Make yourself accountable: Share your goals with friends or family who can cheer you on. Sometimes, a little friendly nudging is all we need to get started.

6. So, let's procrastinate a little less, Do a little more, and take one step closer to turning those dreams into reality!

You can do it!


You all need to hear this.....

Stop worrying and trying to change what you have no control over and you will live a much happier life


Are you all set to absolutely smash some goals this week, let me know what you are most looking forward to this week below!


You don't ever have to fight through life's battles alone, please if you ever need help, at anytime, reach out.


A lot of conversations this week about goal setting and the things you would all like to achieve, and I love that.

But you know what I love even more? When you start taking action towards it, so if we have had that conversation this week and you haven't starting doing it, what's holding you back?

Nothing will ever change without action, so go take some!

Have a great weekend.

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