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Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 16/05/2024

I speak to parents and professionals everyday who are worried about their childrens future mental health.

But making small changes by prioritising some of these tips can make a huge difference in supporting your families well-beig!

Be curious- Take time to listen to one anothers feelings and experiences. Open communication helps foster understanding and emotional connection.

Get moving - Moving your body is a great way to boost every ones mood and reduce stress.

Quality time - Spend meaningful time together free from distractions. Even if its only for a few minutes, these moments strengthen bonds and create opportunity to connect.

Embrace the outdoors- The sun is shining (more than it was) so embrace the light evenings go for walks, explore parks, have dinner in the garden and enjoy your surroundings.

Practice compassion and kindness - Self-compassion and empathy go a very long way in maintaining loving and supportive relationships.

Photos from Magic Little Moments's post 14/05/2024

Amazing classes coming to Bognor!!

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 11/05/2024

I am so excited to announce our upcoming Mum & Baby Day Retreat at the beautiful Lordington Park!

You will experience a relaxing and nourishing day experiencing baby massage, yoga, and a mother nurture and mindfulness session. A healthy and delicious lunch is included along with refreshments throughout the day. You will have a chance to explore the beautiful grounds of Lordington Park and take in the peaceful atmosphere, in the heart of the south downs.

We are offering a limited number of early bird tickets at £70. Full price tickets will be £85.

Brittany from , Amy from , and Nicki from .centred.wellness , will welcome you to Lordington Park for this special retreat on the 26th

We are so excited to welcome you to our Mum & Baby Retreat!

Add your name to our waitlist for priority booking and the chance to snag your tickets at the discounted early bird rate!

Comment RETREAT for the waitlist link or find it in my bio.

Please get in touch with any questions!

Tag a friend in the comments who you would love to attend with!


On the outside everything seemed fine, the house was spotless, if I was seeing someone my hair and make up were done. I would talk about the sleep deprivation and battles with CMPA, my relationship ending with my daughter’s dad, but never the impact any of that had on me. I was stressed, losing weight, felt totally alone, isolated, and as though everything was out of my control. I knew I wasn’t ok, I went to the GP and asked for support but they told me i was fine, it was just to be expected as a new mum and to get on with things. I ended up self referring to my local IAPT service and fortunately at the time there wasn’t much of a waiting list and I was seen in a few weeks. However I know this is no longer the case and new Mums are having to wait months to access very limited support. I loved my daughter and went into motherhood in a hugely privileged position having spent my career working with families so I knew how to advocate for myself, however this also brought with it a great deal of shame for finding things hard. But it felt hard because it was, it was an incredibly difficult time for me personally, as well as going through all the changes associated with matrescence.

It was a combination of my own experiences, training and career that fuelled me to make changes in my life which ended up being the most empowering and transformational thing leading to me starting Nurturing Minds (or raising mama as it was originally). Having faced my own struggles during the perinatal period I feel so passionately about supporting Mums on their journey, helping them to make sense of their experiences and find themselves along the way.

💫The next Mother Nurture Circle is being held on Monday 13th May and is focused on rediscovering and finding yourself in Motherhood. We’ll be thinking about the evolution of ourselves as women and as parents, how we can accept each phase and feel more aligned and present with ourselves.

🫶This session is open to Mothers with children of all ages and non mobile babies are more than welcome to attend.

☝️Click the link in my bio to book.

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 18/04/2024

There's less than 2 weeks left to take advantage of the incredible early bird offer for the first Family Connection Retreat nestled in the beautiful South Downs at Garden House Sussex

Every aspect of this day has been created to care for and nurture you and your family.

On arrival you will be welcomed with heart warming teas and juices before separating off for the morning into groups of men, women and children.

🌿Children (over 5) will get to experience a variety of fun and engaging well-being activities such as yoga, mindful games and movement. As well as learning more about themselves with activities designed to promote confidence and self-esteem. (Facilitators are experienced, highly qualified and DBS-checked).

🧘‍♀️Women will spend the morning in a beautiful hand-crafted Mongolian yurt with Gemma from The Wellness Tribe Coach Where they will experience the healing aspects of a women's circle including meditation, breathwork, reflective journaling and other exercises to help you relax and deeply connect with yourself and your values.

🔥Men will spend the morning in the woods sat around the fire with Fraser from Primal Warrior helping them to de-stress in nature, tune in with themselves and focus on what's most important to them.

👩‍🍳Families will then come back together for a nourishing feast and have some free time to explore all that this incredible venue has to offer.

🍃During the afternoon families will come together in a family circle to re-connect and build on their values as a team. You will then spend time engaged in creative nature based activities connecting through play and shared experiences before ending the day with a fireside hot chocolate and marshmallow experience.

🫶 This day is guaranteed to bring you closer together as a family and leave you with fun and happy memories that will always be with you.

All of this is possible for just £45 per person (even less for single parent families) until the 30th April!!
To find out more information or to book please visit

💛 This is going to be such a special event so please share it with your friends and family.


It’s finally here!!

The Family Connection Retreat has been lovingly created for families to experience a totally unique and unforgettable day together.

Step outside of your usual routine and immerse yourselves on this incredible journey together, to help you deeply connect with yourself and the people most important to you.

The whole day has been carefully crafted with families in mind from the delicious and nutritious snacks and meals that will be prepared for you, to the wellbeing workshops and children’s activities, you are guaranteed to leave feeling a renewed sense of connection and togetherness!

Tickets are available to book now through the link in my bio and are available at a reduced rate throughout April.
Up to a family of 4: £180
Single Parent discount: £150
Additional children: £30

This includes all activities and workshops on the day and delicious juices, heartwarming teas and nutritious snacks and lunch for the whole family as well as a fireside hot chocolate and marshmallow experience.


I had such a fantastic morning speaking to the incredible childcare students at all about the important role they play in shaping children’s emotional development!

We talked about how they can cultivate an attitude of Curiosity and compassion in their roles as childcare practitioners and the opportunities this approach provides them to connect with the children in their care. We discussed the importance of self regulation and modelling these skills for the children. As well as many different ways both formally and informally to support children in regulating their emotions and providing them with opportunities to develop prosocial behaviours and skills that will protect their mental health.

The students asked so many great questions and it was such a privilege to be asked to come in and speak to them today.

For me personally it was also quite a full circle moment as i was sat where they were 14 years ago as I did my first childcare qualifications in the same building.

I am so passionate about what I have created with Nurturing Minds and the feedback I have had has been fantastic.

If you are interested in how Nurturing Minds can support your educational setting to implement a holistic approach to nurturing the whole child and their family please get in touch via the link in my bio.


The Big Feelings Workshop is back at The Mill Studio in Ford on Saturday 27th April from 10 - 11 am.

This is a fantastic session to get together with your child and spend some time investing in their emotional wellbeing. The session will open up conversations that will allow you to deeply connect with their emotional needs and see things from their perspective.

Children will learn how their brain works and what their big feelings might be trying to tell them as well as developing tools and strategies to help them regulate their emotions.

Parents will feel confident in how they can continue supporting their child to develop skills at home to promote strong relationships and protect their mental health.

This workshop is suitable for children aged 5- 11 years old and a parent/carer.

This creative group coaching workshop includes; craft, reflective activities, developing self awareness and mind body connection, breathing exercises, meditation, family discussions and refreshments.

Spaces are limited and booking is essential. Click the link in my bio or the link below to book your space.

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 28/02/2024

I recently shared a post about speaking to children about tricky people as opposed to stranger danger and lots of you wanted to find out more about it.

The sad truth is that 90% of children who are abused are harmed by someone they know (Bradford, 2011).

However, children are often taught the concept of stranger danger which can make it more difficult for them to identify when someone they know is acting in an unsafe way.

Teaching children about ‘tricky people’ or ‘strange behaviour’ supports children to notice these behaviours and ask trusted adults for help.

Possible strange behaviours could include those on the slides and:

- A person who insists of physical contact with a child even when the child does not want this (forcing hugs etc).
- Adults who give extra attention to one particular child.
- A person who makes inappropriate comments on a Childs appearance.
- Someone who offers the child expensive gifts/money.

There are many more types of strange behaviours that you can teach children about without unnecessary scare tactics.

You can talk to your child about these concepts and reassure them that they can tell you if they notice these behaviours.

Explain to children that safe and trusted people wouldn't do these things and that they may notice a little voice inside of them telling them that something doesn't feel right and that they can tell someone they trust.

Teach children about bodily autonomy (NSPCC lets talk pants rule is good for young children) and that they can say NO even to adults.

This is a huge topic that I cannot possibly cover in one post.

Would you like me to post some tips on how you can talk to your children about these behaviours and ways to protect your children?

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 23/02/2024

Mother Nurture is a safe space for Mamas with children of any age to come and feel heard, safe and supported. It is an opportunity to not only deeply connect with yourself but also build your community and feel connected with others in the group.

An hour and a half on the first Monday of every month focused on YOU mama (babies more than welcome to come along). You will have the opportunity to rest and recharge through mindfulness and guided meditations. As well as plenty of time to discuss and reflect on the sessions focus (this month are talking about guilt) and develop your own emotional well being toolkit aligned with your values to help you feel more confident and connected with yourself!

Mamas you have spoken and I have listened, over the coming months we will focus on:

- Overcoming self doubt and building self belief
- Rediscovering yourself and feeling more aligned with yourself
- Feeling more present and connected
- Managing your emotions and avoiding burnout

The next session is on Monday 4th March from 10-11:30 at The Mill Studio in Ford.

Sessions are just £25 and discounts are available for block bookings.

You can also be added to the Mother Nurture group chat to continue the conversations, build friendships and support one another.

Click the link in my bio to book your space.

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 22/02/2024

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that young people are struggling with in the UK (ONS, 2020). With 1 in 5 children and young people thought to be suffering from a possible mental health issue (NHS, 2023).

This is why I created the worry workshop as a preventative session for children and parents to develop skills to understand and tolerate feelings of worry and anxiety.

Parents can teach children to notice and identify their feelings and develop tools to healthily navigate their emotional experiences, building their resilience and protecting their mental health.

There's only a few spaces available for the worry workshop taking place on Saturday 2nd March from 10-11 am at The Mill Studio in Ford.

To book your space click the link in my bio.


🌟 New Date! 🌟

Saturday 2nd March 10 - 11 am at The Mill Studio in Ford AKA

This workshop will help children understand what is happening to them when they feel worried, how worry can actually be a good thing and develop a tool kit to help them manage and cope with their worries with the support of their parent/caregivers.

- Mindfulness of emotions
- Build awareness of bodily sensations
- Make a worry monster (and more)
- Breathing exercises
- Asking for help and support
- Parent support and strategies

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 10/02/2024

What a fantastic session this morning making Calm Kits with these wonderful children and their parents!

The children made their own emotion cards to help them notice and accept their feelings. As well as recognise them as friends who are visiting and not something to be afraid of.

They practised mindfulness and breathing exercises using a feather and noticed how they felt before and after to help build awareness of changes in their bodies and minds as well as their emotions.

The children drew and wrote about happy memories to add to their calm kit to remind them of times they have felt safe, loved and happy.

They also had lots of fun making their own breathing buddies to help them practice deep belly breathing before relaxing with a guided meditation.

All of the items added to their kits will help children to practice mindfulness, self compassion and breathing exercises teaching them healthy coping skills to increase their resilience.

If you would like to be first to hear about upcoming workshops click the link in my bio to sign up for the Nurturing Minds newsletter.


One to one sessions offer you a place to reflect and to make sense of the things you find difficult in your parenting. Helping you to gain new insights and clarity to understand yourself and your children better.

I won’t tell you what to do but I will help you to develop trust and confidence in yourself to help you overcome the challenges you face as I truly believe you have all of the wisdom within yourself you may just need a little help uncovering it.

One to one sessions take place online and can help you with a variety of issues you may face in parenting from managing and responding to your childrens behaviour and emotions, identity and sense of self, reparenting and breaking cycles.

One to one sessions are only available following a free telephone consultation.

For more information or to book a consultation send me a message or click the link in my bio.


Myself and Vanessa from are so excited to bring you this incredible family event on 30th March at Jubilee Hall, Bersted Parish Council Hall in Bognor Regis.

This is going to be an incredible afternoon for families helping you to deeply connect with one another and work together to create your family motto and vision. Together you and your family will have fun designing your vision boards and collaborating with each other on your family values and goals. We will also be supporting you with how you can implement and focus on your vision at home so that it really can be a positive tool to bring your family together!

We cannot wait to bring this event to you and are offering an introductory price of just £45 per adult and child until 12th February additional spaces can be booked for £10 per person.

We suggest that children attending this session are aged 6 years and over.

For more information or to book your space click the link in my bio.


Our 10% discount ends tomorrow!

Gemma from and myself will be hosting our next Teen Esteem Workshop, in the half term on Friday 16th February 2024.

We are offering a 10% discount in which you can take advantage of until Wednesday 31st January (midnight), taking the session down to £45.00 for the 2-hour workshop.

For further details of what is included in the workshop or to book, pleaseclick the link in my bio.

Any questions that you might have, please feel free to reach out to me or . If money is not flowing at the moment and you feel your teen would benefit from this workshop, please reach out to us in confidence to discuss further.


🌟 So excited for this workshop!! 🌟

It is never too early to introduce your child to healthy emotional regulation practises and this workshop will do just that!

Children will get to create their own calm kits to play with at home to promote mindfulness, breathing exercises and self compassion helping them to develop a resilient growth mindset.

Parents/ carers will learn the purpose behind each item in the kit and how they can use them to support and nurture their Childs emotional well being.

For children aged 3-6 years old and a parent carer.

To book click the link in my bio.

Can't wait to see you there 💕


I am so excited to be running this incredible workshop alongside Gemma from during half term on Friday 16th February from 2-4pm at The Mill Studio in Ford.

This 2 hour long group emotional well-being coaching workshop is for girls aged 11-16 to step away from their daily routine and feel supported and empowered.

Young people will be guided through reflective activities to increase their self-awareness and learn to understand their emotional experiences. As well as develop a tool kit to promote self-love, build resilience and reduce feelings of anxiety and self-doubt.

We are offering a 10% discount until the 31st January making the session just £45.

Click the link in my bio to book your space!


🌟 New Venue! 🌟

I can't wait to bring this workshop to the amazing new in the New Year!

This session will help you and your child learn what is happening to their brain when they experience big feelings and develop emotional regulation tools to help support your child during challenging moments.

Together you will learn skills to promote compassion, connection and mindfulness to help your child develop a healthy mindset.

Suitable for children aged 5- 11 years old.
Children must be accompanied by a parent/carer.

This will be a small group to ensure everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch or book online via the link in my bio.


The Mother Nurture Workshop is more than just a morning of relaxation and connecting with yourself. It's a community of mothers, coming together to support and nurture not only themselves but each other.

Whether you are a new Mum or have been on this journey for a while, you'll find a welcoming space to share stories and connect with others. I am proud to say that many deep and lasting connections have been made by those who have joined these workshops.

Join us on Monday from 10 am - 12pm for a morning of guided mediation, mindfulness and self reflection to help you reconnect with yourself. Plus you will have the opportunity to set a personal intention for the rest of December to keep you grounded and focused. We will also discuss tips for managing your expectations and boundaries over Christmas. As well as some festive treats and cacao ceremony.

This workshop is open to mothers with children of all ages, non mobile babies are welcome to attend.

Book via the link in my bio.


So much in my life has changed over the last few years and this photo reminds me of just how far I have come. A little over 3 years ago I quit my secure job in the local authority so I could start university full-time, I was a single Mum with a 2-year-old and muddling my way through lockdowns. It was far from the perfect time or perfect circumstances to take such a big risk but I knew it was something I wanted to do. Even though I didn't have a clue how I was going to do it or how I was even going to get through it, financially, mentally, or academically.

'Trust the process' my friends and I would laugh as we tried to reassure one another when the assignments rolled in and the deadlines piled up. But this really became my mantra, not just for university but in life. So many people told me I was making a mistake, making my life hard and that I didn't need to do it. Well that might have been true, I didn't need to, but I wanted to and I am so incredibly proud of myself for taking the risk, trusting the process and having faith in myself.

By taking the risk I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and invested so much in myself knowing that this was exactly the right choice for me. And what was once scary is now well inside of what feels comfortable and I can't wait to go back next year to complete my masters.

If you are facing a difficult decision or want to make a change in your life but finding it hard to take the next step, or maybe you don't even know what those steps are. Spend some time getting clear on your values and how you want your life to look. Really get to know yourself, what you like, what you enjoy doing, what makes you feel good, content and proud. Spend some time alone, meditate, journal, go to therapy, see a coach and take small steps to gradually increase your window of tolerance in a way that feels safe to you.

Have you made time to do the things you enjoy recently?

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 20/11/2023

Parents often ask me if they need to stay workshops… My answer is always YES!!

There are so many benefits to having parents involved with sessions, including:

🌟Strengthening relationships
🌟 Opening up communication
🌟 Learn how to support your Childs development by practising skills yourself.
🌟 Support your child with their Big Feelings from an informed and compassionate place.

Book your space through the link in my bio.

Photos from Nurturing Minds's post 16/11/2023

The Understanding your Big Feelings Workshop is packed full of emotional regulation tools that you can implement at home straight away!

You and your child will learn about child development which will help you to understand and support their needs. You will get to experience the magic of mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises together as well as other activities designed to increase childrens self awareness.

I am so passionate about this workshop and have crammed so many tools into it as when children learn healthy coping tools from early on, they become skills that will serve them throughout life!

There are a couple of spaces available for the workshop in Ford on Saturday 25th November 10-11am.

🌟 Book your space through the link in my bio 🌟


A huge focus of my work is helping my clients, whether they are parents or children, to intentionally cultivate an attitude of fierce self-compassion and kindness.

Using mindfulness as a grounding technique to be truly present with yourself. To notice how you feel and just be with that emotion. Give yourself a gift by pausing for a moment and asking yourself “What do I need right now?” “ How can I treat myself with kindness right now?”. Choosing to treat yourself, your body, and your emotions with kindness and compassion.

Sometimes that kindness might look like sitting down with a cup of tea, setting a boundary or even batch-cooking your meals for the week ahead (this was me last week and what a gift to myself it was).

How have you been kind to yourself this week?

Upcoming workshops:

Understanding your Big Feelings on Saturday 25th November 10-11am

Mother Nurture on Monday 4th December 10 am - 12 pm

Link in my bio to book


Are you worried your child won't sit still for the whole session?

Rest assured there are plenty of opportunities for movement throughout the entire workshop!

All of my children's sessions aim to incorporate physical activity and movement to keep children engaged and focused. I strive to create a fun and educational environment for children to explore a range of emotional regulation techniques, such as meditation, creative mindfulness, and breathing exercises.

Your child will have a great time exploring mindfulness and self-awareness through interactive games and activities.

Spaces for the 'Understanding Your Big Feelings Workshop' on Saturday, November 25th, are filling up quickly, so make sure you book your spot through the link in my bio.


Thank you so much to this lovely Mama, who attended the last Mother Nurture workshop for sharing her experience. It can be so reassuring to hear from other people who may feel similarly to you!

Mother Nurture takes place in a beautiful studio space in Ford with a maximum of 8 Mamas to ensure everyone feels seen, safe and comfortable. The session provides a calm and nurturing environment for Mothers to feel supported wherever they are on their parenting journey. Unwind with guided meditations and have the opportunity to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques that you can use at home.

The next session will focus on self-care, boundaries and managing expectations over Christmas. Helping you to take care of your emotional wellbeing at a busy time of year. Of course, there is plenty of time to chat and get to know other like-minded Mamas as well as some festive treats to look forward to.

Take a break from the Christmas rush and join us on Monday 4th December for a morning of relaxation and connection between 10 am and 12 pm.

This workshop is open to Mothers with children of any age, unfortunately, only non-mobile babies are able to attend.

Spaces are limited and can be booked online at


🎄This Christmas catch-up workshop will provide the opportunity for you to relax and recharge as you head into the festive season.

♥️ You can expect a morning of relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and deep connection with like-minded Mamas.

🌟For those who have attended the values workshop the session will also provide some accountability to see how you are getting on intentionally bringing your values into your daily routine.

☕There will also be some warming festive surprises for some extra love and nourishment!

To book click the link in my bio.

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