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Complete  Horse Services


Bungle feels much better after his clip that Jo from Complete Horse Services did today 🐴
My big boy clipped by jo, very pleased. No more woolly mammoth 😊
Thank you Jo for helping with our slow canter which we need to score maximum points in the MA section at TREC. It was a challenge filming in the storm conditions as well! Well done 😁
Thank you Jo for being so knowledgeable and effective at solving any horse related problem. Your skills are amazing and after just one session with you I was able to manage what had become a bolshie bad mannered horse and bring him from the field like a puppy!!
I can highly recommend a session with you to sort out anything - thanks again
Thank you Jo for your help with TRAC summer league entries, both ridden and in hand classes. We received these lovely rosettes and our score sheets today 😎
Great lesson today with Jo, finished with training Henry to move his hind quarters 😊
Is it snowing? No its that time of year for Jo to clip Henry

Empathetic coaching tailored to you. Groundwork ,rider position/ effectiveness, build confidence. Passionately helping horses and riders towards harmony .

Confidence building. Natural Horsemanship. Groundwork , Ridden coaching ,Dressage, Loading , Problems , clipping etc. Biomechanics and Enlightened Equitation Teacher.

Operating as usual


Montie is modelling his latest look 😊 after a nervous start he ended so confident and relaxed.


More great moments this week including Tracy and Bonnie's fig 8's and left lead canter. Holly and Katie nailing the centre line and corners. πŸ™ŒπŸ…


Youngest horse in training ❀️. Matilda who's 7 months old. A Dales from the dales in Yorkshire. In her 2nd session today she was confident enough to accept the head collar on over her nose . Lovely progress since 1st session. 😊


Fabulous schooling sessions with these 2 this morning. Both had more suppleness, balance and the energy levels became just right too. ( usually one is high energy other is low ). A joy for me and the horses were very happy too. 😍. Looking forward to seeing the owners riding them again to feel the difference.


Please can I have today every day ? Brilliant lessons all round. Straightness training groundwork . Franklin balls to help a rider learn where level really is. Tracy n Bonnie improved their left circles so much and nailed left lead canter again. Chloe worked towards collected trot and also had a go at Renvers for the 1st time and aced it. Finished with a 2nd session with lovely Bella who had obviously remembered everything from the 1st lesson and was golden πŸ’• .


2 Hafies in one week πŸ’• Here's Indie after her hair appointment 😊


Damson did fabulously in her 1st groundwork session since Christmas. Leg yield zig zags, shoulder ins , Travers and turn on haunches .A couple of thoracic lifts . 😍 A nice yoga workout....


Those who know me know I don't like "putting myself out there"on social media so I'm doing something slightly different today....
Here's why I started on my horsemanship and riding journey/quest.
Introducing my 1st love Misty.πŸ’• Difficult to load, wouldn't hack alone, hosepipe phobia,Bolted if a cycle came near. Hated plastic bags and umbrellas. Wouldn't go over a pole on the ground.
Asked myself this question every time. How can I help my horse with this?
Still today ,30 plus years later , I'm asking how can I help my clients and horses with this ? Super proud to help you all with your journeys too.


Fabulous improvements today ! Great trots, canters and a huge change of thinking for a mare in her 1st ground work session although I nearly got washed away in the monsoon πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦. Well done everyone πŸ™Œ ( picture for attention , not from today ).

Photos from Complete  Horse Services's post 05/01/2023

Beautiful bottoms 😁


Good changes made with balance and energy during Liz and AJ's lesson this morning.


It isn't everyday you bump into this fella whilst schooling a client's pony !


When your clients horse has a better hairstyle than me ! 🀣


Holly and Katie had a practice in their showing bridle with 2 sets of reins. We had a big improvement in balance and therefore outline when we focused on where the horses weight went. Great learning.


Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year !


When the consistent work starts to take effect... Tilly did her best trot work today. She felt amazing , she glided along hardly touching the floor.... keep up the good work Kelly and Tilly. ❀️


Really amazed that some outdoor arena's were still usable this week ! Niki really improved Prada today with the walk exercises I suggested. ❀️ . Bonnie had more breakthrough moments doing 3 left lead canters on the lunge then one ridden. She also dabbled with a bit of medium trot πŸ™Œ


Another happy customer 😊. Duke and his fresh hair do


2 adverts in one video ! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ. Whilst doing a groundwork lesson the carriage horses that I clip trotted past .....


Thank goodness for indoor arenas ! I Worked on straightness and suppleness with Polly as her owner couldn't get her riding boots on over her thick socks. She declined to do a lesson with no stirrups! ( Flat soled snow boots wouldn't go down well with my insurance company 😳).


Something extra to my coaching this week. Mobile Holiday grass livery for these 3 lovelies and can't forget the cat too 😁.
1, health check βœ”οΈ
2, bucket feed βœ”οΈ
4, hayed βœ”οΈ
5, poo picked field βœ”οΈ
6 , treat ball refilled βœ”οΈand .....
7, fed the cat 🐱 βœ”οΈhence cat not on video !


Aino And Ralph looking great after limbering up with some shoulder ins and haunches in. ❀️


Thought I'd colour coordinate with Damson this week πŸ˜€. Ridden groundwork resulted in some lovely soft movements. Yummy.


It was arms and back exercises for Liz in today's lesson. Lovely to see the changes made and also a positive difference with AJ too πŸ™Œ


Amazing session with Elsa this morning. She'd remembered everything we'd done last time and finally let go of unnecessary tension and started swinging through her back in trot. A beautiful feeling for both of us ❀️.


Busy morning for Niki and Prada, 1st a clip then to the arena for a lesson to test it out. It made a bigger difference to the amount of sweat than you'd imagine.


A bald Bailey ! 😊


It's great to see that the steady consistent work is paying off πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰β€οΈ. Excited for next year ! Well done Holly and Katie. X


Stunning Louis showing off his haircut.


Some great moments today including improved canter transitions. More consistent trot work. Bonnie gave another confident left lead. As Chloe wasn't feeling too well I did a narrated ride on Poppy . She just got better and better through the session .Felt as light as a feather πŸ’–

Photos from Complete  Horse Services's post 25/11/2022

Had the pleasure of helping with lovely 3yr old River as her mum was finding it really hard to lunge her on the right rein. The day after I had this message ❀️

Photos from Complete  Horse Services's post 24/11/2022

Had the pleasure of clipping ex racehorse Stitch today. Very unusual markings/ bay roan colour. Fabulous tail........


Bonnie had a major breakthrough today and gave Tracy a fabulous left lead canter. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Wonderful to see.


One of my jobs yesterday was to turn out 3 ponies including this fabulous little girl. ❣️πŸ₯°

Photos from Complete  Horse Services's post 14/11/2022

Clips montage 😁, these 3 are small clips for a little ventilation .


Well done AJ and his mum Liz who Scored 67.64 in their first online dressage comp πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰.


A small clip for Sweep that means he doesn't require a rug . Here's a video of said clip in action πŸ˜ƒ


Wow , that was a wet and windy lesson this evening πŸ’¦πŸ’¨πŸ’¦πŸ’¨. Can't believe we had blue sky this morning when I took young Elsa out for a hack for her owner.She was a little 🌟.


And the correct answer was .......πŸ™Œ . If you want to find an ease in lateral work get in touch ☺️.


Duchess asked me " Jo is my halt square ? " 😊

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The best coaching to fast track you and your horse. Ride and train ethically. Learn how Bio Mechanics can improve you and your horse. Learn how to use groundwork to improve your ridden work. Trained with Mary Wanless and Currently with Heather Moffett. Super all round training for you and your horse.

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Proud of Grace and Emily this week. 2yr old  Emily would refuse to be led past this corner. Jo gets her thinking head on...
A young Teaser video πŸ™Œ shame about the flies though .
When you need a break from your leading lesson. . . . πŸ₯°
Short clip but young Fin is doing well ! He's starting to get a little bit of muscle. ❀️
Lovely video sent to me from Amy and young fyn. Had a great day coaching in sunshine and everyone either learned somethi...
Another varied day including youngster Biscuit having her 1st "mini" training clip. She loved it !
Young Atti's first ride off the lungeline.
I tested Sue and Damson with some pole exercises this week. Damson hadn't touched a pole until I started filming 😁.
Longlining is useful in do many ways. Increasing body awareness is one . Well done Sweep and Bev. If you've never done t...
Another client relaxing whilst having their hair done 😊






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