Lotus Children's Education Trust

Free education for orphans and destitute children with the prime intention of relieving human suffer

Lotus Children Welfare Society (LCWS) is intended to set up an 'ambitious' education project for disadvantage and destitute children across the world. LCWS is now running an education project in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Bangladesh and will extend its working area outside CHT in the future, depending on the nature of fund available to the society. The majority of human problems are associated

Operating as usual

Home 30/07/2023

Home We live in a global and interconnected world.This globalization has brought with itself many challenges for underdeveloped countries, where the ratio of illiteracy is higher than in industrialized countries. We believe in this mantra: ''Compassion is our approach and Wisdom is our agent for a sustai...


Lotus Children’s Education Trust would like to convey our sincere condolences to the Queen of the United Kingdom and Common Wealth Countries, who passed away on 8th September 2022! May the Queen rest in peace! Thanks for being our Queen!


One of our trainings:

One of our main characters is to learn how to share with others, how to sacrifice for bigger things such as to train and understand why we should sacrifice for the benefit of planet earth and civilization. There are types of sharable items, such as cloths, foods, or money, but the most important of all is to share for the cause of education or work for the right education, because education can teach us how to find a way out and how can one overcome problems in life. Our teaching system particularly dedicates and works with this theory.

If our children are from a middle class family, they can learn how to share some of their money or wealth with the lower class, who struggled to survive with the daily requisites. If they have five pieces of cloths, they may share with those who have only one piece of cloths or who have no cloth left to wear at all. These are examples we should encourage our children to learn how to share with others.

How can we sacrifice? The sacrifice is a bigger term than the concept of sharing, and reflect more on by philosophically advanced mind. We should teach how to sacrifice our desire internally but this requires a strong attitudes, compassions and right visions to give up our desire. Desire is the most powerful hindrance of human beings, when dealing with equality, development or solution a problem associated with poverty. Our theory is to guide children with bigger pictures of our life, for example, why people are suffering, what is the reason behind this, and what should we do for the overcoming poverty without harming the planet earth, and environment.

Another important bigger concept is the climate change! Children reflect on the nature, such as how we are closely related with plants, rivers, hills or trees and why weather patterns have changed or why heat and temperatures are higher than the previous years. What would happen to our plants, trees, or vegetables if there is no water in the river? We learn the behaviour of nature and most importantly how can we control our desire not to destroy plants, tree or forest. Instead children look after them. A strong emphasis on the ideology of nature and forests are associated with the lesson plans so that children we can sacrifice for the benefit of everyone.

WE teach how to reflect on the nature of everyone desire with the intention of a specific comprehension and understanding of the desires of others, for example, not only you wanted to become rich, or powerful, but everyone wants to become the same. Therefore, we should reflects on the desires of others in order to understand our own desires and sacrifice it appropriately instead of fighting to achieve the goal. On the other hands, desire could create us suffering if it is not guided by wisdom. This is again to reflect on the cause of desires and effects behind it.

Once the mind has been prepared and developed the vision for the need of sacrifice our desire, we can dedicate our life to work on the good cause selflessly. We can easily donate some of our money for the sake of humanity and planet earth. The internal sacrificing is achieved by training our mind, for example, we should reflect on sufferings due to lack of foods or other requisites.

Not only we train how our children behave well, we should also train our children how to obey law, how to respects other opinions and will. This training is not only to become tolerable, considerate on all matters related with human problems but most importantly, to find the reason of the problems. This will eventually guides our mind to overcome from the suffering related to the material needs.

Finally, and most importantly, we train our children how to perceive mental suffering such as stress, depression, worries and anger how can we eventually eradicate those sufferings with meditation and wise reflection on the main cause. This will leads to reflect on the law of the nature.

2) to sustain human civilization with green environment
3) to create peaceful society


Wow a blessing for our children after months of intensive heat and scarcity of water as the deep tube well and ring well water level have dropped last two months. Nature plays a role itself after all but how long we can get this blessing in the future if we produce lots of carbon dioxide and destroy our trees and plants? We must look after it with care and respect!


Happy New Year from our memories


Our Patron and regular donor of many Buddhist Vihara and organisations in the UK, who wholly with the Intention of Propagation, Long Sustainability and Promotion of the teaching of Buddha’s Dhamma, Dr Kyaw Oo and Daw Ywe Ywe’s family donated £2000 to Birmingham Buddhist Vihara,£2000 to Lotus Children Educations Trust and many other organisations, as stated in this page, to mark 41 years passing away of Daw Hninsi, the mother of Daw Ywe Ywe and the second mother of Dr Kyaw Oo.


Unless you changed from your heart and mind, any change with the flows of the environment is not effective enough! Attitudes changes must start from the root. The systematic thinking pattern and understanding of creative thinking methods is very important for this change, especially to improve the function of our heart and brain or emphatic emotion and knowledge. Many societies taught their children how to change, develop or deal with the flows of their social norms, attitudes, thinking and character but such changes are not rightly addressed human problems so far, otherwise not effective enough for the future human sustainable development in which equality, just, fairness, coexistence, happiness, contentment and peace can stay longer in our world!

We must change and transforms our heart and mind with empathetical logic and rationality. Knowledge from a degree course, MA or from an institute may not teach how to transform their mind with a genuine empathy. Even though logical studies or thinking are a larger part of an academic education, they may not include characteristic logic, emotional logic, moral logic, behavioural logic and empathetical logic or rationality. This is what we can see all educational institutes across the world.

Our teaching at lotus children’s home is otherwise different from others as we strongly emphasise on the logic and rationality that addresses how to survive, develop and sort out their problems sustainably with a genuine human heart, brain and practicality where human efforts, right visions and thinking for sustainable development are placed in our first scheme of work in the lesson plan! This is not a religious teaching but a real human heart, brain related logical and empathetic teaching!


Our Vision:
At Lotus Children Education Trust (LCET), we believe that the majority of human problems are rooted in illiteracy, ignorance and an inability to understand the interrelatedness of our life and the environment.

Our survival, particularly in the context of the growing population may depend on two key interrelated concepts. The first concept is to appreciate how the demands of our desires is out of proportion with the existing resources. The second concept is to understand how the environment is affected by our demands on the available resources.

Both these concepts are crucial for our survival and for us to know how to survive in this conflict ridden world. At LCET, our mission is to work together in training our future generations before the struggle for survival gets out of control. The children of today need guidance in moral and value based decision making. We need to nurture and train the young minds in appreciating and protecting the environment and in developing the good that resides in our hearts.

The resources of the world will be protected or their sustainability will only be secured when the majority of human beings are educated, wise, intuitive, compassionate, integrated, morally advanced and reflective on their daily requisites with the number of their families' demands and considerate for the needs of other beings and the existence of the future world. Without this, we endanger the existence of this world. Implementing education and awareness in young minds is one way to recondition the future of our planet. The best day is today and the best time to begin is now.

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Our Story

Lotus Children's Education Trust (LCET) was established in July 2014 with the prime intention of providing free holistic education and a chance to a bright future for destitute children particularly from the third world countries. LCET is now fully and formally registered with the UK Charity Commission. The UK Registered Charity Number is 1170236. LCET incorporates and operates from the ‘Lotus Children’s Home’, which is dully registered with the government of Bangladesh. The registered number is: 'Ranga 300/15'. Lotus Children’s Home stands on six acres of land, which was donated by a devotee of Venerable Dr. Nagasena Bhikkhu. Lotus Children’s Home is comprised of two dormitory buildings: one for girls and one for boys and accommodates 51 destitute children and three resident teachers, three visiting volunteer teachers, one cook, one caretaker in 2018. These destitute children are from the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the nearby region. They are from extremely poor families with no access to education and facilities. Given the non-existing social support system, the welfare and well-being of these children is dependent on the generosity of local people. A group of dedicated volunteer workers led by Venerable Dr. Nagasena Bhikkhu manage the day-to-day running of Lotus Children’s Home. A governing committee (group of Trustees) looks after the management of LCET and Lotus Children’s Home. As a Trust, we are committed to working in a fully ethical, honest and transparent manner. Your generosity will never be forgotten or abused, and every little help will be counted and effectively used for the promotion of our plans.

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Record of monsoon rain at lotus children home ! Video is being taken on 05/07/2018
Unforgettable Challenge of monsoon rain at Lotus Children’s Home! Our experience of flood during monsoon rain reported o...
This is Dhamma Hall but you can see how monsoon could damage it if we don’t create water ways and proper drainage by the...
This is lotus children’s home paddy field and playground in the winter but now full of monsoon story to tell us about ho...
Monsoon rainfalls and consequence of paddy field at lotus children’s home
Monsoon rainfalls flows over the children’s playground! Much works to be done to protect it!
Monsoon rainfalls effects the dam and road bridging between boys and girls Hostel!




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