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Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 27/11/2023

Big Nursery had a fabulous day out in town today.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 27/11/2023

What a wonderful time Big Nursery has had today. We caught a train into town, explored the Christmas Market, and then explored the Library of Birmingham.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 26/11/2023

We have been busy developing hand-eye coordination, shoulder pivots, elbow pivots and wrist movements as they made marks. The children discussed with their friends as the put their ideas onto paper.

Through working together as a team the children applied critical thinking skills as they used the variety of blocks to build structures. The children used their mathematical and problem solving skills to ensure they got their desired effect.

Friendship groups and by working together, the children worked hard to explore the garden area to find natural objects to use within the outdoor kitchen.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 20/11/2023

Today, we launched our 'Swop Shop' at Gracelands Nursery School. The rail will be outside each day. Please take whatever items you need and help us replenish it with items that you don't need.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 20/11/2023

Celebrating 'World Children's Rights Day!' Thank you for all coming to school wearing something blue and taking part in all the blue activities.

We have also been focusing on The story of 'The Little Red Hen,' looking at how sharing with friends and helping each other is important as we have a right to friends.

Today the children worked hard together to make bread. We had so much fun weighing, measuring, mixing and kneeding. The children watched the texture of the mixture change and were able to see how the consistency changed as heat was added.


Thank you all for your generous donations we have raised £75.38p for 'Children in Need.'

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 19/11/2023

What a busy week we have had!

We stared off the week celebrating with our Diwali party. The children all came in their party clothes. We played games, talked about Diwali and how people celebrate. The dancing was fabulous and was followed by some healthy party food!

Mark making was everywhere this week. The children have really enjoyed mark making as groups of friends, discussing what they are doing and supporting each other.

Nature and outdoor was very adventurous this week with the children categorising plant and leaves. The found different natural bjects and used them in the outdoor kitchen.

We celebrated 'Children in Need' on Friday, the children either came in their pyjamas or something spotty- they all looked fabulous! Thank you to the wonderful families for their generous donations too! The children had a day full of fun and even some biscuit decorating.

We have another busy week next week starting off with nursery turning blue for 'World Children's Rights Day' on Monday - Remember to wear blue everyone!


Tomorrow's Rhyme is 'The Wheels on the Bus.'
Remember to sing this at home.


Tomorrow's Rhyme is 'Row row row your boat.'
Remember to sing this at home.


Tomorrow's Rhyme is 'Head shoulders knees and toes.'
Remember to sing this at home.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 13/11/2023

World kindness day!

Thank you for being kind!

Today, the children have been talking about how we are kind to each other.


Tomorrow's Rhyme is 'Hickory Dickory Dock.'
Remember to sing this at home.


We are taking part in World Nursery Rhyme week from Monday (13.11.20).

The first rhyme is Jack and Jill please sing this at home with your children too.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 12/11/2023

What busy week of exploring and learning at Gracelands Nursery.

The children have been learning about 'Remembrance Day' and how we remember the world's fallen heroes. The children listened to the story 'A time to remember,' and discussed who can be a super hero.

The children have also been learning about 'Diwali,' making rangoli patterns and discussing firework safety.

Our new block area is a haven where children work together to build their ideas and work collaboratively to gain desired effects.

Outdoor exploration took us on a bug hunt through the willow tunnel over and through the hill area, aswell as exploring the equipment through team games.


Please come along between 11am and 1pm to to the Hall Green Families surgery today at Gracelands Nursery School if would like some support.


Join us next week by singing these rhymes at home too!


Hope you all have a safe half term.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 29/10/2023

It was a super busy fun packed learning week at Graclands Nursery School. The children carried out nature walks to explore the autumn colours, changes in how things 6 to experience leaves of all shapes and sizes.

Pumpkins were used to explore size, smell, shape, and texture. The children decide that instead of drawing the different pumpkins they could see, they wanted to use the skill they had learnt through aboriginal art. The children use a variety of coloured pencils to create holes of different colours in the pumpkins to make their design! This then followed on to hammer skills, with the children hammering gold tees into the pumpkins.

This week, we also focused on oral hygiene and how we brush our teeth. The children all talked about how to keep our mouths healthy. Remember, our fairers need your unwanted bottles and dummies! Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time.

Outdoors has been magical this week, with the outdoor kitchen really being explored. Children used flowers, leaves,stone, and mud to create pizzas, roti, curry, and lots of other wonderful dishes!

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 27/10/2023

This week, the children have taken a great interest in Black History Month. We have been exploring aboriginal art using paint and bubble wrap to get the dotted effect. The children really loved getting on the floor to create their images.
This week, we continued our interest in cutting, tearing, slicing, and chopping by making coleslaw. We used red and white cabbage, carrots, and natural yoghurt.
The children had great discussions on all the smells, textures, colours, and taste. There were lots of conversations about what was healthy and unhealthy.

We ended the week by making rice and peas. The children loved exploring the changes in texture of the rice and how different the taste of the rice was. We used wholemeal rice to ensure we were eating healthy


Dear Parents and Carers

Please read the following letter regarding the Measles MMR Vaccine. Thank you.


Thank you to everyone who attended our induction and reading workshop today. Remember to read with your children everyday.

Enjoy the books that the children have bought home today. Remember to bring them in every Wednesday for a book change.


Thank you to everyone who wore odd socks. We had a great time discussing what makes us similar and what makes us different.

We were learning about article 23 - Children with any disabilities should have special care and support so they can live a full and independent life.


Remember to wear your odd socks tomorrow (24.10.23) to help with our discussions tomorrow and to show our support with Downs Syndrome Awareness Month.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 22/10/2023

This week the children have been busy learning about Black History Month. We have been exploring Aboriginal art and used their techniques to create out own pictures. Some of the children used pencils to create their designs on a pumpkin by poking holes.

Mark making is so much fun and we love to explore different medians to get out desired effects.

Water play and playdough play supports muscle development. By squeezing the water out of sponges, filling and emptying vessels and manipulating playdough the children have been developing the hand muscles to help the with their writing.

Learning is great fun outdoors with our friends. By playing together the children learn how to share and resolve problems by themselves.

Maths has been fun this week. After some time exploring sorting the children are now investigating patterns and developing hand, eye and finger coordination through threading.


We will be looking at what makes us different and what makes us the same. Please remember to wear you odd socks to school tomorrow.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 15/10/2023

This week we have been busy mark making. The children have been using a variety of median to develop their mark making. Some used paint, others used sand and some opted to use pencils. The children made marks on a large scale and small scale, thus helping build up their muscles to support with pencil grip. The children also have explored the music areas and particularly enjoyed drumming.


Thank you to all of our parents who attended our oral health workshop today. Remember to help your children brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes.

Photos from Gracelands Local Authority Maintained Nursery School's post 06/10/2023

We have all been really busy at Gracelands Nursery School exploring all of the different areas of learning.

Children have been busy mark making both on a small scale and on a large scale. They have enjoyed using paint, water and chalks in the outdoor space to make large marks. 🎨

Exploring the water area has been the main interest for many children. From filling and emptying vessels to exploring which of the sea creatures sink or float.

The children have all shown a key interest in cutting and developing their understanding of holding and using scissors correctly. After tearing and snipping paper and card, this week the children have been cutting, snipping and tearing cabbage leaves and green beans. ✂️

Stories are of great importance and the children have shown their love for books. 📚

From counting to sorting to patterns the dinosaurs have been used for almost most aspects of mathematics this week.

Learning is so much fun at Gracelands Nursery School!


Measles is highly infectious and can be passed on even before a rash appears.

Make sure your child is protected from becoming seriously unwell from measles by making sure they are up to date with their MMR vaccinations.

More info ➡️


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