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The air entering a peregrine falcon's nose during its high speed dives (320 km/h) would cause its lungs to explode, but bony tubercles in its nostrils safely regulate the passage of air. Engineers solved the air intake in jet engines in a similar way!


Al-Salam Institute Arabic Summer School 2023 - Makkah

ASI will be taking a group of students to Makkah for a bespoke conversational Arabic programme. The Arabic Summer School will begin with one week of live online teaching, followed by just over two weeks of in-person classes in Makkah. Students will be able to benefit from the teaching and company of Shaykh Akram Nadwi during this course.

Online dates: 3rd August - 9th August 2023
Residential dates: 12th August - 27th August 2023
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Masjid Al Nabawi


"And whoever fears Allah -
He will make a war out for him.
And will provide for him
from where he does not expect.
And whoever relies upon Allah
then He is sufficient for him.


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Gem of the Day: Astonishing Miracle about the Human “Tailbone”

"All of the children of Adam (people) will decay except for the bone of coccyx (tailbone). From it he (man) was created and by it he will be reconstructed." (Hadith from Bukhari, Nasai)

Modern day science discovered in 1931:

1) The tailbone (coccyx) is the last bone at the end of your spine.

2) It is the only part of the body that does not decompose and cannot be destroyed. It cannot be finished even by burning under high temperature.

3) The first things to form inside the fertilised egg are the "primitive streak" and "node" [around 15 days later] from which all of the body of the baby originates and cells begin to form. Both of these later turn into the “tailbone”.

4) The tailbone contains mother cells for the body.

5) The first western scientist to discover the secret of the tailbone was a German named Hans Spemann (b. 1869 d. 1941) based at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. He called the Primitive streak and node the "primary organizer" which clearly suggests that the tailbone was the basic place of origin of the human.

6) After many experiments, he concluded that there was nothing that influenced the primary organizer and it could not be destroyed.

7) Hans Spemann was awarded the “Noble Prize” in 1935 for this discovery.

😎 Today, WARNEK (an organization responsible for ethical research on human fertilization & genetics) prohibits scientists to conduct experiments on fertilized eggs in which the primitive streak has already been formed. This shows the importance of the streak.

Now think, when Prophet Muhammad's SAW information about the tailbone has been discovered by modern science, that it is where the human body is created from and that it will not be destroyed until every person shall be resurrected and reformed from it, his news that we shall be raised in another world from this tailbone shall also become true so do not neglect this fact.

Peace be upon our Master Muhammad, the Final and Truthful Messenger of Allah Almighty who informed of us this news of the unseen many hundred years ago!


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