The Sex, Lies & Love Project.

The Sex, Lies & Love Project.

Delivering age appropriate Relationship & S*x Education, exploring modern day influences that Young

Operating as usual


On Friday at King's Norton Boys' School' we explored the term “It’s Just Banter!”

Why would someone need to say this?

Is it to minimise the reality that could be Bullying, S*xual Harassment, Abuse, Exploitation ..?

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.

*xulaharassment *xualabuse

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 26/07/2023

I hope you don't mind me sharing this but it's some pretty special feedback!
('s especially useful for those yet to book with The S*x, Lies & Love Project. 😉).

Thank you The Phoenix Collegiate, Sandwell, for your very kind testimonial (as shown in pic).
A big shout out to your 350 students who interacted with "The Hand that holds The Life" - sessions.
Your students were respectful & engaging throughout.
Already looking forward to returning next year! 🙌

Libby Flenley Work


☀️Kick-starting this week returning to Bancroft's School. A full day of workshops ahead. Let’s go! 🙌🏼

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Libby Flenley Work


🌟Excited for today’s GECCollect take over of Empowering Young People to Change the World unique online conference series, organised by Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

GEC founder Nic Ponsford FRSA will be introducing members of the Collective for a jam-packed, informative and inspiring session TODAY @ 4 - 5.30pm.

⚡️Dr Rob Power, Founder of Powerful Histories on 'Building a Global Curriculum'
⚡️Kate Harris, from VotesforSchools on 'Capturing Student Voice Using EdTech'
⚡️Charlene Hurlock, Co-founder of Swoperz, Preloved Clothes Swap for Kids
⚡️Ian Timbrell - LGBTQ+ within RSE in the UK
⚡️Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard, Founder of Innovative Enterprises talking about S*xism
⚡️Libby Flenley, Founder of The S*x, Lies & Love Project. on 'Children & Young People’s Exposure to Po*******hy & Child S*xual Abuse Material / Imagery'

There is still opportunity book online!

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 31/05/2023

Don’t forget! 💡 Next week The S*x, Lies & Love Project. & Services 4 Schools bring you two vital online training sessions:

“Addressing the impact of Exposure to Explicit Online Material on Children” - Primary School Phase.

“Addressing the Impact of Po*******hy & Other Explicit Online Material” - Secondary School Phase.

Suitable for SLT, RSE & PSHE Subject Leads, Teachers, Pastoral staff, or anyone who supports children, or interested in the subject!

Book online: - Primary Phase - Secondary Phase

Russell Stanley
Libby Flenley Work


Received some very kind feedback following my discussion on ‘Addressing the impact of Po*******hy & Online Abuse..’ in relation to ‘How to Tackle S*xual Harassment in Schools’ Action Day Conference with Inside Government - Schools.
Thank you!
(Thought it was worth a share 😌)

The S*x, Lies & Love Project. ✌🏼

Libby Flenley Work

How to Tackle S*xual Harassment in Schools Action Day 22/05/2023

Tomorrow 🙌

The S*x, Lies & Love Project. IG Education. Inside Government Schools.

*xualharassment *xualabuse *******hy

How to Tackle S*xual Harassment in Schools Action Day Ensure your school is taking a holistic approach and demonstrating a commitment to preventing and responding to harmful s*xual behaviours.


Friday 9th June - Services 4 Schools and The S*x, Lies & Love Project. bring you "Addressing the Impact of Exposure to Explicit Material Online." - Primary Phase.

⚡️ With the age of exposure rapidly declining, we know this is a topic that needs to be actioned across the board. We've therefore developed a Primary Phase version specifically tailored to support in addressing this issue in an age-appropriate manner.

Book your spot online now (details below) and secure your place.

Looking for a Secondary Phase solution? Join us on 8th June "Addressing the Impact of Po*******hy & Other Explicit Online Material on Secondary-aged Children & Young People" –
(Details via Services 4 Schools)

See you there!

*xualabuse *xualExploitation

Libby Flenley

P**n and young people: 4 key insights for schools 17/05/2023

An article by Luke Ramsden providing advice for school leaders following the Childrens Commissioner’s recent report on the impact of online po*******hy on children. In-particular highlighting the need for effective RSE teaching.

If you are an RSE or PSHE lead, I advise on being aware of the latest Childrens Commissioners report.
Pre-warning, it’s a tough read, but unfortunately the findings are true and we need to support children where possible.

Please contact Libby Flenley Work or The S*x, Lies & Love Project.if you would like any support in addressing such sensitive subjects.

P**n and young people: 4 key insights for schools A new report from the children’s commissioner on the harmful impact of po*******hy on children makes for shocking reading - but it helps schools to understand the role they can play in tackling the issue, says this deputy head

Episode.07 Safeguarding News 15/05/2023

An excellent discussion by Luke Ramsden FRSA summarising the Children's Commissioner report on the impact of online po*******hy on children & young people.
This highlights the vital role schools must take, now, supporting children and young people in response to their findings.

Episode.07 Safeguarding News Join Vikkey Chaffe and the Chair of our Safeguarding Advisory Panel, Luke Ramsden as they sit down to discuss what has been happening in the safeguarding wor...

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 06/03/2023

Two different, yet both important workshops delivered at Oxford High School GDST last week.
"Don't get caught in The Trap!" for Year 7's Empathy Week, we took the students on an imaginary holiday to an island back in time, pre-internet, pre-social media. We focused on self-identity, self-esteem and modern-day influences that may impact our self-beliefs.

Followed by “The Hand that holds The Life!” with Year 11, exploring 'Knife Crime' and current influencing factors; Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), County Lines, Online Media, and other current societal issues. Year 11 students were exceptional in sharing views, challenging ideas and presenting preventative ideas towards such a current, sensitive and important subject.

Thank you for the ace feedback and an invite for The S*x, Lies & Love Project. to return!

Libby Flenley Work

S*x Lies & Love Project Brochure 2023 Feb[10].pdf 23/02/2023

A further updated brochure for The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Thanks for all the support so far this year!
A very busy, yet very rewarding, first couple of months of 2023. Excited for the year ahead!

Don't hesitate to get in touch!

S*x Lies & Love Project Brochure 2023 Feb[10].pdf

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 13/02/2023

Well, last week was fun!
Proud to have delivered workshops in support of at Chelsea Football Club

Throughout the day we explored; exposure to explicit material, exploitative behaviours amongst children online, and how both of these may impact a child's mental health.

Thank you Chelsea FC Foundation for a well organised day.
It's always a pleasure to meet and work with other organisations doing their thing in support of children's well-being.

Excited for next year!

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Libby Flenley Work

*xualviolence *xualexploitation

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 25/01/2023

What a fantastic morning at North Oxfordshire Academy 🙌

A whole year 11 group assembly discussing; Exposure to Po*******hy, Child-on-child Abuse & Exploitation, Identifying S*xual Violence, and Victim Blaming / Language.
Followed by a last minute jump-in for a whole year 10 group assembly, (which admittedly received some ace feedback, as shown in the pics 😉).

Great students, engaging positively throughout to such important and sensitive subjects.

Thanks for having The S*x, Lies & Love Project.

Libby Flenley Work

*xualviolence *******hy

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 20/01/2023

A pleasure returning to Bishop Vesey's Grammar School this week for Child S*xual Exploitation ( ) workshops with sixth form students.

Here are a couple of snaps from their insightful work, demonstrating;
Related forms of Exploitation
Methods of Grooming
Victim Blaming // Language
Their views on a Child-on-Child Exploitation case study
(..and more).

As always, their students were extremely welcoming and engaging!

Looking forward to returning for Prevent & Radicalisation Workshops soon!

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Libby Flenley Work


Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 09/01/2023

Thank you Specsavers for inviting us to join your Apprenticeship Delivery Managers & Coaches team meeting online this morning.

A whistle-stop tour discussing the power of online media, influencing children & young people’s views of s*x & relationships.
How current online material may normalise s*xual violence & harassment.
The increase in children being groomed via online gaming & social media for exploitation.
How to spot the signs, how to report, and how to prevent!

Top team & Thanks for the ace feedback!

*xualexploitation *xeducation

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Libby Flenley Work

The SLLP Brochure 2023 Final.pdf 04/01/2023

Hey everyone!

After a great year for The S*x, Lies & Love Project in 2022, we are mega excited to get going again in 2023.

We can’t wait to meet with our new schools in London, Oxford & Liverpool, a new national apprenticeship company (yet to be revealed), and new sports organisations. - We love variety!

In case you’re still wondering what on earth we do:

We facilitate workshops empowering Children & Young People to identify Criminal & S*xual Exploitation, S*xual Violence, Consent, Unhealthy Relationships, the effects of exposure to Explicit Material online, such as Po*******hy, and much more.

Our aim is to empower a movement against the desensitised and exploitative spaces impacting our children today.
Ideas of S*x and Relationships are often distorted by online influences.
Online media means many children are also vulnerable to
Criminal Exploitation or Radicalisation.

With years of experience supporting survivors and victims, TSLLP facilitators bring this project to help prevent occurance and protect those most at risk.

Please see attached our new brochure for 2023.

Thanks for all your support with us so far!!

Libby Flenley Work

*******hy *xtortion *xualexploitation *xeducation *xualviolence *xualharassment *xting

The SLLP Brochure 2023 Final.pdf

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 16/12/2022

What a wonderful way to lead into Christmas...
Our amazing focus groups from King's Norton Boys' School
have provided some pointers on how you can look after your mental health over Christmas, look after others and practice gratitude.

Thanks for the tips boys!!

Looking forward to continuing workshops with them next year!

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.
Libby Flenley Work

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 14/12/2022

There’s nothing more rewarding than laying out the thoughts of our students.
Understanding their views of how underage exposure to Online Explicit Material may influence Relationships, S*x & Self-Worth.
Here are some direct quotes taken from workshops of The S*x, Lies & Love Project. working with over 200 students over the last two weeks:

“For satisfaction, not love”
“Unrealistic standards for performance & body Image”
“Pen*s Insecurity”
“Afraid to have s*x”
“Lack of contraception shown”
“Erectile Dysfunction”
“Rewires the brain”
“Normalises violent behaviours”

*******hy *xualviolence

Libby Flenley Work


Good Morning Bishop Vesey's Grammar School. Ready to spend a day with Sixth Form exploring Po*******hy, Online Gaming and how other online exposure may influence our views of Relationships, S*x, Violence & Body Image.

Looking forward to sharing their work with you all ✌🏼.

The S*x, Lies & Love Project.

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 11/11/2022

Looking forward to delivering online again this morning!
Especially with this super professional set up 😉 .

We have just had a brand new brochure made for you all! Please get in touch and we can send it your way!

Thanks for all the support so far with The S*x, Lies & Love Project. It's been a great start to this academic year.

Don't hesitate to get your bookings in 🙌

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 04/11/2022

Just had a brilliant morning delivering online to apprentices across the UK from Kids Planet Day Nurseries.

The apprentices were ace at engaging with an online format.

The S*x, Lies & Love Project and participants explored;
-Exposure to Po*******hy
-Body Image
-Child on Child Abuse & Exploitation
-Child S*xual Exploitation

Buzzing for meeting them again next week to discuss Criminal Exploitation, County Lines & Glamorisation of Violence.

Thank you for the feedback guys 🙂

*******hy *xualexploitation *xualharassment


Last week multiple West Midlands agencies focused on raising awareness of CCE & County Lines.

What is your understanding of this?

Are you aware that Young People are more vulnerable now than EVER to be Groomed into Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) & County Lines?

The current cost of living crisis is only going to lead to more child deprivation. The use of social media to advertise and glamorise the ability for Young People to make ‘quick cash’ will be increasingly influential.

As seen through our work, if a child is bringing cash home to buy food for their hungry family, questions may not be asked as to where it is coming from.

County Lines is happening. The reality is far from the glamorous picture painted through various media platforms.

Often children are coerced & caught into a web of exploitation, feeling trapped, scared, unsafe and which in some cases results in death or arrest.

Perpetrators use Young People on the front line viewing them as ‘disposable’ and to shield themselves from Police and rival Organised Crime Groups / Gangs.

Children will be Trafficked to unknown locations to sell drugs. Often spending nights in abandoned buildings or ‘trap houses’, surrounded by used needles and drug users, becoming increasingly vulnerable to other forms of abuse. This becomes cyclical through generations.

Educating children about the influence of online media has never been more important.

If you would like to raise awareness of this within your education setting, including how to ‘spot the signs’ & ‘how to report’,
The S*x, Lies & Love Project can support you with this.

Please get in touch.

The S*x, Lies & Love Project
Libby Flenley


What a welcoming start to this academic year at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School !

The S*x, Lies & Love Project. delivered workshops exploring how Po*******hy & Online Gaming may influence the way young people view Relationships, S*x & Violence.

Students explored how both may become addictive in rewiring the brain, and can create blurred lines between the online world and reality.

Bishop Vesey students were a real credit.
We had a good laugh, as well as many mature and challenging discussions.

Some valuable thoughts formed by the students were:

-As a high percentage of P**n is non-consensual videos with violent acts - this may glamorise and normalise s*xual violence in real relationships, distorting ideas of consent.

-Exposure to P**n may put pressure on Relationships & S*x in real life, setting unrealistic standards.

-Gaming Characters and Online Media often encourages s*xual objectification, creating unhealthy ideas of body image, putting pressure on people to look a certain way.

-Violent online games can encourage the use of weapons in real life and desensitises some to acts of violence.

…these were amongst many other well thought out views.

We were extremely impressed with the students' responses and we are looking forward to revisiting the school in November.

If you are interested in these workshops, or any of the other subjects we deliver, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It’s good to be back, and we are looking forward to sharing more with you very soon!

Thank you Bishop Vesey's Grammar School.

*******hy *xeducation *xtortion *xting


“S*xting! S*xting! S*xting!”

When we discuss this in schools, it’s heartbreaking how many students are unsure of the legal age to sending s*xual images, and the rules of consent to share if over the age of 18.

Many are still unaware that sending explicit images of anyone, or themselves, under the age of 18 is “producing and distributing indecent images of children” to which they could be prosecuted for.

But, how would they know if they are not being taught otherwise?

Through personal work with young people I see the pressure they feel to keep up with looking “s*xy” and sending indecent photos to try and impress their partner, to then unfortunately be exploited when these images are sent to peers and posted online…!

When photos are exposed I have seen the damaging effects this has on a young persons emotional and mental health, their education, and their relationships.

If you require support or prevention work for this in your education setting / organisation, please get in touch.

Ofsted found that ‘Nearly 90% of girls & 50% of boys, said being sent explicit pictures or videos or sometimes to their peers’ - these behaviours are becoming normalised for young people ! Let’s educate where we can !

*xeducation *xting *xualexploitation

Photos from The S*x, Lies & Love Project.'s post 20/07/2022

A big "Thank You!" to King's Norton Boys' School for having me be a part of their enrichment week, last week. Their pupils were amazing!

We had a full day exploring:
Peer on Peer Abuse & Exploitation
S*xual Violence
The Reality of S*xting / Revenge P**n / Bait Out Pages !
How online media desensitises our views of violence and s*x.

Various group discussions were held and lead by the pupils, one of which explored how someone may ask for Consent for s*xual activity, how someone may communicate a "yes", and how they may communicate "No" without saying the word "No". We had some great discussions!
I also learned a lot from them, just as these sessions should be.

Oh, and they enjoyed receiving their complimentary The S*x, Lies & Love Project. stickers at the end!

Thank you King's Norton Boys' School, I look forward to seeing you all again next term!

Kings Norton Boys Grammar School

Libby Flenley

*xeducation *xualviolence *xting *xtortion

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