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I mean, I'm full of interesting facts but this one HIT me hard! 25% of women have not yet gained a secure hold on the highest levels of the function in Procurement!

They account for only 25% of the members of procurement management committees and management teams—one or two levels below the executive committee!

That's an overall, 75 percent of category-manager positions are held by men, and fewer than one in three buyers is a woman.

In comparison, globally across companies women account for 33 percent of managers, 26 percent of senior managers, and 20 percent of executives.

Let's make the change this industry deserves!

Resource: Oliver Wyman, A survey of more than 300 CPOs in Europe, the US, and Asia across 14 industries


Do not fear, help is on the way dear!

Our Level Module Workbook Planners, designed by our very own Laura Scarfe, are specifically tailored to support your learning journey.

Packed with valuable resources and exercises, it offers a structured approach to help you master key concepts, reinforce your understanding, and ace your exams! ✨

The workbooks offer valuable tips and strategies to help you excel in your exams, including guidance on time management, revision techniques, stress reduction and more.

The following workbooks are available:

⭐️ Level 4 Module 1
⭐ Level 4 Module 8
⭐ Level 5 Module 1
⭐ Level 6 module 2

Order your copy of the Level Module Workbook Planner here on amazon, drop me a comment below if you would like the link 👇🏻


Do not fear, help is on the way dear!

Our Level Module Workbook Planners, designed by our very own Laura Scarfe, are specifically tailored to support your learning journey.

Packed with valuable resources and exercises, it offers a structured approach to help you master key concepts, reinforce your understanding, and ace your exams! ✨

The workbooks offer valuable tips and strategies to help you excel in your exams, including guidance on time management, revision techniques, stress reduction and more.

The following workbooks are available:

⭐️ Level 4 Module 1
⭐ Level 4 Module 8
⭐ Level 5 Module 1
⭐ Level 6 module 2

Order your copy of the Level Module Workbook Planner here 👉🏻👉🏻


When I started actively started to work on my imposter syndrome I decided it would be helpful to name the mind gremlin that whispers horrible things to me.

So I called it Ralph, inspired by the film Wreck it Ralph, as that is what he attempts to do, wreck my enjoyment of things.

He whispers things to me like

💥 You aren’t good enough
💥 No one will ever take you seriously
💥You will never make it (still not sure where making it is, however…)
💥 You are a bad person
💥 You will be laughed at
💥 No one who looks like you will succeed None of these things are true.

Perhaps this might seem familiar to you, maybe you have your very own Ralph talking to you every day.

You might think I am strange to name this voice, but psychologically it really helps me.

By naming the voice I can say shut up Ralph, what do you know - you aren’t even real!

It’s like having an anti-hero in your head, the exact opposite of Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce alter ego that makes her more confident on stage, by recognising this is Ralph’s voice and not my own I can catch those negative thoughts earlier and stop them spiraling.

It also allows me to be present and challenge my thought, and ask myself the following questions, is it accurate, is it necessary and am I being kind to myself?

If the answer is no, I either physically shake my head to disagree or say no out loud. I do get some looks doing this in public!

If you are suffering from any sort of imposter syndrome did you know that we have a free download with strategies to help you manage this?

You can find that here 👉🏻


Shout out to all my fellow Swifties 🎶

I love Taylor Swift’s music, particularly the later albums.

The thing I admire the most about Taylor Swift though is her incredible business acumen. She has created her own universe for her fans in a way that I would argue very few if any other artists ever have. She constantly adapts and looks forward, anticipating what her fans, her major stakeholders, want from her. In fact, to quote Taylor she is ‘so ahead of the curve that the curve became a sphere’

As I’m a procurement gal, I can’t help but build comparisons between what Taylor does, and what we as a Procurement function need to be able to do.

So here are my top 4 tips to be more like Taylor Swift.

Embracing the Power of Storytelling
At the heart of Taylor Swift's success lies her ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with her audience. In the same way, procurement professionals can benefit from integrating storytelling into their processes.

Understanding Your Audience
Taylor Swift's meteoric rise can largely be attributed to her keen understanding of her audience. She truly listens to what we want! Similarly, in the procurement realm, understanding the diverse needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders is paramount.

Harnessing the Power of Partnerships
Taylor Swift's ability to collaborate with a wide range of artists and brands has not only diversified her music but also extended her reach into new markets. Similarly, in the world of procurement, forging strategic partnerships can open doors to innovation and growth. Building collaborative relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors can lead to joint ventures, co-creation, and shared successes.

Committed to the Greater Good
Taylor Swift's philanthropic endeavours are well-known, including her crusade for artist’s rights. Similarly, procurement professionals should adopt a holistic perspective that considers social, environmental, and ethical implications. Operating with a focus on the greater good ensures that procurement practices align with broader societal goals.

So there are clear parallels between Taylor Swift and what a procurement function can and should do!

If you are a fellow Swiftie get in touch and let me know!


I'm still recovering from FLIP! What a day we had!

Are you feeling empowered and ready for action?


OMG OMG, It's flip Day!!

It's finally here and I can't express how excited I am!

For those coming, I'll see you very soon!

For those who aren't ... BOY ARE YOU MISSING OUT! 🤣


Let’s face it, no one wakes up in the morning dreaming of getting a CIPS qualification. But if you’re in the procurement game, you know that having a CIPS qualification is no laughing matter.

In fact it's so much so that you can earn £16K more!💸 That's NO laughing matter!

Salaries and bonuses awarded at all levels of the profession continue to rise and are again outstripping those across the wider economy. The most highly qualified in our profession – individuals who have achieved MCIPS – are commanding significantly higher salaries than their non-MCIPS colleagues and are increasingly sought after across all sectors.


We are super delighted to say that our Scholarship prize has been won by Carla Shoesmith!

Not only did Carla do an amazing job at her own application, but she was also sponsored by at least five other people applying on her behalf! 🎉🥂🌟

Carla will be joining our Level 6 Diamond class in October, and when we informed her she was so happy, telling us:

‘I am truly over the moon to have received this scholarship from Business Academy Online. Laura is a fantastic tutor and this gives me the confidence and support I need to take me through my final year of CIPS. Thank you much!’

You are very welcome Carla!


Yay 🎉🎉

The July Constructive Response Exam Results ARE IN!

Let me know how you got on so we can celebrate you 👇🏻👇🏻

Photos from Business Academy Online Ltd's post 21/09/2023

Data released in Gartner’s annual ‘Women in Supply Chain’ survey revealed more than a quarter (26%) of C-suite and executive level supply chain roles are now held by women – up from 19% only a year ago. From this we can gather that the situation is improving, however, the 2023 CIPS salary guide, shows there is still a 25% gender pay gap at the advanced professional level overall. This means that there is an average salary difference of £19,295 per year at this level in the UK alone.

How can we address this?
As there are many complex variables creating this situation, there is no quick fix. The numbers show that things are improving, albeit slowly – but I feel we need to take action.

There are obvious improvements such as ensuring this is addressed through organisational equality, diversity and inclusion policies, and creating a culture of ED&I through greater opportunity for flexible and hybrid work.

It is worth stating here that this cannot be done alone, our male counterparts must be part of the conversation to help change the status quo. Across all of the research, there are three common recurring themes of areas that need working on, these are:

Better female leadership training
Greater cross-industry networks
More visible representation and mentorship

There is a huge need for more targeted effective training for females in leadership. In my conversations with my procurement network, this has come up as a topic time and time again as something that there is a real need for. This is the same for cross-industry networking Some industries are doing amazing things for female procurement colleagues, especially in the NHS and Rail networks.

However, there is a real lack of cross-industry connections and best practice sharing.

There needs to be more visible representation and mentorship.

This is incredibly important, representation matters, and women need to believe that senior leadership roles are both accessible and achievable for them.

You can read the full Article here 👉🏻


Having read around multiple posts about how procurement needs to be less of a dinosaur I couldn't help thinking... what animal should Procurement be more like?

Then I realised that actually we as Procurement needs to be more Octopus 🐙 – flexible, quick, and capable of multitasking!

An octopus embodies agility and adaptability. With its multiple limbs and exceptional problem-solving skills, an octopus can swiftly navigate through complex environments!

It's time ⏰ to embrace

🐙 Digital Transformation
🐙 Foster Supplier Collaboration
🐙 Data-Driven Decision Making
🐙 Agile Sourcing Strategies
🐙 Supplier Risk Management
🐙 Sustainability and CSR

I mean could Procurement be MORE octopus?

You can read the full post here 👉🏻👉🏻


One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is connecting with new individuals and assisting them on their procurement journey. 🎓

"Laura is a brilliant tutor. Dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive. Laura is great at explaining theory with memorable stories."

I'm thrilled to have played a part in Olivia's CIPS success! 🎉

How can I not LOVE what I do, when I get to connect with new people, providing valuable resources, and making a difference in their CIPS journey and beyond everyday!


Good luck to everyone taking their Objective Response exams Exams!

Remember to keep calm and channel your inner Barbie! 💖

You’ve absolutely got this!

Photos from Business Academy Online Ltd's post 15/09/2023

Do you fancy getting CIPS qualified 🎓

Whatever level you are looking to achieve... our diamond package includes:

💎 Virtual Learning Platform
💎 Videos, exercises, revision sheets, assignments, quizzes and webinars
💎 54 hours of LIVE tuition
💎 Personalised Support

You can check out our Diamond packages here 💎👉🏻

Ps. You won't find any boring 70's jargon here! we are dedicated to bringing you fresh new content which makes learning fun! 😆😆


Did you know laughter aids memory? 🤣🤣

We subscribe to the philosophy of ‘edu-tainment’, why would you want to listen to dry boring content?!

At Business Academy Online we bring a sense of personality to our training to both educate and entertain you as well as educate you.

👉🏻 Even though we are teaching procurement, unlike other training organisations we promise not to even mention the word widgets! (other than right now of course!)

👉🏻 We deliver CIPS training, procurement, and emotional intelligence courses virtually and in-person using cutting-edge and innovative techniques plus our flipped classroom approach.

👉🏻 If you want to actually enjoy your training rather than endure it, we recommend you seriously consider our range of courses!

Check out the courses on offer here 👉🏻👉🏻


Are you ready to start your CIPS journey, but not sure where to start?

We’re here to help!🆘

We’ve created a quiz to let you know what level is the right one for you, and which package of ours best meets your needs!

let’s do the quiz and find out where you need to start! 👉🏻👉🏻


🚨 Deadline Pending!! 🚨

Your final call for enrollment of Diamond packages for all levels 💎

Doors close on 15th September!

RUN! 🏃🏻♀️🏃🏻♀️

Photos from Business Academy Online Ltd's post 11/09/2023


The Female Leaders of Procurement Summit IS COMING! 🔥🔥

We have an incredible lineup of panelists for you!

Meet our FLIP Summit Panel for 2023...

🔥 Rachael Willacy, Procurement Director, Aster Group
🔥 Amanda Carman, Procurement Director, Barclays
🔥 Rosy Holloway, Senior Commercial Manager, Severn Trent
🔥 Amy Noble, Procurement Director, University of Liverpool
🔥 Rebecca Ryan, Procurement Director, TVS Supply Chain Solutions

We are super excited and can not wait to Elevate & Expand!

Are you joining us?

Don't forget to submit your questions for the panel!


Final call 2023/24 Diamond Scholarship applications close tomorrow!

You have no time to lose! ⏰

Apply now to win a place on one of our Diamond CIPS Packages (Level 3, 4, 5 or 6!) and receive training worth over £3300 including live classes, virtual online learning platform and revision sessions.

“It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever.”

The link to apply 👉🏻👉🏻


What a lineup!! 💥👊🏻

The EVENT AGENDA for FLIP is here!

💥 10.00 AM - Welcome Breakfast & Networking
10.30 AM - Laura Scarfe ‘Avoiding the Likeability Trap’
💥 11.00 AM - Networking Activity
☕ 11.15 AM - Coffee Break
💥 11.30 AM - Caroline Dakin 'Developing Personal Resilience'
🍴 12.00 PM - Lunch and Networking
💥 1.00 PM - Lucy Sheridan ‘Your Comparison Free Career Path’
💥 1.20 PM - Savita Mace 'What Do You Bring to the Table?'
☕ 1.45 PM - Coffee Break and Networking
💥 2.00 PM - Expert Panel hosted by Rachael Willacy 'Lessons from Women Leading'
💥 2.30 PM - FLIP Programme & Close

Who's coming and what session are you most looking forward to?


💎 Our 2023/24 Diamond Scholarship Application closes on 8th September! 💎

Apply now to win a place on one of our Diamond CIPS Packages and receive training worth over £3300 including live classes, virtual online learning platform and revision sessions.

Here's what last year's Scholarship winner Emma has to say about her experience...

"I've been overwhelmed by how available people have been and how willing they have been to genuinely explain various concepts to me. So here's a huge thank you what an amazing opportunity. And again, just I'm absolutely blown away and would highly recommend not only doing the course but also doing it with Business Academy online and Laura."

We close our Scholarship applications on 8th September, so you have no time to lose! GO go go! 🏃🏻♀️🏃🏻♀️🏃🏻♀️

Go go go!! The link to apply is HERE 👉🏻


⚠️ Here are your Important Dates for September! ⚠️

🗓️️ July Constructive Response Exam Results Published: Friday 22 September

🗓️ September Objective Response exams Exam period: 18 – 22 September 2023

Save this post for a handy reminder of these dates!


Would you like to Master your CIPS Objective Response Exams and start passing your exams TODAY?

I have a completely FREE Download that will help you to ...

⚡ Learn how to make the best impression on the examiner
⚡ How to structure your exam answer for success
⚡ How to psychologically prepare yourself to be more confident in the exam

So do you want to feel more confident? Download it NOW for FREE!

Grab yours here 👉🏻👉🏻


🚨 September exams entry closure is TODAY! 🚨


CIPS Procurement Salary Guide 2023 UK has reported rocurement Salary Guide reveals a 7.3% average procurement professional salary increase, which has outstripped the UK national average pay increase of 6.5%.

The average salary for all UK procurement and supply chain professionals has been revealed as £53,359 for 2023 💸💰.

Highlights include the average pay reported for....

📈 A Procurement Manager (£49.2k)

📈 A Procurement Specialist (£41.6k)

📈 A Procurement Director (£113k).

In the face of the economic uncertainty and market volatility we’ve experienced in the past year, it’s great to see procurement continuing to rise to the challenge!

You can read more here 👉🏻👉🏻


Our first Female Leaders in Procurement (FLIP) Summit is an exclusive and intimate gathering of industry visionaries, and is set to take place at the Grand Hotel Birmingham on September 26th 2023!

Gear up for an action-packed day, where you'll get to rub shoulders with the brightest minds, forge invaluable connections, and take part in conversations on the issues that matter most to women in procurement. 🙋♀️

The summit will include a lineup of powerhouse speakers including Lucy Sheridan - Comparison Coach, Caroline Dakin - Resilience Expert and Savita Mace - Chief Procurement Officer who will share their wisdom, insights, and success stories. And because we’re jam-packing the summit with discussions and thought-provoking sessions, we'll make sure you're fueled with a scrumptious late breakfast and a mouthwatering lunch spread.

Want to join us?

We've got limited tickets available so RUN!! 🏃🏻♀️🏃🏻♀️


Let’s face it, no one wakes up in the morning dreaming of getting a CIPS qualification.

But if you’re in the procurement game, you know that having a CIPS qualification is no laughing matter 🤣

But why exactly should you care about getting a CIPS qualification?

✅ You’ll be taken seriously – Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the office joke. Having a CIPS qualification will help you gain the respect and credibility you need to take your career to the next level.
✅ You’ll save money – With the cost of procurement mistakes adding up quickly, having the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions can save your company a lot of money in the long run.
✅ You’ll increase your earning potential – CIPS-qualified professionals tend to earn more than their non-qualified counterparts. Need we say more?

And let’s be real, with our Ruby and Diamond packages here at Business Academy Online, getting your CIPS qualification has never been easier.

So, remember getting your CIPS qualification is no joke! In fact, the average salary of MCIPS members at professional level has now increased to £63,365 *according to the CIPS HAYS Report which you can read here

So what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE 👉🏻


What is the most popular question we get asked at Business Academy Online?

"Where do I start my CIPS journey?"

Don't FEAR We’re here to help!

We’ve created a quiz to let you know what level is the right one for you, and which package of ours best meets your needs!

So, what are you waiting for…let’s do the quiz! 👉🏻


We’ve created a quiz to let you know what level is the right one for you, and which package of ours best meets your needs!

So, what are you waiting for…let’s do the quiz! 👉🏻


Are you coming to FLIP?

We're almost sold out and I couldn't be more excited!

Investing in yourself and your professional growth is paramount, and this summit is your ticket to unlocking new possibilities, connections, and insights that can propel your career forward. 🚀

We are making it even easier to invest in yourself with an easy installment payment option should you need to spread the cost 💰

Seize this opportunity to secure your place among a select group of industry leaders who are ready to make a difference in procurement. 🌟

Join us at the Female Leaders in Procurement Summit on September 26th. Reserve your spot now at and take your career to extraordinary heights!

Don't delay, as tickets are selling fast and once they're gone, they're gone!


July Objective Response exam results are out TODAY! 🎓

Congratulations to all the hardworking students who took their Objective Response Exams in July! We got a 90% pass rate with 100% on level 4 and 6 🎉

How did you get on?

I'm so excited for your journey ahead 🎉🎓✨


Why our Diamond Package is just like Pizza! 💎🍕

From September we are offering the Diamond Package for all CIPS levels, the Advanced Certificate Level 3 through to the Professional Diploma of Level 6.

I was planning the content of these classes while eating a pizza and it came to me that the lessons I was planning and the food I was eating are one and the same in some ways! 🍕

Just like Pizza our Diamond Package creates a classroom atmosphere where students can learn not just from their instructors but also from each other.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of knowledge, topped with interactive virtual lessons.

These live sessions are the perfect recipe for engagement and collaboration.

You’ll have the chance to interact with fellow students, share insights, ask questions, and collectively expand your understanding of the subject matter!

But wait, there’s more! With the Diamond Package, you’ll have access to a veritable buffet of resources.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to satisfy your hunger! Trust me, it’s like having a pizza party of intellectual growth, right at your fingertips!

Explore the Diamond Package here Remember, knowledge is best enjoyed when shared, just like pizza.🍕

We have 6 spaces remaining for Level 4 and 5 spaces for Level 5!

Sign-ups for Diamond close on 15th September! ⏰


⚠️ September exam booking entry opens TODAY!! ⚠️

Go, Go, GO!!


Companies are taking (baby) steps to address gender bias in the workplace – and need to pick up the pace!

Although 54% of women believe their organisations have taken some steps to address gender bias, just 16% of those have seen tangible progress made over the past year.

Gender-based adversity is a massive problem in the workplace — affecting nearly three out of four women. The most pervasive forms of adversity include women feeling disadvantaged because of their gender, having males take credit for their work, or being paid less than men.

Resource: Procurious

It's time to change the narrative! Who's with me?


There are things you can do to put yourself into a mindset for success when it comes to mastering your exams.

Embrace the Power of Yet:
Imagine a world where the word “can’t” is banished, and in its place, “yet” reigns supreme. Adopting a growth mindset means believing that abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort and perseverance. So, when faced with a challenge, replace “I don’t know this” with “I don’t know this yet.”

Embrace Mistakes as Stepping Stones:
Mistakes are not the end of the world; they’re stepping stones on the path to success. Embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Cultivate a Positive Inner Dialogue:
The voice inside your head can be your biggest cheerleader or your harshest critic. Choose to cultivate a positive inner dialogue that encourages growth and resilience. When faced with a setback, replace self-defeating thoughts with empowering ones.

Set Realistic Goals and Celebrate Progress:
Setting goals gives you a sense of direction and purpose. However, it’s essential to set realistic and achievable goals to maintain motivation and avoid overwhelming yourself.

Seek Challenges and Embrace Effort:
A growth mindset thrives on challenges and effort. Don’t shy away from tasks that push you out of your comfort zone. Embrace them as opportunities for growth and personal development. Remember, just as a diamond is formed under immense pressure, your true potential is often realised when you step into the arena of challenge and give your best effort.

Cultivate a Supportive Network:
No superhero battles alone, and neither should you. Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, mentors, and tutors who believe in your potential. Seek their guidance, learn from their experiences, and draw strength from their support.

Practice Self-Care and Well-being:
Even superheroes need to recharge their powers. Prioritise self-care and well-being to maintain a resilient mindset. Nurture your physical and mental health, engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, and ensure you have a balanced lifestyle.

Save these tips for when you need a gentle reminder that you are stronger than ever!


Hey 👋🏻 I'm Laura

Founder and owner of Business Academy Online Ltd. Specialising in CIPS procurement training, leadership negotiation, and emotional intelligence, I have designed and delivered training programs for multi-million-pound companies including an organisation set up under UN Charter.

And I want to welcome you all to my profile! Thank you for being here.

Having worked in traditionally male-dominated industries for the entirety of my career, I am passionate about championing and developing female leaders in Procurement, to attempt to address the gap that is felt particularly at Director level and C-suite roles.

I have researched studies on female leadership in procurement and found it to be a woefully under-researched area. The few studies that are available all promote the need for better female leadership training, creating networks and representation examples in the form of mentors. As such I have developed an innovative Female Leaders in Procurement (FLIP) Programme and am committed to creating a movement and making a difference in this area.

I strongly believe in the concept of edutainment, and the fact that laughter leads to greater memory retention.

I enjoy storytelling and my programs are infused with passion, dynamism, and humour!

I'm also a trained behavioural analyst and am one of the few trainers in the world to be a Paul Ekman Certified Trainer delivering his pioneering behavioural research into organisations.

Drop me a comment below and introduce yourself!


💎 Our 2023/24 Diamond Scholarship Applications are now open! 💎

Apply now to win a place on one of our Diamond CIPS Packages and receive training worth over £3300 including live classes, virtual online learning platform and revision sessions.

We close our Scholarship applications on 8th September, so you have no time to loose! ⏰

Go go go!! 👉🏻👉🏻


After going to Barbie last week... I'm all fired up to change the narrative!

More women are earning visible leadership roles in procurement and the C-suite, but fewer advance to the highest tier. Twenty-three percent (23%) say women make up 40-50% of their procurement leadership team; but just 15% see this composition of women in the C-suite or Board of Directors.

for Barbie's sake, It's time to change the narrative!

**Stats from a Procurious survey

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Birmingham?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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