BM Dyslexia support and tuition

BM Dyslexia support and tuition

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties support for children, adults, schools and businesses with

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ADHD on TikTok 13/06/2023

Nicely balanced article. I do love the BBC.

ADHD on TikTok ADHD is a complex condition.


Great work from the


I am excited to announce that Dystinct is part of The International Council formed by The International Dyslexia Organization. OIDEA The council is working towards a United Nations declaration of Dyslexia Day on October 8, and having the colour turquoise recognised as the colour to represent dyslexia. We are excited to be part of the United For Dyslexia Campaign. For more details, please check out the OIDEA website
If you represent an organisation working in the space of learning difficulties and would like to chat about this initiative, please feel free to send me an email. [email protected]


UK Summer Read Aloud Challenge is powered by Fonettti and runs throughout the summer holidays.

With your help, we want to reduce reading regression over the summer and would really appreciate it if you could share the attached PDF with parents and carers so they can support their children.

The free 21-day challenge is suitable for children aged 5-11 years.

All they need is a tablet to access hundreds of fun, illustrated books.

During the challenge, there are key milestones to encourage continued reading, including numbers of books read, reading duration, and accuracy stars achieved.

Once a child completes a level, they receive a certificate and can carry on reading to enter the Hall of Fame. More details are available at



Dyslexic Thinking is officially a noun!​

👉 Join the movement ​
👉 Add it to your LinkedIn profile ​
👉 And discover how to empower it ​at

View the official definition at


AM I AUTISTIC? is a free downloadable guide to preparing for an autism diagnosis. We have collaborated with autistic author
Sonia Boue to create a guide for people on the beginning of their autism journey. Many of our participants have been diagnosed later in life and we recognised that there is a need for people to understand the process needed to get a diagnosis. It covers topics from What is autism to Language to Celebration. To accompany the text, there is also a wealth of links to other autistic voices from a variety of diverse backgrounds. AM I AUTISTIC? is a 'dip in and out' style of book so people can choose elements of the book that is more relevant to their lived experience.


One of my absolute favourite internet people has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I always love reading people's stories of how they developed a better self-understanding! First steps...

This morning I was diagnosed with ADHD. I feel elated, giddy, validated, wondrous, overwhelmed. My body is electric and spinny. All the things that are coming to light about myself and why I am the way I am is blowing my tiny neurodivergent mind.

Many of you have asked me how I got here. First of all, a few years ago, a teacher friend of mine suggested that it might be something to look into. I was curious but didn’t look into it any further, however the seed had been planted. Then over the years some of you guys, my ever diligent, helpful and amazing followers suggested it. So a few weeks ago I took some online quizzes and it came out that the likelihood of me having ADHD was high. On the advice of another wonderful follower I started listening to a podcast called ADHD for Smart Ass Women and it was then that the light bulbs going off in my head turned into lightning bolts. From there I decided to chase this down and discovered that going privately was the fastest way to do that. I found a clinic and booked an assessment with a psychiatrist. I realise I am incredibly lucky to be able to do that. That’s how I got my diagnosis.

I’m still processing what that means and I don’t know what my next step will be but that’s OK. I’m on step one of this journey. If you’d like me to write some more posts about it let me know. I’ll be happy to share what I can.


Dyscalculia in Westminster

The Dyslexia and other SpLD’s All Parties Parlimentory Group (APPG) on March the 16th at 4pm will include 3 presentations on dyscalculia. This is the first time that dyscalculia has been a subject of the APPG. Peter Jarrett of the Dyscalculia Network and Professor Steve Chinn of the Dyscalculia Association will be presenting.

The APPG Secretariat is the BDA. You can register for information on the APPG here:

Once registered you will be sent a link during the week. To ensure that you receive a link for the APPG please register by Monday evening.

Photos from BM Dyslexia support and tuition's post 10/02/2022

Fabulous post on reading today from if you don't know her beautiful toys check them out!


The importance of

Did you know? By reading to your child for 20 minutes a day - he will hear 1.8million words a year! Even those who are read just one book a day, by age 5 will hear approx 290 000 words more,than those who don't read regularly.

Reading plays a crucial role not only in language development but also in overall brain. between the things your baby loves the most - your voice and closeness to you - and books. And if babies and children are read to often with excitement, and closeness, they begin to associate books with happiness readers are created. - and new

As your child grows older you can create regular breaks or routines for reading.

Do you have young readers in your family?

Heres a snapshot of our trip to the library this morning. Kuba was so excited he was reading his new books in the car on the way back and couldnt wait to show daddy his new finds!

# library development


Sorry for my quietness lately! 3 jobs! Busy! Super interesting departmental conversation with a today about how important it is to meet a learner at their level. How different approaches are needed for older learners.

As I've worked with the entire age range (6-86 so far) for so long now it is second nature, but the things that unites approaches for all ages is respect, rapport and making the time with you feel safe.

Why are ministers obsessed with teaching children to read using phonics? | Alice Bradbury 19/01/2022

The most important thing is to match the method to the learner! Anyone can read - but teachers must be given the flexibility and tools to try alternative approaches when synthetic phonics is clearly not working.

Why are ministers obsessed with teaching children to read using phonics? | Alice Bradbury Our study shows that there is no solid evidence behind this method, and its ‘nonsense words’ are counterproductive, says professor Alice Bradbury


I've been thinking a lot around the issues of Standardised tests and their benefits and limitations.

I think it's really important to bear in mind that the results are only ever a snapshot of what an individual can do on the day. They shouldn't be regarded as unchanging measures.

The brain is a muscle like any other and with the right tools and support any measures can change!

As an aside, I started 2 new substantial new jobs this week - so I suspect I'll be struggling to update the social media stuff anywhere near as often.


What makes specialist dyslexia tutors different?

Lots. But one of the main things is a constant explicit and implicit focus on metacognition.

Metacognition means “thinking about your own thinking”. There are two aspects of metacognition: –
reflection- thinking about what we know and self-regulation managing how we go about learning. With dyslexic learners this means supported trial and error of various methods and approaches to tasks and supported self-evaluation of what works for them as an individual and what does not.


So, how has your first week back after the Christmas break been?

Thanks to
for the lovely picture I've just borrowed!


Morphology is the study of words. Often morphology approaches are suggested in dyslexia reports because dyslexic brains tend to be problem solvers, who like structure, visual approaches and non-fiction reading because real world engagement is stimulating.

Break the code of language, explain why and give clear examples. It really helps!


RNIB Bookshare is amazing and free for print disabled people, such as those with dyslexia. Electronic formats available, often textbooks up to undergraduate level available.

Visit for more information and to sign up.


Happy New Year!

I hope that your Christmas and New year have been truly wonderful and let's all look forward to writing the date incorrectly for the next few months 😊


I'll probably be pretty quiet for a little while but I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!


This made me laugh out loud. Someone at Calibre might be stuck at home with an overexcited toddler too?

But seriously Calibre audio are an amazing service offering free audiobooks for print and visually challenged people of all ages. Free for children, small one off fee for adults. Check them out!

Reading doesn't have to be read from a page to build vocabulary and a pleasure for reading.

Who can solve a Christmas mystery?🕵️‍♀️
Get clued in and listen to one of our gripping Christmas crime novels as you get everything ready for the big day!



I'm a massive advocate for assistive software and finding ways around dyslexia difficulties, but reading is so important!

Tiffany James has written a book called 'What I need.' It's for dylexic children to help them understand how to self advocate for their needs. Which is a really empowering area I'd not really thought about before, as parents usually drive their children's support.


As promised - here are April's 2022 World Book Night booklist!

World Book Night is the annual celebration of books and reading that takes place on the 23 April. It's a night that brings people from all backgrounds together for one reason – to inspire others to read more.

In 2022, thanks to the support of many publishers, The Reading Agency will be giving away 84,000 books to organisations across the country to gift to people who don't regularly read for pleasure or with limited access to books.

April can't come soon enough, but for now, you can read more about the booklist 👉
Or visit 🌘


I spotted that the World Book Day titles have just been released for 2022 (I'll share soon) but it reminded me of my tiny contribution World Book Day last year.

It's never too young to start reading with your children. You'll notice my son knows the story well and waves to the astronauts before I get to that bit!


Probably the most impactful 10 seconds a parent can spend helping develop their child's literacy!

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading†. It’s so brilliantly simple and can help children’s literacy so much that we want to shout it from the rooftops!

†Based on an academic study of 2,350 children, 34% became good readers with schooling alone. But when exposed to 30 minutes a week of subtitled film songs, that proportion more than doubled to 70%. There are lots of studies about the benefits of subtitles. This is just one! Check out our research page on the webpage below to find out more.

To find out more visit:


Following on yesterday's theme of encouraging reading during the school holidays...

📚 Why is it important? 📚
Over the school holidays children can experience a 'dip' in reading skills and learning. With the persistent disruption to education caused by Covid-19 this is predicted to have an even greater impact on learning loss.

So I hope the Winter Mini Challenge can provide reading encouragement and fun for children and families.

Let the Winter Mini Challenge begin with 🎉

The Reading Agency are continuing a partnership with WWF and inviting children on an Arctic adventure with !

❄️ What is the Winter Mini Challenge? ❄️
The Challenge encourages children to keep up their reading habits over the winter holidays, with a free-to-access website featuring rewards and incentives for reading and reviewing books.

Read more 👉
Or visit


As we approach the Christmas holidays it's always worth reminding parents to encourage reading!

I recently assessed a 10 year old who had told me that the magic had gone from reading and she no longer enjoyed it 🙁 Keep the magic.

Reading is fun for anyone - if text is the barrier audiobooks can still keep the passion alive. Here's some ideas .


The BBC have designed a new checklist to be used in their working environments designed to remove barriers in the workplace and open opportunities for Neurodivergent employees.

This new initiative 'BBC Cape' is a Neuro-Inclusive guide to consider the different sensory responses to an environment that some people may experience.

This should also help to improve understanding and support available for people with neurodivergent 'conditions' such as Autism Spectrum Condition, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

To find out how we can put practices in place for your business to ensure you are neuro-inclusive, contact me today.

The toolkit can be found here:

# neurodiversity

Photos from BM Dyslexia support and tuition's post 10/12/2021

is looking for participants for a fascinating study into music and dyslexia.

She would like to talk to you if you had music lessons from an early age and were diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult.

Get in touch by the end if December if you want to be involved!

You would be asked to complete a short questionnaire and take part in an interview.

Visit on instagram and tag someone who might be interested or if you are visiting me on Facebook and don't have Instagram I can pass on your details.

Thanks for reading!




Just this! Been a super busy day assessing at a lovely school that is new to me. Hope I get a chance to work there again soon, such a lovely caring SENDCo.


Did you or someone you know struggle to learn to read?
Research shows that as many as a quarter of all children cannot learn to read just by learning phonics.

Join us in signing our petition to enable teachers to use their professional skills and expertise to teach reading in a way that meets the needs of all children

We need 10,000 signatures for a response from the Government. Currently still below 2,000 signatures.

Please support by signing and sharing:


Have you heard about ? I hadn't until today. A wonderful website (and on Instagram and Twitter social media pages)with curated reading lists for dyslexic people of various ages. I particularly enjoyed that some of them were entitled 'For the love of reading' as it should be!

Seems a useful resources - especially so close to Christmas!

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