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Revert from the UK our new muslim brother..Lateef Rafiq MashAllah.. he and his mother..but unfortunately his mother is not Muslim.


She pronounced the Shahada and entered Islam..

Her father disowned her, so she moved away from him in order to preserve her Islam..

He began sending her “disgraceful messages” and described her as mentally ill..

But... 11 months after she reverted to Islam, he sent her a message, in which he said to her: “I am proud of you.”

We ask Allah for her stability
And to convert her father to Islam.


New Swedish researcher Sarah Hermansson converts to Islam


Accepted Islam. Dutch footballer Davy van den Bergh. May Allah accept my brother. Give success in this world and hereafter. Amen.


I just wanted to say I took my Shahada on the 1st of January with a group of sisters at my local mosque. It was lovely, they was all lovely, and it couldn't have gone better. ♥️ Salam to all.


Asalamu alaikum 💖 I took my shahada New Year’s Eve.


She is from Japan reverted to Islam Alhamdulilah

Go where your heart rests, go where you want, where you feel safe and secure, don't take a direction you don't like just because others have taken it....


After serving 45 years in Church as a respected Australian priest, Gould David has announced his conversion to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Rahman.
Allah Akbar.... Indeed Allah guides who He wills.


Salam alaikum. I reverted last year

Aisha was my birth name, guess I was destin to become a muslima one day

I'm living in South West England


Latin American converts Muslim MashAllah


Catholic Priest Hilarion Heagy announced that he reverted to Islam.

He uploaded a blog post of his journey to Islam, under his new Muslim name, Said Abdul Latif.

May Allah increase him in beneficial knowledge and keep him steadfast and firm upon the deen


A Swiss couple has converted to Islam after they were inspired by the" Azaan" the call to prayer, and they changed their names to Hussein and Winkza.

Husband, software engineer Jean-Pierre Kern, 76, and wife, nurse Fracquez Gabriel Perthe, 62, said they were impressed by the call to prayer and the worship of their neighbours.

They said, "If only we were born Muslims. When we saw Islam, we realized who we are. We want to spend the rest of our lives as Muslims."


LGBTQz supporter converts to Islam.....


Assalamu Alaikum i am Ashley Pearson Khan

I was born in the UK to a Christian family. We went to church every Sunday and I would go to Sunday school. I always had a love for God and religion from a young age. But as I got older, I started to question the Christian faith and what it really meant to be a Christian.

I went to university and studied law. During this time, I became friends with a Muslim girl who wore the hijab. I was really intrigued by her religion and the way she lived her life. She would always talk about Islam and how it was the truth, and I found myself asking her a lot of questions about it.

One day, I decided to read the Quran. I wanted to see what it was all about and what Muslims believed. As I read through the Quran, I found myself becoming more and more interested in Islam. I loved the way it spoke about God and the way it encouraged people to do good deeds and live a good life.

I started attending a mosque and learning more about Islam. I would sit in the back and watch the women praying and wearing their hijabs. It was a beautiful sight to see and I felt a sense of peace and calmness whenever I was there.

One day, I decided to take my shahada and officially become a Muslim. It was a huge step for me, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Since then, I have been on a journey of learning and growth. I have learned so much about Islam and myself, and I am grateful for every step of the journey.

Becoming a Muslim has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. I have a sense of purpose and direction that I never had before. I feel like I am part of a community that supports and loves one another. And most importantly, I feel a deep connection to God that I never had before.

I hope my story inspires others who may be questioning their faith or searching for something more. Islam is a beautiful religion that brings peace, love, and happiness into your life. And I am so grateful to have found it.


Just good news for you , as a result of ur Islam -- all ur previous sins were totally forgiven by now -- its a gift from God to all new Muslims -- so now ur pure

Prophet (SAW) said: “If a person embraces (converts to) Islam sincerely, then Allah shall forgive all his past sins, and after that starts the settlement of accounts: the reward of his good deeds will be ten times to seven hundred times for each good deed, and an evil deed will be recorded as it is unless Allah forgives it.” (Sahih Al Bukhari) By Discover Islam

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