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Conexus Tuition King's Heath & Moseley

Teacher led, small group exam focused tuition, Primary, 11 Plus and GCSE English, Maths & Science

Operating as usual


We’ve just had two 7 week half terms – the October and Christmas half-terms have been a long, long trek!

But, this means that the remaining school terms will be much shorter.
Why does this matter?

Well, children are about to go from that long slog to a breakneck sprint into their GCSEs.

The same is true for children in Y6 who will be taking their SATS.

So, it’s really important that you help your child set up their study timetable NOW while there’s still time to think and build up revision gradually before the final dash to the exams.

Message me now for expert advice and support – Wes


Have a great first week back everyone. I will be around this week to answer any questions you have about tuition. Even if you just need help understanding your child's mock results and which revision book to get. Drop me a message - Wes.


📚✨ Unlock Success in GCSEs: Start Revision Now! ✨📚

Parents, with only FIVE months left until the FIRST GCSE exams, it's crucial to ensure your child is well-prepared. Here's a checklist to consider:

📌 Does your child know what topics to revise for EACH subject?
📌 Do they understand the quantity of topics in each subject?
📌 Are they aware of the optimal study schedule to cover everything?

NOW is the perfect moment to kickstart your child's revision and study plan!

Invest a few hours today, and the benefits will compound over the coming weeks and months, including:

🌟 Building Confidence: Ensure your child is ready to tackle their GCSEs with confidence.
🌟 Developing Good Study Habits: Help them manage and excel in all subjects efficiently.
🌟 Pacing Revision: Prevent overwhelm by strategically covering ALL topics for EACH GCSE.

By supporting your child's revision NOW, they are already ahead of their peers.

📩 Message me now for expert advice and support – Wes. 🌟


With SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), Reading, and two maths tests on the horizon for our Year 6 learners, a little extra support may be required and now is a great time to sign up for tuition to give them the confidence boost they need.

Our Primary tutors cover all aspects of the Year 6 SATs in their sessions helping these students to develop the confidence they need to perform at their best in the exams in May.

Wednesdays, 5pm - 7pm at The Shires, Wake Green Road.

Send me a message to book a trial session - Wes.


Small group Maths and Science tuition, tutored by two qualified teachers who know the AQA and EdExcel exam specs inside and out.

All on the same night – Wednesday, 5pm-7pm.

£35 for the full two hours!

We break the exam questions down and coach students through each topic, boosting their confidence and helping them gain those all-important marks!

To book a trial session and meet the tutors, send me a message – Wes.


📚 11 Plus tuition is old fashioned and dull? 😕

Your child won’t be interested? 😟

You dread that you’ll have to battle to get them to tuition each week? 😩
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. ❌❌❌

Absolutely, the 11 Plus is a serious business. It requires commitment from you and your child. 👩‍👧‍👦

I know this. My parents and tutees know this. 🧠💡

That’s why I make it a priority to plan tutorials that engage young minds, get them excited to master the next topic, and balance group learning with 1-2-1 feedback and guidance. 🌟👥👩‍🏫

Scroll through my page to see examples of my 11 Plus tuition. Or, send me a message to book a trial session to visit my next group class – Wes. 📩📆


I cannot guarantee a result for your child.

No tutor can.

However, I can absolutely promise you that your money will not be wasted when you commit to 11 Plus tuition with me.

You will see this promise kept each week.

Your child will be excited to tell you all about the facts, ideas and logic they’ve learned in tuition.

Your child will know and understand things that most children in a top set Year 7 class would not have mastered!

That’s because 11 Plus tuition is more than just exam prep. 11 Plus tuition opens the door to a rich and deeply engaging curriculum that stretches and sharpens young minds.

If you’re interested in this opportunity for your child, send me a message to book a trial session – Wes.


👋 I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself properly. I'm Wes, and I'm the proud owner of a tuition business.

Before I dove into the world of tutoring, I spent over a decade as a teacher in Birmingham schools. As you can imagine, that's quite a journey!

So, at this point I’ve:

📝 I've circled more spelling mistakes than I've had cups of coffee.

🐶 I've witnessed enough homework being "eaten" by dogs to fund the vet's early retirement twice over. 🐕

⚽ I've won and lost enough sports days to become a freelance commentator on Match of the Day.

And every summer, you'll find me marking the GCSE English exams. So, you could say I've picked up a thing or two about what gets marks and what doesn't. 😉

If you have any questions about tuition, homework, or anything related, feel free to drop a comment below. I'm here to help!

My days are filled with planning tutorials for my GCSE English and 11 Plus tuition groups, checking in with my talented tutors to see how their groups are progressing, and having honest conversations with parents and students to ensure their confidence and skills are growing.

As for my weekends, I enjoy going for a walk in the general direction of a Starbucks. ☕🚶‍♂️ See less


A second night of cakes and Christmas crackers for the tutors and I 🍪🍰

Our Shires venue has completed its final 11 Plus tutorials of the year! 🎓

Wishing all our tutees and families a restful break and joyous new year! ❄️🎄🧑‍🎄


My 11 Plus tutees so engrossed in their maths challenge, I had to remind them about their Christmas brownie! 🧑‍🎄🎓🌟


Well, the cakes and crackers didn’t last long!🍰🍪

Our St. Agnes venue completed its final tutorials of the year.

Wishing all our tutees and families a restful break and joyous new year! 🧑‍🎄❄️🎄


January is a great time for your child to join us for tuition to boost confidence and exam knowhow ahead of SATs, end of year exams and GCSEs as we deliver the quick, confidence-boosting wins that unlock potential and develop exam success.

We run our sessions weekly during term time as follows:

📍 GCSE Maths & Science ~ Wednesdays 5pm-7pm [**Limited Spaces**]

📍 KS3 Maths & Science ~ Wednesdays 5pm-7pm

📍 Primary English & Maths ~ Wednesdays 5pm-7pm

📍11 Plus ~ Wednesdays 5pm-7pm [**Full**]

📍11 Plus ~ Thursdays 4pm-6pm [**1 Space Left**]

Send me a message to book a no obligation trial session and come and meet the tutors - Wes.


When you tell your tutees there is one more tutorial before Christmas.

Cannot win them all! 🤷‍♂️😂🌟


When it comes to the 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning, 🧠 I teach my students the specific skills and techniques that allow them to pinpoint the logical pattern between a series of shapes.

Strategic Learning: Step by step, I break down specific skills and techniques, allowing students the time to learn, practice, and master each one. 📚✨

Focused Learning: Here you see my students honing in on one crucial element - the sides of shapes. They're mastering quick, systematic counting to spot mathematical patterns. 🔍🔢

Skill Building: Teaching not just one, but three separate skills within this logic technique ensures a comprehensive understanding. 🤹‍♂️💡

Practice with Feedback: Once confident, students practice under my watchful eye, receiving instant feedback for continuous improvement. 🔄👁️‍🗨️

Independent Application: They independently apply their skills through homework practice. 📝💪

Layered Techniques: Finally, as we progress each week, we layer these techniques, enabling children to analyse complex and multi-faceted patterns with ease. 🔄🎨

I have one space left in my 11 Plus group for a motivated, enthusiastic child. If this sounds like the opportunity your child needs, please get in touch. I look forward to helping them unlock their full potential! Wes. 🌟👦📞


Working together, building their vocabulary! 🔤🙌

I plan my 11 Plus tuition so that there’s a balance between independent practice and short, fun and engaging games that get children excited to talk about what they’re learning – it builds their confidence and motivation for study.

Afterall, confident, happy children enjoy learning and take the 11 Plus journey in their stride.

If you have any questions about the 11 Plus – or just want some advice, send me message – Wes 😊


📞🙌 Had a lovely phone call this evening with a parent, hearing how her daughter left the trial tuition session on Wednesday briming with confidence and enthusiasm!

I work with two amazing qualified teachers to offer Maths and Science tuition, in small, focused groups.

We have a GCSE group (limited spaced) and a KS3 group. Both on Wednesdays, 5pm-7pm at St Agnes Hall.

If you’re thinking of tuition for your child in the new year, you’re very welcome to book a one-off trial session to come and meet the tutors and myself (Wes).

Send me a message for the booking link. 📩


An unexpected but welcome visitor at tuition this evening 🙌🎓🎅


Tutoring in small groups means my students get to team up in pairs and motivate each other to do their best.

Here, my 11 Plus students were recapping their singular, plural and collective nouns in this race against the clock card game.

I added a few new unexpected ones in to the mix too … like a mischief of mice and fever of stingrays! 🐭🦈

If you’d like help building your child’s vocabulary, send me a message – Wes.


There is a right and a wrong way to answer the GCSE English exam. ✅

It’s just not that obvious – especially to students! 📚🤔

Why do I say there’s a right way and wrong way to answer?

Well, because the GCSE English exam has a clear mark scheme. A set of criteria that outlines what a right answer looks like, sounds like and reads like. 🔢🔍

I focus on teaching students how to develop the skills to read extracts and craft answers that move up that mark scheme and attract marks.

Students thrive with this clarity. It gives them the confidence to start giving their own opinions and interpretations. 💪

It those personal opinions and interpretations that can never be wrong – but they won’t attract marks without the right framing.

Follow my page for more insights about the GCSEs, or send me a message if you have any questions – Wes.


📚🌟 What is the Power of Small Group Tuition? 🧠💪

My tutors and I understand the power of small group tuition in unlocking your child's full potential. Take a look:

🔍 Personalised Attention: In small groups, every student receives individualised guidance and support, ensuring that no one is left behind.

🤝 Collaborative Learning: Small groups foster an environment of collaboration and peer support, where students learn from each other and grow together.

🌟 Boosted Confidence: With the right support, students break through limitations, tackle challenging questions, and watch their confidence soar.

Curious to see the remarkable impact of small group tuition on your child's progress? 🤔

Call or text Wes on # # so learn more and book a trial session. 📞📚


📚🚀 Make your child's mock exam a stepping stone to success! 📝✨

My team of tutors and I are qualified teachers with exam marking experience. So, we understand the power of the right support and guidance during mock exams.

🧠💪 Our exam-focused classes are carefully designed to remove the barriers that may hold young minds back. With our support, students break through limitations and unlock their full potential. Confidence soars, and they confidently tackle questions that were once daunting.

We offer small group tuition across a range of subjects, including:

✅ 11 Plus Exam Tuition
✅ Primary SATs
✅ KS3 Maths & English
✅ GCSE Maths & Science

I always invite parents to come and meet us at a trial session to experience the difference our approach can make. Call or text me on 07719553325 to book a space for your child - Wes. 🚀🎓


I am starting a GCSE Language class at my new tuition room at The Shires.

📆 GCSE English Language
🕕 Thursdays 6:15pm – 7:15pm
📍 The Shires, Wake Green Road
🔍 Focused, small group tuition
📚 (Separate GCSE Literature session coming soon)

For more details, send me a message! 📩 - Wes.


🚀✨ My second 11 Plus class launched tonight at The Shires! 🎉

I started with a game of “spot the odd one out” to break the ice and create a sense of team between the children. 🧊👫

Through this game, I informally assessed their understanding of relationships between concepts and numbers – all while they had fun!

At the end, I used this to provide feedback to parents on gaps in vocabulary and number knowledge, and I shared some really quick wins. 📚👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

After the ice breaker, I taught the group all about nouns!
Learning about singular, plural, and collective nouns, they discovered new words (“troop” of monkeys, “mischief” of mice). Again, they did this as a fun card activity, working together as a team🐒🐭

As we went through plural nouns, I helped a child address a specific misconception about the plural noun of child (it’s children, not child’s). 🤔👧

Only after checking their understanding of noun sub-categories, did I start their independent practice.

One parent told me how pleased she was to see actual teaching rather than just practice paper after practice paper.

It is my firm belief as an 11 Plus tutor to check understanding and teach concepts before diving into practice papers. 🧠❌

There’s nothing more demotivating than getting something wrong without knowing why – especially for a child!

After a brain break, we did a times table race – a fun activity to audit knowledge and identify strengths and weaknesses. 🏁🔢

Finally, we explored alphabet codes, combining elements of verbal reasoning and maths.

There was NO:

No intimidating silent assessment ❌🤐
No practice test after practice test ❌📝
No boring worksheets ❌📄

Instead, there WAS:

Fun! 🎉😄
Time for teaching and for understanding 📚🤓
Lots of group practice 👫👬👭
The right amount of independent practice 📝🚀
A real drive and motivation to achieve as a team 🚀👏

If you’re interested in 11 Plus tuition or just want some advice, send me a message! I'll be happy to help – Wes. 📬🤝


Trying out my new tuition room at The Shires! 📚🎉

I have two trial places left at my new 11 Plus tuition class. 🌟

This Thursday (22nd November) 🗓️
5pm - 7pm ⏰
The Shires, Wake Green Road 🏫

If you're thinking about the 11 Plus, message to book your trial tutorial - Wes. 📩💡


As a parent, you want the best for your child's education, and at Conexus Tuition, I'm here to help you make the right choice! 📝✨

Small group tuition offers a unique learning environment that fosters collaboration, personalised attention, and a supportive community. It's the perfect balance between individualized learning and social interaction, helping your child thrive academically and socially. 🧠👫

If you're curious about the benefits of small group tuition message or call me on 07719553325 - Wes 📞🏫


📆 This Saturday, I met up with fellow examiners and English teachers at the AQA Associate Conference in Birmingham. We delved deep into discussions about mark schemes and rubrics, swapping our best tips and insights. 🤝

🧠 I got lots of insights into how I can better support my students to ensure they maximise their marks and achieve their full potential. 🌟

📚 Excited to share some of the top tips I gathered over the next few weeks. Follow my page to stay in the loop and enhance your teaching toolkit – Wes. 🚀


Small group, teacher led tuition that builds children’s confidence and helps them achieve their potential. 👨‍🏫📒

Every Wednesday, at St Agnes Hall 5pm-7pm

🎓 11 Plus Exam Tuition - Waiting list
🎓 GCSE Maths & Science - Limited spaces!
🎓 KS3 Maths & Science
🎓 Primary English & Maths

Send a message or call 07719 553325 to book a trial session -- see how we tutor and meet the team.


🌟 11 Plus students up on their feet, reciting the prime numbers from 2 to 97! 🌟

We kick off each tutorial with a game to recap what we learned in the previous week.

Last week, I introduced the children to the prime numbers. 🧠

In just 7 days, they've each mastered ALL the prime numbers from 2 to 97. 🚀

They're now at an advantage for the 11 plus exam – they have speed and mathematical fluency. ➕✖️

But, they also have a solid foundation to excel at the Year 7 curriculum – their 11 plus tuition is building habits that go beyond the exam, setting them up for later success. 📚🎓

Learning in a small group with a tutor like me, who knows how to structure activities so they're fun and purposeful, minimises the pressure and maximises children's motivation to learn and achieve. 🤓💪

If you have a question about the 11 plus or want some advice, send me a message – Wes. 📩


Tonight, I had the chance to tutor a great Year 11 student on the text that put me on the path to being an English teacher… Lord of the Flies! 📚👩‍🏫

At the end, I stayed on to answer any questions the student had.

They had a few! And they were really thoughtful, so I wanted to share them here in case other students had similar questions. 🤔💬

Q: Do I tutor the Maths and Science at St Agnes?
A: No – I have two incredible tutors who handle Maths (Nabeela) and Science (Rubina), and they've been with me at St Agnes since the venue opened. 🧮🔬

Q: Do I tutor other books?
A: Yes. When I became an examiner for GCSE Literature several years ago, I had to read all the examined texts! I’ve marked thousands of scripts across all the set texts. 📖✏️

Q: Do I tutor English Language too?
A: Yes. I’ve taught it for the best part of a decade and now mark it too. 🗣️📝

Q: Can I mark practice questions?
A: Yep. I’m happy to mark a tutee’s practice questions live during a tutorial. I can also go through your mock paper with you. 📚✅📝

If you have any questions about the English Lit or English Lang GCSE exam, let me know as I'm sure I can help - Wes.


Speaking to parents is a part of being a tutor that I really enjoy.

When I taught full time, speaking to parents was always rushed – schools are so busy! 🗣️📞

As a tutor, I set my own schedule. I set my own priorities.

A key priority for me is communicating with parents.

So, when a parent rings me to find out more about tuition, I spend time answering their questions and really understanding their child’s needs and offer advice for free.

I'll also be honest about if I think I'm the right tutor for you or not.

I do that because that’s how I’d want to be treated as a parent.

So, it was such a lovely surprise to wrap up my last tutorial of the day and see this review pop up from a parent this evening.

If you have any questions about tuition – or just want some help understanding how to help boost your child’s confidence at school, send me a message - Wes.

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Our Story

Sharon Cawley founded Conexus Tuition September 2013, having worked since 1994 initially as an English teacher then rising through the traditional route of Second in Dept; Head of Year, at the same time, still found the need to do private tuition as well as a means of earning additional cash, usually around the kitchen table of a pupil. During this time, her life had an absolute lack of work-life balance.

Disillusioned, Sharon left the classroom in 2012 and embarked upon a role as a freelance tutor, working with small groups around her kitchen table, slots soon filled and what is more the pupils were then leaving her home to go off to another tutor for Maths or Science.

As a parent, she knew how time consuming and costly this would be. So, she restructured the tuition to suit all and joined everything together – Conexus Tuition. By bringing the specialist, subject tutors under one roof; local to the school, the children could walk after school, incurring no inconvenience to parents and reducing the cost to offer affordability to all. The successful Conexus Tuition model was conceived and the results have been simply overwhelming.

From opening the door with one pupil and two tutors, Conexus Tuition has grown into a permanent team of 20 tutors, serving multiple venues across the North-West and demand has never been greater. With over 300 children attending current classes and running on waiting lists; Conexus is proud to have worked with over a 1500 young people and their parents since the early days in 2013.

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Drew Povey explains why should choose Conexus Tuition for your child 🙌🎓🌟
11 Plus tuition expanding! Second class starting on Thursday 23rd Novemeber. Message to book a trial place.
Look around our venue 👀
Celebrating our first half term with a lovely cake from one of our partents. I'm so proud to have an incredible team of ...
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