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1986 are the best to me.
I run a football coaching business in Harborne & Kings Heath and was hoping to help the school with the Summer Fair this year with some football-related competitions....(penalty shoot-outs, cross-bar challenge etc). I know we are miles off, but I wondered who to speak to?

Thanks! James

I just witnessed the most horrific event on Bearwood Rd outside of Chicken.com. As I was driving I noticed a young lad, turns out he was 11, being surrounded by around 20 much bigger and older lads who were screaming, laughing and shouting at him. I could see he was distressed so got out of my car to help him, they knocked his chips out of his hands and then started shoving him up the metal scaffolding, he started to cry and said he hadn’t eaten all day and that was the only money he’d had for food, the lads were laughing and calling him a p***y for crying and were laughing and calling him a tramp all while filming. I pulled him out the middle of the crowd and told the lads to get away and said I’d buy him food , he didn’t need to cry in front of them and I gave him £10. They were still trying to get in his face while I was stood in front of him and they were much bigger than him and me. They then carried on calling him names and were circling me asking if I was a snitch and asked if I was getting the police. I was too scared to call the police as one lad was saying he hated snitches and had already been locked up and kicked out of school for beating someone. I said I’d drop the young lad home but they were shouting that they’d batter him later for going with “the feds” and were calling him a snitch. I even offered to pay for a taxi. The lads were all from Lordswood boys. I called the school and at first they said they couldn’t help but I said he’s only 11, he has no phone and doesn’t know his parents numbers. They then said they’d send teachers. I said I’d give him a lift but the lads were shouting that he’d get it even worse if he came with me. A bus then came along and I pleaded with him not to get on, even his friends said it wasn’t a good idea to get on but I think he was scared of the older lads, he looked so young and so scared. I told the bus driver to please look out for him and he knows the kids are Lordswood boys kids. The school called me and said they’d contacted his Mom who would hopefully meet him off the bus. I burst into tears as soon as I got in my car. What the hell has happened to Bearwood? No one stopped to help
on a busy high st. If anyone witnessed it please call Lordswood Boys School on Monday as they’ll be launching an investigation. I went into the beauty shop next door to chicken.com after and they said they’ve reported the behaviour of the kids from Lordswood Boys School so many times but nothing ever happens x

Now what you gonna do. Your school is a disgrace
To the School Governors & Head Teacher. Sad news once again of your schools pupils terrible behaviour in the local community. Recommend to improve the situation or continue to receive more social media posts & bad press deterring potential parents/children from your establishment. Be part of the local community or not, you can only make it improve with your leadership, mentorship & guidance over the next months & years. The pupils memories if you fail them & history itself will judge your action / inaction so i wish you well on this challenge ahead of you.
Head and Staff
I was appalled to read the statement on the Bearwood Page regarding the incident earlier today involving several boys from your school.
I feel sure the cruel and abusive behaviour demonstrated by these individuals does not fall inline with your school ethos and certainly not with your behaviour policy.
I would hope to think these young people are in the minority and I feel dreadfully sorry for your responsible students as there were many negative comments regarding the school.
As the school is part of the local community, and as a local resident, I would be interested to see how you will be dealing with this totally unacceptable situation before it escalates still further.
I look forward to hearing from you over this matter.
What I have just read on the Bearwood Post on Face Book is a disgrace to your school if this true.
This lack of respect of fellow pupils, their community, and their environment shows your standard of teaching has reached the lowest standard it can be.
I don't live in Bearwood now, but when I did your school was the school that every parent wanted their child to get into, so to have a brilliant education.
If this is true, then I hope you find the kids involved that done this, and then you report them to the police and hopefully they will be charged. Also suggest that you terminate theses pupils from your school for good.
Only by showing that your school will have zero tolerance in incidents like this and you are prepared to inform the authorities regardless of the consequence you will boost your school ratings and the parents and the children will start showing the respect they should be showing.
Let's hope this will be the beginning of a better future and not a told you so.
So there was an incident today of a young boy being bullied by some older peers and I think you need to do something about it.
One brave lady stood up for the younger boy but your actions towards the incident are disgusting.
If that was your child, you would want some form of justice so treat it like so.
Another example of the feral children that represent Lordswood boys school.
Will the school share with the local community how they intend to challenge the unacceptable behaviour of these children and implement a permanent solution to prevent further incidents?

To whome it may concern,
Firstly may I say that I'm sure that there are boys at your school who are very good and hard working pupils and first class citizen's of the local neighbourhood and represent your school very well.
Saying this and on a very sad note you as a school have an alarming problem with bullies and quite frankly disgusting behaviour from some of your boys.

I'm sure you've been contacted numerous times about the feral and dangerous behaviour of some of your pupils and if you deny this then maybe you conveniently choose to ignore because of reputation or the actually efforts needed to deal with this issue.

As a member of the Bearwood community Bearwood high street is fast becoming a very scary and intimidating place to be and I've only lived here for just over a year so goodness knows what residents and businesses must feel who have lived here longer. This is especially true after school because of the behaviour of some of these boys.
It's your duty of care to make sure that pupils who are wearing Lordwood boys school uniform and representing your school are not causing trouble. You as a school would be shown respect from us the Bearwood community if you were seen to be tackling this on going problem long term and not just short term and hopefully in plain view of everyone as we need to be reassured and feel safe!

Lastly the incident that happened outside the chicken dot com shop today (10/1/19) on Bearwood High Street which you are aware of was absolutely disturbing and quite frankly heartbreaking to hear about so please please let's see appropriate action taken to those involved.
Absolutely disgusting behaviour! This needs sorting! They wear your uniform and are representing your school at the moment.
You need to sort out the gangs of boys rampaging up Bearwood high street. They are representing your school remember

A Birmingham Boys' School well on its journey to 'Outstanding'!

Operating as usual


We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to school tomorrow. Breakfast is served from 7.30am and lessons start at 8.35am.


Due to adverse weather conditions Lordswood Boys’ School will be closed today, Friday 10th March 2023.


A lovely new top roping wall facility for Lordswood School for Boys


We would like to wish all our students’ and their families a happy and prosperous New Year and remind everyone that school reopens on Wednesday 4th January. Lessons start at the normal time, therefore we expect students’ to arrive at 8.15am to avoid being late.


12 Days of Christmas…day 12.

And so we come to an end of our 12 Days of Christmas and the end of term, and what a term it has been. Outstanding attitudes to learning, a superb commitment to personal development and a whole lot of fun.

Today, everyone received a gift from under our Christmas tree. Happy smiles on faces 😁

Until next year, Lordswood Boys’ School wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Santa Dash 3 - A Lordswood Boys' School Original Production. 15/12/2022

Santa Dash 3.0 premiered at our annual Christmas Concert yesterday evening. Watch it go viral!!!

Santa Dash 3 - A Lordswood Boys' School Original Production. Eagerly anticipated and returning for the 3rd time - Santa Dash has become a yearly staple at LBS and following it's debut at this years Christmas Concert, t...

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 15/12/2022

Our Year 7 students enjoyed being part of Choir Maker at the Birmingham Symphony Hall today. Singing along with the other schools at this fantastic venue.


12 Days of Christmas…day 11.

Only one more day to go before the end of term and following the huge success of our annual Christmas Concert yesterday evening (see the other post), today we told everyone they would watch a private viewing tomorrow before we finish at 12.20pm.


12 Days of Christmas…day 8.

Following a very cold and snowy weekend what better way to start the week than to announce an early finish on our last day of school on Friday 16th December? The holiday is very close now 🎄


12 Day of Christmas…day 7.

It’s been a long, cold week full with lots of treats and surprises, so we thought an extended lunch break would top the week off perfectly.
Plus, what better way to celebrate raising £410 towards the Save the Children charity yesterday on our Christmas Jumper day🤷🏽‍♂️

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 08/12/2022

12 Day of Christmas…day 6

Free breakfast and Christmas jumper day, plus a morning Christmas quiz competition. How many would you get correct without using Google?

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 07/12/2022

12 Days of Christmas…day 5.

Today we told everyone that Christmas jumpers and non-school uniform can be worn to school on Thursday 8th December in aid of the Save the Children charity. Students that participate will automatically donate 10 Classchart points, equivalent to £1, towards the charity.

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 06/12/2022

12 Days of Christmas…day 4.

A FREE breakfast for everyone on Thursday morning. Yum yum 😋

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 05/12/2022

12 Days of Christmas, day 3…

NO TIE DAY! keep calm, it’s just a tie 👀

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 02/12/2022

12 Days of Christmas, day 2…

Students received DOUBLE Classcharts points all day. The rewards shop will be busy this Christmas!

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 01/12/2022

Today, we launched our 12 Days of Christmas calendar and every student had a free hot chocolate at break time. The Refectory was full of joy, festivity and music.
What will be behind door two tomorrow? 🎄

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 25/11/2022

Lordswood Boys’ Elite Sports Academy Football team visited Wolverhampton Wanders FC today. Training, drills and tours around the facility and stadium.

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 18/11/2022

Today was our first Personal Development Day of the school year. Students were able to use current cases such as the Sarah Everard case and the 'Maxine's journey home' episode from Hollyoaks to talk about women's safety and how as young men, they could inspire change and create a safer culture for everyone. They discussed 'victim blaming' and how to be part of the solution, not the problem.

In PE, they played blind football, where they learnt how clear instructions and working in teams were essential for progression.

The debates, presentations and topical discussions on a wide variety of issues really enabled many students to voice their opinions on topics we do not usually have the time to discuss in such depth or detail.

It has been a pleasure to hear our students talk about these topics in such a mature and respectful way.

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 11/11/2022

Today, we gathered to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Year Prefects 2022 30/09/2022

Introducing our Year 11 Prefects for 2022.

Our 11 Senior Prefects, 2 Deputy Head Boys' and Head Boy delivered their debut speech at our Open Evening yesterday. We look forward to sharing updates on how they are supporting the school and our local community in the future.

Year Prefects 2022 Introducing the new Year 11 Prefect team at LBS, 2022.

LBS Short 2, Enrichment 24/09/2022

Follow our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our latest videos and shorts.

LBS Short 2, Enrichment A glimpse into the weekly enrichment sessions that take place at Lordswood Boys’ School.

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 06/09/2022



This year our Open Evening will be on Thursday 29th September 2022 from 4pm - 7pm.

We are also holding two Open Mornings on Monday 26th September and Wednesday 28th September from 9am - 12pm, and one Open Afternoon on Tuesday 27th September from 12pm - 3pm.

If you are unable to attend on the dates advertised and would like to visit us, please contact using the following email [email protected].

If you would like to discuss an in-year admission, please contact Mrs Kang, Vice Principal using the following email, [email protected]

Places are in high demand so we advise parents/carers to select Lordswood Boys' School as their first choice.



This year our Open Evening will be on Thursday 29th September 2022 from 4pm - 7pm.

We are also holding two Open Mornings on Monday 26th September and Wednesday 28th September from 9am - 12pm, and one Open Afternoon on Tuesday 27th September from 12pm - 3pm.

If you are unable to attend on the dates advertised and would like to visit us, please contact using the following email [email protected].

If you would like to discuss an in-year admission, please contact Mrs Kang, Vice Principal using the following email, [email protected]

Places are in high demand so we advise parents/carers to select Lordswood Boys' School as their first choice.

Timeline photos 25/08/2022

Congratulations to our Year 11 students at Lordswood Boys' School on achieving another record breaking year of GCSE results. Use the link to read more http://ow.ly/w10450Kssqj

Timeline photos 27/03/2022

We are delighted to share our recent Ofsted inspection report. Lordswood Boys' School is judged to be a GOOD school in all areas. Read the full report by clicking the link below:

Photos from Lordswood Boys' School's post 07/03/2022

A great start to
More to share with students tomorrow and the week ahead

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