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Baby Gaeilgeoirí is a cross community, multicultural Irish language parent& toddler group. Bessbrook. Bookings and enquiries - [email protected]

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Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 27/10/2023

🎃Oíche Shamhna 2023🎃

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 24/10/2023

🎂Lá breithe Jake 🎂

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí we were in full party spirit celebrating Jake’s 2nd birthday! We all sang happy birthday to him, ate cake and had loads of treats.

As Hallowe’en is approaching, we covered some vocabulary in preparation for our cóisir Oíche Shamhna on Friday🎃

Don’t the children look so cute sitting at one of our new tables 🥰

Sonas an lae ort Jake ☺️

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 20/10/2023

🕸️Damhán alla beag 🕸️

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí we continued on with our theme of 🍁An Fómhar / Oíche Shamhna🎃 by learning a new nursery rhyme,

🎶🕷️Damhán alla beag - Incy Wincy Spider. 🕷️🎶

We all sang together and bopped along to the tune with our uirlisí ceoil 🥁🎤🪇.

☺️Bhí am ar dóigh againn. ☺️

Bíodh deireadh seachtaine maith agaibh agus fanaigí slán. 😊

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 17/10/2023

🎂Lá breithe Saorla 🎂

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí, Saorla celebrated her first birthday with her new friends.

Part of today’s lesson was to sing Happy Birthday to Saorla in Irish. 🎶
Everyone sang beautifully and the children helped her blow out her candle.🥳

We finished up with some birthday treats as part of our am sosa.

Cake - cáca milis 🍰
Biscuits- brioscaí 🍪🍪
Sweeties - milseáin 🍬🍬

Even the grown up’s enjoyed some tea and cake. 😋

Sonas an lae ort a Saorla. Tá súil againn gur bhain tú sult as do lá 🎁🎈

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 13/10/2023

🍁Duilleoga móra, lámha beag bídeach✋🏻

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí it was the babies turn to explore the world around us.🌍

🍂We ripped some leaves into tiny chunks, rustling them in between the babies small hands. 🍂
🍁We kept some intact so that they could be stuck to their work pages. 🍁

By interacting with the smells and textures of leaves in Autumn, babies can further develop their understanding of nature. 🌳

This activity strengthens a child’s motor skills while learning through touch.

We finished the session with some Makaton Baby Sign for the grown ups to use at home ✋🏻👌🏻.

Check out some of our photos from today 🥰

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 10/10/2023

🍂🍁An Fómhar- Autumn🍂🍁

We had a very busy morning at
👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí📚.

As we are staying on the topic of Autumn, we collected some crispy duilleoga (leaves) , stuck them on a template from Twinkl Resources ,and made our own masterpieces. ✂️

Afterwards, we all read a rhyme from Altram called “Duilleoga ag titim “ - the leaves are falling.

We finished up learning the three Makaton Signing signs for,

✋🏻An Fómhar- Autumn
👍🏻Crann - Tree
🤙🏼Duilleog- Leaf.

Bhain muid sult as na gníomhaíochtaí inniu.

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 06/10/2023

Seachtain a trí.

🎵🎹Ceol agus spraoi 🛝🚗

Today at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí 📚we practiced our singing voices. We also had fun playing with our uirlisí ceoil (musical instruments) along with practicing our hi-5’s👋🏼

Bhí maidin iontach againn go léir ☺️

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 03/10/2023

🎤🎶Ag canadh agus ag seinm ceoil🎶🥁

Today Baby Gaeilgeoirí we had our first music session. We all sang a song about the weather,

☔️“Cluinim Fearthainn”☔️ from the lovely book, Ceol Leat, Altram.

After our successful acoustic debut, we all refuelled with,

Arán rósta - Toast 🍞
Púitsí torthaí - fruit pouches 🍏🍌🍐
Sú cuiríní dubha- blackcurrant juice 🍇
Iógart- yoghurt 🥤

Ba é an lá is fearr é!
It was the best day! 🤩

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 29/09/2023

✏️Téarma nua, focail nua✏️
📙New term, new words📙

Today at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí📚, the babies had such a fantastic time playing and learning loads of different sounds and noises.

☺️We learned how to clap our hands in Irish! ☺️

👏🏻👏🏻Bualadh bos- clap your hands 👏🏻👏🏻 is a perfect example to use. The letter ‘B’ is one of three consonant sounds your baby will make.

Déan bualadh bos do mhamaí/daidí - clap your hands for mummy /daddy is another way of encouraging you child to copy your sounds.

👂You may not realise it, but today during the lesson, your child/ children were listening to every word you were saying.
👀They will watch every shape your mouth makes when you are speaking.
🗣️Talk to your baby face to face as they will mimic and imitate your facial and tongue movements.

Looking forward to next week so we can sing some songs in Irish🎶🎶

Bíodh deireadh seachtaine maith agaibh 💖

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 26/09/2023

Fáilte go 📚Baby Gaeilgeoirí👶🏻

Ár gcéad seisiún- our first session ✏️

Today we introduced our babies to their first Irish words.

We learned how to,

👏🏻Déan bualadh bos,
😘Tabhair póg domh,
🤗Tabhair barróg domh,

along with other useful words and phrases parents can use in the home. 🏡

The kids had great fun playing with all the toys and rounded up the session with some fruit pouches, toast and yoghurts.

Bhí maidin ar dóigh againn 🤩

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 22/09/2023

✏️Induction week - Seachtain ionduchtaithe📙

This week, 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí 📚opened its doors to almost 30 children, some of whom are beginning their journey into Irish Language and others who are continuing to use it in their daily routine.

After a successful induction, I am looking forward to teaching these little fountains of knowledge our beautiful language. ❤️

Term one has lots of curriculum based topics. 📝
We will learn Makaton sign language ✋🏻, sing songs and learn nursery rhymes in Irish. 🎶

Here are some pictures of our little Irish language learners from the past week.

Nach gleoite iad 🥰


This is where Baby Gaeilgeoirí learned Makaton, just if anyone is interested.

Pre-Booking is essential.

To record your interest please complete the registration form via the Link:


Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow for the start of Term one. See you all for registration and induction!


Check your inboxes, Induction emails have been sent 😊

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 01/09/2023

🧼🧹An Lá chun na bréagáin a ghlanadh 🧼🧹

This week at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí📚 we are getting ready for the new term.

As we all know, infants and young children share toys and often put them in their mouths. To reduce the risk of spreading infections, all the toys and equipment are washed thoroughly before each term begins and are washed after each session.

All toys are checked to make sure they are safe to be used. Any toys that are damaged or pose a risk to your child are discarded.

Play mats, bricks and plastic balls are all sterilised along with high chairs, baby bouncers and walkers.

It is almost under two weeks to our first induction and I am really looking forward to meeting you all!

I will be in touch this week with information about your child’s induction. All emails will be replied to as well.

🌤️Bainigí sult as an deireadh seachtaine 🌤️

BBC - Radharcanna Rúnda, Radharcanna Rúnda: An Sruthán & Camloch 21/08/2023

Baby Gaeilgeoirí takes place right in the heart of Bessbrook village.
I was given the opportunity to showcase my lovely little village of Bessbrook and the neighbouring village of Camlough, South Armagh, with Macha Media back in 2016.

Bainigí sult as!

BBC - Radharcanna Rúnda, Radharcanna Rúnda: An Sruthán & Camloch Annette Nic Lochlainn shows us the hidden gems in Bessbrook and Camlough


Dia daoibh! Just to let you know the Tuesday and Friday sessions for term one are both full.

I will have a waiting list for those who missed out.



Baby Gaeilgeoirí TUESDAY sessions will run from 19th September 2023 until 5th of December 2023. (No class 31st October for midterm)

Baby Gaeilgeoirí FRIDAY sessions will run from 15th September 2023 until 24th November 2023.
(No class 3rd November for midterm)

Time- 11-12pm
Place- Bessbrook Community Centre

🎃Hallowe’en party 27th October🎃
🎅🏻Christmas party 5th December🎅🏻


*️⃣Term 2 Tuesday 16/1 until 19/3
*️⃣Term 3 Tuesday 26/3 until 11/6

*️⃣Term 2 Friday 19/1 until 22/3
*️⃣Term 3 Friday 29/3 until 14/6

*️⃣- dates will be finalised once I know dates for Easter and spring midterm.

📧To confirm your place please email [email protected]

Places are limited.

For those of you who have been in contact with me or sent emails in the past few weeks, I will be in touch with payment details.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh 💖


Dia daoibh!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer.😎

I am finalising the dates for our upcoming terms and will be in touch as soon as they are completed.

There are three terms a year. September to December, January to March and April to June.

We will still be running on the same days, Tuesday and Fridays, at 11-12pm.

Cost is £50 per term. (£10 for additional children in same family)

Payment secured your place.

Sessions take place in Bessbrook Community Centre.

The classes are suitable for babies/ children aged between 0-4yrs.

The session includes play time, snack time, a lesson along with arts &crafts

You don’t need to know any Irish, you learn along with your child.

Each lesson is curriculum based and will involve music of some kind.

Parents are also given additional help with the words and sounds so they can continue learning at home.

I also use Makaton in the lessons to develop communication and language development with young children and babies.

Places are limited.

👀Watch this space for the start dates 👀

Email - [email protected] for further information.

Photos from Altram's post 04/07/2023

Cúpla focal daoibh


Go dtí an bhliain seo chugainn……


Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 16/06/2023

🎓Bronnadh na gCéimenna, Rang 2023.🎓
👨‍🎓Graduation, Class of 2023.👩‍🎓

Today marked the biggest day in the calendar for Baby Gaeilgeoirí.📆

Graduation day marks the end of a chapter and the start of new beginnings for the class of 2023.

In September, some of these children will continue their learning journey by attending Naíscoileanna, Bunscoileanna and Gaelscoileanna across the counties. 📚✏️📘

Some children will start primary schools with a head start, understanding at least two languages🗣️.

The rest will carry on learning Irish with the group. 🥰

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who made the day a success.

Thank you to Nicola from Belle and the Blue, for being a good friend and for the fantastic photographs over the past few years. 📸

Thank you to Eimear It's Eimear's Designs for the wonderful selfie board. Everybody loved it.😍

Thank you to Kathy from The Choir Studio for the graduation gowns.🎶

And above all, thank you all for supporting Baby Gaeilgeoirí .

I am so passionate about the Irish Language. Watching your little ones learn it makes me very proud of you all.

Míle buíochas.



🥹Slán le Baby Gaeilgeoirí, slán slán slán. 🥹

And that’s a wrap for Baby Gaeilgeoirí 2023.

I have had the best time teaching all my little Gaeilgeoirí.

Thank you all for my gorgeous cards and presents, I am so lucky to have a great bunch of friends who make it worthwhile 😍

We have had such a busy year, and it’s so true, time flies when you’re having fun. ☺️

I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating your child’s / grandchild’s graduation ceremony today. 🎓

Looking forward to seeing the amazing photographs from my lovely friend Nicola from Belle and the Blue. 📸

Anois, cupán tae agus cáca milis 🫖🍰😊

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 13/06/2023

🥹Ár rang deireanach🥹

Today marked our very last session at Baby Gaeilgeoirí for the academic year.

To say these past three terms have gone in by in the blink of an eye is an understatement.

We learned so many new songs 🎶over these past few months.

⭐️Scuab na fiacla 🦷🪥
⭐️Nigh na lámha🙌🏻
⭐️Lá breithe sona duit🎂
⭐️Ceann, gualainn, bos ‘s cos🦶🏼
⭐️Damhán alla beag 🕷️

We also learned makaton sign language 🤟🏻🫳🏻🤌🏻 for different items of food and drink, playtime, break time, and our colours 🌈.

This Friday marks our 🎓Bronnadh na gCéimeanna🎓 where the children will be presented their certificates for all the hard work they have done.

Looking forward to seeing all the children in their gowns and hats 🥰

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 09/06/2023

⭐️Drighligh drighligh réalt an-bheag ⭐️
🥪Ceapairí subh🥪

Today at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí 📚we learned a brand new nursery rhyme,

✨✨✨Twinkle Twinkle little star.✨✨✨

We all worked up an appetite from singing, 🎶🎶 so instead of our usual arán rósta, we had ceapairí subh (jam sandwiches) instead!😃

I think the children enjoyed them very much as there was empty plates and full tummies all round 😋

☀️Bíodh deireadh seachtaine iontach agaibh agus fanaigí slán san aimsir te. 😎

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 08/06/2023

🦎The day Jurassic Ark Encounters NI visited Baby Gaeilgeoirí🦎

It was the Tuesday groups turn to get up close and personal with some of natures most amazing reptiles. 😱

The children watched in 👀awe as they had their first experiences with the chameleons, snakes and tortoises. 🐍🐢🐊

Even though some of the children may not remember this day, their parents will be able to look back at one of their many "firsts."🥇

Many thanks to Johnny and Ethan for visiting us again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 06/06/2023

🥰Ár rang leathdhéanach/ Our penultimate class 🥰

Today at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí📚we learned how to count to ten 🔟

We learned some new words too.
Muc- pig 🐷
Bó - Cow 🐮
Bróga leathair - leather shoes 👞
Císte - cake 🎂
Te - hot 🥵

After our am sosa, we cooled down with some ice lollies.

Bhí siad an-bhlasta😋

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 02/06/2023

🍭🍦Ice lollies and numbers 🔢🍦

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí we learned how to count from 0️⃣ to 🔟.

We all used our méara beaga (little fingers) 👐to count each one out loud.

Afterwards we enjoyed our am sosa of sú oráiste (it was actually bándearg) 🤫, and arán rósta.

We finished off the session chilling out and cooling down with an ice lolly.

Many thanks again goes to my wonderful friend Nicola from Belle and the Blue for the fantastic photographs 📸

Bíodh deireadh seachtaine deas agaibh agus
tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh go léir ag baint sult as an ghrian ☀️


Bainígí sult as an Lá Saoire bainc!

Roinnt frásaí daoibh 📝

🏖🎡😎Lá saoire bainc😎🎡🏖
Bank Holiday

Cá bhfuil sibh ag dul amárach?
Where are you going tomorrow?

Here's a little language visual to use if you are out and about tomorrow 🥰

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 19/05/2023

Today at Fridays session of Baby Gaeilgeoirí , we played musical instruments 🥁🪕while singing a song about washing our hands 🙌🏻 🧼

All the singing made us really hungry and thirsty 🥤, and instead of our usual sú oráiste🧡, we had something else....

Sú cuiríní dubha- 💜Black currant juice 💜

Bhí sé an- bhlasta ar fad!

Bhain muid sult as am súgartha agus am ceoil 🎶🎤

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 16/05/2023

🐔Ainmhithe agus a n-óg 🐣

Today at 👶🏻Baby Gaeilgeoirí📚, we learned all about animals and their young.


We also learned the difference between, MÓR (BIG) and beag (small)

We finished up the session with a sing-a-long to
🎶Baa Baa Caoire Dhubh 🎶

Thaitin an seisiún go mór linn😊


One of my Baby Gaeilgeoirí gave me a wee bronntanas/ féirín 💝 yesterday. Nach gleoite é? 🥰

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 09/05/2023

🙌🏻🧼Nigh Na lámha 🧼🙌🏻

🎂Lá breithe Margaret 🎂

Busy morning at Baby Gaeilgeoirí with more cake and some new music! 🎶

Our Spring term is a busy time for birthdays in the group and today we all sang Lá breithe sona to our very own Margaret Ocallaghan. ❤️

🎶We also learned a new song, nigh na lámha, (wash the hands) with two new verbs.🎶

Nigh- wash 🧽 🧼
Tromaigh - dry 🙌🏻

We had a lovely morning, with plenty of spraoi, craic agus ceol 💖💙🤍

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 05/05/2023

😢Slán le Baby Gaeilgeoirí, slán slán slán 😢

Today we said our goodbyes to Christina, Aoife and Cadhla who are moving to Australia 🇦🇺 later this month.

The lesson was based on the Continent of Australia 🌏 and we learned some new words.🗣

Damháin alla gleoite- Cute spiders 🕷
Cangarúnna - Kangaroos🦘
Nathracha nimhe - Snakes 🐍

🦘Léim muid suas ⬆️ agus síos ⬇️cosúil le cangarú 🦘

We had a little farewell party with some yummy Aussie themed cupcakes and some sparkly Shloer 🍷

We would like to wish Christina and her family all the luck in the world with their new adventure. We will miss you all so much. If you decide to come home at any stage, don’t be a stranger 💖

Many thanks to Belle and the Blue for the fantastic photos 📸

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 02/05/2023

🥳🎂Lá breithe Hughie 🎂🥳
🐑Baa Baa Caoire Dhubh 🐑

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí, we celebrated Hughies 3rd Birthday 🎉

We all sang 🎶 Lá Breithe Sona Duit🎶 ( We all know it off by heart now lol) and then we got into some serious singing. 🎤

Our nursery rhyme this week is Baa Baa Black Sheep as Gaeilge. We learned some new words too!

Caoire Dhubh - Black sheep🐑
Olann- Wool 🧶
Trí mhála lán - three bags full 🎒
Bean - Woman 👩

We all had full bellies thanks to Joanne Casey for bringing in the goodies 🍩🍬🍫🧁.

Thanks to Katie Mcloughlin for editing the gorgeous photos 📸

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 28/04/2023

☀️Bank Holiday weekend fun!☀️

We did lots of playing, learning and sharing today.

JJ was very kind today and shared his chocolate with us. Maith thú JJ 🥰

Ag súgradh -🤗🧸

Ag foghlaim ✏️📝

Ag roinnt 👏🏻🍫

Enjoy the long weekend folks! 😉

Bainigí sult as an deireadh seachtaine fada! 😉

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 26/04/2023

Fáilte go 📚Baby Gaeilgeoirí👶🏻/ Ezra turns 1️⃣

It was a morning of “firsts” yesterday! We had our first session of term three, where we learned some words and phrases to use at home. 💬

Afterwards, we all sang Lá Breithe sona to Ezra who celebrated his first birthday with the rest of the Babaí Gaeilgeoirí. 🎶

♥️Bhain muid an-sult as an lá ar fad ♥️

Sonas ort Ezra 🥰

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 22/04/2023

📝Induction week📝

We started our third and final term this week at Baby Gaeilgeoirí with some new faces and new toys! 🧸🪁

It’s so lovely to see the children👶🏻 adapt to their new surroundings🏫 and to make new friends.🤝🤝

Earlier this week, we celebrated one of our mummy’s birthdays, and sang Lá Breithe sona duit to Rebecca.🎂

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the new starts next week 🥰

Thanks to the parents who donated toys recently. They are all a big hit with the kids and I am very grateful.

Míle buíochas to Nicola from Belle and the Blue for the fantastic photographs 📸

Photos from Baby Gaeilgeoirí's post 31/03/2023

🐍Ainmhithe- Animals🐢

Lá deiridh- Téarma a dó.

Today at Baby Gaeilgeoirí we had some surprise guests! Jonny and Ethan from Jurassic Ark Encounters NI visited the Baby Gaeilgeoirí along with their reptiles. 🐍🐢🦖🦕

Everybody interacted and got up close and personal with some of natures most amazing reptiles. The children watched in awe as they had their first experiences with the chameleons, snakes, and tortoises.

Not only was it and experience of a lifetime for these little people, it will forever be a memory that they will remember for a long time.

So that's term two done and dusted✅, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone after Easter.🐣

Many thanks to Nicola from Belle and the Blue and for the amazing photographs- such a pity I could only upload a maximum of ten. 📸📸


👶🏻Ár nGaeilgeoir is óige sa ghrúpa 👶🏻

We marked our last week of term two with the arrival of Baby Dermot. Not even two weeks young and already he is immersed in our beautiful language.

We all sang 🚜Bhí feirm ag an fhear🚜 while his older sister joined in too.🐑🐥🐮

Our last class on Friday will have some interesting guests. 👀 I wonder who we will meet🤔 💭

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