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Thank you for such a great time at music makers. When daddy asked what we 'd been up to today he was told "Amy is lovely" and "spider toe". Lol.
Amy, just noticed your page! This all looks amazing! X
hi Amy! I am really interested in your toddlers music thing in terms of thinking through our Little Day Out events. Is there any chance that I could come to one of your sessions at some point to see what you do and then have a chat about how we might be able to make that work at an event?! Is that something you would be interested in!?? Ruth
HI, Do you have a main website, or somewhere I can send you a message? Thanks
Just want to say I think you are doing a great job! Kids look happy (and cute) and I love the activities you are doing with them! They make so much sense!

A fresh approach to music education | piano lessons | music theory | pre-instrumental workshops and

AM Music was founded by Amy Matson, a trained primary school teacher with a Diploma in piano teaching and a Licentiate in instrumental/vocal teaching. Amy has been teaching piano for over 10 years and specialised in Music during her teacher training at Stranmillis College, Belfast. Having trained with evoco {a Northern Ireland based organisation, providing innovative training for music educators,

Operating as usual

Photos from AM Music's post 10/09/2023

Getting organised for lessons recommencing this week! Looking forward to seeing pupils again and meeting some for the first time. 🎹


Not *just* a piano teacher!

What if we were not *just* piano teachers? What if our role extended way beyond that?

Perhaps it does.

It used to be the case that piano teachers just “showed” students how to play pieces. But most teachers know that teaching and learning is SO much more than this; we always strive to develop the musician rather than just the piano player.

But, right down at the foundation, there is something really beautiful that we do, that extends far beyond the obvious remit of the piano teacher.

We believe in our students.

We help them to see that even the difficult is possible; that they have someone behind them to applaud their efforts, that it’s worth going out on a limb to strive for the highest standards.

And, in doing so, we develop their humanity. We work with the vulnerability of the human condition and help people to shoot for the stars.

We are so much more than *just* piano teachers!

thecuriouspianoteachers on TikTok 29/06/2023

The Piano Framework is the curriculum I follow, my aim is to help pupils to be become well rounded musicians.

thecuriouspianoteachers on TikTok The one thing that impacted my the most.


Using the floor stave to teach 2nds and unisons. 🎼


As educators, we should never forget this!


Easter piano party ready! 🐣🎹

Photos from AM Music's post 22/03/2023

Working out the rhythm of Easter Eggs 🐣


No lessons this week as I’ll be keeping these two entertained for half term! 🌊


*I’ve shared it before, and I’ll share it again!*

Here in the UK, we seem to have a predilection for music exams more than most countries in the world.

But is there a general sense that some teachers use exams as the main focus of learning in music lessons? I’m afraid the answer is “yes.”

The worst case scenario is where pupils literally follow a treadmill of working towards grade 1, then starting on grade 2, and so on. This leads to a diet that’s so restricted that pupils simply aren’t getting nearly enough nutrients to survive! Perhaps this is why so many children in particular give up piano lessons after a couple of years (the most common time, apparently, being around Grade 3 level). This is generally because they have not built up the independence to learn music for themselves (and here, I’m not talking YouTube tutorials!).

The fact is that exams are a syllabus and NOT a curriculum. The range of skills in technique, musicianship, music reading, theory, sight reading, aural skills, improvisation, etc that they must have as a PREREQUISITE for taking exams is incredible. Preparing for an exam doesn’t mean learning the notes until you can play them - being able to actually play the pieces is only the beginning! And what is worse: spending six months or even a whole year on just three pieces is soul destroying for students.

The problem is that it’s TOTALLY possible in piano to play to at least grade 2 exam standard simply by showing a pupil how to play the pieces. In other words, the pupil can just copy the teacher and memorise the pieces, but they wouldn’t actually know how to go about learning the music themselves. This means the gap is simply too wide between their understanding and the task - in short: their learning is shallow with little foundation, usually due to too little time given for building up skills over months and years. A good marker is that of sight reading - if they really don’t know where to start with the sight reading for the grade, it’s a pretty clear marker that they’re not ready.

The recommended time before taking grade 1 - on average - is THREE years of study (this is when practice at home has been consistent and focussed over the years). These “kindergarten” years are essential to build up the range of skills required. And of course, this is all based on the individual student and their attitude to practice and learning!

So I take exams with a pinch of salt. They are a wonderful way to measure success - and, of course, they are internationally recognised qualifications and recognised as such in terms of UCAS points.

However, I’m all about the LEARNING, and not the accolade at the end. My job is to develop well rounded musicians with a wide experience of music, not little exam factory workers who begin to hate their restricted diet.

My philosophy is that exams should be taken when a pupil is MORE than ready for them. That way the time spent preparing is NOT months and months and months! In that way, they become an enjoyable experience rather than a drudgery and a source of anxiety.


Reading notation for the first time with finger numbers 🎹


Some pre-bed keyboard geography for Arthur 🎹


Using the floor stave to introduce line notes and space notes 🎹

Photos from AM Music's post 23/12/2022

When I say PIANO you say PARTY 🎄🎵🎹


Christmas tree is finally decorated! Pupils are putting final touches to all their Christmas repertoire this week and next in preparation for our piano party! 🎄🎹🎶


Creating a house for our fuzzy helps with teaching correct piano hand shape


Floor stave today to show the pitch pattern of Old Mister Woodpecker.


Working out the rhythm of a song using “pulse stars” ⭐️


C h a r l i e C h i p m u n k
and his pals help to introduce pupils to simple rhythm patterns. 🐿🦁🦛🦒🦓🦘


“Decorating the piano” allows pupils to begin to understand the geography of the piano keyboard.


Introducing rhythm using animal patterns makes it fun and memorable!


Piano Safari is a piano method that incorporates the best elements of a range of techniques for teaching children and older students.

Katherine Fisher and Dr. Julie Knerr combined decades of experience and a variety of teaching and pedagogical research into a detailed, effective method.

I love teaching it and my pupils love learning from it!


Designed for the youngest students, Piano Safari Friends is intended to lay the foundation for a successful start in Level 1. It comes with a corresponding sticker book, a PDF of the Piano Decorating Kit, and accompanying audio tracks.


Hi there 👋🏻 it’s been a while! I’m Amy and I run AM Music.

I trained as a Primary School teacher at Stranmillis and then studied with Sharon Mark-Teggart for my piano teaching Diploma and Licentiate.

I am a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians where I have Registered Teacher Status and the European Piano Teachers Association (UK).

I also belong to the Curious Piano Teachers professional development community where I learn as much as I teach!

When I am not teaching piano I am wife to Ben and mum to Clara, Arthur and Pearl.

I specialise in beginners and have limited availability for new pupils on Wednesday afternoons.


If your toddler regularly listens to music, especially in a playful way (singing nursery rhymes with you for instance), it can have an amazing positive effect on their brain. 🎶🧠

You don’t have to be musically gifted yourself, just introduce music into your everyday life, sing to your child (it doesn’t matter how off key!), dance to fun music together, consider musical toys and just have fun with sounds! 🥁🎹🎵

Today’s fun fact from my new book ‘Beginnings’ - A guide to child psychology and development for parents of 0-5yr olds, which is out in August:


More fun with the floor keyboard today! My P2 pupil placed “buddies” on all the notes needed to play a rote piece he is currently learning.


I took part in this workshop yesterday...great fun!

We had a brilliant workshop with the lovely Lucinda Geoghegan (NYCOS) yesterday morning, the first in our new Sounds of Singing series for primary school teachers! 🎶

Lots of ideas and tips for use in the classroom (both online and in-person). Looking forward to the second workshop next month! 🙌 🙌 🙌


The music room is now also the school room! 👩🏻‍🏫


A Christmas sound story created by my youngest pupils - Albie, Carmen and Iris.


Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star.

A sound story created by Lucas.


Usually we all come together for a Christmas Piano Party, but as this was not possible this year, pupils made recordings of their performances for your enjoyment! Merry Christmas from AM Music!

A big thank you to all my pupils for being so wonderful this year, and to all their parents for the support and encouragment! See you all in 2021 for more music making!


Christmas performance video in progress! Christmas fairy cake provided by a very kind parent! 🎅🏻🎵🖥


Clara worked her magic on the music room Christmas tree today!


Parents of pupils...please check your emails as I have sent an important message regarding lessons in December.


For my youngest pupils... a Christmas Sound Story involving Suzy Goose and some Christmassy music-making! ⭐️


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎵🎄


It was SO nice to teach someone in person today (with all our safety measures in place) for the first time!

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