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Photos from Ayrshire Astronomical Society's post 03/04/2024

A few of our members are heading out to Mexico and the US for the total solar eclipse on Monday. Good luck guys!! It will be partially eclipsed at sunset for us, but as always, the forecast isn't looking too clever πŸ™„
*Remember how dangerous the sun is, don't forget to inform your kids. If the forecast improves, we will aim to try a livestream through the solar telescope for you πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ”­

Committee member Paul Cameron took these amazing shots with his smart telescope last week.
There's always a debate with these new pieces of kit, but anything that helps people get into astronomy has to be a good thing right? πŸ‘


For those attending our observing session on Saturday night, the weather looks promising for once!! πŸ‘πŸ”­

Also, we would just like to wish you all a very......

Photos from Ayrshire Astronomical Society's post 25/03/2024

A really excellent talk tonight by Colin Barbour on the life of Von Braun. We hope you enjoyed it.
If you missed the meeting but you're interested in this weekend's society observing session, please contact us directly for further information.

Clear skies πŸ”­


See you all at 7pm tonight πŸ‘

Photos from Ayrshire Astronomical Society's post 24/03/2024

If you missed the aurora last night, another chance tonight hopefully if forecasts are correct.
As always, look north, away from any light pollution.
Full moon will rise around 7pm from the east which won't help but good luck 🀞


Catch the third test flight of Starship today around midday on all the usual Space X media channels. Should be a cracker... πŸš€


Upcoming Earth-Asteroid encounters...
Yes only the ones we know about now!!! β˜„

................ (UT).........(lunar dist)..(km/s).... (m)


Next up for us is our March meeting.
This month we welcome Colin Barbour as our main speaker. He will be giving a talk on... "Wernher von Braun - From N**i to NASA"
Von Braun led NASA'S development of the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo 11 to the Moon.
See you all on the 25th at Kyle Academy Ayr.
As always we start at 7pm. πŸ”­


A massive thank you, we've just reached 1300 followers!
Not too shabby as we had 600 at this time last year.
We hope you feel well informed about all things astronomy and a huge welcome to our new followers too!
Why not come and join us? More info at
www.ayrastro.com πŸ”­


Aurora from Doonfoot tonight 😍😍😍
Pic: Jill Ross


Possible aurora tonight folks.
Let your eyes adjust and avoid light pollution.
Good luck 🀞


Massive Farside Sunspot: Helioseismic images of the farside of the sun reveal a large sunspot on the sun's southern hemisphere. It will turn to face Earth this weekend, possibly bringing an uptick in solar activity. Here's hoping before the lighter nights arrive 🀞

Photos from Ayrshire Astronomical Society's post 26/02/2024

What an excellent talk tonight by Professor Victoria Martin from Edinburgh University telling us all about her work at CERN.

We hope to have her back again soon. πŸ‘


Big Sunspot Alert:
A huge new sunspot (AR3590) is emerging from the farside of the Sun. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory can see it rotating over the sun's northeastern limb. The sunspot's planet-sized dark cores are inset in this magnetic map of the sun's surface.....

Hopefully we will see some aurora action when it becomes Earth facing in the coming days.
It will be visible with the aid of eclipse glasses but please don't look directly with unfiltered optics.

Image : Nasa SDO (Spaceweather)


Hi folks our next meeting is on Monday 26th February. If particle physics is your thing, don't miss this one...
Our main lecture will be"Quarks, Leptons, Bosons and all that: Physics with CERN's Large Hadron Collider" by Professor Victoria Martin from Edinburgh University.
As always we're at Kyle Academy Ayr and start at 7pm.


Yesterday, Feb. 12th, the sun produced 9 solar flares one was almost an X-flare (circled) and multiple filament eruptions.
Our nearest star's activity is really ramping up as it heads towards Solar Maximum. It produced its most powerful flare since 2017, which would have produced strong aurora with a direct hit. More chances to come soon hopefully 🀞 we'll keep you posted


A sunspot big enough to see from Mars is now turning to face Earth. NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars first noticed the sprawling sunspot group last week, photographing it using the rover's MASTCAM. It was a behemoth then, and it has only grown bigger since. Here's how AR3576 looked yesterday, expect some aurora action over the next week or so 🀞


This Morning's Moon

Taken with Borg 90FL, AA178C camera.


James Webb Space Telescope captured a starburst complex in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
The orange, yellow and blue image from the powerful space telescope features the interstellar atomic hydrogen of the 1,630-light-year-wide nebula N79, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. This region is actively forming stars and remains virtually unexplored by astronomers. πŸ”­
Image credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, O. Nayak, M. Meixner


Hi folks, this Monday's meeting will be in a classroom at Kyle Academy and not our usual auditorium spot. Our location will be well signposted.
There is also a change of guest speaker as previously stated. Graham will be giving a talk on " A DIY 2metre Dome Observatory"

See you all at 7pm πŸ”­


What a way to kick off the new year, we are delighted to have Professor Victoria Martin from Edinburgh University as our guest speaker on Monday 22nd January. With....
"Quarks, Leptons, Bosons and all that: Physics with CERN's Large Hadron Collider"
As always we start at 7pm at Kyle Academy Ayr πŸ”­

From all of us at the Ayrshire Astronomical Society have a fantastic and peaceful 2024 πŸ₯‚


We would like to wish all members and page a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year full of clear skies!!
We will return in January for meetings and updates for Star Camp will be heading your way very soon.
Have fun guys from all of us on the AAS Committee πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ πŸ”­


If you notice any shooting stars over the next few nights, they will probably be part of the Geminid Meteor Shower. It peaks around this time of year when the Earth crosses the debris path of 3200 Phaethon asteroid.
If the weather plays ball you should see around 70 per minute.
As always, find a dark sky, let your eyes adapt, look up and enjoy the show.
No equipment necessary. πŸ‘


Really looking forward to this year's Christmas meal tonight. It's always a cracker...πŸ˜‰
Please avoid the town centre with all the road closures and use the by pass instead.
See you all at 7pm πŸ¦ƒ πŸ₯‚


Any members wishing to join us for the Christmas meal next Monday night please send us a direct message asap to book.
Still a few spaces left so get in touch. πŸŽ„

Photos from Ayrshire Astronomical Society's post 01/12/2023

As predicted, those CMEs are now starting to make their impact on our atmosphere.
Weather warning has been issued for Ayrshire for snow tonight so hopefully this will peak before the clouds roll in.
We'll be doing our best to avoid any interruptions. Please wrap up warm and drive to suit the conditions.
Astronomy in Scotland eh? πŸ˜‰


Good News....

If you missed the aurora on Saturday, there should be further chances to view it this week. Those Earth facing sunspots are hurtling charged particles towards us and hopefully we'll get another light show when they interact with our upper atmosphere πŸ‘

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A pair of new sunspot groups are emerging near the sun's southeastern limb. One of them is potentially large and could p...
Quick livestream test πŸ”­
Some stills from Starcamp 17
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"Where's the Turkey?"





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