We loved creating this play pack! And trying it out all summer during our Play Days was so much fun.
Next up in our mini series of former NTS rangers' exciting new ventures is Under Sky:

"The sky's the limit for Katie now that she has teamed up with a graphic designer and started Under Sky: Outdoor play packs based upon our wonderful native wildlife. Perfect for parties, great for get-togethers, fab for fun days or simply play every day with the engaging story-led games. Each pack focuses upon a particular theme and different wildlife helping families and groups to discover more about their natural neighbourhood. Everything is included in the box, just bring your imagination and curiosity under the sky. Check out www.undersky.co.uk for more details."

Under Sky are also on Instagram: www.instagram.com/underskyplay

We think Under Sky's play packs look like they are a lot of environmentally-friendly fun! They clearly have been designed with great care, love and attention to detail. Now, which little person in your life to treat to one?

Scottish Countryside Rangers' Association - SCRA

We’re all about playing outdoors and discovering more about UK wildlife. Seasonally themed and uni UnderSky: wild about nature; passionate about play.

We’re here to help you and your little one(s) love the great outdoors. We’ve got something to offer every occasion: gifts for children with our Play Tins, outdoor celebrations with our birthday parties and wedding entertainment and bringing communities together with our play sessions. There’s lots of seasonal themes to choose from helping little ones discover more about their natural neighbours. C

Operating as usual

Photos from Dailly CC's post 13/09/2022

We loved meeting everyone on Sunday at Dailly! It was great to be part of Ayrshire's first Walking Festival . We're looking forward to more adventures!

Photos from UnderSky's post 07/09/2022

We're looking forward to playing games and exploring the beautiful woods at Dailly this Sunday as part of the Ayrshire Walking Festival . And the good news is, there's still some spaces available for you to join the fun!

Suitable for Primary aged children, there's free healthy snacks and prizes for all those who come along. Email [email protected] to book your place and see you there!


We're part of the first Ayrshire Walking Festival ! Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to book a space on our Wee Wild Walk.

Children and families! Come on a Wee Wild Walk with UnderSky at Dailly on Sunday 11th September! We’re celebrating our wonderful Scottish wildlife and the great outdoors with fun games and a children’s walk for the Ayrshire’s first Walking Festival . Between 10:30-1pm, we’ll not only be walking but also running, jumping, dancing, balancing, flying and swimming (with the help of some imagination)! And from 11:30am - 12:30pm we’ll be exploring the woodlands on a Wee Wild Walk. This event is funded by the Dailly Community Council who love to see families enjoying the beautiful park and woodland at Dailly. Suitable for primary-aged children, book your space by emailing [email protected].


Twitter: ,

and use the hashtag


Please can you help answer some VERY QUICK QUESTIONS?

In April, we were very lucky to be selected to be a part of Scotland’s ONLY Nature Based Accelerator Programme. We’ve been asked to gather Market Research which we will present to a panel of potential investors in September.

We would REALLY APPRECIATE IT if you would be willing to answer our 4 minute survey - https://www.undersky.co.uk/feedback-2022

In return, we would be delighted to offer you 10% off any UnderSky product.
Thank you so much for your time and your opinions.


Our Fullarton Woods King Elf's Quest Play Session is fully booked! But there's still lots of other magical FREE activities with and South Ayrshire Ranger Service on from 1pm-3pm to celebrate the new Fairy Trail. We hope to see you there!


Look! We've flown over to the Scottish Maritime Museum for the Making Waves Festival Ayrshire Makers Market. 10-4pm today!


Come celebrate the launch of the new Fullarton Woods Fairy Trail in Troon on Sunday 31st July, 1-3pm!

We've teamed up with the South Ayrshire Ranger Service to help your little ones gain the skills of the woodland elves and fairies with lots of magical activities at this FREE children’s event.

Plus NEW to this event is our King Elf's Quest Play Session from 1:30-2:30pm, suitable for 4-9 year olds and their families. Booking is essential for our FREE play session so please email us to reserve your space: [email protected]


It’s the Making Waves Festival at the Scottish Maritime Museum this weekend and we’re there on Sunday selling our wares. There’s lots of Ayrshire artisans and businesses to check out and support. Come and wave your fins at us.

Photos from UnderSky's post 12/06/2022

We're selling our fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) play tins at Doonfoot Primary Summer Fair today. Katie there and she's even colour-matched her sleeveless cardi to our brand colours for you. Tres chic Mrs Katie!

C'mon down and say Hi!


Did you know we also run outdoor Birthday Parties? We can help you celebrate by bringing our super fun UnderSky activities to you. With lots of themes to choose from, check out our website for more details (https://www.undersky.co.uk/undersky-birthday-parties ) and get in touch. We'd love to make your little one's day special! [email protected]


Good News! There's some spaces available now at the Forehill Play Day tomorrow!
Suitable for children aged 4-9 years. Come along for some super fun outdoor games all inspired by our wonderful native wildlife.
Visit our website to book your place now: www.undersky.co.uk


We've launched a new Play Tin for Easter! It's called Little Eggsplorers and it guarantees outdoor fun for your little one!

What's inside the tin we hear you ask?
First, choose the egg laying animals from the Hand Illustrated Playing Cards and play Mrs Owl’s Foosty Fox game.

Then make your selection from the Butterfly Menu and find the butterflies’ favourite feasts.

Add more to the menu by planting your Seedball – a matchbox of 6 mini seed bombs packed full of minibeast friendly plant seeds waiting to grow.

Discover the birds’ best nest tips in their letter to mummy Robin and build your own nest.

Play a game of slippery frog spawn with the beautifully
tactile Japanese Paper Ball.

Create a snail trail using your chalk egg or natural materials through your garden, the woods or park – who can follow the signs and find your snail?

Phew - games galore! + FREE DELIVERY in the local area (Ayr and Prestwick)

C'mon folks, that's better than a chocolate egg, surely!


We're all set up and ready to go with our first Easter Play Day!


Two of our FREE Play Days are fully booked but its not too late to book onto the other two! First up it's Craigie Park this Saturday.

Our fun outdoor play sessions get your little one running about, playing games, exploring nature and discovering more about our native wildlife. Suitable for 4-9 year olds (accompanied by an adult), visit our website to book on!

Photos from UnderSky's post 29/03/2022

Oh look! We're launching a fun outdoor play alternative to a chocolate Easter Egg! Our Little Eggsplorers Play Kit is packed with egg related games and activities all based upon our wonderful native wildlife. Perfect for playing in your garden, local park or woodland and hours of fun.

🦊Play with our wildlife card pack and watch out for the Foosty Fox!
🦋Find a butterfly feast and plant your wildflowers .
🐦Discover the best nest tips from woodland birds and help Mummy Robin build a fab nest.
🐸Play slippery slimey frog spawn catch with the beautiful Japanese paper ball.
🐌And lay a snail trail with your chalk egg – who will find the snail?

All for £15! Check out www.undersky.co.uk
Remember folks you can only gobble up that chocolate egg once (dammit!). Why not buy the little one in your life something egg-stra special this Easter?

Photos from UnderSky's post 29/03/2022

Busy day (and evening) for UnderSky on Saturday.

Oor Katie ran a play session teaching wee ones all about Earth Hour at Newton Primary while Kathryn maned a stall at Ayr.

Later on we were off to a wedding at to entertain children with our outdoor games, night-time adventures and storytelling. Yes, we do private events too!

It was great to meet everyone at all the different events - we had so much fun!


Hooray! Our FREE Play Days are back in Ayr this Easter Holidays! Join us and celebrate our wonderful wildlife through super-fun active games and nature exploration. Thanks to funding from South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership we'll be visiting 4 different locations around Ayr - Craigie, Castlehill, Dalmilling and Forehill.

Suitable for children aged 4-9 years old (accompanied by an adult), there will be 3 play sessions across each day for you to choose from, plus free Family Play Ideas to take away. Will you discover some alternative Easter eggs? Use your super-skills to become an Animal Champion? Or search out the Minibeasts and discover their mega powers?
Spaces are limited so book your place now at www.undersky.co.uk to avoid disappointment. Every child who joins our play days receives an UnderSky Play Prize and a healthy snack thanks to two local plant-based food business - and from the Fruit Stall at the Wallace Tower.


Back to work in a happy new year! A day of list making and preparing. (Don't mess with Kathryn's concentrating face!) 😁


A massively important part of our UnderSky ethos is to highlight and use urban greenspaces.

They may appear to be simply a patch of grass, a few trees and some shrubs but the diversity and detail of nature elevate these places above and beyond initial glances. Recent research draws attention to one important detail: social contact in urban greenspaces helps reduce loneliness!

The huge success of our Summer Play Days, bringing families together for outdoor play in local green spaces, illustrated this point. Children and parents joined in the games, laughed together and made memories.

Roll on 2022 and some more UnderSky outdoor play days!

Check out:



Upon perusing the Guardian recently we were stopped in our tracks. WOW! A millipede the size of a car? Imagine this trundling down your street and attempting to reverse park. (Hee hee, we’re so funny!)

A large boulder has fallen from the sandstone cliff in Northumberland, cracked open and inside was the rear end of a 326 million year old giant millipede. Fortuitously, some university colleagues stumbled across this fossil gem and identified the incredible find. At around 2 metres long, it’s the largest arthropod that has ever existed on Earth!

Inspired by this story, and hoping to start a new Christmas tradition, Katie’s family enjoyed recreating this prehistoric creature. Meanwhile, our local humble millipedes are curled up asleep in the leaf litter, oblivious to their massive ancestral past.


Photos from UnderSky's post 24/12/2021

As we wind down for Santa-Time, we've been reflecting on our first year of UnderSky. Here are a few photos to sum up our 2021...

So yups....really it's just lots of Katie and I giggling and playing tig with kids.
(Sssssh don't tell anyone, we're calling this 'work'!)

Thanks again for everyone who came out to play with us this year.
Merry Christmas to you all!


You’re not too late! There’s still time to bring some super fun outdoor play adventures to a little one in your life.

Choose an UnderSky Gift Voucher from our website and it’ll wing it’s way to you via email for printing at home. Or, if you live near Ayr, we can hand deliver any last minute Play Tin or Card Game purchases – just order by tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd Dec).


Remember those days when the sun beat you to it? When it was up and laughing at us as we blinked our eyes open way too early.

But just now it feels like we’ve been persuading and dragging that golden orb up out of his ocean bed. Where’s Eos, the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, we wonder? She’s supposed to harness up her winged horses, climb aboard her chariot and rise from the sea carrying the sun up into the sky. Can the immortal ones succumb to COVID too?
Thankfully not.

The world keeps turning on its 23.5 degrees tilt resulting in our shorter Winter days. The regular rhythms of the natural world are a stabilising and comforting part of our lives. Just as surely Winter is cold and dark, so the light will return and Spring will bloom. We may be the furthest from the sun right now but we can still remember those hot Summer days of seemingly never-ending sunlight. And today we mark the return of that light. Go outside and soak it in.


Here's the perfect play present! UnderSky Play Tins combine fun outdoor experiences for kids with a beautifully presented, eco-friendly wrapped-up gift. And there's still time to order before the Christmas deadline. Check out www.undersky.co.uk for more info!


We're here at the Christmas Shop today in Ayr till 4pm! Great chance to pick up som fab gifts and stocking fillers. Lots of other stall here too Nellie's Knits Ceit&Co Punkland Vinyls Wee Knead Doughnuts

Photos from UnderSky's post 16/12/2021

Oh look! We're popping up again in Ayr on Saturday with our Christmas Pop Up Shop! Great chance to nab some fab games for kids. It was great to meet everyone last Sunday and thanks to everyone who bought a play tin or card game. We're sure our mini UnderSky entrepreneurs (AKA our kids) played a massive part in the success as they handed out flyers, chatted to customers and counted the money.


UnderSky are at the Unity Grill Pop-Up Shop on Newmarket Street today. Come chat up Kathryn! (and pick up some fabulous stocking fillers while you're here...)


We're popping up in Ayr this Sunday and the following Saturday at the Christmas Pop Up Shop! Here's your chance to bring some extra fun play to your little one's Christmas day with our Play Tins and Card Games. Plus there's other local crafts and businesses selling goodies too!


Play Packs filled and ready to go! As always, little Laurie is on hand to help. Today with her friend Foxxy was also here on work experience.


Searching, exploring, uncovering, identifying, staring-face-to-face, counting, collecting, drawing, creating, planting, nectar-giving, wildlife-reserve-making, fun-having, memory-making.
It's NEW, it's full of IDEAS and it's just £15!

Check out all the great Minibeast inspired activities in our new Meet the Minibeasts Play Tin.

🐜Bug pot and Identification Lanyard for discovering your natural neighbours
🐝Bug Bingo sheet with stickers for recording your finds
✏️Beetle Drive game for creating new insect species
🔎Mirror for investigating the world from a minibeast perspective
🌼Plus plant your own mini nature reserve with the Seedball matchbox

The perfect gift for little ones who love scurrying about outside and searching for crawl
Check out our website for more details www.undersky.co.uk/shop-undersky

Photos from UnderSky's post 27/11/2021

Here we, here we, here we...
...officially launch our NEW PRODUCTS!

We've been working our little butts off down at UnderSky HQ (read: Kathryn's Kitchen Table) getting new play kits ready for Christmas-time.

Little Adventurers will love our individual Play Tins filled with active outdoor play ideas - only £15!

Or what about our Family Card game selection, including our own design MINIBEAST MEGAPOWERS - a get-up-and-get-moving card game - only £8!

Come and have a nosy @ www.undersky.co.uk/shop-undersky


We love these types of events: hands-on history bringing our human heritage to life.

It’s the 22nd Clanscape event with Cashel Forest and this Saturday beside Loch Lomond and we’ll be there!

Ever wondered about how to carve some wood or make your own charcoal (if your carving doesn’t quite turn out how you’d hoped)? What about smoking a haddock or girdling a Highland cake for lunch? Or discover the skills to set off on an adventure in a coracle (small round boat made with animal hides) with a leather pouch of herbal medicines and warm woollen un**es?

Well, if you are like Katie and dream regularly of these types of activities, then you will be in your element. And if you are like Kathryn and dream regularly of cheese, then here’s your chance to add haddock to your repertoire.

We’ll be running an UnderSky play session in the afternoon plus we have a stall promoting our new play tins and card games, perfect for Christmas gifts. Understanding nature and noticing the seasonal changes were vital in the past. Let’s aim for increasing our cultural awareness of nature, right now, through hands-on activities and learning through play.

The event of the centuries is on this Saturday (27th) 10am to 4.30pm at Cashel Forest site, North of Balmaha.

Book your tickets for this hands-on heritage extravaganza through this link. (Kids Free! Adults and over 15 years are £5 each). All contributions go directly to the conservation work at

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