Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford

Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford


Year 1 willow daughter Stevie has come home with someone else’s summer dress on (age 6-7) there’s no name on the dress and I don’t think I put a name in hers either....😖
Stevies dress is age 5-6 if This helps 🥺
Sorry for some reason had to upload separately ......
Spaceman ....
Hello Mrs kindred, we were unable to post these to you via dojo so thought we’d try here?!!lilly has been on the occlus being a spaceman on a satellite 🛰 looking down at earth 🌍 it is very good apparently when I went on it I looked so funny as my knees were actually knocking lol 😂
Thank you to all the staff at the school working so hard with very little notice over the Xmas period, your own holiday period, to ensure learning can commence from day one. Best wishes to you all.
When it’s odd sock day at school and your at home doing online school!
Deadline for entries is Friday 18th December
Please message me with any questions
D'Arcy STAGE School We have IN PERSON classes in AUGUST! 😍🌟ISTD Ballet/ Modern/ Tap and Musical Theatre ❤️Starting this Weds and dates for the following two weeks! New students welcome message me for info! All welcome! Come and dance without zoom! Ditton community centre 🙂
[email protected] or on fb 🌈
Last day of official Homeschooling! Well done everyone 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🥰🥰🥰
I am so proud of my little ones, we have grown together and enjoyed these extra months of closeness. I have seen this time as a blessing. I have been amazed daily by the resilience of our children, Mia has worked everyday on her homeschooling. She is remarkable ### 😘

Thank you Aylesford Primary School, especially Mrs Kindred. You have managed the impossible. Have a wonderful summer. Breathe! 🥰🥰🥰👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Thank you ###
Feeling very honoured to have been asked to make the year 6 leavers cake for their party today. Thought I'd post some pics so parents can see them. Other pics will go in comments
Proud parents this morning 😊 and Henry is very pleased with himself too 💕 thank you for the recognition Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford Henry did very much enjoy his themed Captain Underpants day and the well-being tasks. He’s also really enjoyed Tilly and the the Time Machine, all of the Ancient Egypt tasks and the science crest activities (we have one left to do). Big smiles all around 😃 😊
Thankyou for The scavenger hunt today. Oakley had great fun! Thought you might like to see a pic of him surrounded by all his ‘things’

At Aylesford we strongly believe in providing an environment of academic challenge, moral development and enrichment; a place where learning is relevant to life, inspirational and memorable.

[09/09/21]   Dear Parents and Carers,

On Wednesday 15th September 2021, I will be leading the first of many parent workshops, which are aimed to support the link between home and school.

This important workshop will focus on Reading and more specifically the school’s approach to teaching Reading skills: VIPERS. The session will give an insight into how we teach the children Reading and what techniques and strategies are used to support this; additionally, there will be resources to take home to support your child Reading.

This event will be held in the school hall at 2:30pm and will last for approximately 30 minutes. Should you wish to attend, please register your interest at the school office for the attention of Mrs Capon via phone, email or in person.

I look forward to welcoming you and working alongside you this academic year.

Mr Harrington
Deputy Head


We are very proud of our Year 6 pupils who today will be sitting the Kent Test. We have every confidence in their performance and are proud of their resilience, perseverance and aspiration! Good luck Elder and Maple class 😀
#creatingacultureofexcellence #aspiration

We are very proud of our Year 6 pupils who today will be sitting the Kent Test. We have every confidence in their performance and are proud of their resilience, perseverance and aspiration! Good luck Elder and Maple class 😀
#creatingacultureofexcellence #aspiration


Welcome to our new pupils and families who are joining our VIPS Aylesford community today. You'll have a wonderful day at our fantastic school!

Welcome to our new pupils and families who are joining our VIPS Aylesford community today. You'll have a wonderful day at our fantastic school!

VIPS@Aylesford on Twitter 05/09/2021

[email protected] on Twitter

Our Open Morning tours are now ready to book for prospective parents who have children due to start school in September 2022. We look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic school!

[email protected] on Twitter “Our Open Morning tours are for prospective parents, who have children due to start school in September 2022. For more information and to book your place, please visit:”


Lunch registration is now LIVE.

Please click here and register your child to create a lunch account:

Once registered, you then set up your child or each child, view the menus and pre-order their lunches.

[01/22/21]   Primary Challenge Week 3 – 22 January 2021 – Exercise is particularly important while we are all spending more time at home and indoors, so this week, we want to see just how sporty you can be! We would like to know just how many star jumps you can do in one minute. Ask someone to time you and then go for it!
Send in your total number of jumps and, if you want to, a photo of you doing them to: [email protected]
Please be sure to tell us your name, your class and which school you attend.
We will be sharing some of your achievements on your school’s website and on social media but we won’t use any of your personal details.

[01/22/21]   Speed Bounce Challenge - You have a week to share your results. Please share your results and videos of you taking part by 29.01.21 Can you beat Miss Hookey's score?

#sportschallenge #PE #Speedbounce #beattheteacher #joinin #inittowinit

[01/08/21]   We would love to see your remote learning work - please email [email protected] so we can share anything you are proud of.

[01/08/21]   While
we are in lockdown, lots of us are taking the time to go on more walks, to get some fresh air and
appreciate the beautiful scenery we have right on our doorstep!
would love to see your best photo from the next walk you go on it could be a wildlife picture, a photo
of beautiful countryside, or even an image of you doing something exciting while you’re out! If you’re not
planning any walks, why not send us a photo of your garden, or outside your house? What interesting
things can you find leaves, trees, a lovely sunset?
your photos to m [email protected] viat org uk Please be sure to tell us your name, your class and which
school you attend
will be displaying lots of your photos on your school’s website and on social media but we won’t use
any of your personal details

[10/23/20]   PTA update day 3 and 4 produced 190 entries. It’s your last chance to enter this morning. #halloween #halloweencompetition #PTA #PTAfundraising #schoolfunds

[10/21/20]   Halloween competition day 2 update. The PTA took in 81 entries and would like say a massive thank you to the generous parent who contributed £10 for her son’s entries. #fundraising #Halloween #halloweencompetition #PTA


‪Thank to the PTA - who have come up with a socially distanced fundraiser. They will be there every morning this week to collect your Halloween entries (£1) per entry. We had 61 yesterday. Get crafty and every entry receives a small prize. Miss Stevens will be choosing her favourite per year group for a spooky prize. #schoolfundraiser #PTA #schoolfunds #halloween ‬


Our Big Question of the week: Is it the responsibility of the young to protect the planet?
#fundamentalbritishvalues #personaldevelopment #mutualrespect #unrightsofachild #ecowarriors #pupilvoice @AttenboroughSir


We received this email from Ava's mum, along with these amazing photos

"Paul Hollywood would be proud of Ava, no soggy bottom!

American apple pie. Complete with lattice finish.
Measured and made with love !

She will include on a leaflet of ‘how to’ to complete her homework."

[10/05/20]   Gus (Year 6) says Thank you to all the teachers especially those who organise Sporting Events and the Year 4 residential.

What are your child's favourite memories from school? #ThankATeacher #childhoodmemories #makingmemories #excellentteachers


Welcome to Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford

Welcome to Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford. We are proud to welcome you to our school!

Year 6 Leavers - class 2020 10/07/2020

Year 6 Leavers - class 2020


To Mrs Jones
Thank you for my certificate, I love it. Since lockdown my total is now 521 km, mummy calls cycling my PE lesson I just think it's fun
The lake is Leybourne lakes, it has lots of ducks at the lake.
I am doing a new virtual challenge now cycling from blackhills to Gillwell park I am smashing it, I have attached a picture of challenge.
I have also enjoyed lots of cool science experiments, mummy sent evidence for 10 experiments last week for my crest award, to Mrs Shemilt hopefully you see them to.
PE, Science, maths and learning Spanish have been my favourite subjects at home schooling.


Skye ash class science

What were your outcomes Skye?

#homelearning #science


WANTED! Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len

Mia working on Hefty Hugh

Well done Mia #homelearning #strivingforexcellence

Mia Lyons, Year R, Chestnut Class - What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside.


Ruby's Sarcophagus drawing

Well done Ruby - there is a lot of detail in this picture

#strivingforexcellnce #homelearning #Egyptian


Oliver wanted to share with you the submarine he made today out of recycled materials, he really enjoyed making this himself using cardboard and plastics to make something new. 😃
Well done Oliver
#upcycling #reuse #homeschooling #strivingforexcellence


Ava spent this week working on an art project. She finds art a good outlet for her creativity. Loosing herself in the project. Helping her feel calm in the current situation.

Map of the UK. 3D using cotton wall and paper mache for a rocky/mountain effect. Painting and using sponges/pens for different textures.

She noticed that the darker green bits seemed to be where it must rain a lot. And the snowy mountains in the north.

She’s really pleased with her hard work.


Ava completing her Virtual Sports Day @ltd_pass #virtualsportsday #homelearning
Well done Ava - lots of action shots


Dana (sycamore class) discovered that tissues make good tea bags, whereas the normal paper was the worst! We have enjoyed the science award, thank you Mrs Shemilt!
@CRESTAwards #science #homelearning


Oliver wanted to share some of his activities from sports day we couldn't do this yesterday so we had a sporty afternoon today! He loved it and scored a total of 100 points! Hope everyone at school enjoyed it too 🏅
@ltd_pass #sportsday


Ollie’s Stegosaurus

Well done Ollie great detail

#strivingforexcellence #homelearning


Ruby would like Miss Burford to see some of what she has been doing at home. She is working really hard.

Well done Ruby

#strivingforexcellnce #homelearning

[07/10/20]   Abigail's Song

#strivingforexcellnce #learneroftheweek


Abigail was over the moon to get a certificate in the post today. She even made up a little song that she kept singing to herself!!

Thank you for making her day :)

Well done Abigail and we are going to share your song too

#strivingforexcellnce #learneroftheweek


Receiving a Headteachers award through the post

Abigail getting her Learner of the Week Award

#strivingforexcellence #learneroftheweek


Fletcher was really excited to receive his award in the post this morning and couldn’t wait to stick it up on the fridge, thank you.

Congratulations Fletcher #strivingforexcellence #learneroftheweek


Thank you so much to Miss Adams and Miss Featherstone for this mornings year 2 scavenger hunt! Lex had a fantastic time. Attached photo is all the things he collected.
Very much needed.

Kind regards,

Karen Savage

#scavengerhunt #homelearning

[07/10/20]   Ruby was thrilled to receive a special award through the post. Such a lovely lovely thing for her to have.

We are really proud of her and the way she has approached lockdown and are so grateful for the support and encouragement she has received from school.

Thank you for taking the time to do this.


Oliver was so happy to receive this today! In the words of Oliver "I've waited so long for one of these" 😊 Thank you for a lovely surprise today.

Wonderful words - thank you Oliver and well done #strivingforexcellence #learneroftheweek

Videos (show all)

Witches by Mrs Marchant
Annabelle - Ash Class made her parachute
Skye make a Music video which she directed and edited all by herself Ash class This is brilliant - what a well edited vi...
Fearne (Elm Class) Parachute Testing
Year 5 Music Home Learning - We all stand Together
Mr Rude by Mrs Vale
George Speaks: Chapter 1 & 2 by Mrs Burton
Don't Eat the Teacher by Mrs Duplock
Harry Potter by Mrs Kindred
All the Ways to be Smart by Mrs Adams
The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Miss Thompson (with a twist)
Chicken Licken by Mrs Weir





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