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Are there any Halloween dress-up days this week, please?
Flora & Alice loved seeing this today! In fact it took us half an hour to drag them away!
Well today is my last official day in the Nursery after 21 years! Going to miss my Eagles team and the rest of the staff. Keep up the good work of making Barnowls a fun loving Nursery. Xx
Congratulations on the win guys 😁
Well done guys on the OFSTED rating!!
Massive shout out to Barnowls who despite the weather managed to open today. When over 200 schools closed you guys went above and beyond so people like me could get to work. Such a dedicated team- Thankyou xx
Barnowls Nursery is open tomorrow, although can we please ask that, if any parents can come earlier to pick up, we would really appreciate it. So staff can get home safely before it gets dark.

Many thanks
☄Thank you☄Barnowls.....amazing nursery, amazing people and a great place for children to learn, grow and develop. Noah has been there 4 years and made memories that will last forever xx

Childrens Nursery “When I started Barnowls Nursery in 1991, I was determined to provide quality care for children in home-from-home surroundings.

What I needed was a setting that felt safe and secure for both parents and
children alike; providing a stimulating environment, home-cooked food, and room to run and play. Over the years we have grown and moved forward in many different ways, however my basic philosophy remains
the same; if the children are happy, then so are the parents. In a changing age it is comforting to know that our origina

Operating as usual

[06/29/21]   Dear Parents,
Another covid update, we have recieved today,
Please read below, also please be mindful that the new variant, can display slightly different, has been know to include sore throat, runny nose and head ache, and present like a really bad cold in younger ones ,but the main symptoms still stand.
Confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test after a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test
LFD tests are most effective when detecting infectious cases of coronavirus. They identify people with a high viral load who are the most likely to spread the virus further. LFDs detect the virus in people without symptoms so each positive case we find is one that would have gone otherwise undetected. These tests are proving to be accurate and reliable and, where used appropriately and in the correct way, they will continue to help us to break chains of the transmission and save lives.
Anyone who tests positive using an LFD test will be asked to take a confirmatory follow-up PCR test. It remains essential that anyone who gets a positive LFD result self-isolates immediately for 10 days, as well as the other members of their household. You must only leave home for your follow-up test. You should arrange your confirmatory PCR immediately. For the fastest result, we suggest you book a PCR test at a test site. You can also book a home test online or call 119 to book a test.
A PCR test will confirm if you have been affected by coronavirus or not, and reduce unnecessary self-isolation by you and your household. If you then receive a negative result from the PCR, and the PCR test was taken within 2 days of the LFD, then you and your contacts will be informed you can cease self-isolating.
Individuals who test negative from their LFD will not need to isolate or take a confirmatory test.
once again thank you for your support.
kind regards

Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) 09/06/2021

Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Parents, important information please read the update from early years and follow this advice, many thanks

Dear colleagues
Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in queries and concerns raised by providers to their Key Contacts, regarding the number of children presenting with coughs. Obviously there may be many reasons for this, however the government guidance is clear that any child or adult who displays ONE of the three key COVID-19 symptoms…

A high fever
A new, continuous cough
A change in or loss of their sense of smell/taste

must be treated as suspected COVID until proven otherwise. We have received many phone calls form early years settings expressing concern to us as it would appear that some parents are unsure whether they should be treating their child’s cough as COVID symptoms. They are therefore not isolating or seeking a PCR test, as per the current government guidance but instead, continuing to send their child to their setting. We appreciate that it can at times be hard to challenge parents over this issue, especially those needing to go to work. To assist you further at this time, Dan Flecknoe Public Health England’s consultant, has written the email below to reaffirm what action we all should still be taking and to support with any parents who may query your policy on this issue. Please share this with all staff members and senior staff. Those who have had 2 vaccinations can still catch COVID although symptoms should be milder and the new variants is much more contagious. We will continue to support you with the most up to date advice to help you to be on guard to prevent it from spreading.

Dear Early Years Settings Managers,

I am writing to assure you of my full support in enforcing COVID-safe precautions within your setting. Any child or adult who displays one of the three key COVID-19 symptoms…

A high fever
A new, continuous cough
A change in or loss of their sense of smell/taste

…or who gets a positive lateral flow test result, must be treated as suspected COVID until proven otherwise. This means that they need to self-isolate and get a PCR test using or by calling 119. It is possible that some parents may feel that this is no longer necessary as the national Roadmap has progressed and some restrictions have been lifted, but it is still very important to prevent outbreaks within educational settings. You are strongly advised to exclude any person who displays one of these symptoms (or gets a positive LFT) from your setting until either 1) a full ten days has passed, or 2) they report a negative PCR test result, whichever comes sooner.


Daniel Flecknoe
Consultant in Public Health

Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) Choose a drive-through or walk-through test centre for a quick test, or order a home test kit.

[05/26/21]   Dear parents the fault on the line is currently been fixed, and should be back to normal within 48 hours.
But calls have now been diverted to our mobiles so you should be able to contact us, if you need to call.
Emails still currently running although they have been a bit hit and miss.

Thank you for your patience.

[05/26/21]   Dear Parents,

We are having a few issues with our internet and phone line, its been playing up since yesterday. Internet is currently back up and running but the phone line is not. We have a technical guy on the case, so apologies if you have been trying to get hold of us and cant get through.

Hopefully the problem will be sorted today.

Kind regards


[04/20/21]   Summer holiday cover, barnowls is looking for staff ideally with experience to help cover the 6 weeks summer holidays. Please contact Nila or Claire on 01296. 632692

Friends please share this post
Many thanks

[04/19/21]   Barnowls nursery is currently looking for full time qualified staff to join our team.
Please contact Nila or Claire if you are interested on 01296 632692
Friends please share this post thank you

[03/12/21]   Dear parents as you know comic relief is next Friday the 19th March, all staff and children will be wearing red and donating a £1.00 for comic relief. There will be lots of fun red activities on the day and a cake sale.

The following Friday, Friday the 26th March we will be raising money for the Brian tumour charity, the money raised will go to research for the charity in Dylan’s name. So we asking children and staff donate a £1.00 to wear a hat for the day, as you know Dylan holds a very big place in our hearts so felt it wouldn’t be right to not participate in world hat day.
Thank you in advance for support and all donations , we look forward to some fun packed Fridays 😀

[02/15/21]   Barnowls Nursery is currently looking for a full time qualified Nursery Nurse to join our Barnowls family, someone with experience is preferred. If you are interested please contact.
Nila on 01296 632692

[01/12/21]   Barnowls nursery is looking for a full time qualified member of staff ideally with experience to join our barnowls friendly family. To start mid feb ideally.
Please contact Nila or Claire if you are interested on 01296632692
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Timeline Photos 08/01/2021

So today an emotional day, but also a celebration, a day we will celebrate every year. Today our superhero Dylan would have celebrated his 9th birthday. We thought it was only apt for the staff and children to dress up as superhero’s for the day. We also enjoyed cake and sang happy birthday. We all miss you so much, we all hope you are having the best Birthday in the sky with love from us all 💗

So today an emotional day, but also a celebration, a day we will celebrate every year. Today our superhero Dylan would have celebrated his 9th birthday. We thought it was only apt for the staff and children to dress up as superhero’s for the day. We also enjoyed cake and sang happy birthday. We all miss you so much, we all hope you are having the best Birthday in the sky with love from us all 💗

[01/02/21]   Dear Parents, We plan to open Nursery as normal (7.45 am - 5.45 pm) on Monday 4th January 2021 and Pre-School on Tuesday 5th January 2021 (8.45 am - 2.30 pm/2.45 pm) unless the Government make any last minute changes but as it stands Early Years settings are currently able to reopen for all their families from Monday. Please can I remind you that we are requesting you wear face masks at all times whilst on the premises. Over the closure period we have deep cleaned the rooms and had our carpets cleaned. We need your help to keep everyone healthy and to remain open so please DO NOT send your child to Barnowls if they are unwell with any symptoms not just the 3 highlighted by the Government as we have learnt from experience that not everyone suffers from these symptoms but can still test positive for Covid 19. Last year didn't end as we planned and I would like to thank you all for your support and understanding. Let's hope that 2021 is a better year for everyone. Kind Regards Claire

[12/22/20]   Just wanted to wish you all a safe and merry Christmas from the barnowls ladies .
Thank you to all the parents for the support this year and a massive thank you to all the staff for all their hard work this year xx

[12/19/20]   Dear Nursery and Preschool families, I have sent you all a Covid update email. Please check your inbox.
Thank you Claire

[12/15/20]   Dear Parents,
I have sent all nursery and preschool families a 'Covid update' email so please check your inbox!
Thank you

[12/14/20]   I know many of you, would have seen that last night our little superhero Dylan sadly passed away, we are all so heartbroken from the news, Many of us have looked after Dylan since he was tiny, we have gone through this journey with him and watched him fight the fight . Dylan is one incredible boy, with so much courage and bravery, he has taught us so much, never was there a day when he was not smiling. We are also blessed to have had him in our lives. Dylan know that you are loved by us all, and will always be in our hearts, and truly missed by us all, fly high Dylan 💙. Our thoughts and love our with your family ❤️
With love Nila, Claire,Emma and all of our barnowls family xx

[12/11/20]   Dear Parents, Firstly I hope you are all well and my sincere apologies for the temporary closure of nursery and preschool. It has been brought to my attention that there are lots of rumours flying around the village and Facebook regarding this situation. I would like to stress that all of these rumours are untrue and that we took every precaution necessary to stop a Covid outbreak but unfortunately the virus forgot to knock at the door before entering! There has been a rise in cases in the area and many other settings and schools have had to close partially or fully. It is true that many of the Barnowls community are now unwell so I can 100% assure you all that noone came to Barnowls knowing they were positive. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support and well wishes. Kind regards Claire Ryan, Nursery Manager

[12/06/20]   Dear Parents,
I have sent all our nursery and preschool families an important email about Covid 19 which needs your immediate attention. Please check your emails. Our phone lines do not accept incoming calls at the weekend so please email me if you have any questions. Regards Claire. [email protected]


Dear Parents,
Please take a look at the useful links below, and information.Recently you may have heard on the news the very sad case were a child sadly passed away due to choking on a cocktail sausage. This link provides information on how to deal with choking.
Please be aware all staff are first aid trained and have also been given the link to refresh their knowledge.

[11/24/20]   Dear Parents,
Christmas closures.
Nursery last day before Christmas is the 23rd December, we will then be closed for the Christmas period and re open on the 4th January 2021. 19/11/2020

Reception 2021 Admissions Information | Aston Clinton School

Dear Parents,
With covid rules as they are, you currently are not allowed to visits schools, that you maybe applying for, for September, so those of you that are looking at Aston Clinton School please do look at the information below, from the school.

As parents cannot come in and visit the school this year, can you please let your parents know about our virtual tours on our school website

We are also holding a couple of virtual meetings with Mrs Cole on:

Thursday 26th November from 4.30pm - 5.00pm

Monday 7th December from 4.00pm - 4.30pm

Places are limited so if parents wish to attend then need to email [email protected] to reserve their place. Aston Clinton School

[11/03/20]   Dear parents, We would just like to reassure you we will be running as normal during lockdown unless we are told different by government, in which case we will give you as much notice as we can, so we are happy to say business as usual with covid safety measures of course still in place.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Barnowls nursery and preschool took a visit to the church today to donate Harvest boxes to the local community, the children loved their visit to the church x

[09/25/20]   Happy Friday, we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you to our team for all your hard work this week :))))


Photos from Barnowls Nursery's post

[09/11/20]   Dear parents those of you that have left Barnowls Nursery and have just joined Barnowls out of school club, we do have a separate page for club, so please do like our page, we update it regularly.

Many thanks

Nila xx

[09/11/20]   Almost the first full week of September over. Sad that all our Eagles and preschool children have left for school, they are all missed, but we hope they have had a great week at school and are settling in well.
We have had lots of new children settle into nursery this week, and preschool its been lovely meeting you all, all the new children have done so well settling in, and the staff have been amazing helping them to settle and keeping them safe.

Well done team and thank you for another good week and your hard work.


[08/12/20]   Almost the end of a very hot week at nursery, the children have managed so well in the heat , and had so much fun. The staff have been fab, its never easy for anyone working in this heat. As ever the girls are always smiling and making sure the children are happy and safe.

Thank you ladies xx


Timeline Photos

[08/05/20]   Open day-
those of you attending our open day on friday, please may we ask when entering our setting you sanitize your hands, (we have asked where possible for your children not to attend with you, but we also understand if thats not possible then you may bring them in, if they are older and attending we will ask they also wash/sanitize their hands on arrival. We as staff are not permitted to wear face masks in our setting but we are advising any visitors to do so ( adults only) whilst on your visit we will keep a safe distance between us and the building will be well ventilated at all times.

Thank you in advance for following this guidance, we look forward to meeting you all on friday.

[07/29/20]   Barnowls Nursery and Preschool are having an open day just for new prospective parents, so we can show you around and answer any questions. The viewings will be done by appointments only as we will need to limit the number of people we have in thew building. Currently we are closed on friday's so no children will be in on the open day to limit contact.

Our open day will be Friday the 7th August Please call on 01296 632692 and press option 1 to book an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you x

[07/15/20]   To staff and Parents ,

Once again I would just like to thank all of the staff for all the hard work they are doing over these strange and difficult times, and to all the parents for their understanding and support and of course not forgetting all the children that have been amazing.

I would also like to mention preschool as it their last day of term tomorrow, and some of those children will be moving onto school , so it will be another sad day of saying goodbye to all our Barnowls Babies who will be missed, we wish them all good luck at big school and we hope you all stay in touch and let us know how your all getting on.

Thank you to both Lizzie and Melissa for doing such a fab job running preschool xx

Also would like to mention our Eagles children, as some of those children will also be leaving over the summer, its always heartbreaking seeing them leave. so we wish them good luck to , we are so sad we do not get to do our assembly but we hope we can organise something for you all in the future, for both preschool and Eagles

Each and everyone of those children and families will be missed

Thank you To Emma and Nicole for all their hard work and fab job running the Eagles room.

With love and thanks

Nila XX

[06/11/20]   Dear parents,

Firstly I’d like to welcome you all back, it’s been a great first week, although I know emotional for us all in these bizzare times. The children have just been amazing coming in and have settled back into the new ‘normal nursery’, they all have been amazing following our new nursery rules whilst still having so much fun. The children have made the most of the garden this week and we will continue to do so as it’s the safest way to play. We can all say we have missed them all and are so happy you are all back. Parents thank you for being so supportive and following all our new guidelines.

Lastly thank you to all my staff for being amazing in preparing to re open and for this week making the children feel like they have ‘come home‘.

It really does feel nice having you all back .
Enjoy your weekend and we will look forward to another fun week next week .

With love
Claire and team x




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