Child First Aylesbury Pre School

Child First Aylesbury Pre School


Fun idea for kids, I made in secret, Dino eggs and today on our walk we “found” them.
Have added photos and how to in comments
He loves cooking at ChildFirst Aylesbury Pre School!
Good Morning,

Pre-school currently have no electricity, which means their phone lines are down. If you need to contact them then please call the nursery side on: 01296 392516

We are hoping this is a short lived power cut and will update you soon as we know more.

We are a nursery and Pre-school situated in Aylesbury Town Centre. We look after children from 3 mon

Operating as usual

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 15/09/2023

We went to the Library..

The children took a walk to the library where they spent some time looking at the books.
They chose some books to bring back to Preschool to share with their friends.
The lovely librarian showed them how to use the book scanner and gave us a library card.


Dinosaur garden-

The children helped set up what they wanted in the tuff tray today. One big interest is dinosaurs. We created a dinosaur garden for the dinosaurs to enjoy.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 13/09/2023

The children at Child First Preschool celebrated super hero week on the 8th- 12th of August.

They drew pictures of their favourite hero and some children even had their face painted.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 03/07/2023

We found a spider!!!
The children enjoyed looked at the spider and some were even brave enough to hold it.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 23/06/2023

Child First Preschool had a lovely afternoon welcoming lots of Dad's, Grandad's and uncle's in for a Father's Day stay and play session. Together, they explored the mud kitchen, water tray and were digging for treasure in the sand pit.


The children have been keeping cool using our new water wall. "The water looks like a little spider".

We have been talking to the children about how we keep safe in the sun.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 14/06/2023

The children have been busy exploring our new garden.


Time to start cheering for England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

England faces Iran on the second day of the tournament while Wales faces the USA!


Children In Need strives to help and support children in poverty around the whole of the UK. Together we can change young lives❗


Remembrance day, also known as Armistice day, is a day that commemorates the anniversary of the ceasefire in the first world war. It gives us a chance to remember all those that fought bravely in the war and to pay our respects.


It is of great importance that we foster a supportive and open conversation about numeracy and shine a spotlight on how to build number confidence because their fears and anxieties can be overcome. 🔢


Guy Fawkes Night commemorates the survival of King James I after Guy Fawkes placed explosives beneath the House of Lords. Time to light up the fireworks, bonfires and sparklers! 🎇


Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 Have a fantastic day filled with plenty of delicious treats and hopefully no tricks! 😀🍬🍭


Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists. Diwali is known as the festival of lights and symbolises a spiritual triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness.

Timeline photos 17/10/2022

It is Recycle Week! Here are some top tips for recycling at home:

♻️ Make sure you know which items are recyclable! It should say on the packing of items.
♻️ Find a place to store your recycling - now that you know which items you can recycle, find a convenient place to store them before you take them out to the bin.
♻️Encourage the family - even your children - to check whether items can be reused or recycled before they are thrown away.

Timeline photos 22/09/2022

You can provide your child with opportunities to play in the mud by simply taking them outside after a rainy day to investigate muddy puddles.

The possibilities for mud play activities are practically unlimited! Here are some ideas:

👉 Mud Stew
👉 Coffee shop Mud Play
👉 Make mud castles and buildings.
👉 Paint and write with mud using a large paintbrush or sticks.
👉 Muddy Car Wash
👉 Make a mud racetrack or roads for toy cars.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 20/09/2022

Tuff Trays encourage group play, allowing numerous children at once to join the activity, playing alongside each other or together. Tuff trays provide great opportunities to build on social skills, confidence and speech and language development.

Have a think about how you could create the following tough trays:

Autumn Tuff Tray
Halloween Tuff Tray
Dinosaur Tuff Tray
Minibeast Tuff Tray
Animal Tuff Tray
Construction Tuff Tray
Summer Tuff Tray
Water Tuff Tray

Timeline photos 19/09/2022

Thank you for your service Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with The Royal Family today.

Timeline photos 15/09/2022

How to create and use a story sack at home. 🏠📖

Story sacks are a great resource to use with children. They can extend a story and support children in various development areas. The sacks are often made up using a storybook and visual aids or activities based around a particular favourite story. The Gruffalo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Room on the Broom are popular choices. Creating a story sack at home is a fun activity you can do to get your children engaged in reading. Children enjoy books and read more when they are interested in the stories.

⭐️ Gather your child's favourite book and a sizable cloth bag to start. A pillowcase or cotton grocery bag will work perfectly. Any of the following can be added to aid with story time:

A copy of the book

Story-related CD or DVD

Related non-fiction books or toys (stuffed animals are great)

Models of the story's characters and relative objects

Pencils and paper

⭐️ Then, make an activity card for the story to include in the story sack.

How to make an activity card:

1. Write down a list of activities you can do and topics you can discuss in connection to the story.

2. Discuss the story and the children's favourite parts.

3. Ask lots of open-ended questions about the characters and storyline.

4. Retell the story using the toys and props you have in the bag

Create your favourite character using playdough 😀

Timeline photos 12/09/2022

Thank you for your service. Rest in peace Her Majesty. 🕊️👑

Timeline photos 01/09/2022

Using scissors is a great way to improve children's fine motor skills❗️ We have a few tips to get children more comfortable with using scissors. ✂️

Timeline photos 30/08/2022

Get your child ready for school/nursery/pre-school with our 'Ready for School' checklist! 📝✅

Timeline photos 16/08/2022

During the summer months, especially during heatwaves, children often have the urge to cool down by jumping in the pool. We have some top tips to ensure that the children can cool off and play safely:

🌊 Teach children from the get-go to never go into a pool unsupervised
🌊 Ensure children are using inflatables, on their upper arms only. (However, this is not a substitute for supervision!)
🌊 Always keep an eye on all children in the pool - even if there’s a lifeguard

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 16/08/2022

We have been out in the garden this morning experimenting with making potions. We have used thyme, rosemary, mint, parsley and water. The children were asking lots of thought questions about the herbs we used and we are taking it in turns to smell the different herbs. Mint seemed to be a firm favourite as they associated the smell with ice cream. We also spoke about different herbs such as coriander. This activity will help the children familiarise scents and to help explore different ingredients. This will also help their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they were picking resources up to put into the pot. The children were also adding different materials they found in the garden such as twigs and stones. This will help improve their knowledge on the outdoors and the environment. Throughout the week we will be using different herbs for our potions.

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

This year we have reached the highest temperatures ever recorded, which is why we are sharing some wisdom on sun safety!

🕒 Generally, the sun is strongest between 11 AM and 3 PM, so it’s best to stay safe in the shade during these hours.
🧴 Using at least factor 30 on children is ideal, as children have more sensitive skin.
👒 Wearing a hat can help prevent sunstroke! Our choice of clothing is our first line of defence against the sun, and wearing a hat is perfect for protecting children’s heads.

Learn more about staying safe in the sun via the NHS website.

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

We are extremely proud! ⚽

The England Lionesses have made us all proud! Go team! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😀

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

It’s World Breastfeeding Week! 😀

It is fantastic that there’s a week dedicated to supporting breastfeeding women all over the world! Breastfeeding promotes better health for women and children, such as better development for children and reducing the risk of cancer in women! 😇

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

Today is the 25th Annual World Book Day!
To celebrate World Book Day today, we have a range of activities based on the children's books and characters we love.
What is your favourite book to read with your family?📚


The children have been using their imagination to make potions today. We used sage, mint, coriander, parsley and water. We mixed them with spoons in the bowls. The children were asking lots of thought-provoking questions about the herbs we used. For example- they were asking what the different herbs were and what you use them for. They were smelling all of the different herbs. When we smelt the mint the children said 'mint-like toothpaste or ice cream' this shows how they familiarise scents with different foods and objects.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 16/02/2022

The children have been role-playing the story of Three Little Pigs using props in the Tuff Spot. They were able to recognise and recall part of the story. They listened intently to a member of staff telling the story and took turn when they finished using the props.
This was extended with activities to create the houses with craft materials and drawing their own houses and pics too! Great job!

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 08/02/2022

Today the children made valentines biscuits for the people they love, inspired by valentines day on the 14th of February. The children really enjoyed wearing their chef uniforms and measuring out and mixing their ingredients. They then chose what valentine shape they wanted to make their biscuits.

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 08/02/2022

Today we have been exploring our emotions using open-ended playdough and resources including googly eyes, string, pom-poms and lolly sticks. We spoke about how we were feeling and what those feelings made our faces do! We then attempted to make those faces on our playdo

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 07/02/2022

This morning at pre-school, we are experimenting with different textures so we are using tissue paper to paint on. Instead of using paintbrushes, we are using cotton buds and chopsticks. They were mixing all of the colours to see what colour they could make. They said they were making rainbows.


Prompted by a conversation when discussing what happens when you mix two different colours of playdough, we started exploring mixing all the colours! We put various paint colours into trays and showed the children how to use a palette to mix their individual choices. It got very messy but we loved seeing what colours we could create!

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 01/02/2022

We have been practising using our chopsticks for Chinese New Year. We used them to transfer rice and noodles from one pot to another this took great fine motor skills! We also used chopsticks to paint with!

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 01/02/2022

This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Tiger!

Photos from Child First Aylesbury Pre School's post 21/01/2022

This week we are creating investigation trays for the children to explore, today we are investigating oil & water. We used cups of watered down paint and separate cups of oil, the children transferred the water and oil between the guttering and discovered that the paint could mix but the oil could not. We developed this activity by making food colouring rain clouds with oil.
The children have really enjoyed watching the oil bubbles form.
We also added oil to a jug of water and discussed what was happening, I introduced the word soluble and we discussed how the oil could not mix with the water. We then used food colouring and pipettes to add colour to the solution to see what would happen. The children experimented dropping the dye on top of the water and saw how it formed bubbles in the oil, the children then added the pippet deep into the water and watched as the food colouring mixed with the water. We had lots of fun experimenting with oil today.

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