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Lots of great fieldwork carried out by Form 6 on Man O’War and Durdle Door beaches today! Amazing views and some time to throw stones into the sea- we all love doing that!!
Weather looking decidedly dodgy for tomorrow, but hopefully will have time to see Old Harry Rocks before the storm hits.

Activities and clubs at Ashfold are all about finding your passion and it is great to see so many children having a go at something new this term!

In the Airfix Modelling Club, the talented model-builders are currently gluing, painting and decaling a WW2 Tiger tank, Sherman tank and Luftwaffe Focke Wulf 190. The 1/72 scale models are coming along
nicely, as is the members' fine motor skills and their knowledge of WW2!

More equestrian news! A big well done to Alice on coming 6th in her first Eventer Challenge. She rode both the show jumping and cross country unassisted, and did brilliantly to get her pony up a huge hill and keep him going!

Another fantastic day on the Geography Field Trip! Lots of investigations along the River Piddle and a tour of Corfe Castle, including acting out a story.

The children in PP2 had a wonderful day at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital finding out about the history of the wildlife hospital and how they care for sick and injured wildlife. The Education team engaged the children superbly and when they showed them a hedgehog the children asked lots of questions - 'Does it hurt when it is in a ball?', 'Can the prickles come off?‘, 'Why does it have tiny eyes?' and 'What is underneath?'.

The children really enjoyed seeing how the sick animals, badgers and a fallow deer are fed - an eagle owl even spread its wings and flew much to the children's delight!
Such an informative day!
Our 6th Form Physicists are feeling the pressure! They found learning is rather wet when investigating pressure in science - but a very memorable experience!
Mattie used some Marigold gloves to demonstrate to the class whether pressure really does increase with depth - some of the boys were not so brave!
They also explored how pressure increase with depth in liquids and now know why scuba divers must rise to the surface slowly and submarines need thick glass!

Form 6 have arrived safely at their Geography Field Trip! They loved exploring the geology and rock formations at Dancing Ledge and were thrilled to see 3 deer and a Peregrine Falcon!

A brilliant weekend for our equestrian team riders!
Eva represented Ashfold in the U18s Schools class and even though she was one of the youngest riders she was placed 8th out of 30 competitors and got a pb of 35 in the dressage.
Indie won the Heythrop Pony Club mini eventer championship 40cm class - the grin says it all!
Bertie won the 50cm at the Pony Club Area 12 Championships and Harry did really well in the Eventer Challenge being the only rider in the 40cm not being led.

A huge well done everyone!

Final day of Form 5's adventure in France! It was such a treat to meet Farmer Tony and his 45 goats to learn about making 'Fromage' on the farm.

Form 4 have had a brilliant 3 days exploring and challenging themselves on their big bushcrafting adventure in the woods.

They were split into 2 Tribes and worked together to try loads of new things - building shelters to sleep in, making fires using strikes, learning some basic First Aid, which was put to use to “rescue” some adults from a “plane crash” in the woods, making animal traps (don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of them) and using knives to
whittle sticks. They presented a Mini Tribes Got Talent show and even managed to get some sleep - an excellent 3 days!

Form 5's adventure in France continues with History Day spanning 1000 years from William the Conqueror to the D-Day landings!

Huge congratulations to Jasmine and Miles on their superb performances at the golf tournament they played at Buckingham Golf Club last Sunday.

Miles and Cyril played as a pair and won their group. Jasmine and her partner came second by just 1 point in their group.

We wish them the best of luck at their next competition this Sunday.

Lots of mud, glorious mud on the Form 5 residential trip today!
They all had great fun on the assault course followed by our French themed evening where most of the children bravely tried some ‘escargots’.

We love the beautiful wreath the children have created in memory of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, using coffee filter flowers surrounding the lovely watercolour picture of the Queen and Paddington holding hands, painted by Artist, Eleanor Tomlinson.

We are delighted to share a new film about our Approach to Academics, as we are extremely proud of what our children and staff are able to achieve at Ashfold.

This film is designed as a companion piece to the film that we made last year, which focused on our all-round offering at Ashfold, but this time we also get to hear the children's (unscripted!) voices.

We hope you enjoy watching it!
The Good Schools Guide Muddy Stilettos Schools IAPS
Form 5 have arrived safely on their residential trip in France and have already had a fantastic first day taking part in bread making, orienteering, aéroball, climbing and archery rounded off with a sports tournament in the evening.

Ashfold is a leading independent prep school for boys and girls aged 3 - 13 years idyllically locate

Operating as usual

Photos from Ashfold School's post 14/07/2023

Strictly come Ashfold! A huge thank you to Brendan Cole for generously giving our Ashfold parents the unique opportunity of an amazing dance lesson with him - all in aid of the Oscar Foundation charity we are supporting this year.
We loved it! Keep Dancing!!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 11/07/2023

After 31 fantastic years in the Art department, Mr Cave has retired. What an amazing teacher and even more amazing person he is, whom we will miss very much. He goes with our love and best wishes to his new chapter in Yorkshire!


We are so proud of all our Year 8 leavers and everything they have achieved in their time at Ashfold! We will truly miss them all and wish them the best of luck for their next chapter at their chosen senior schools!



What a perfect way for Form 6 to finish their Post CE programme with a trip to Wet N Wild!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 06/07/2023

After all their hard work planning, branding and marketing their products for their Dragons' Den challenge Form 6 have enjoyed selling their wares this week - all in aid of charity! We love the human lip balm :)

Photos from Ashfold School's post 06/07/2023

Pre-Prep loved getting stuck into Eco Day today. PP4 did a sensational job collecting, tallying and creating graphs of their litter data. They collected an amazing 252 pieces of rubbish! Very well done for looking after our beautiful grounds PP4!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 06/07/2023

In Form 3, the children loved taking their Classics lesson outdoors for Eco Day to recreate the inventions of Daedalus. This is the moment Daedalus’ son Icarus flies too close to the sun and the wax in his wings melted. In the woods, they recreated the Labyrinth built by Daedalus, and enacted Theseus defeating the Minotaur hidden within it - superb acting Form 3!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 06/07/2023

It is Outdoor Learning Eco Day at Ashfold! There has been lots of creative learning; Form 4 loved their outdoor science, Form 5 re-enacted a 17th century witch trial and Mr MacIntosh set Form 6 a mysterious challenge.


We are also delighted to share that Digital Schoolhouse has awarded Mr Lovell, our Head of Computing, the Innovation Award, in recognition of his incredible achievements as a leading teacher of creative computing in schools this year!
You can follow all the children's fun in Mr Lovell's coding lessons on his Twitter feed .


We are thrilled to share that Ashfold School has been shortlisted for the 'Independent School of the Year Awards' in the 'Outstanding Educational Partnerships' category, for our creative computing workshops and work with our local community of schools and Digital Schoolhouse.

Fingers crossed when the Finalists are announced in September!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 05/07/2023

As part of their final week of Post CE Programme, Form 6 were visited by Mr Matt Bull from Bloxham School and OA's Harry and Sam as well as Bloxhamist Flora.
All had lots of information about life in a senior school. The OA's shared their experiences in the first years at Bloxham, whilst Flora gave great advice about friendships.
Mr Bull and the Bloxhamists kindly gave up a day of their holiday to help make Form 6's transition to their senior school just that little bit smoother and we are very grateful to them all.

Photos from Ashfold School's post 04/07/2023

The children in Pre-Prep 2 are enjoying the final week of term. They have been astonished to find pages from their English books dated September 2022 with very different drawings and very little writing compared to the work they are doing today in July 2023!

They were also delighted to release a painted lady butterfly from the net where they have watched and cared for the caterpillars on their life cycle. There was wonder and delight as the butterfly fluttered into the sky.


Huge congratulations to Eva, Josh and Bertie who all ran PBs at the National Athletics Finals yesterday at Nuneaton!

Josh and Bertie won silver in the hurdles and Eva came 4th in the 100m final.

They have done themselves and Ashfold incredibly proud! 👏🏻


Photos from Ashfold School's post 03/07/2023

Final QClub for the term! We were very excited to have Julie Hirigoyen, an expert in environmentally friendly buildings (and Ashfold mum!), come in to talk to us about all things environmental, starting with the key question: What do cows and buildings have in common?
We learned an awful lot about how each of us can make a difference to the hugely important issue of climate change - turn those switches off at the wall, share lifts to school, use environmental give-back search engines, and, of course, go and work in one of those millions of new jobs in environmental fields!


Congratulations to Evie, Athena and Nora on their brilliant performances in the Louise Austin School of Dance end of year show!


And finally...another brilliant animated promotional video, this time from team Sundae.

We hope you've loved Form 6's videos as much as we have...and of course the products they are selling are all for charity!


And if you loved their sunglasses advert here is Form 6's Dragons Den team Cool Sunglasses' promotional video...brilliant!


Next Form 6 animated promotion video...Kit Up Swim bags and Scrunchies!


And here are their brilliant animated promotional videos - we love them!

First up...Cool Sunglasses...


And if you fancy a bit of pampering our next Form 6 team have the perfect multi-coloured lip balms for you, on sale Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of term - see their advert below and they have requested cash only please!



And our next team from Form 6's Dragons Den are Sundae...can't wait to sample their ice creams at Sports Day on Friday!


And here is the first advert from a group of our Form 6 pupils calling themselves COOL sunglasses!

We are 'COOL SUNGLASSES' taking part in the post CE program and have created a sunglasses business. We sell coloured, branded sunglasses to you and your children. We thought we should give you a head start before all our sunglasses have sold out! Be sure to buy our high-quality sunglasses at upcoming events including the swimming gala and pickups next week.

Photos from Ashfold School's post 28/06/2023

As part of their Dragons Den business challenge, Form 6 are working brilliantly together on adverts, banners, flyers and creating a stop-motion advert to publicise their products.

Lots of plasticine, careful camerawork and creativity was the order of the day as the groups vied to make the best little film.

It's all very creative as they are learning so many new skills - and all for charity of course.

We look forward to sharing all their advertising this space...


Four of our Form 5 girls (2 from Art Masterclass and 2 from DT Masterclass) were thrilled to be invited to Uppingham School for a 'Future Makers and Creators Day'.

There were three sessions. The Art session was about creating impressive sketch books. The DT session was about Architecture, where they designed and created a model for a new pavilion. The textiles session involved using mannequins to create paper templates.

Thank you - the girls gained lots of good skills to build on next year!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 26/06/2023

It's not a trick of the light, but Form 6 were thrilled to welcome Mrs Ridley‑DeMonick's twin sister to Ashfold today for a masterclass in branding and marketing. Form 6 now must put what they learned into their fledgling businesses. They are looking forward to getting their products back and on sale!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 23/06/2023

Wow, what amazing performances from all our Pre-Prep children at Sports Day today. From our children in PP1 racing for the very first time to the competitive spirit of our older children in PP4, they were all brilliant.

Special congratulations go to our overall individual winners and the big House competition winners, the Dragons!

Thank you parents for your support today, the children loved seeing you all as you cheered them on.

Photos from both events today will be available to view on our school website gallery and social media over the next few days!


Whoop, whoop - Ashfold we have done it! Together we have completed the Big Ashfold Dribble for the OSCAR foundation!

We were left with only 80km to dribble on the last day leaving only 22 laps per form needed to finish. The last ball was dribbled over the line at morning break!

Congratulations to the whole community who really came together. There were many individual dribble heroes celebrated over this week, but it could not have been reached without every single one of you playing your part!

We will share lots more photos on our school website gallery and social media over the next few days.

Photos from Ashfold School's post 23/06/2023

We were thrilled to welcome Ben Irving to Ashfold this afternoon for an inspiring Creedo Talk to Forms 3-6. The focus of this annual talk is always creativity, and Ben is well qualified on this subject as the Creative Director for 'Fifth Season', a leading independent global Film & TV studio.

The children were fascinated to hear about Ben's work at the BBC as a Commissioning Editor and Executive Producer, along with stories throughout his career working on a number of high-profile productions, including Doctor Who, His Dark Materials and both Paddington films.

A huge thank you Ben, as you can tell from the number of brilliant questions the children asked at the end, they loved your talk!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 22/06/2023

A massive thank you to Julian Chester who very kindly arranged through the sponsors, Killick, for 40 members of the Ashfold community to enjoy an amazing day watching the Barbarians vs Rest of the World match at Twickenham - an incredible experience!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 22/06/2023

We are very proud of old Ashfoldian, Bella who played for England hockey in her first junior international cap last weekend.

Bella played against Scotland and England won each game 4-2. So a series win overall. It was an amazing experience for her especially as she is still so young, having only left Ashfold 2 years ago in July 2021!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 22/06/2023

Form 6 have had an exciting first week of their Post CE programme completing their Dragons Den projects.

The children were put into groups of three or four and were tasked with creating a business that would help raise money for the Oscar Foundation. The groups came up with a super array of ideas, from selling ice creams to sustainable stationery and a cookie cookbook. With expert guidance from Mrs Shorten, they devised business plans, did market research and sourced suppliers. After a session on presenting skills from with Mr MacIntosh, Form 6 then got PowerPoint presentations ready to show the Dragons who would decide which group's ideas they would invest their £200 in. The presentations were impressive. All contained costings, market research results and many explained how their items would be advertised and sold. The groups withstood some fierce questioning by the Dragons and their peers. This made the job of picking the most viable business a difficult one.

Form 6 are now working hard to turn these group's plans into a money-making reality. They hope you will support their ventures in the coming weeks.


We are super proud of Alex and Henry representing Ashfold at the IAPS Schools Shooting competition. The boys both shot incredibly well and won Gold in the U11s and won Bronze in the U11 Overall Team Competition, with Henry also winning Bronze in the U11 Individual Competition!

Huge well done boys!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 21/06/2023

Wow - brilliant to see so many parents and children in school for this morning's dribble - we have now hit an amazing 1000km!!!

Parents, please join us for more dribbling at pick up this afternoon as we need your help the children complete the final 2000km in less than 3 days - come on team Ashfold WE can do this!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 20/06/2023

Albert loved being⁩ ‘Head for a Day’ and especially enjoyed holding a business lunch in the Head's study and meeting with his leadership team in the pool! Well done Albert!


The Big Ashfold Dribble has gone off with a flying start and we have already clocked up a mind blowing 522km and counting!

However it is a long way to our 3000km challenge and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please join us for 7:30-8am dribble sessions this Wednesday (tomorrow), Thursday and Friday mornings - either to drop children off or parents join your children to dribble together - footballs will be available ready.

Or how about a bit of dribbling as a family in your garden?

Please do ping us an email to let us know your daily totals so that we can add them to our running tally chart on the Charities' board - all kms dribbled accepted whether footballs, hockey balls, tennis balls.

We look forward to receiving your emails - have fun and get dribbling!

Photos from Ashfold School's post 16/06/2023

*** The Big Ashfold Charity Dribble has started - 3000 km in 8 days!! ***

We have set ourselves quite a challenge but in true Ashfold spirit we are confident we can do it...and it is going to be lots of fun!

So please do support us and help sponsor the children, as it is all in aid of the aspirational Football Tour coming to Ashfold in October.


Form 6 are feeling on top of the world! After an amazing week in the Brecon Beacons, Mr MacIntosh was delighted to tell them they had all passed their Common Entrance exams with flying colours when they returned to school this afternoon - Form 6 you and we are so proud of you all!

Exciting times ahead for this brilliant bunch - it's time to celebrate their hard work and dedication with lots of fun Post CE activities next week!

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Ashfold is a leading independent prep school for children aged 3 - 13 years.

We are located in 30 acres of idyllic grounds on the edge of the village of Dorton, in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

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Final day of Form 5's adventure in France! It was such a treat to meet Farmer Tony and his 45 goats to learn about makin...
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