Education Aid

This major new initiative is designed to help all of us generate both practical funding resources and new inspiration for educational work nationwide, and globally.

All can play a part in this project, enjoy themselves, learn together in the process, and also help provide the financial basis for the massive educational development of our human intellectual and social wealth which the world situation so desperately needs. E.A. is designed from inception as a global initiative, drawing on the best educational traditions of each continental region: Europe, North


The Global Green University

Please consider a subscription to the GLOBAL GREEN UNIVERSITY (GGU) at where in-depth audio lectures can be found including the following series of lectures :-

* Transpersonal History Course
* Periodic Table of Religious and Philosophical Traditions Lecture Series
* Druid Studies Series
* Living Saints and Sages Lectures

In addition:
* Commentary on the Qu'ran
* Commentaries on various books of the Bible including the four Gospels and Ketuvim
* Readings and Commentaries on various esoteric writings including the three Books of Enoch
* Readings and Commentries on The Corpus Hermeticum
* Vedic Upanishadic texts
* Buddhist texts
* plus modern political works including Das Capital by Karl Marx
* and more ...


Closing Ceremony | Paris Peace Forum 2020

So heres what the Paris Peace Forum accomplished this year.. just heard that poor Macron has gone down with COVID.. this was his baby.. and its a great tribute to the role of Paris and France in the world of ideas.. here in France people still take the work of intellectuals seriously.. unlike in Brexit UK.. sadly.. It's a wrap! During this session, which will conclude the third edition of the Forum, the 10 projects that will benefit from one year's support from the SCUP... 04/06/2020

Social Networking and Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Philosopher Hubert Dreyfus (2001) joined Borgmann in early critical engagement with the ethical possibilities of the Internet; like Borgmann, Dreyfus’s reflections on the ethical dimension of online sociality evince a general suspicion of such networks as an impoverished substitute for the real th... 25/02/2020

10-year-old genius Black girl appointed to teach in UK school as computer expert Emmanuella Mayaki, a 10-year-old kid, has been offered a teaching appointment for making some technological changes to an Artificial Intelligence project. 12/07/2019

'I'm for Capitalism with a Conscience,' Says Williamson - very good talk by Marianne.. she is talking common sense and applied spiritual reason.. bless her ! May.20 -- Marianne Williamson, Democratic Presidential Candidate, discusses her view on political issues with Bloomberg's David Westin on 'Balance of Power.' 22/06/2019

Bruce Kent: Peacemaker ahead of his time

One of my late mother's closest friends and fellow peace workers.. if she was still alive we would be having a peace party in her garden in Kemp Town about now.. the work continues and we must never forget that peace and securing no nuclear war should be at the forefront of all our other strivings and never neglected.. It was my mother and Bruce and a committee of about 30 academics from the University of London that first set up my International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy which I continue to direct today from France.. But Bruce, you need to trim the eyebrows ! What’s the fuss about a married clergy? The ‘retired’ priest, activist, and one-time leader of CND talks straight to Peter Stanford 12/06/2019

Tibetan monks holding classes for children will be punished, China warns | Free Tibet Local authorities in Tibet warn lessons in monasteries are prohibited

[10/04/18]   "Across the globe where children are deprived of an education - particularly young girls - economic development, peace, the fight against terrorism and fanaticism are at stake. As we speak, 263 million children, adolescents and youth are out of school, unable
to reach their full potential. But even those in school are not necessarily gaining basic skills..

I would also like to underline the role of cultural heritage in building peace. Cultural heritage is a wealth which is the legacy of centuries and which must be known and understood. Our heritage is also our identity and it is essential that each of us can appropriate this heritage and see ourselves in our history, locations, arts and traditions. Knowing our own past is being able to discover that of another. Being deprived of our past is to be vulnerable to false narratives and sometimes deadly extremism.
Heritage evolves, adapts, and reinvents itself. Young generations must be involved with it. Earlier this week, I opened the 42nd session of the world heritage committee
in the Kingdom of Bahrain...".

From the Director General of UNESCO, Address by Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of Peace and Prosperity Forum, Jeju Korea
Jeju, Korea, 28 June 2018 04/10/2018


October 5 is WORLD TEACHER DAY - maybe this ought to be the day for Education Aid day ? 23/09/2018

Emerald: Title Detail: Inclusive Education in South Africa and the Developing World by Sigamoney Manicka Naicker


World Economic Forum

Would you send your children to a school for happiness?

Learn more about global happiness:


The Global Green University has a brilliant new website with hundreds of hours of lectures, videos, conferences etc. Its a subscription site but for registered students of the University it is free.. do register to listen if you haven't done so already.. this is a university education over the internet.. available thanks to modern technology..

The Global Green University has a brilliant new website with hundreds of hours of lectures, videos, conferences etc. Its a subscription site but for registered students of the University it is free.. do register to listen if you haven't done so already.. this is a university education over the internet.. available thanks to modern technology.. 03/04/2018

Derelict school becomes national leader by making a surprising subject compulsory “We were in special measures. We had low staff morale, parents not happy with the school, results were poor and nobody wanted to come here, we had budget issues. It’s a downward spiral when you’re there.” This is what Feversham headteacher, Naveed Idrees, told The Guardian. He continued: “... 19/09/2017

Home | Global Partnership for Education - this was mentioned by Macron in his recent speech to the UN The Global Partnership for Education supports 65 developing countries to ensure that every child receives a quality basic education, prioritizing the poorest, the most vulnerable and those living in fragile and conflict-affected countries.


Important declaration just released in Pune, India.. well done to everyone involved..


We citizens of planet Earth, many coming from great distances, have met together these three days at the World Peace Center of MIT Pune from December 29th to 31st, 2016.

We have met in a spirit of love, compassion, sisterhood, and brotherhood to envision and actualize a peaceful, just, and sustainable future for our world under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

We have also met together with feelings of consternation, shock, and outrage at the horrific condition of fragmentation, conflict, and war into which the militarized nation-states of the world have forced humanity. We see clearly that the 1.7 trillion US dollars wasted by the nation-states of the world every year on militarized madness could be used to provide basic necessities to the 50% of humanity who now live in the hell of poverty.

We have also met together in dismay and despair to see the precious ecological wholeness of our planet ripped to shreds by uncontrolled globalized capitalism, greed, and thoughtlessness, often promoted by these same militarized nation-states. We have seen clearly the ways in which global private banking and transnational corporations are raping our planet in the interests of private greed and power, stealing the future of the world’s two billion children and its countless suffering living beings.

Our meeting has been organized and sponsored by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), sponsored by Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, and generously hosted by the World Peace Center of Maaer’s MIT Pune and Chancellor Dr. Vishwanath Karad. It has been participated in by many highly qualified and thoughtful people whose lives have been devoted to serving humanity and a better future for the world in a wide variety of ways.

Our papers and discussions have encompassed a wide variety of topics within the framework of how humankind can move to build the World Parliament that will bring dialogue and discussion to the world with the authority to democratically legislate laws enforceable over all individuals, replacing the current militarized collective punishment of entire nations or groups.

The World Parliament under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth will bring our planet forward to coherence, harmony, and order, replacing uncontrolled militarism and greed with a public authority representing all the people and living beings of the Earth, not merely the 1% who now control nearly 50% of the world’s wealth. Establishment of a World Parliament appears as humanity’s most urgent and compelling need at this precarious point in history in which a lack of intelligent and effective action could well lead humanity to omnicide and/or planetary environmental destruction.

We have reviewed the provisions in the Earth Constitution that set up a World Parliament of three houses representing all people and nations as well as the House of Counsellors representing our planet as a whole. We have understood that the Earth Constitution embodies all fundamental human values, rights and responsibilities within the encompassing framework of the principle of unity in diversity. We have reviewed the criteria for ratification of the Constitution by the people and nations of Earth and the responsibility laid upon us all to begin provisional world government here and now while at the same time intensifying the campaign for final ratification of the Constitution by people everywhere.

We have prioritized the actions that must be taken.

1. First and foremost, we must get the Earth Constitution before the people of Earth, both the leaders and the grassroots, through all forms of communication, including journalism, educational institutions, and every other possible way: so that the people of Earth know that there is a way out of the current insane chaos in which we now find ourselves.

2. Secondly, we must raise the funding and resources to make this happen on a planetary scale.

3. Third, we must set up country based committees to actualize all of these goals.

4. Fourth, this funding and resources can be used to establish offices in locations around the world dedicated to disseminating the Earth Constitution in many more languages as well as the information and understanding necessary to comprehend its significance for the future of the Earth.

5. Fifth, we must train youth and older people alike as leaders, as “agents of transformation,” to provide the articulate and compassionate leadership necessary to get the Earth Constitution before the people of our planet and to make the process of democratic ratification of the Constitution an effective reality.

6. Sixth, under Article 19 of the Constitution we must continue to develop Provisional World Government, already begun through the Provisional World Parliament and the Collegium of World Judges.

From among the members of our conference we have received the following commitments:

1. Dr. Vishwanath Karad has generously granted WCPA 3-4 acres of land near Pune for the project of building a World Parliament Center and educating the people of Earth concerning its significance.

2. We have created a committee to establish a national WCPA non-profit organization in India . This historic conference has decided in principle that India should take the leadership and establish the Indian Center of this organization as World Headquarters for WCPA.
The following have agreed to be founding members of this committee:
Swami Agnivesh Mr. Narasimha Murthy
Dr. Vishwanath Karad Dr. Vijaya Murthy
Guruji Arun Kumar Mr. Amit Paul
Mr. E.P. Menon Mr. Deepak Vyas

3. Swami Agnivesh has pledged to take leadership on item #5 on the above prioritized actions: to
train agents of transformation on behalf of the Earth Constitution.

4. Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidic has consented to become a Distinguish Advisor of WCPA and help us make contact with the world leaders that he knows personally.

5. Mr. Birendra Soni has offered to set up a World Parliament Communications Center in Delhi that will establish a virtual World Parliament and create voting systems for Earth Federation elections.

6. Mr. Augustine Veliath has committed to creating a people's movement, a people's communication center, and a cyber museum of WCPA activities. He has offered to create simplified versions of key documents for popular consumption.

7. Dr. Hemlata Telesra has established a new educational organization to promote the Earth Constitution and develop curricula corresponding to various educational levels.

8. Sri Varadan Chandar stated that the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust is committed to extend to WCPA and its Indian Center all support and cooperation and to act as a key facilitator for the success of all future ventures.

9. Dr. Ushoshi Guha committed to render support to solve issues related to IRP security.

10. Mrs. Ashok Bala offered to work with the developing education committee as WCPA peace education coordinator for Asia.

11. Dr. Subhash Chandra offered to work with WCPA promoting the Constitution throughout India.

12. Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann has pledged to work with others to:
a. explore the possibilities for certain Indian High Courts to take up the additional task of functioning as District World Courts.
b. explore the possibilities for developing a City of Peace in the Tangiers area as a World District to become a seat for the World Government.

This conference has been a preparatory conference for a larger more international conference at the end of December 2017. Both conferences will be, and are, concerned with action. We must dialogue together not only for mutual understanding of the crises facing planet Earth but about how to initiate and sustain concrete action for dissemination and ratification of the Earth Constitution worldwide, putting this option before the people of Earth through electronic media, print media, public presentations, and in every way possible.

This conference, and WCPA, affirm the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the universal human rights identified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Earth Constitution, which supplement the UN Declaration with the rights to peace and to environmental sustainability. We support the integration of the many worthwhile UN agencies into the emerging Earth Federation while recognizing that the UN Charter must be replaced by the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

We realize that this present historical moment is precarious in the extreme and that our precious planet could go either way—into perdition and destruction or into an ascent to peace, justice and sustainability under the Earth Constitution. We hereby pledge our minds, our efforts, and our resources in our common and concerted effort to transform our planet and its institutions into an intelligent, coherent, and compassionate world system under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Passed by unanimous acclamation this day of 31 December 2016 at 17:00.


Soul Mama

I love this and couldn't agree more.. I've had many such encounters in my own work as a teacher.. its a constant day to day practice.. we need to transform the education system so that it rewards and supports teachers like her who educate for the whole person and not just for the tick-box exam results that "look good", are marked by robots and can be fabricated by manipulative curriculum teaching.. we need an education system that actually teaches children (and adults) as whole beings, with heart, feelings, mind, spirit, body, soul.. and that educates the whole person.. not just parts. This is what all my work as a teacher, whether in schools or in universities, stands for. Thank you to this beautiful teacher for sharing this (:

WATCH: Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel. Hear her show how words can shift a child's self image. Share her story and help the education system for all children.

---> If you believe in helping others, you will love Soul Mama -- so like our page right now!

Our Story

All can play a part in this project, enjoy themselves, learn together in the process, and also help provide the financial basis for the massive educational development of our human intellectual and social wealth which the world situation so desperately needs. E.A. is designed from inception as a global initiative, drawing on the best educational traditions of each continental region: Europe, North & Latin America, Australsia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, South and East Asia...

First developed as a result of a feasibility study conducted at the Institute of Education, University of London, Education Aid is developing a simultaneous annual fundraising networking initiative among the world's formal (and informal) educational structures. Modelled on existing fundraising initiatives in other sectors (e.g. Live Aid, Band Aid, Comic Relief, Children in Need) we feel it is time that the world's educational sector utilised its tremendous resources by organising imaginative events in educational institutions world-wide: schools, colleges, universities, academies, research institutes etc. as both fundraising events, and as important educational happenings in their own right.

This photo was taken inside the excellent library at UNESCO in Paris in September 2018 during the WORLD INTELLECTUAL FORUM which IIPSGP is now coordinating for Europe. It is just one of the hundreds of similar intellectual and academic and scientific projects that would benefit if EDUCATIONAID gets going. Let its be on WORLD TEACHER DAY on October 5, annually, internationally.





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