St Peters Flying Start Toddler group

St Peters Flying Start Toddler group


Great day x
Great to be back at toddlers. Lots of outdoor fun today
Are use open during the October holidays x
Hi all I am looking at setting up a some child play activities in the local area and would love to hear your thoughts. Please Could you be so kind as to complete the survey. I promise its very short 😊

hope you dont mind
For anyone with older girls, we're looking for new Rainbows to join our group. We meet Park Church in Ardrossan on a Wednesday evening. We have loads of fun making crafts, going on trips, playing games and getting badges.
For girls aged 5-7. Please ask if you need info or want to register 🤩
Fraser loving painting with his hands with the creation station at today’s toddler session 💙
Iona had a ball with the creation station this morning! 💗
Andrew has great fun scooting about in this fancy walker!!
Afternoon poster!!
Something for everyone to do on a Thursday with Kids. Please come along. Morning and afternoon sessions!!

The aim of the Centre is to provide children in our care with a safe and stimulating environment in

Operating as usual


Parents and carers are advised that there will be school closures in North Ayrshire on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week (26-28 of September) due to industrial action.

All North Ayrshire schools will be CLOSED to primary and secondary aged pupils on all three days.

Early Years service provision will also be significantly affected on these dates. All early years classes and early years centres will be closed with the exception of Springvale Early Years Centre, which will operate normally as a standalone facility.

On the days of strike action, where pupils are affected by school closures, packed lunches will be provided to any affected pupils entitled to a free school meal. Children and/or parents affected by school closures are encouraged to go to their own school (or nearest school) on strike days between 11am and 1pm where they can collect a packed lunch.

If there are any changes to these arrangements parents and carers will be informed.


Join us for fun in the forest at Eglinton Park.


Sensory Play for babies 0-18 months. New and exciting ways to engage with your baby to encourage their development. Booking essential. Call the branch to book.


Please share the September Newsletter


There is a parish funeral this morning. Please park in designated spaces only, not on the grass front of church or house. Thank you
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⭐Check out our Top Tip for this month!

It’s a very simple strategy but one that is often forgotten. ⭐


If you're changing your furniture; clearing out, downsizing or moving house and have good quality furniture items to donate, please consider Hillhouse!

We offer free furniture uplifts in Ayrshire and would be delighted to receive your good quality items. If you would like us to uplift your items, please call our team on 01563 657258.

*Please note that free uplifts does not include full house clearances and all items will be quality checked prior to being uplifted*

Please share our post. Thank you.


See you all at 9.30 . New members welcome


Opening tomorrow 9.30am. Looking forward to seeing you all. New members welcome


Good luck to all our flying start toddlers starting nursery. We are reopening on Monday 28th August.


Bubbles in the Park is coming to Irvine Low Green. Come along for some bubble fun.


Join North Ayrshire Ranger Service and North Ayrshire Libraries on Tuesday 15th August, 1pm - 2 pm for Forest Fun.
This is for all our little explorers out there, come along to enjoy a story and adventure in the park. 😀


Come along to our exciting family treasure hunt on Wednesday!


Hello folks, this Saturday at The Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene we are showing the movie with Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princes Peach. Check the poster for details……

We showed the movie at Ardeer Community Centre & it went down a storm. Big thank you to them for hiring the cinema……..

The Mobile Cinema is sponsored by the good folks at Stinstoun Digital


Hello peeps. As part of the Ardeer Community Centre gala events we will be screening a brand new adventure featuring Mario, Luigi & friends. This will be taking place at the Ardeer Community Centre, Stevenston. Check poster for details.

The Mobile Cinema is sponsored by the good people at Stinstoun Digital


Hi everyone. We have an URGENT APPEAL for children's clothing as our boxes are empty and we have referrals with no clothing to distribute.

Can you help?

We're looking for boys trousers in the following sizes:
Age 5-6
Age 7-8
Age 8-9
Age 9-10

All girl's clothing (tops, trousers etc)
Age 6-7

If you can help, we'd love to hear from you. Please drop your donations into us at 11 Hill Street, Kilmarnock. KA3 1HA. We're open Mon-Thu: 9am-4.30pm and Fri: 9am-2pm. No appointments necessary.

Please share our post. Many thanks! 💙


It's only 4 weeks until the schools go back!

This can be an expensive time for families and we're here to help. If you are needing school uniforms for your children, we can offer black/grey bottoms and white polo shirts.

If you're needing a little extra help, then please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Phone: 01563 523362
Email: [email protected]
Or simply message this page

Please share our post. Many thanks

Timeline photos 24/07/2023

Visiting your local library in the summer holidays is a great way to set aside time for reading.

With books for all ages and activities for older siblings, a library visit is the perfect FREE family outing this summer! ☀️


Next stop on our BookBug on Tour. Come along and join us tomorrow.


Come along to our Hungry Caterpillar Tea Party at Ardrossan Library. Call the library for more information or to book.

Photos from Three Towns Growers's post 15/07/2023

Drop into Ardrossan Library for our family big game day.


Bubbles on the beach. Come along and make your own bubbles and bubble paint.


We're excited to be back on the road again next week with the Mobile Youth Centre and LOTS of summer FUN🏄‍♀️

Over 600 children, families and young people from Irvine and beyond came along over the past week and we are ready to roll to our next stop - Glebe Park in Saltcoats!

See the schedule below:

➡️ Wednesday 12 July: (1-4pm) Glebe Park, Saltcoats
➡️ Tuesday 18 July (2-5pm) Nethermains Community Centre, Kilwinning
➡️ Thursday 20 July (2-5pm) West Kilbride Community Centre
➡️ Monday 24 July (12-3pm) Dalry Public Park
➡️ Tuesday 1 August (1-4pm) Kilwinning Library
➡️ Thursday 3 August (1-4pm) Largs Pencil
➡️ Wednesday 9 August (1-4pm) Ardrossan South Beach
➡️ Thursday 10 August (12-3pm) Kilbirnie Public Park

With a petting zoo, inflatables, mobile youth centre, health and wellbeing workshops, information stalls and much more, our Take Time on the Road team can’t wait to roll through a town near you* 😍
*Activities are weather dependent. Everything is FREE.

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer break so far, see you in Saltcoats, Kilwinning and West Kilbride next week 👋

More info in the news release here:


Hope you enjoyed week one of the summer holidays! Here's another list of free activities for young people and families at our venues over the week ahead 🙌

See what's on at your local venues or check out somewhere new! For some activities you'll need to book in advance 👇

⭐️Sat 8 July⭐️
➡️Lego Club & Chess Club at Kilwinning Library, 10:30-12noon
➡️Large Family Games at Beith Library, 10-11:30am
➡️Lego Club at Beith Library, 10:15-11:15am
➡️Jiggly Wrigglers at Kilbirnie Library (Ages 0-5), 10:30-11:30am (Pre-book on 01505 684218)
➡️Lego Club at West Kilbride Library, 10:30-11:30am (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Lego Club at Millport Library, 10:30-11:30am

⭐️Mon 10 July⭐️
➡️Family Arts & Crafts at Eglinton Country Park Visitor Centre, drop-in 10am-3pm
➡️Discover Rockpools on Cumbrae with North Ayrshire Ranger Service, 11am -12:30pm (Meet at Crocodile Rock, Millport)
➡️Superheroes Craft at Dreghorn Library (Ages 3-5), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01294 211072) Costumes optional!
➡️Green Fingers Club at Kilwinning Library, 2:30-3:30pm
➡️Making Musical Instruments at Beith Library (Ages 5-11) 11am -12noon (Pre-book on 01505 503613)
➡️Large Family Games at Beith Library, 10:30am-12:30pm & 2:30-4:30pm
➡️Bookbug at Dalry Library (Ages 0-5), 11-11:30am (Pre-book on 01294 833196)
➡️Teddy Bears Picnic at Kilbirnie Library (Ages 0-6), 11:15am-12:15pm (Pre-book on 01505 684218 & don't forget your teddy!)
➡️Mini Beast Crafts at West Kilbride Library, 2-4pm, (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Lego & Games at Millport Library, 1-2:30pm
➡️Toddlers Group at Ardrossan Library, 10:30am (Pre-book on 01294 469682)
➡️Teddy Bear Picnic at Stevenston Library (Ages 0-12), 11am-12noon (Don't forget your teddy!)
➡️Dragons and Unicorns Crafts at Saltcoats Library, 10:30am (Pre-book on 01294 469546)
➡️Multisports with Scottish Sports Futures at Ardrossan Basketball Court (Ages 13+), 7-8:30pm (Pre-book on )

⭐️Tues 11 July⭐️
➡️Family Arts & Crafts at Eglinton Country Park Visitor Centre, drop-in 10am-3pm
➡️Outdoor "Bookbug on Tour" session at McGavin Park, Kilwinning (Ages 0-5), 11am
➡️Space Crafts at Irvine Library (Ages 6-12), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01294 271295)
➡️Lego & Games at Dreghorn Library, drop-in 2-4pm
➡️Potting Plants & Garden Craft at Dreghorn Library (Ages 5-8), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01294 211072)
➡️Bird Feeder Workshop at Kilwinning Library (Pre-book on 01294 554699)
➡️Teddy Bears Picnic at Beith Library (Ages 0-5), 11am-12noon (Bring favourite teddy & snack!)
➡️Digi Day at Dalry Library (Ages 5+), 2:30-3:30pm (Pre-book on 01294 833196)
➡️Messy Play at Kilbirnie Library (Ages 0-5), 2:15-3:15pm (Pre-book on 01505 684218)
➡️Drop-in Arts & Crafts at Fairlie Library, 12noon-5pm
➡️Bookbug at West Kilbride Library (Ages 0-5), 10:30am (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Board Games at West Kilbride Library, 2-4pm (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Kids movie club at Millport Library, 1-2:30pm
➡️Baby & Toddler Sensory Play at Ardrossan Library, 2:30pm (Pre-book on 01294 469682)
➡️Lego & Games at Saltcoats Library, 2.30pm

⭐️Wed 12 July⭐️
➡️"Take Time" Family Fun Day incl. petting zoo, bouncy castle, yoga & much more for all ages at Glebe Park, Saltcoats, 1-4pm
➡️Family Treasure Hunt at Eglinton Country Park, drop-in 11am-3pm. Pick up your map at the visitor centre!
➡️Teddy Trail & Colouring Competition at The Trinity Active Travel Hub (Ages 0-12), drop-in 10am-4pm
➡️Bookbug at Kilwinning Library (Ages 0-5), 10.30am (Pre-book on 01294 554699)

⭐️Thurs 13 July⭐️
➡️Teddy Trail & Colouring Competition at The Trinity Active Travel Hub (Ages 0-12), drop-in, 2-4pm
➡️Pirates life for Me at Irvine Library (Ages 3-5), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01294 271295) Fancy dress optional!
➡️Mythical Creatures Crafts at Dreghorn Library (Ages 9-12), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01294 211072)
➡️Rock Painting at Kilwinning Library (Pre-book on 01294 554699)
➡️Family Film Club at Kilwinning Library, 2pm
➡️Parent & Child play session at Kilbirnie Library, 10:30-11:30am
➡️Story stay n' play at Largs Library (Ages 4-8), 10:30-11:30am (Pre-book on 01475 673309)
➡️Lego Play at West Kilbride Library, 2- 4pm (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Bookbug at Skelmorlie Library (Ages 0-5), 11am (Pre-book on 01475 520493)
➡️Giant games & board games at Arran Library, 2:30pm (Pre-book on 01770 302835)
➡️Holiday Camp at Arran High School (All school ages), 11am-1pm (Pre-book on )
➡️Crafty Thursdays at Ardrossan Library, 11am (Pre-book on 01294 469682)
➡️Make your own bubbles & bubble paint at Ardrossan South Beach, 11am-1pm
➡️Seaside Crafts at Stevenston Library, 11am-12noon
➡️Teddy Bears Picnic at Saltcoats Library, 10:30am (Pre-book on 01294 469546 & don't forget your teddy!)
➡️*Cancelled* Family Arts & Crafts at Eglinton Country Park Visitor Centre:

⭐️Fri 14 July⭐️
➡️Outdoor "Bookbug on Tour" session at Lochshore Park, Kilbirnie (Ages 0-5), 11am
➡️Teddy Trail & Colouring Competition at The Trinity Active Travel Hub, drop-in 2-4pm
➡️Lego & Games at Dreghorn Library, drop-in 2-4pm
➡️Paint a plant pot and plant a lettuce at Kilwinning Library (Pre-book on 01294 554699)
➡️Egyptian Crafts at Beith Library (Ages 5-11), 11am-12noon (Pre-book on 01505 503613)
➡️Lego Club at Beith Library, 3:15-4:15pm
➡️Let's go to the Zoo story & rhyme time at Dalry Library (Ages 0-5), 11-11:30am (Pre-book on 01294 833196)
➡️Digi Fun at Kilbirnie Library (Ages 3-11), 11am-12pm (Pre-book on 01505 684218)
➡️Family Film at Largs Library, 2.30pm (Pre-book on 01475 673309)
➡️Drop-In Arts & Crafts at Fairlie Library, 10am-2pm
➡️Family Fun Friday at West Kilbride Library, 2-4pm (Pre-book on 01294 822987)
➡️Craft Club at Millport Library, 1- 2:30pm
➡️Lego Fridays at Ardrossan Library, drop in 10am-5pm
➡️Bookbug at Arran Library (Ages 0-5), 2pm (Pre-book on 01770 302835)
➡️Holiday Camp at Arran High School (All school ages), 11am-1pm (Pre-book on )
➡️Multisports with Scottish Sports Futures at St Matthews Academy (Ages 13+), 7-8:30pm (Pre-book on )
➡️*Postponed* Summer Fun Day with KA Leisure at Eglinton Country Park:

🥪Don't forget our school holiday lunches and activities sessions will also be running at community venues across North Ayrshire throughout the summer.
Details on this post 👇

🌞North Ayrshire Corporate Parenting Team’s summer programme for care experienced young people has kicked off! Info 👇

🏊‍♀️Be sure check out K:A Leisure’s wide range of sports and creative summer activities and free swim sessions for 0-17 year olds across North Ayrshire's pools! 👇

🏀Also take a look at these free multi-sport & activity sessions at Greenwood Community Sports Hub for 13-18 year olds 👇

Have a great time! 😀



Join us at Eglinton Country Park this summer at one of our FREE fun days!

Enjoy a range of bouncy castles, Multi Sports, Play activities and more...

For more information visit


Something for the Family to enjoy during the holidays!


Save the Date: Our annual Duck race is on Saturday 15th July.
Any donations of bottles or teddy bears would be much appreciated.
Please message the page or email: [email protected] if you can assist in any way.


Baby and Toddler Sensory Play. Booking essential. Call Ardrossan Library to book.


We are very excited to take our Bookbug sessions on Tour this summer - look out for a date near you!


Come along on this lovely morning for boogie babies and to enjoy the good weather outdoors.


Lost property


Art ventures this morning with Amanda. 👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨

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