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After over 12 weeks of waiting, today finally came to get back on board. My partner in crime Danny was epic as usual. It wasn't the prettiest of performances from me but who cares, the partnership is back. Superb patience from Sue as we got blown by snow, the sun and wind, even mother nature celebrated our return with a whole mix of weather. As with all the lovely horses, they are sooooo well behaved (even a cheeky canter to end on). If you ever consider riding for the first time, confidence lost or just to improve your skills, this place can do it all. Can't wait till Friday guys 🐴💕🥰
It was cool and fresh for my lesson this morning but I was happy, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying myself. I cannot recommend Andover Riding School highly enough. Without them things would have been very different.
If you have ridden in the past and have lost confidence, or if you are mature and would love to ride but are too nervous, please read my story.
I started riding in my mid 20s and have ridden regularly and helped with horses ever since. 13.5 years ago my daughter and I bought a lovely Irish Cob and later a field so that he would be with us for life.
A few years ago, in my mid 60s, we decided to look for another cob so that we could ride together but we had a really bad experience when we went to view one. It left us shaken and me with zero confidence. I, and others, thought I would/should never ride again. I was miserable because in my heart I wasn’t ready to stop. I would have given anything to feel like I used to. Then someone told me about Andover Riding School. I rang and spoke to Jess. I explained my position and he said “we have just the horse for you”. That was the lovely Blue.
I was a nervous wreck - worse than a complete beginner but with Sue’s (and later Steph’s) gentle encouragement, I gradually began to relax and, now, that wonderful feeling of being at one with a horse is back. As well as giving me back something I thought I had lost for ever, they have also helped to undo 40+ years of bad habits as I had never had formal lessons before.
I also had the confidence to go to Iceland in December ‘19 and ride an Icelandic horse, something I had always wanted to do but didn’t think I would. It was amazing.
I was 70 in February and have no plans to stop riding. Thank you x❤️
🦄🦄 Super excited to announce andover riding school has been nominated for Riding School of the year!!! By Equestrian Business Awards, please please vote for us!!! 🦄🦄
It was so good to get back in the saddle this morning and on such a beautiful day too. I’ve really missed my lessons during lockdown. Thank you all and, of course, the lovely Delilah. Jx
Looking for something worthwhile to do this evening between 6 and 7pm? Join us!
Thank you Sue and Delilah for a really enjoyable lesson this morning. It was good to be back in the saddle. I know I’m safe with you all. It’s great that you are open again - let’s hope you are able to stay open! 🙂
Hey, I have tried to send a email but for some reason on my end won’t send !

I’m looking for riding lessons for my daughter (9years old) please can someone message me with availability

Many thanks

When you have a rubbish week and can't wait for your didn't disappoint. Superb lesson on the wonder cob Danny, what a team we were today.when you know, you know and the dream team delivered a totally buzzing session. Role on next time...mahossive thankyou to the wonderful tuition 🐴
Have a great first day, good luck and.. whoop whoop.. ,well done for the hard work reopening ,missed you both x
We have put in place a new health and safety system for covid 19 in order to keep clients visitors and staff safe.
All lessons to be booked in and paid for BEFORE the start of the lesson and not after. This has always been a rule to ensure efficiency, but even more so now so the next client booking in isnt held up.
1. All clients and visitors are responsible for their own social distancing and own PPE.
2. Only one client in the office at any one time.
3. Please queue in designated area ( outside of the offce ).
4. Use hand sanitizer provided before entering the office.
5. Face coverings must be worn in the office.
6. Please be as efficient in the office as possible. ( if you need a longer conversation you can leave your phone number and we can phone you later )
7. Please observe the entrance and exit system on the yard at all times with social distancing.
8. Only the rider and one accompanying person to enter the yard.
9. After your riding lesson please vacate the yard promply.
10. We will not be able to serve any light refreshments from our Cafe at this time. ( Please provide your own drinks if needed ).
We appreciate your custom very much as always, and appreciate your co-operation in helping keep everyone at Andover Riding School Safe by abiding by our above system. Thankyou from us all!
Can't recommend this place highly enough, did my first unassisted canter today which was my riding ambition. It's taken me a while but the staff have been incredible! Sue and Jessie are the nicest people you could meet and have taken me on a real journey, the confidence they have built in me is amazing! Steph....what can I say?... you've pushed me, challenged me but always kept me safe, you've put lesson plans together to help every aspect of my riding, I think you are exceptional! I think you were nearly as happy as me to get that canter! I can only say...thank you to you all!

Andover Riding School is a family run riding school with a welcoming friendly atmosphere, offering lessons and other equestrian activities daily.

Operating as usual

[07/29/21]   PONY DAYS AT ANDOVER RIDING SCHOOL ( Fully booked for the summer )
Hi everyone,
We had our first Pony day of the summer hols yesterday and it was full of horsey fun, everyones gone home tired and happy and full of smiles. Well done all of you who won rosettes in our teams of Gymkhana games and the parade round on your ponies at the end showing off your rosettes was lovely to see. The rain never stopped us having a packed day with the ponies. Well done !
CHARITIES. On another note we were obviously unable to make our yearly donation to Air Ambulance last year due to the pandemic and we really missed that. They are such a good cause who dont get any actual funding. Hopefully we can have a raffle later on in the year with all proceeds going to them. We helped the nurses cause by sending a donation of our personal money to them, and we always donate raffle prizes throughout the year of free riding lessons to schools in the area. A little girl has just won one of them at her school so we will look forward to her mum phoning in to book it.
We also have another charity we are going to be donating to, and we must remember how much it can go towards helping people in their times of sadness or hardship. Just a little bit of kindness goes a long way and can help people smile again. Thats a massive bonus.

Hope you are all staying safe.
Sue and all the riding school team.

[07/19/21]   Hi everyone, its Andover riding school here.
Extreme weather warning for Tuesday and Wednesday this week, with really high temperatures of 32 degrees and above from 2.00 onwards.
We have therefore taken the hard decision to close the riding on both days from 1.00 onwards school so we can keep customers , horses and staff safe, this is our priority. Sorry to disappoint anyone, and we are disappointed ourselves when we are only just getting back to normal again.
Any lessons that are booked before 1.00 tomorrow or Wednesday will go ahead.
Back to normal on Friday with all lessons.

[07/17/21]   Hi everyone
AVAILABLE SPACES FOR THIS WEEK at Andover Riding School ( due to customers having to cancel due to self isolation mainly from schools )
Tues 20th July 4.00, 4.30 or 5.30
Wednesday 21st July 12.30, 2.30, 3.30
Friday 23rd July 4.30
If you would like any of these half an hour slots please message us or ring on 01264 773533.

Timeline Photos 25/06/2021

Timeline Photos

Photos from Andover Riding School's post 25/06/2021

Photos from Andover Riding School's post

Andover Riding School updated their business hours. 16/06/2021

Andover Riding School updated their business hours.

Andover Riding School updated their business hours.

[06/08/21]   Weight limit at Andover Riding School for the Health and Safety of our customers and the horses welfare.
To follow latest insurance and licencing rules our weight limit is now 12 stone while wearing riding attire, boots and hat.
We are having to have weigh ins in private at the riding school IF we are concerned your weight could be around this mark. We are then required to log this down on your Assessment form once we have witnessed your weight amount for insurance purposes.
We fully understand some people may not wish to be weighed at the riding school but unfortunately we are then not allowed to let you ride if we feel you could be around this weight or above it.
It is unfortunate we are required to do this but for the above reasons we are sure you will understand the reasons why.
Keep safe everyone and thankyou.

Photos from Andover Riding School's post 05/06/2021

Here are some photos of our lovely little team of horses and staff in a group lesson this morning, all enjoying the lovely summery weather. Well done little Teddy , you havent been here long but youre already so popular, and adoring all your cuddles.

[06/01/21]   Here we are at Andover riding school today on such a beautiful day too.
We have been inundated with people that want to book their children in this half term and have been disappointed if there are no spaces left.
Yet SO FAR TODAY 6 PEOPLE HAVENT TURNED UP FOR THEIR LESSON OR EVEN RANG US. Spaces that these other children could have had !
We have got extra staff in specially to help make the day go efficiently, and have just been through 8 months out of 12 in lockdown so not an easy time.
As you can tell i dont need to explain how we all feel about the above missed lessons .
We would like you all to give us your feelings and comments on this please.

[05/15/21]   Andover Riding School.
We are currently looking for quiet, well behaved ponies for our riding school. 12.2 hands up to 14.2 hands. We will pay a good price for a suitable pony. All our ponies are well looked after and are vet checked yearly to ensure they are happy and healthy in their work.
Please message us on face book or email us or phone us on 01246773533.

[04/27/21]   Andover Riding School require another Saturday helper ( paid ) to fit in to our team.
Starting at 8.00 am - 4.45. With an hour lunch break.
Will suit some one at college of 16 years old.
The applicant must be experienced with horses and fit and active with a friendly personality for the job.
Will include normal yard duties, but mainly to help with leading in lessons at walk and trot and occasionally cantering.
We have a staff room and on site cafe .

We are a very busy ,professional friendly riding school.
Please message us or ring on 01264 773533 to arrange an interview.
Look forward to hearing from you.

[04/18/21]   Good Evening please can I say what beautiful moment it was to see 5 young ladies and all staff showing a sign of respect for the Duke of Edinburgh today at the end of their lesson. With their heads bowed and sat upon their horses they were riding. And from other adults at the Andover riding school at that time.

[04/10/21]   ANDOVER RIDING SCHOOL are looking for more ponies to buy for our riding school.
They need to be well behaved with a good temperament, suitable for children to ride safely.
They will have a n experienced good home here and are vet checked every year to ensure all of this.
They can be cobs , New Forest, or even Shetlands.
We are willing to pay suitable money for a suitable pony.
You can email us or face book us or phone us on 01264 773533 or 07827963123.

Yippee at last after one and a half years we will be doing PONY DAYS again.
Children do need to be 8 years or over to spend the day with the ponies at our stables.
Pony days are 9.30 - 3.30 and they need to bring a packed lunch.
Theres a riding lesson in the morning and Gymkhana Games in the afternoon. Also plaiting a ponys mane and tail, and sometimes includes washing tails and swinging round to dry it.
Stable duties, feeding grooming , and a whole range of fun activities with the ponies for a full busy day are included.
The cost is £ 75.00 and requires a £ 40.00 deposit to secure a space. These spaces do go very quickly.
The dates are.
Wednesday 28th July
Friday 30th July
Wednesday 4th August
Tuesday 10th August
Wednesday 11th August
Tuesday 17th August
Wednesday 25th August
Friday 27th August.
We are looking forward to the summer and being able to do our popular Pony Days again.


Hello everyone, its not long until we see you all again, starting from next week actually. WOOOHOOOO !
We are sooo looking forward to it and it feels exciting now.
We hope you have all made it through without to much going upside down in your world, and we appreciate how hard it has been. We have got through it thank goodness but it hasnt been easy being closed for 8 months out of 12.
Hopefully back to some normality now. A lot of us know the benefits of being outside in fresh air and excercising at the same time, then add that to riding a horse ( our faithful freinds ) and the therapeutic qualities appear on their own. This has been proved time and time again in peoples lives everywhere and also at our riding school, and the happiness they bring to us all.
Just a reminder its Easter school hols for 2 weeks starting the week after next from 5th April. We have still got a few slots available if you havent booked yet and we are taking bookings now.
Also we are able to do PONY DAYS in the school summer hols ( we havent been able to do these for over a year now ) so we have got some catching up to do and im sure you will help us with that.
Pony days are stay at the stables with the ponies for the day. Theres always lots of work to do so bring a packed lunch as you will get hungry, and will be riding the ponies twice during your fun day which starts at 9.30 and ends at 3.00.
We are getting lots of enquiries for us to do pony days before the summer but unfortunately we cant.
We will be pleased to take bookings for the summer hol pony days once we re open again next week, and full price or a non returnable deposit ( unless covid or lockdown rules apply again , then it will be returned or rolled over ) of £ 40.00 will secure your space.
Children need to be 8 years or over for a packed out busy fun day with the ponies. Pony days do get booked up quickly, as who wouldnt want to spend the day with Cheeky Charlie and his friends.
See you all soon.
Sue and the Andover riding school team X

[03/03/21]   SCHOOL HOLIDAY EASTER DATES at Andover Riding School.
Just a reminder that Easter School Holidays start on Monday 5th April through till Friday 16 th April, this is the following week after we re-open on 29th March, so we are now taking bookings for this and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back at the riding school. Please email us or message us on facebook or phone us on 01264773533 or 07827963123 to arrange a booking.

[02/23/21]   Latest Lockdown Gov. Rules at Andover Riding School.
As you will have heard yesterday lockdown will not be lifted until 29th March 2021. We know how disappointing this is for everyone hoping to come for lessons sooner.
At least we have got a date now though !
Any bookings that are already booked with us past that date will still go ahead as will all automatic ongoing bookings on their usual days and times, including Saturday group lessons.
If you have booked one off bookings or Assessments to take place before 29th March please message or ring us and we can now re- schedule them for you.
Looking forward to our opening date of 29th March and seeing you all from then.
Take care as always and stay safe.
Best wishes
Sue and Jess and the Andover Riding School Team X

[02/19/21]   Lockdown at Andover Riding School
First of all hope you have all been ok during all of these lockdowns which nobody is used to but suddenly having to cope with.
We have been closed for nearly 8 months out of 12 months in total and its been really hard.
Everybody has different reasons for finding this unusual time stressful and upsetting and a lot of the time very hard on peoples well being. People with businesses have not known if they are going to make it through and out the other side because no one has known how long this was all going to go on for and how it would affect everything.
Some businesses including some riding schools have asked for crowdfunding to get them through this. Businesses with animals like riding schools are not like other businesses where you can just close up shop, animals still need to be excercised cared for and have the same food, farrier, vets bills as would be if they were open, so people are relying on their savings or crowd funding or bounce back loans. ( Thank goodness for those ) they are a much needed plan for businesses like us. We have used it to upgrade some of the facilities here and keep things ticking along until we are allowed to reopen again.
We also know how hard it has been for people who have had to stay in their houses for all this long time and havent really got anywhere nice to go for a walk or for excercise. Being without excersise and fresh air brings its own health and well being problems of anxiety and depression and also maybe getting very lethargic and unfit and even gaining unwanted weight, all of which is not easy to get out of , and means losing faith in everything situation for some people.
Also people have been trying to home school their children all this time which is very hard with everyone in the house all the time, and children getting fed up with it and not being able to do their weekly sports activities and hobbies.
Then there are the people who have lost their job and are worried about bills and the future, and all the problems that brings.
Just to say to everybody ' dont be too hard on yourselves, you are doing your best with what youve got '.
We are so looking forward to seeing you all soon. We are taking bookings now for after 8th March, although dont know yet when we will actually be allowed to re open again. Just hope its soon ! Please check our face book page or there is an answer phone message on our landline which will say when we can open , once we are given that date.
BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL. From Andover Riding School XX

Hoping you are all staying safe and well, as we are .
As you will probably all know on 22nd February Boris Johnson is giving his next update on lockdown and how the road map out of it will go for everyone.
It has been made clear that nothing will change until at least 8th March and could even be longer before we can re-open.
We are taking booking now for after that date and any already booked from then onwards will be kept.
The horses are looking well and have got really shiny coats, and have been having extra feeds during the rainy cold weather, and have been frolicking around having races.
We are looking forward to being able to re-open as soon as possible which should be nicer weather and the start of spring.
It has been a difficult year and we look forward to a much better one ahead.
Hopefully we will all be back together at the riding school soon and enjoying happy times again and the great therapy the horses bring.
Take care everyone and see you all soon.
Best wishes
Sue and the Andover Riding School Team X

[01/24/21]   Hi everyone, its Sue at Andover Riding School, hope you are all keeping safe as we are.
I had decided to have a day off today, once the water troughs with ice on have been broken and they have been checked over and got their piles of hay out.
We were treated to a lovely scene this morning early, although it was freezing out as the horses were showing off in the snow. They were trotting round really picking their legs up high , prancing about and heads right up in the air, and while we were in the hay shed getting the bales of hay out some of them were rolling in the snow.
Then over they came eating their hay peacefully. We were tidying up and checking everything was in order when all of a sudden they all put their heads up and stared wide eyed into the next field . We looked across and saw 3 deer in there bounding about. All the horses started cantering round the field and then decided to have a race, galloping like mad. I thought hold on a minute theres one missing. Oh yes its Blue, hes still stood their eating away. The horses were snorting away loving all this and then Blue decided he didnt want to be left behind and shot off like a rocket.
It was so lovely to see them so happy and enjoying the snow.
With these really cold frosty mornings everything is harder. The taps on the yard freeze and so do our fingers and the frost has got to Jess tractor and made the radiator leak, which now needs a new one.
My day off went out the window as 3 of the troughs pipes split last night in the freezing temperatures and water was flying out everywhere from them, even though they are lagged and insulated its just a hazard of this environment unfortunately, so they needed to be repaired as well !
Once the frost has gone the sun usually comes out and its beautiful bright days and lovely to be out in it.
The Spring is my favourite time of year by far. When its lighter longer, the weather starts getting better, the birds are singing and the buds are coming out on the trees and plants. Theres just a different feeling about everything then, and happiness comes with it.
The riding school feels very quiet and strange without you here with us and just not right at all and we really miss it all.
Hopefully we will be back mid Feb, which means we have been shut for over 6 months of the year. It has been very difficult, a lot of work and very costly. We just look forward to when we are back to normal soon hopefully.
Anyway we are off back to the riding school again now to do the 3rd feed and check of the day. Good bye Sunday roast. Oh well theres always next Sunday.
Looking forward to when we can open again and see you all. That will be a happy day.!


Good evening everyone, thought you might like to see the horses yesterday when it was so cold out, but they werent cold in their winter rugs. Some of them had new ones again this winter as they get torn sometimes when they roll around in the mud which they love to do.
Rugs need to be checked everyday to make sure the horses arent getting rubbed by them or they havent slipped and moved when they are enjoying a gallop round the field.
In winter we check the troughs 2 or 3 times a day , checking for ice formed on the top. The horses must have fresh clean water available at all times and eating their hay makes them thirsty too. Sometimes in really minus degrees the troughs get totally frozen over and we have to take a mallet and break it in several places then remove some of it to stop it freezing back together again. ( Very cold on your fingers. )
The trough you see in the field is one of our new ones which has just been installed as we had a small leak in the old one.
Troughs are expensive to buy these days, even second hand ones with leaks are expensive to buy as people like to have them in their gardens filled with flowers, giving the garden a taste of the countryside feel ! They are popular and something different.
On inspecting the troughs yesterday we saw a jet of water shooting up in the air from one of them. An ice plug had formed in the pipework and blown the connector off. ( All great news when all your water is on a meter !!! ).
We have seen this before in really low temperatures when the water stream freezes mid air. Also our lead ropes for the horses are sometimes frozen stiff.. ( very stinggy fingers in winter ). We put our hands under the horses manes to warm them up.
The long trough on the bank is the one that succumbed to the frost ,and pin holes appeared in the base. Still very good as a vintage flower planter, as it is old , maybe 50 or 60 years old, and was used for cattle before we had it. It has served as a good water trough for all the horses and even the birds and a fox drink out of it.
Now that we have replaced it with our new trough, this one was up for sale if anybody wanted an unusual countryside planter with character and history to it, but it has now gone to a good home who will appreciate the stories attached to it.
As we go through this lockdown more pictures and stories will be posted on here.
Keep well and safe to you all. X

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Summer holiday pony days.
Superstar Skyla
Mother and Daughter lesson
Boots and Debs
Skyla Balancing Exercises
Charlie and Rebecca having a chat







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