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Quest UAV Ltd QuestUAV manufacture Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Systems / Drones for a range of applications including research, precision agriculture, mining and construction and land surveys that carry payloads such as high res cameras (including NIR) and meteorological sensors.

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[10/18/18]   *SPECIAL OFFER* Agisoft Professional Licence for only £2395.
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Wardell Armstrong and QuestUAV teamed up for a recent Aerial Survey. If you require a Survey get in touch [email protected]


Who's coming to the UAV Show this year? Get in touch if you'd like to arrange a meeting with us. Send us a PM or email [email protected]


**AGISOFT PHOTOSCAN PRO - only £2395**
Quest UAV are Agisoft PhotoScan Resellers. We would be happy to give you an official quote for the software. Send us an email: [email protected] to get yours.

Find out more on our website and to view datasets.


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Add the DATAHawk Fixed Wing Drone to your fleet for free.
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Add a QuestUAV Drone to your fleet to map larger areas.
With a Fixed Wing drone in your fleet you can map up to 750ha. per day.
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Find out how you can add a QuestUAV Fixed Wing Drone to your fleet for free

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We understand the benefits of having both Multirotor and Fixed Wing Drones at hand for different challenges that you face on a mapping missions. Multirotor Drones are great, but you can map much larger areas with a fixed wing drone in a single flight. You could easily map up to 750 ha. in a single day!
With this in mind; we’d like to offer a fixed wing solution to your fleet. This does not include the DATAHawk PPK.
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QuestUAV | Industries

QuestUAV Drones have played a part in various industries. We pride ourselves in consulting with clients, to give first hand advice on what drone packages suit different industries.

So many people are sold the incorrect drone to collect their data. At QuestUAV we will handpick the best drone package for you and ensure you receive valuable training so it rewards you with the best results. Industries Overview - find out what industries we operate in and how our products can help maximise ROI in these industries. 27/07/2018

Compare Drone Products | QuestUAV

How do you get your hands on a QuestUAV Drone?

1. Choose which package you'd prefer below.

2. Make a enquiry with us, via the contact page, email, call or DM us on Facebook

3. Receive a free consultation from one of our UAV experts.

4. Pay 50% of the total cost to secure your package and training date.

5. Come to our UK flight school for full training.

6. Walk away with your Quest UAV Drone. Compare drone products and fixed wing UAVs for mapping and surveying applications from QuestUAV including the DATAhawk and Surveyor Pro. 26/07/2018

Fixed Wing UAV Drone Rental | QuestUAV

Rent a Drone from £23/day. Find out more on our website.
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DATAhawk PPK Packages, from £14,995
Flight Planning
Telemetery Software
Rugged Carry Case
Launch System
Free Basic Training
12 Months Manufactures Warranty
3 months customer support
Contact us today for more information. [email protected] +441665 479042


Do you know your RTK from you PPK? Find out how the DATAHawk PPK can reduce time and save money.
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Untitled Album 17/07/2018

Untitled Album


Quest Resellers and Partners are attending the Info Ag Conference - are you? get in touch to talk to us about our Agriculture packages, precision agriculture and crop nutrition monitoring.

#dronesforagriculture #dronesinfarming #drones #precisionagricuture #cropnutrition


DATAHawk Ag Package - using drone technology to monitor crop nutrition.

Prices on Application

#dronesforag #cropnutrition #precisionagriculture #cropmonitoring #uav #drones


QuestUAV Partners and Resellers are attending the Info Ag Conference 17th - 19th July in St Louis, MO, USA. Let us know if you are attending. #droneag #uavag #precisionagriculture #precisionag #dronesforfarming


The QuestUAV Q-200 Agri Pro is an agriculture fixed wing drone that has been designed to allow you to capture the all important data in the quickest way possible, drastically saving you time and money.

The data capable of capturing covers a wide range of applications and industry including agriculture for crop health and land survey (5cm res), archaeology for vegetation analysis and forestry for tree health.

#dronesforfarming #precisionagriculture #uavfarming #cropnutrition #agriculture #plant #trees #vegetation #datacapture #aerialmapping


Multispectral Field Monitoring with the QuestUAV DATAhawkAg, MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense ATLAS

DATAHawk Ag capabilities - Multispectral Field Monitoring
MicaSense, Inc. RedEdge. #agricutluralmapping #cropnutrition #soilerrosion #dronesforfarming #crops #precisionagriculture

Equipped with the MicaSense RedEdge camera, the Q-100 DATAhawkAg captures images in five discrete spectral bands, designed to detect patterns correlated to c...


Happy 4th July from QuestUAV. 29/06/2018

Drone Services | QuestUAV

See our latest drone mapping results from our services team.
Sunderland Port and Ilkley Moor - Drone Mapping Surveys. QuestUAV provides external drone services including flight team hire, image processing and GIS services. Hire our drone team to complete your survey.


Q200 Surveyor Pro Packages start from £11,995. Can be used for Surveying and Agriculture. we use the Sony A6000 Sensor and Micrasense Rededge. Q200 PPK Packages also available.
[email protected]
+44 1665 479 042 27/06/2018

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Market is expected to reach 10,540.85 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 26.2%

QuestUAV have been cited to be involved in the research behind the UAV Market expansion that is expected to grow rapidly by 2023. America is expected to dominate the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Market during the forecast period it will generate revenue of $4,612.35 M by 2023 at CAGR of 29%


QuestUAV have a solution for mapping surveys that require a fixed wing drone. We can offer Rental Services, from a single drone to the whole flight team. Rental start from £23/day.

Contact us to get your quotation.
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QuestUAV celebrating #nationalpinkday


Our services team uses the DATAHawk PPK with amazing results. visit our website to find out more about the DATAHawk PPK and our Flight Team. www/


Welcome to the Summer Solstice Sunrise on Holy Island


Quest UAV Ltd's cover photo


DATAhawk PPK Packages, from £14,995
Flight Planning
Telemetery Software
Rugged Carry Case
Launch System
Free Basic Training
12 Months Manufactures Warranty
3 months customer support
Contact us today for more information. [email protected] +441665 479042


HELImetrex Pty Ltd

If you are located in Australia and surrounding countries, give Helimetrex a like and follow Ray and his team. Helimetrex are our Australian Resellers and have a solid legacy with Quest UAV.

HELImetrrex - Unmanned Aerial Surveys


Quest UAV Packages offer a parachute choice. Here's an interesting article to read if you're still unsure if one would be beneficial to your Aircraft. Quest UAV are proud to use Fruity Chutes.

New blog post: If you are asking yourself “should I use a #parachutesystem for my #drone?” Here are some important factors to consider. By, Brett Hoffstadt



Some people don't know that QuestUAV are Pix4D Resellers. Contact us today for a quote.

We are happy to announce that #Pix4Dfields, Pix4D Agriculture's first fully dedicated product for #agriculture is now commercially available and open for everyone on both macOS and Windows. Find out more about the commercial launch:

#agtech #smartfarming #drones 06/06/2018

Drone filming over Ilkley Moor

Great Article from Ilkley Local Newspaper of our survey of Ilkley Moor last week. AN aerial photographic survey of Ilkley moor took place on Thursday using a fixed winged drone flying at 400ft above the moor.


Spotted on our recent survey of Ilkley Moor - Aliens or Earthlings?

Our Story

QuestUAV Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of small, fixed wing unmanned aircraft ( sUAV ) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance.

Our UAVs operate in the sub 7Kg category and benefit from a hand launch system that allows them to operate in a large range of territories and climates.


Videos (show all)

Welcome to the Summer Solstice Sunrise on Holy Island
Live from Rothbury
UPDATE... FACEBOOK  NOT YOUTUBE An update to the event tomorrrow in Northumberland where we are getting volunteers to fo...
Test 2 of Facebook live for us using a Mavic Air drone. Slightly different hardware setup than the previous live video, ...
This was a first for us, having been experimenting with Facebook Live for a couple of days.  I was surprised how easy it...
QuestUAV showcasing on BBC One’s Countryfile program soon.With the presenter Anita Rani, it’s about the use of Drones in...
One of the shots of the crew in action from today’s filming. BBCCountryfile doing a piece on Drones in Search and Rescue...
Countryfile tv crew, QuestUAV and the Mountain Rescue team preparing for a drone exercise on Alnwick Moors.
Mitford Dam Partial Flythrough
Mining Pit Flythrough
Jeongeup, Korea Road Survey
Paphos World Heritage Site Flythrough, captured using the Q-100 DATAhawk, processed using the Pix4dMapper.



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