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We are a Training Provider for the construction industry, offering NVQ's, CPCS training and testing, and NRSWA full course and reassessments.

Operating as usual

[07/10/21]   It is with great pride that I can announce Trade Assessments Ltd has just completed our SSW contract with CSW and ESF Funding and yet again another contract delivered with over a 100% performance rate in delivering NVQ LEVEL 2s 3s 4s 6s and 7s in the Solent Lep area. Over 350 candidates who achieved over 950 learning aims as above, bloody amazing if I say so myself.

I’d like to thank Sue Farrell, CSW Contracts Manager, for the support over the last 3 years and to all the Companies and sole traders who have trusted TAL CSW ESF SOLENT LEP to achieve and progress your Qualifications for CSCS/ NPORS / CPCS etc.

Thank you to my fantastic team of Assessors, Trainers, Testers and Internal Verifiers here at TAL. Thank you also to Liz at CITB for advice on grants for my customers.

Let’s hope for more funding to help all the fantastic Companies and Sole Traders in the Solent area.

TAL the trusted Training Provider who always puts Customer quality first.

Mel Tutt

[01/18/21]   Trade Assessments Ltd are looking into working with a local college in delivering
the new Plant Operators Apprenticeship Standard, depending on demand, for new or existing employees.
If any companies are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to contact Mel Tutt on: 07834 055788

[01/03/21]   Happy New Year. TAL are open from Monday 4th January 2021.

[12/24/20]   Trade Assessments would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to working with you in 2021.


Congratulations to Gary Bickel of Barratt David Wilson Homes who achieved his Level 6 CSM. TAL wish him well in the future. His achievement was well deserved.


Congratulations to Luis Alves of Concept Portsmouth, who achieved his NVQ Level 6 CSM. Looking forward to carrying out his Level 7 in the future.

[06/30/20]   I would like to blow TALs trumpet, something, as the M.D., I don’t do but have been advised to do so by our External Verifiers from our Awarding Bodies, Matrix and other clients. So please look at our success.

We are an award winning Training Provider with a CPCS, Streetworks and NPORS accredited training centre in the heart of Hampshire, who will go the extra mile for our clients.

From training 16 year olds to achieve CPCS, NVQs, NPORS, to supporting women in Construction for CPCS, NVQs Painting And Decorating and Supervisory and Construction Site Management and supporting experienced , competent and skilled people from Level 1 to Level 7.

We work with the following Partners: CSW group, ESF, NOCN, SQA, Eastleigh College, CITB, Barratt Developments, David Wilson Homes, Persimmons and other local home builders. We deliver qualifications for Civils, Highways and Maintenance Companies. We also specialise in supporting Sole Traders.

We are a family run Company who pride ourselves on quality, value and honesty.

For further information please call me.

Melvin Tutt
07834 055788


[03/25/20]   Trade Assessments Ltd are following Government guidelines and have closed our Training Centre until further notice. The health of our fantastic staff and clients are always at the top of our list.

Even though the Centre is closed, please do not hesitate to contact Mel Tutt (our Managing Director) on 07834 055788 for training, funding etc.

In the meantime, everyone at TAL hopes you stay safe and we look forward to working with you once we are through this difficult time.


Congratulations to Holly, Karl and Aidan Marie of K & J Construction who have successfully achieved CPCS A58A 360 excavator tests. Well done to you all from all at TAL. It was good to have CPCS Monitor Billy White turn up today to visit our centre too.

[12/16/19]   CPCS TESTING

A58 - 360 Tracked up to 10T
A09A - Forward Tipping Dumper Wheeled
A31 - Ride on Roller

* Fantastic prices for testing of the above machines.

* Discounts for more than 1 Test.

* No transport? No problem! We can collect and return you from Ferry ports, train stations or place of work from Portsmouth/ Southampton/ Wi******er/ Alton.


Contact us for full details.

[12/16/19]   FUNDING FOR 2020
Trade Assessments Ltd are very happy to announce a new contract for funded NVQ Level 2s in Construction, in partnership with CSW Group and ESF in the Solent LEP area ( Isle of Wight, Hayling Island, Havant, Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton, New Forest, areas).

There is a possibility that subsidised funding may be available for NVQ Levels 3,4 and 6 but numbers are limited. If you are interested, do NOT delay, contact us today.


Trade Assessments Ltd


Trade Assessments Ltd based in Hampshire, can offer subsidised NVQs Levels 2,3,4 & 6 for Construction/Highways/Building etc.

Please contact Mel Tutt on: 07834 055788 for further information.

[11/30/18]   Well we all knew it was happening, but it is now official. NOCN are buying CPCS from CITB. It is happening in 2 phases and they are saying completion is expected by August 2019. Let’s hope it goes more smoothly than the Cskills takeover has and let’s hope hey don’t change things to much. Watch this space ........................

[11/14/18]   Had a visit from David Allgood, our Account Manager from SQA today. Finally got to put a face to the person I’ve been emailing and talking to for ages. Very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to continuing our working relationship.



Are you a Skilled Operative looking for a new challenge?
We are always on the look out for the best of the best to join the R&W family, to apply send your CV to [email protected]

[07/16/18]   We have been working with "Employees Support In Skills - Solent Area", who have allocated us funding for NVQ's from the European Union. For our first contract we offered this funding to Crown Park Builders from the Isle of Wight. Please take a look at the case study and feedback from Crown Park Builders below. We feel it was a great success for all concerned and we are looking forward to doing similar projects again very soon.

[07/16/18]   Employees Support in Skills Programme

Employer Exit Questionnaire

Crownpark Builders Ltd.

What do I think about the Employees Support in Skills Programme?
I think the Employees Support in Skills Programme was really good

Were participants well supported?
Yes a lot

As a result of the programme are participants more confident?
Yes a lot

Have your employees improved their skills?

Have your employees gained new skills?

What were the best things about the programme?
Bringing our employees up to a recognised standard. Benefitting the employees and given them the ability to progress further in their personal development. Increased employees’ confidence in themselves, our business and the work that we do. The programme was also good as it was able to include elements of “on the job” training, which is a far more comfortable environment for our employees, this also reduced downtime of the business.

What was not so good? What could we been better?
Though we understand that paperwork and classroom elements are a vital part, many of our employees are uncomfortable in such an environment, so the more elements which can be carried out on site then the more comfortable our employees would be.

Was there anything missing that might have helped more?
Nothing identified

Would you recommend the Programme to other employers?

Is there anything else you would like to say about the Programme?
We have felt that TAL have managed the programme for us well and successfully, there was good communication throughout which made me feel far more confident in the programme. 16/07/2018

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The Employees Support in Skills Programme

A European Social Funded project, from the employees’ perspective…

• Name of activity:
Employees Support in Skills – Solent Area

• Name and address of organization:
Trade Assessments Ltd
Dean Farm Buildings
Bighton Hill
SO24 9SQ

• Telephone number:
01962 772 085

• Email address:
[email protected]

• Website Address

• Employer:
Crownpark Builders Limited.

Summary - details of when the activity was established, how the activity is being funded, and the aims and objectives of the activity
CSW Group Ltd successfully won a bid that provided European Social Fund (ESF) funded activity to support individuals who are aged 18+ and employed in the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership area. CSW implemented a subcontracted model of delivery that presents a network of partners with an opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of employed people and their employers working in the Solent LEP area.
The project aims to ensure that participants are supported through training to a progression within work and/or in further education.

The services delivered by Trade Assessments Ltd (TAL) has achieve the following for participants:
• Support for SMEs, to help them determine the training needs of their staff, through the completion of a training needs analysis.
• Support for individuals to participate in bespoke industry led training programmes, where they have demonstrated overcoming various barriers to accessing learning and progressing within work and required by the priority sectors.
• Delivery of specific modules that increase the effectiveness of participants who have secured employment with an SME in the construction and civil engineering industry (a priority sectors),
• Enabled low-skilled employees the opportunity to progress to higher value employment and qualifications
• Support individuals to start on higher level skills by providing worthwhile taster units of relevant vocational training; work-based access training and work shadowing opportunities related to higher skills/paid jobs.
Trade Assessments Ltd (TAL) is a Hampshire based training provider that specializes in delivering training and assessment across an extensive range of construction and civil engineering provision, both in the workplace and at our well-equipped and accredited training centre and is proud to have been chosen by CSW Group as a delivery partner to support this project.
TAL has an extensive employer network and through their work with their employer base find themselves in a strong position to identify industry needs and provide solutions. This project enabled TAL to support individuals working for a family run construction company, based on the Isle of Wight, a region where employers advise support with training is often difficult to access, a workbased training, assessment and a progression route that enabled the individuals to gain qualifications that are commercially recognized and equip them progress within the industry.

Participant's starting situation - details of what the participant's situation was when they joined the activity

TAL worked with the Crownpark’s Contract Manager to undertake a Training Needs Analysis, where we identified their workforces training and development needs, together we identified seventeen of their workforce who would benefit from this project.
The primary focus of this case study is DB, who was previously employed within the hospitality and catering industry, however, like many jobs on the Island, this was only seasonal employment. DB applied for a job with Crownpark and even though he did not hold any construction related experience or qualifications and declared that he “found it hard to read and write” his enthusiasm led them to give him a start as a laborer/unskilled operative.

Barriers - details of what barriers the participant faced before and during their time on the activity
Because DB did not hold any recognized Construction or Civil Engineering qualifications or a competence card some construction sites would not allow DB access. This significantly restricted his ability to work at all the

locations that Crownpark worked as some sites didn’t allow DB access due to his lack of qualification. In addition, the afore mentioned difficulty “to read and write” presented an additional barrier. A final barrier was the access to specialist Civil Engineering training that is available to those working and/or living on the Isle of Wight while holding down fulltime employment.

What interventions and actions did the project undertake with the participant?
Trade Assessments tutor/assessor supported DB to achieve his qualification and adapted learning and assessment strategies to meet his individual needs, while adhering to the awarding bodies assessment criteria, so as not to compromise the qualification.

Outcomes and impact - the result of the interventions and actions of the activity. How have these made a real difference?
Over the past year or so the potential they saw in him has been realized and they put him forward to undertake an NVQ level 2 Civil Engineering qualification, which he successfully completed. He has since progressed onto and achieved the Co-ordinating and Organising Work Operations in the Workplace unit, of the NVQ level 3 Occupational Work Supervision qualification.
The program of learning and assessment has also improved DB’s self-esteem and confidence. He has declared that he now feels “more competent in (his) job role” and “feels more valued as an employee” and now undertakes very specialist Civil Engineering tasks within the company.

Next steps - what are the participant’s future plans, what do they intend to do next?
DB plans to continue with his Civil Engineering training and assessment, specifically focusing on aspects of construction plant and hopes to achieve additional recognised plant qualifications and progress further within the industry.
DB’s tutor assessor has recognised his motivation and qualities and identified him as a potential foreman and/or leader. Contact information for Trade Assessments Ltd, Alresford, Hampshire UK: Phone, Email and Address details.


No apple for the teacher here. Our streetworks guys make a cake. Thank you very much. It was so good I had 2 pieces 😀


Hampshire Multi Trade Building Services

please like and share ... after a year away working on a huge project its now time to come back and concentrate on building my clientele back up to how it was.
I would appreciate some likes and shares and slowly I would like to build my reputation back up in the area. I am a qualified builder and have done my time in collage for numerous trades and been in the building maintenance business for many years. For quotes help and advice please inbox me through my work page.

[01/15/18]   Hi Guys. Very sad news this morning on the compulsory liquidation of Carillion. Our thoughts go out to the 20,000 or so employees and their families as they face this time of uncertainty.

[08/28/17]   Hi All. Just a reminder that if you are a skilled worker working with the green Construction Site Operative CSCS card you will need to complete an NVQ before it expires or be registered on to an NVQ and apply for the appropriate temporary card if your card has already expired. Please drop me a message if you would like any advise. Regards Ally


No he didn't do his NVQ with us 😀

perfect :)

[12/07/16]   Hi Guys

I am afraid to say that I have neglected you in recent times. With the retirement of our Managing Director I have been busy taking over his work, but I'm back now.

Just a reminder of what we can offer;

Various NVQ's at levels 2, 3, 4 and 6

CPCS Training and Testing on 360 up to 10t, forward tipping dumper, and ride on roller.

In-House courses for the machines above

Npors Training and Testing

NRSWA Full Course for Operatives and Supervisors

NRSWA Reassessment for Operatives and Supervisors

Cat and Genny Courses (minimum numbers apply)

If you would like any further information on any of the courses we deliver please contact me and I will do my best to assist.

[07/01/16]   Hi Guys

We are running the following One Day NRSWA Refresher/Reassessment Course's

Tuesday 26th July for Operatives - 1 space left
Wednesday 27th July for Supervisors - 3 spaces left

The morning is spent going over the units and the Reassessment will be in the afternoon.

If your card is due to expire you will need to do the reassessment approximately 6 weeks before to allow enough time for you to be achieved, receive your certificates and then get your card application in to SWQR. You do have 6 months grace but NRSWA says you are not ment to work on the road with an expired card.

SWQR are extremely strict and if your application is even a day late they will not re-new and you will have to start from scratch.

If you require any further information or advise or would like to book a place please contact me through here, through our website or on 01962 772085. Thank you

[06/03/16]   Hi Guys

We will be running a NRSWA 1 Day Refresher/Reassessment Day for Supervisors on Friday 1st July and have places available. The full cost for this course is £312.00 inclusive of VAT. If your streetworks card is due for renewal and you would like to book a place or would like more information, please contact me on here or phone me on 01962 772085. Thank you



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