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Fully trained and insured babywearing consultant and sling librarian based in Alness and covering the Highlands, Scotland. Full disclosure PVG checked.

Experienced infant feeding support worker and Breast feeding peer support for NHS.

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When you want to say “Be Careful!” - try this (organized according to Ellen Sandseter’s six categories of risky play):

Read the blog post here: https://childnature.ca/when-you-want-to-say-be-careful/


Can you be quiet? Can you listen? Can you pay attention?

7 minutes…. It’s all it takes for a mother to share her story. Most of the times, nobody has given her the space.

⏰ Do you know how long it takes for a health professional to interrupt her? Stop reading. Think about it. Maybe share it in the comments. I will tell you at the end of this post….

When J’Nel shared the number with us during the breastfeeding peer support course, I wasn’t surprised. It’s not good enough. Most of the times, the struggling parent holds their answer already. All they need is the space to explore their thoughts with an empathetic ear. We are so fixed on fixing that we forget to listen.

One of the most difficult things to navigate as parent is everybody’s opinions. Who holds the truth? Who holds the answer? Who can help? Sometimes, the issues are clinical and I am so grateful for the work IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and lactation councillors do.
But sometimes, they have received so many answers/advice/information/shoulds/evidence that they struggle to hear their needs and wants. By listening and reflecting their thoughts, peer supporters and friends can help parents navigate the early struggles.

So how long do you reckon it takes to dismiss people’s experiences?

18 seconds

Are you surprised?!

[image description: Slingababy bubble reading seven minutes. The seven shape is filled with a picture of Lorette bringing her index finger in front of her mouth to tell others to stay quiet]


#repost @raising_yourself 💕
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Good Monday morning, cycle-breakers! Give me a ❤️below if you agree!

Also: a loving reminder that I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for doing the hard inner work. Thank you for reminding me that we are not doing this work alone. And thank you for showing up for yourself and your family. What you're doing is going to ripple across generations for years to come. Remember that on the hard days.

Oh - and one other thing - notice in the graphic that I said "manage" our emotions. We can't really control our emotions. They're going to surface no matter what. It's what we do with those feelings that matter the most. :)

P.S. Check out the link in my bio to grab my *FREE* Cycle Breakers guide to help break the cycle of yelling at your kids, then yelling at yourself. It's a cycle I was stuck in for years and it's an honor to have guided thousands of parents out of that cycle with this guide.

How every child can thrive by five 28/07/2021

How every child can thrive by five

How every child can thrive by five "What if I was to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?" asks seven-year-old Molly Wright, one of the youngest-ever TED speakers. Breaking down the research-backed ways parents and caregivers can support children's healthy brain development, Wright highlights the benefits of pla...


"Tigers" is a film by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic based on the true story of a former Nestlé baby milk salesman in Pakistan, taking on the industry with the help of IBFAN (the International Baby Food Action Network) when he realises that babies are dying as a result of his work pressuring doctors to promote formula.

The film is being streamed online on 6th August, as part of this year's Breastival. Tickets and info available here:

Don't miss out!

Photos from The Highland Council's post 23/07/2021

If anyone needs to hire a carrier for walks please get in touch. Although it would be amazing to see the staff trained as babywearing peers as well - Slingababy is running online courses the more advocating the benefits of babywearing the better 😃


This is something that comes up again and again whenever I have conversations with new mothers, and with mothers doing it for the second and third time, mothers of small kids, big kids, teens, etc.

The myth of the perfect mother is so deeply embedded into our collective psyche; the nurturing goddess who heals all ills and has no needs herself, who has all the answers, maintains a perfect home, whose children never cry or make a nuisance of themselves (anyone clocked side eye when feeding in public or comforting a melting-down toddler??)

She’s always calm, always serene, excellent at all the jobs of motherhood, always able to find time for her partner and her friends, never cries in the bathroom alone, never discusses her birth story or shares how hard it is (cos isn’t she lucky to have a healthy baby?), manages to navigate work and motherhood perfectly, has a baby who sleeps in a cot and breastfeeds easily.. in short, she meets the “ideal”.

Can you see how corrosive and damaging this is? Holding mothers up to this kind of impossible ideal? It isn’t achievable.

Have you fallen into this thinking? Have you thought this way about others?

How can we change this?


The type of carrier you use does not matter.

What matters is that it is safe and that it works for your family.

There’s such a wide range of carriers there: fabric wraps, tie on carriers, hip carriers, buckle carriers…

One size does not fit all: what works for someone on a social media group or is marketed as “the best” may not work for you, in the same way shoes don’t fit every foot or jeans don’t fit every body.

Try things out; find your local library, try your friends’ carriers - it’s worth the effort as your child may well spend a LOT of time in it!!

Wearing OMB updated their business hours. 26/04/2021

Wearing OMB updated their business hours.

Wearing OMB updated their business hours.

Wearing OMB updated their address. 26/04/2021

Wearing OMB updated their address.

Wearing OMB updated their address.


A reshare as a wee reminder of how common it is for little ones to wake and feed at night.
This was an informal poll on my fb page with nearly 10 thousand responses.

#nightwaking #nightfeeds #normalisenightwaking #breastfeeding #ibclc #lactationconsultant #sleep #sleepthrough #tired


Wilder Child

Honoring Indigenous Peoples' today and every day.
Here are some of our favorite children's books featuring Indigenous characters and stories. I focus primarily on those written by Indigenous authors. Did I miss one (I'm sure I did!), I'd love to hear about your favorites. 💚


The Green Parent

👇 Everyday! 😂 - via Grow Food, Not Lawns

visiondirect.co.uk 01/10/2020

Baby Sight Tool | Guide to Baby's Vision & Development | Vision Direct UK

How amazing is this.... really makes me think about all the things marketed at parents and what is actually beneficial for baby.

They really do only need you.


visiondirect.co.uk See the world through your baby’s eyes with Vision Direct’s baby sight tool. Learn how sight develops in newborns and babies over the first year.


Glasgow Sling Library

Happy International Day of Sign Language!


This is a brilliant site to keep up to date with the ever changing rules in COVID across the country.

protect.scot 10/09/2020

Test & Protect | Protect Scotland

protect.scot Help Scotland stay safe when we meet up, socialise, work or travel.




"Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them. Is this job tough? You betcha. But it is not impossible. We're educators. We're born to make a difference."

Watch Rita Pierson's full TED Talk here: http://t.ted.com/YxdAyD3


Parent Club Scotland

As schools go back, it’s usual for kids to catch colds and sniffles. But in the current situation, you may be confused about whether or not they need to be tested for coronavirus if they’re unwell. Our new page explains when you need to get them tested, and when you don’t 👉 parentclub.scot/articles/does-my-child-need-a-covid-19-test


Slings help us in many ways.....😁

Have sling, will carry.

What odd things have you carried?


Professor Amy Brown - Breastfeeding Uncovered

I'm live on Wednesday [8.30pm BST] for the Breastival conference - the real, long standing one NOT the one Tommee Tippee copied the name of 🧐

We're going to be talking all things infant feeding related :)

It's free but you need to register for the link here:



Big Butterfly Count

🦋🦋🦋Another fab activity for the kids....the butterfly count! We do the RSPB and the butterfly counts each year and now is the time for the butterfly one.... https://bigbutterflycount.butterfly-conservation.org/about 🦋🦋🦋

bigbutterflycount.butterfly-conservation.org Be part of this nationwide survey and help take the pulse of nature. Butterfly declines reveal the poor health of the environment. We need your sightings.


Wee activity to try which Olsen enjoyed......

Using a cotton canvas bag (any natural fibre materials will work - old top/teatowel etc) collect leaves and flowers from the garden or out on a walk and decorate half of the bag (we also put a piece of paper inside the bag so we could do the reverse in another pattern) fold over the other half and hammer the fabric to push the natural dye out of the leaves and flowers.

Brush off the leaves to reveal the pattern then hot iron (no steam) to seal the dye in the fabric.

The paper from the inside collects the dye that would have transferred through and can be dried and used to make butterfly’s 🙂




To celebrate the holidays, Publishing Scotland has collaborated with Scottish publishers to create book lists for little ones of all ages.

Here's their pick of the best wee stories for babies and toddlers - check out their special 20% discount codes for all titles! https://bit.ly/PubScotBabyBks


Professor Amy Brown - Breastfeeding Uncovered

The early weeks of starting solids are about exploring new tastes and textures and generally learning about food and eating - not about getting large amounts into your baby.

The World Health Organisation recommend that at 6 - 8 months old babies need less than 200 calories a day from solid foods. Split over a few meals / snacks in a day that's not very much in one go. Mouthfuls rather than bowlfuls!

Between 9 – 12 months they recommend around 450 calories from solid foods per day. This increase should also be gradual – not suddenly another 250 calories at 9 months old. Its a continuum where gradually milk decreases and solid foods increase.

Breastmilk (or formula if you are not breastfeeding) should still be the main part of their diet throughout the first year. They have lots of energy, vitamins and other nutrients in them to support your baby's growth and development.

And no, breastmilk doesn't suddenly change over night to be less nutritious! It's just that your baby needs to start gradually moving onto a solid food diet. One reason for this is that they have started to use up stores of iron and zinc that they were born with, so it's time to get these nutrients from their diet.

But there's no panic. Offers lots of different tastes and textures and let them explore. Eating solids is a developmental skill and babies all go at their own pace. You wouldn't expect them all to walk bang on one year old, so some will take a little longer to get used to eating. Focus on experience, joining in meal times and sharing healthy foods. They'll be eating in no time


Food for thought.....wouldn’t it be wonderful if children of all ages were respected as the members of society they are.

Compliant and obedient children seem great in childhood, but all of those years of obeying, not being allowed to ‘answer back’ to get their point across and eventually being too scared to confide in you, for fear of reprimand, does not make for an emotionally healthy adult 😪

Disagreements, debates, and healthy conflict may be harder on us as parents - but it makes for a much more positive future for our children.

Image: @notesfromyourtherapist


The wonderful Oscha Slings are doing a whole week with of information about woven wraps - breaking information down into smaller chunks. How amazing - I wish this happened when I was learning to wrap would have saved a load of frustration tears 😅 tune in if you can.

💫 Getting Started With Woven Wraps 💫
We've been weaving wraps for 10 years and are celebrating by taking a week to focus on how amazing they are for carrying your little ones.
So if you're trying to convince someone to give it a go or need more help yourself then make sure to follow along with all of our helpful content this week or share the resources with your friends. This is our LIVE social event schedule, please come and join us we look forward to answering your questions and sharing our knowledge!


Glasgow Sling Library

Such a brilliant video that demonstrates what you think is/has happened isn’t always what had actually taken place.

Be kind, ask questions, look at the bigger picture. 🥰

"Am I carrying right?"

We see this question all the time in online forums. The parent usually posts a photo and then we see lots of well meaning people offering advice on that image.

The issue is, is like the video below, pictures can be deceiving. What you might see as a smothering risk, might be completely clear to the person wearing the child. You might perceive a fall hazard, but the parent can feel the little one is secure and comfortable.

So when looking for support, keep in mind that pictures dont show the whole story, and seek professional help if you want to check the safety of your carrier.

Enjoy this super cute video by @ wearethewarrens on tiktok :) its certainly made us smile today!



Different is beautiful. Equal is essential. It’s sad this is even a conversation that needs to happen in 2020. But that’s just it, it does need to happen.
There is a volume of resources that have come to attention more recently which may help speak with your families, friends, neighbours. I encourage you to look for these and share with your children.
People should just be people. Be kind.

A message from our house to yours. 🖤


Cuddle Up Slings

We are all about choices ♡ and options.


Solasta Mama

This is a great visual for the fitting of buckle carriers for new/small babies. The waistband often has to be fitted much higher than you expect, especially on dads who often don't have the same waist 'landmarks' women do. How are you getting on with babywearing during lockdown?


Mothers experiences of care during pregnancy and birth

swanseachhs.eu.qualtrics.com The most powerful, simple and trusted way to gather experience data. Start your journey to experience management and try a free account today.


Having a wee library sale to fund new carriers.....Pop me a PM if interested in any - free fitting with any purchase as well.


I don’t know about you but my son needs no encouragement to get outside in any weather. Put a jacket on perhaps 🤔😂





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