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Excellent club family focused and well run
Cobra martial arts Scotland jnrs grading well done to all
New member of the cobra Martial Arts team πŸ’ͺ
Hope every1 @ #teamcobra smashes their grading today πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ₯Š
Thank you very much for the gift and wishes for the whole Cobra Team 😘
Thursday 15th March 7.00 pm
COBRA Martial Arts, 57A Alexander Street Airdrie
Gamefit Taster Session (1st week free)
Come along and give it a go.
All fitness levels welcome !

Limited space, please comment to confirm your attendance
Congratulations to everyone that passed their grading, was a busy class but fun. You should all feel proud of yourselfs and a big well done to Andy for passing his second Dan πŸ‘
Thinking of the Nicholl family today, the Cobra family and friends too x
Cheers for the chance to Spar with Aidan. Aidans Dad Peter Mitchell πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Cobra Martial Arts Scotland is a family-run club and is open to everyone - no need to book spaces, just pop along and have a chat/induction.

PLEASE NOTE OUR CLUB IS SHUT DUE TO LEAVE 4 Cobra Martial Arts Scotland is a non-profit organization in Airdrie running a full time Dojo. In the Airdrie Dojo, we have CCTV to help protect the Dojo as advised by the Police after a break-in when it was first opened. We have enjoyed many successes in the Martial Arts world, having appeared in Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat and Fighter. Our club sta

Operating as usual


Setting up tonight for Cobra Kai Day tomorrow!

If coming along, we will be starting at 12 noon so make sure to be there on time if you don't wanna miss anything πŸ˜πŸ‘Š


Merry Christmas to all our friends and family, we hope you all have a great time and enjoy yourselves! 😁


A reminder that the kids class is off for the holidays and will return January 10th.

Jamie will still be training so the mixed class will still be running however we will treat them like the Sunday classes meaning Jamie will take the class up to the circuit then you are allowed to pick what you want to work on for the remainder.

The only days we will be closed will be Dec 26th, 31st and Jan 2nd.

If we dont see you during, we hope everyone has a great Xmas and New Years!

Photos from Cobra Martial Arts Scotland's post 14/12/2021

awards night on the 11/12/2021


Can't wait to see everyone at the Xmas Party tonight, we hope everyone enjoys themselves!

A reminder that the party starts at 7pm - we have a seating plan so please make sure to check where you've been placed when you arrive :)

Lastly, tomorrow's class is cancelled to allow for some recovery time πŸ˜‚


A reminder for the Gradings tomorrow and next week.

White, Red and Yellow gradings will be held tomorrow (Sunday 21st)

Orange and above will be held Sunday 28th.

Please remember to wear the proper uniform and also bring all of your training gear, liquids to keep hydrated, a small lunch, a towel and spare clothes for afterwards.

Students are expected to be arrive between 10.30am and 10.50am depending on how much time you need to get ready or get in some extra practice beforehand.

The gradings will begin at 11am on the dot and should be finished by 3pm.

Parents, when picking up your child, please wait outside in your cars until we let you know when we are finished.

Thank you


For Tomorrow's Kids Class, the kids are welcome to come along in costume as its the last class before Halloween πŸŽƒ


Below are a list of some dates for our Students to mark in their calendar if it applies to you.

Squad Training - October 24th, 11AM start

Grading for White, Red, Yellow - November 21st, 11AM start

Grading for Orange, Blue, Brown, Black - November 28th, 11AM start

Christmas Party/Awards Ceremony - December 11th, 6PM - Midnight

If you are supposed to be grading, make sure you show up to class.

"Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail"

This Grading will be a "Closed Grading" meaning only those sitting the Grade will be allowed in and will be graded by Jamie and Sir only. You will find out your results at the Xmas Party.

Parents/Students please make sure to arrive between 10:30AM - 10:50AM to get in some extra preparation and to make sure we start on time. The Gradings should end around 3PM - 3:30PM.


A reminder that tomorrow's class (Sunday 17th) is cancelled.


A reminder that anyone looking to place an order for kit, please make sure to have your forms with the correct funds in by Sunday 5th as we will be placing the order later that night.

Thank you


A reminder that the Kids Class (6pm-6.45pm) will be off this week due to Sir having to go away for work all week.

The Kids Class will resume as normal from Monday 23rd August.


A reminder that tomorrow's class is cancelled (Sunday 8th) so that Jamie can rest up since he's still sore lol


Apologies but the Sunday Class on 1st August will be cancelled as Jamie McLelland was looking into doing another challenge that day, starting at 10am. He's seen a few people do it and thought he'd like to try it himself.

Jamie will be doing 100 x 2 Minute Rounds of Sparring.

He was originally just going to be doing it for fun but instead, he's now going to be raising money for the Army Benevolent Fund.

If anyone would like to sponsor him to help with this great cause -which helps support our troops and their families - please let us know.

Anyone is welcome to come along and jump in for some rounds -perfect time to get some revenge since he'll likely be passing out half way through lol

Thank You,


A reminder that tomorrow is squad training, so make sure to be there for no later than 10.50am


We apologise but the kids class (6pm-6.45pm) on Monday 14th will be off that day due to work commitments, the class will resume as normal from Wednesday.


To all Students who have signed up for the Fight Team,

The Squad Training Sessions - for the next 3 months - will be on the following Sundays:

* 20/6/21
* 18/7/21
* 22/8/21

These sessions are mandatory and will run from 11am until 3pm. They will not incur any cost.
Other students may still attend the normal Sunday class but it will be for solo training only.

Make sure to bring running clothes + shoes, as well as your full sparring kit and a change of clothes for afterwards.

You must be at the class for no later than 10:55am, please try to be there for 10.50am so we do not waste any time.

A reminder that everyone on the fight team must stick to the rules you have agreed to, otherwise you will lose your spot.


To all Students/Parents,

I will be placing an order from our supplier in Pakistan on the 11th of June so if anyone would like to order some Cobra kit please make sure to get a form the next time you are in class and have it returned by the above date please.

This includes sparring kit, uniforms or the fight tshirts.

Thank you,

Timeline Photos 21/04/2021

Last year, due to Covid19, we unfortunately could not do our annual 10k Run in memory of our friend Del and his wife Clare.

To make up for this - this Friday (the 23rd April) - we will be doing a 10k Run starting from the Moy Hall and finishing at the Glenmavis Graveyard.

If you would like to join us, we will be meeting at the gym for 6pm, leaving around 6.10pm and should hopefully be finished around 7.30-8pm.

The younger ones can cycle instead of running if they do not think they can complete the 6.3 Miles.

Sir will be following the group in the Cobra Bus to keep an eye on those participating in case anything happens.

PS. Please try and wear your Cobra Tshirts


Just a quick update: If we are understanding it correctly, we should be able to open back up starting from April 26th so we hope to have you all back in training by then.

Starting from Monday (22nd March) Jamie will be meeting up at the gym for 7-7.10pm (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) to go jogging to get back some type of fitness starting with short jogs and building up distance week by week.

Due to us being a contact club, we are very limited in what we can do as of right now so if you would like to come along you are more than welcome to join us.

We would also like to thank everyone that has been able to keep paying their fees during these lockdowns as, without you, we would struggle to keep the club going. It is greatly appreciated that so many of you can still help.

We hope that everyone has been keeping safe and well during these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you all again when we eventually get to actually open back up.


We would like to say Merry Christmas to all our friends and family from Cobra, we hope you all have a great time today!

We would also like to thank everyone for their very thoughtful gifts and we hope Santa has been good to you all :)

As you all know, we will be going back into lockdown from tomorrow so we unfortunately won't get to see you all until January 18th at the earliest.

We completely understand if you wish to cancel your direct debits but if you choose to keep it active we would greatly appreciate it as it will help keep the club going for everyone for when we get to reopen.

Stay Safe.


In tidying up the gym tonight before we reopen tomorrow, can't wait to get back to it and see everyone again


We would like to let everyone know that we will be opening back up on Friday 11th December at our usual times with the kids classes starting back as of Monday 14th December.

We hope you have all been keeping safe and well and we can't wait to see everyone back in training again.

We would also like to say thank you very much to those who kept their direct debits active during this time; we know how difficult it has been for some and we truly appreciate all the help in keeping the club going.


As you all know by now, we will be going into lockdown on Friday night.

We will be at the Moy Hall tonight between 6pm and 7pm if you would like to store your kit bags in the gym during lockdown.

This time around, we will be leaving the direct debits up as we just resent all the information to the company before the lockdown was announced.
If you would like to cancel your direct debit, we completely understand.
However, if you would like to leave it active, we would really appreciate this as it will help keep the doors open once this is over as we still have rent to pay regardless.

The grading will also be rescheduled from the 29th November to either the week before Xmas or in January depending on how things go.

Any questions you may have can be answered tonight at the club.

Thank you and see you all soon.

P.S if you would like some training videos for the syllabus etc please PM the page and we will send a link to the training material.


We will be putting in a new order of equipment from the supplier in Pakistan on Friday 9th October. (Uniform, Gloves, Foot/Shin Guards, etc)

If anyone requires any kit, please collect and fill out a form when you are next at the Airdrie Dojo.

Money must be paid before the order is placed.

For those who may still be waiting for kit, it will be delivered with this order.


Good turn out tonight at class, was good seeing some familiar faces again as well as welcoming some new ones πŸ‘Š

Lets hope things keep going well and we can all get back to fitness in no time πŸ˜‚


We have decided to push back the opening of the kids class until September 14th to see how the mixed classes go with the current restrictions.

The Mixed classes will still start back tomorrow (7th) with their usual schedule:

Monday, Wednesday Friday 7pm - 9pm (8.30 on fri)
Sunday 11.30am - 1pm

We will need everyone to fill in a new form so that we have updated details before class so please come in a little early so we can get class started on time.

Please remember to bring your own kit if you have some as we can not allow the use of the spare kit at the moment.

We would also like to ask that if you feel unwell please stay at home for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

We would also like to remind everyone that we will be cash only for September with the Direct Debits starting back up in October so please make sure to either pay your fees the first week if you pay monthly or before class if you pay per class.

Thank you and hope to see everyone again.

P.S the Livingston Class will start back up as soon as we get the go ahead from Mosswood.


Due to the recent announcement that gyms can open from the 31st August; we have decided that we will open our doors again on Monday the 7th of September with the same time schedule as before lockdown.

We will open on the 7th so that we can put in place some last minute changes and to ensure that we are not letting anyone down if the government changes their mind again by pushing the date back.

We hope to see you all back and look forward to helping get rid of the lockdown bellies lol

PS. The first month back will be Cash ONLY with the direct debits being reactivated starting October just incase there are any changes with the government's outlines.


as you all have seen on the news that the pubs are opening before gyms, Jamie, JP and I all have been up doing work the club so it is ready for all student to return when we get the go-ahead from wee jimmy, so hopefully, it won't be long till we get the place open and back to training,


Jamie's new best pal until all this over... if you ever buy one of these, make sure you have a hose...


nice wee bit for Jamie


Students of Cobra I have Stopped DD payments from the 1st of April until we get back to training But I see some students have not Paid for training that there did before the ban on Gyms. when you return to training when we get the all-clear that students that are owning payment will need to pay them or no training. our club is run with volunteers and all payment made help the clubs run and pays the bills


To all Parents/Students, as you are all likely aware, the club will be shut until further notice as suggested by the government last night.

Sir will be getting in contact with the company in charge of the direct debits to try and put a freeze on them for now so that you are not out of pocket during these difficult times.

We will inform everyone when we have a reopening date but until then keep safe and we hope to see you all again soon :)


Well done to our students who took part in the WUMA Scottish Open last Sunday. It was a long wait but when they got to fight, they showed what they've learned and pushed themselves to achieve what they came for.

We ended up with 3 Golds and a Bronze from 4 fighters in 5 categories. So well done to Ryan, Kian, Kyle and Jamie for stepping up and representing Cobra!

(Kian not in photo unfortunately, but will get one with him later!)


To the students competing on Sunday:

We will be meeting at the gym for a bag check @7.30am, and leaving around 7.45-7.50am

Please ensure you have all your kit, spare clothes, water and a towel

Kit Checklist:

Head Guard
Gum Shield
10 oz Gloves (Bring your 16 oz as well just incase)
Groin Guard
Shin Pads
Foot Pads

This goes without saying, please ensure you have cut/clean your nails beforehand too!

There will be no class on Sunday due to the tournament


A reminder that we open up tonight in the new dojo at 17 Aitken Street, ML6 6LT in the Moy Hall.

Newcomers are welcome, no need to book a place - Just pop in and we can have a chat/do an induction. First class is always free to see how you like it!

Kids Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 6pm til 6.45pm

Mixed Classes (Adults and Kids) are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7pm til 9pm (8.30pm on Fridays)

PS. Fighters bring your running gear.

Videos (show all)

Kian SBF 1
Carry On in the Gym
Demonstrating Punches
Great workout tonight from all our students. Good to see most of  you back in again working hard and pushing yourselves!
Day 22
Day 20
Day 19 - no class today, so Jamie is filling in again
Day 18
Day 13
Day 14


General Manager

Master James McLelland




17 Aitken Street

Opening Hours

Monday 6pm - 6:45pm
7pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6pm - 6:45pm
7pm - 9pm
Friday 7pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 11:30am - 1:30pm
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