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Our small mainly online studio offers tuition in piano, voice, violin, clarinet, saxophone…

Operating as usual


Hi there
After a few requests, I’m delighted to announce that composition class will begin hopefully next Friday (8th)
This was primarily asked for in order to support pupils in S4 and beyond doing music at school. As part of the curriculum, pupils may be asked to compose or arrange a piece of music, and many don’t know where to start. I hope to give them that bump start that they need!
Unlike theory class, where there are mostly right or wrong answers, composition will be much less restrictive, much less maths based, and much more creative. It well especially be of benefit to those already in the theory class, as writing music is a great way to put all the knowledge they have accumulated to work!

Composition will run from the 8th
Fridays 5-6 online (Zoom)
Theory class runs
Wednesday 7.30-8.30 online (zoom)

Many pupils have expressed an interest in both these classes (there is still space in theory), So do drop a line to register


And here we are at the end of the summer holidays!
Because of reshuffling and previous pupils heading off to college and uni, we do have limited space for new pupils, in person, or our always very handy online sessions, and with our weekly online theory class to back up everything you’re ever going to learn.
Even with our small price hike earlier this year, we’re still one of the most affordable schools, sitting at only £14 per half hour weekly lesson, because music should be affordable and available for everyone.
Abrsm exams, higher, nat 4 and 5, beginners, or just for fun.
Many of our students also have additional support needs, including asd and adhd, dyslexia, pda, just to name a handful, music is for everyone and we can make sure that everyone has a great education AND a great time!
Why not take a second to ask for details?


Halloween is coming - be diligent!
Save your kids from such atrocities by sending them to us, we’ll equip them with all the key signature knowledge they need, so they know exactly how to handle one of these should one turn up in a Milky Way this Halloween… 🎶 🎼 🎵 😆


Brilliant fun at theory last night, getting our heads round key signatures, learning them and switching from relative major to minor, and learning the different sounds of the natural, harmonic and melodic…
Which apparently means telling me the key and the key signatures and seeing if I can play the scales for them. They call it Scale Torture, and they love it 🤣


Just starting tonight after a looong summer,
Theory Class!
Taking the kids from grade 1 to grade 3 theory using the abrsm syllabus, with optional exams entry… really good fun and a great friendly supplemental to their instrument lessons. And at £5 per week, it’s also great value!
Message if you want a place!


Little while back I posted a wee intro about Naomi, our newest tutor
And now we get to welcome back Zoe! Here’s a little about her …
She currently has space for online piano lessons on Mondays and Thursdays with an immediate start, just hit the message button for more details!

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am a third year student music teacher studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I'm happy to be able to offer piano lessons for people of all ages and abilities. I have completed placements in primary and high schools as well as 1:1 teaching and have experience of working with people who have additional support needs.

Janice Toner Music School Our small mainly online studio offers tuition in piano, voice, violin, clarinet, saxophone…


It’s been a long time, but our tutor Zoe is baaack!
More spaces are now available for online piano tuition with us, with brilliant timing, right at the beginning of the new school year.
We offer high quality tuiton for school Nat 4s and 5s and Highers along with graded ABRSM exams, or just for fun, all at very affordable prices; just hit the message button!


First in our little series of Introducing the Tutors…


We were very lucky that Naomi came on board to cover an extended absence. She has been hugely popular with her pupils, and still has limited spaces for clarinet, sax and piano…
Read a little about her below!

Hi, I’m Naomi, and I am happy to be able to offer online lessons for clarinet, saxophone and piano. I was accepted onto the music education degree at the Royal conservatoire of Scotland in 2020 and have recently been awarded a diploma for completing 2 years of the degree. I am currently looking forward to continuing to share my love and enthusiasm for music through 1 to 1 teaching.


In an unexpected but phenomenal turn of events, we now have availability for saxophone, clarinet, all manner of guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki lessons, and more…
Message for more details, and don’t forget that sharing is caring! ❤️❤️❤️


So many things are happening!
Firstly, we need to say a little goodbye to our Zoe, who is disappearing for a few weeks into a new adventure!
And we say hello to Naomi, who will be filling Zoe’s shoes for a while, and then staying on when Zoe returns!

More news to follow…


Super excited to share news! No, I’m not telling right now, it’s like 1.20am… Watch this space, I’ll tell you when it’s real day time!


We’re opening again on Monday! Rebecca, Zoe and myself are desperate to see you all again!

Lessons with Janice are online only this week, due to self isolation…what a way to start the new year, but things can only get better, and they really will…

There are still several news spaces empty for piano lessons, so if you’re not one of our beloved students then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be - hit me with a message, we’ll get started.

Opportunities to sit abrsm exams, recitals, composition and song writing workshops from guest tutors, and a frighteningly talented guitar tutor soon to join the team (watch this space!), we’re a little bit more than the average weekly lessons, and we know how to have fun as we do it!
And when better than now to jump aboard?
Let’s do it!


I’ve just messaged her to let her know that we’re open for business 🤣

Mobile uploads 07/12/2021

This is the Candy cart at mackinnon mills - the wee carnival that I shamelessly plugged at our concert. Absolutely recommended for a fun afternoon.
For those of you with kids with sensory sensitivities, they also have some autism friendly sessions, which is such a good thing!
Go have a wee look! X


I’m not overly keen on piano stickers, if it’s a situation that calls for them fair play, but if not, for the love of all that is holy…
I mean, I’ve had enough mental health issues this year 🤣



Not here, you understand… 🤣
Our prices are consistently low!

But why not think about putting the money you’ve saved this Black Friday into music lessons for yourself, or for your loved ones!

Hit that message button for more details!


What a few weeks!

Exam results are in for two of our pupils, certificates arrived this morning! Excellent results, and I’m just so delighted for everyone!

Rebecca has fitted so well into the music school, and, despite working more hours than I realised were in a day, has put in so much hard graft teaching new pupils ❤️
Rebecca and I are excited to welcome Zoe into the team… Zoe is an extremely accomplished pianist studying at the Conservatoire, and is now available to take on pupils! ❤️

For longer standing pupils, a Christmas Concert is being organised, details to come, but it looks like it may be the 5th of December. This was absolutely the brainchild of our Tuesday night beginner theory class, who ganged up on me and told me to get one organised. Thanks, you lot 😆

Beginner theory class has spaces in, still. They’re a great crowd, and there’s never a dull moment! If you feel your child may benefit from an exciting social class that explores how music works, just let me know! 🎶

As you might know, our music school is becoming well known for our welcoming attitude towards neurodiverse students. As a new member of the Complementary Medical Association, I hope to bring music groups and classes to people who may not benefit from our traditional lessons. Fingers crossed things will begin to roll from early next year!

So many plates spinning, and so much noisy fun! Just send me a message to hear more, come and join in!


Instrumental and Singing tuition for all ages and stages, for abrsm exams, for extra school help, and always for fun.
Experienced and enthusiastic and just generally incredible tutors available online and face to face (depending on circumstances) to help develop your inner musicianship.
All situations catered - let us know if you have any additional needs and we will bend over backwards to accommodate. We firmly believe that music is intrinsic to human nature, and we strive to enable everyone to experience music to the maximum of their capability.
Communicative and Healing Music Sessions currently in development, stay tuned for details!

Hope to hear from you all soon

Janice Toner BMus MISM MCMA

Janice Toner Music School Send a message to learn more


Delighted to have now qualified to be a full member of the Complementary Medical Association.
Under their umbrella, I’ll be able to run sessions using music as a transformative healing and communicative medium, and have already begun to source organisation support for this new adventure.
Bear with me as this new venture begins…


In honour of the two tutors that have joined the teaching team, I’m delighted to announce that Janice Toner Music Tuition has evolved ever so slightly.
I’m delighted to rebrand as Janice Toner Music School, to highlight that it isn’t only me doing the work!
More fun new things and amazing news to follow, please do watch this space!


Can’t get over how supportive my pupils families are! It’s not often I need to juggle things around for my own family’s sake, but when I do I’m always delighted that everyone tries to be as flexible for me as I try to be with them…
I’m very lucky to have such a caring music family!
Thank you all so much - and always remember that if any of you need a change of time or day, just say!


Music Lesson Shortage!! Panic Buy Here Now!!

I’m kidding, I’m sorry 😆
But if you do fancy booking in for lessons, do please send me a message! From complete beginner to those more advanced, I can help you on your musical journey…
And no, there’s absolutely no shortage, we’ll do our very best to accommodate ☺️


I’m so proud of my theory class! After completing the grade 1 theory workbooks, we had a class exam yesterday, and I’m so excited to mark them just now 🥰

They work so hard, and we have such fun…the class has been such a comfort, especially during lockdown, where it served as a fun social class where we didn’t just gain knowledge, we all gained friends.

Here’s to beginning grade 2! 🥂

Janice Toner Music School Our small mainly online studio offers tuition in piano, voice, violin, clarinet, saxophone…


What a week!

Absolutely delighted to be back teaching the troops at the Stephen Gaughan Sopa, it’s been like coming home!

I’m also more than delighted to be bringing new piano tutor 🌟 Hamill🌟 into the fold. After many years of failing to be in two places at once, it finally occurred to me that I just needed to bring someone else in.
Rebecca is fabulous, enthusiastic and knowledgable, and more than ready to begin teaching her first lessons this week coming.
Genuinely don’t know which of us is more excited.

My own timetable is tight, but there’s one or two little spots that might suit you, and if not, we do have a waiting list running. Join the list for first dibs at any spaces that do appear -those on the waiting list will always get first refusal, so you know it makes sense.

In less exciting news, I’m still watching Covid numbers rise, but still clinging to hope that I may be able to open my studio back up to in person lessons. I’ll be taking professional advice on that over the next couple of weeks, and doing the appropriate risk assessments.
I shall keep you all posted! Fingers crossed 🤞


Well hi!

Week two of school term, and I am exhausted! Am I stopping? No! Do I have the option of stopping? Also no! 🤣

Everything is getting back on track, and this week I’m concentrating on sorting out my studio so I can get everyone back here.
Also this week - back to teaching singing at Stephen Gaughan Sopa !
I can’t wait, I’ve missed everyone very much!

I’ve room on my partner in crime ’s timetable for two beginner pianists. This is THE perfect time to get you or your child started, as term begins and new routines are instilled! Give me a wee message here or email [email protected] and we’ll sort some stuff out!


Here we go again! Summer timetable is just about to be dropped for the regular timetable… where did summer go? Seriously? So lots of changes as we go back to whatever normal is this time…

So for present pupils, same times and days as before, unless we’ve arranged something different! If you find that the new term is bringing new challenges and commitments, just give me a shout, I’m certain we can sort s as time slot that works! I know it’ll be trickier as all those clubs will be opening back up, so everything will be tighter, but where there’s a will…!

Beginner theory class is changing time, and is potentially going to be 7pm on a Tuesday. Confirmation will be given as soon as! There are still spaces in this wee group, I’ve loved that this class is backing up all my practical teaching, and bringing together the kids. It has been so important to us during lockdown when we all felt a bit disconnected, and real friendships have been formed. It’s been glorious!

Josie and the song writing workshops were a great success as well, we had a wee zoom concert at the end, and the pupils involved - yes, even the ones who didn’t perform - did so amazingly! The imaginations they displayed…blown away by it all!
Keep an ear to the ground for more guest led song writing classes, and for a composition class!

You can blame the beginner theory class for this next bit. They have banded together and asked for an online Christmas concert this year. I know who calls the shots in that group really, so I guess we’re having a concert! Whether it is zoom or not depends again on numbers, but a concert there shall be! (Even if it is face to face, I’ll have it zoomed too, so everyone can make it)

Face to face lessons should begin in September (I’m a little nervous about the numbers with the kids going back), and it’ll be ideally a staggered return - one week zoom, next week face to face. And the option of zoom will always be there - car in for an mot? Have a zoom lesson that week. Are you a lockdown start pupil who lives on Stirling? Just stay on zoom, if that works best for you.

And the last little piece of news is also a request… with my intentions to develop teaching classes of composition and theory etc, and the guest workshops, and my own projects playing, writing and composing, it means I have less space in my timetable for new pupils… can I teach lessons and classes at once? Not really, but here’s my solution! I have asked a former pupil to come and teach young beginners for me. Details again to follow! She’s fab, and I’m very excited!

And here’s the request - due to this sudden expansion of classes, creativity and colleagues, I’d love to bring some new pupils into the fold!
Please help out by sharing this, by remembering me when anyone asks for a teacher, or (and I’d LOVE this) to leave a review (be kind!🤣)

I’m always available on here (though it’s a little glitchy) or at [email protected]


Many apologies for being off grid for the last few days. A very sad death in the family restored in a last minute trip to the outer Hebrides.
As with all funerals, a marvellous time was had by all, just such a shame about the circumstances.
However, normal service is now resuming - all lessons resume tomorrow, as per our holidays timetable.
Many thanks for your patience

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