Bear Hugs Nursery

Bear Hugs Nursery is a privately owned nursery that provides early years care and education for 2-4 year olds. Bear Hugs Nursery has a great central location in Addlestone town centre.

Bear Hugs Nursery is situated in the Addlestone Methodist Church Hall in the centre of Addlestone. Free Early Eduction for Two years olds (FEET) and Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE) is available.

Operating as usual

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 16/07/2021

The school leavers celebrated their last day at Bear Hugs Nursery with a paddling pool party that included games, music and an ice cream parlour. The children had made images of themselves, handprinted flowers, sun, clouds and their own graduation caps. These props were used in their very special leavers’ concert where they sang about the things they had done and learnt at Bear Hugs Nursery.
(adhering to Covid restrictions in place at the time of the performance)

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 16/07/2021

At Bear Hugs Nursery the children concluded their science topic with learning how forces and motion can move objects up and down. The children placed items in the weighing scales to make them go up and down. They created pulleys with rope to raise tyres off the ground. Their crafts included hot air balloons that use heat to go up and parachutes which come down in cold air. The children used straws to blow into paint to make bubble patterns. In the role play area, the children had floating lily pads and ducks, alongside boats on the water and fish under the water.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 09/07/2021

The children at Bear Hugs Nursery learnt about forces and motion through pushing and pulling different items. The children pulled up carrots and onions in our sensory tray and pushed scrappers through the coloured spaghetti. They made puppets which had a push and pull action, and created string patterns which became symmetrical when they pushed the paper in two and pulled the paper apart. The children pushed painted rollers to design their fish in the sea pictures and made fishing rods to pull fish out of the water. Magnets were used to discover which items were metal and magnetic balls and rods were rolled down guttering.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 02/07/2021

At Bear Hugs Nursery this week, the children thought about light and dark / day and night. The science topic considered different light sources and how they affect the way we see things and how they create shadows. The children made candles, torches and pictures of how the sun creates shadows and light changes from day to night. They could sit around the nighttime campfire and cook food on the BBQ or sit inside the dark den and light the space with torches and light up balls. Further understanding was gained through the torch and night monkey day monkey stories, light and dark fact cards and light source posters.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 25/06/2021

At Bear Hugs Nursery this week the children continued their science topic with discovering how power is created. They learnt solar panels can store sunlight to create power to heat their homes and power from the wind can be collected by wind turbines. They made plugs that are needed to transfer electricity to cookers, irons and hoovers. Also, the children made batteries that can be put into radios and light up balls.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 13/06/2021

In the first week of the Bear Hugs Nursery's science topic, the children learnt about the sounds of animals and how they are all unique to the individual type of animal. The children discovered a variety of textures, such as shredded wheat, cornflakes, conkers, leaves and rough grass, in the mini farm. Also, exploring texture with farm animals in sawdust being transported on a train. In the farm role play area the children could interact with the pigs in a sty, chicks in a barn, rabbits in cages and ducks in a duck pond. The children identified animals on magnetic cards and in books that encouraged them to make the correct animal noises. The crafts involved the children in painting pigs with coffee, making snake scales with bubble wrap, sponge painting sheep and dog printing. In the literacy corner the children coloured donkey pictures and copied the animal words.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 11/06/2021

The children at Bear Hugs Nursery have been busy gardening this week. They learnt how herbs can be eaten and touched the leaves of the sage, parsley and curry plants to find out how they smelt. The children put soil into the wheelbarrows before planting the flowers in the pots and flowerbeds. After planting, the children watered their plants. They noticed how the alliums had grown into large spheres and found red, ripe strawberries that they picked, heard the story of 'The big hungry bear' and tasted how sweet and juicy the strawberries were.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 28/05/2021

The children at Bear Hugs Nursery considered how dentists help us this week. In the role play area, the children could make dentist appointments at the reception, look at books in the waiting room and sit on the dentist's chair for an examination. The children were able to clean teeth with toothpaste, make teeth and tongues out of play dough, and solve mathematical problem by looking into the mouths at the maths table. For craft, the children used toothbrushes to paint teeth and rollers to paint pink mouths. They thought about foods that are healthy for our teeth by chalking pictures, making mouths with healthy and unhealthy food, and sorted healthy and unhealthy foods in lunch boxes.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 20/05/2021

The children at Bear Hugs Nursery considered how supermarket workers help us this week. In the Bear Hugs Supermarket, the children were able to selected a variety of different foods from the fruit and vegetable aisle and the in store bakery. Before paying for their items at the checkout desk. Their learning was supported by turn taking with the supermarket basket game and making their own shopping basket of food. In addition, the children made patterns by rolling sweetcorn with paint and adding pizza toppings to create their own pizza.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 13/05/2021

This week the children at Bear Hugs Nursery thought about the police and how they help us. In the garden the numbered police cars were being filled up with petrol ready for action. Whilst inside the police station provided police uniforms, investigation equipment and a fingerprinting area. The children set off sirens in the small world emergency vehicle tray and heard stories about the police. The children created their own walkie talkies, handprinted police cars and practised their cutting and number sequencing skills to make a police officer.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 06/05/2021

The children at Bear Hugs Nursery continued to think about People Who Help Us this week. They thought about the various types of delivery drivers who have supported, and are continuing to support, so many people though the difficult year we have all experienced. The children wrapped parcels and put them into boxes at the wrapping centre. Then the children brought stamps and parcel labels in the post office before the delivery driver picked up the parcels to be delivered. The children considered the different types of vehicles a delivery driver would use by drawing in the sand, collaging vehicles and using a selection of vehicles to make tyre marks with paint.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 30/04/2021

This week the children at Bear Hugs Nursery learnt about how Firefighters can help us. They rescued people from the burning house in the role play area with water hoses and put up ladders against the small world houses. The children created firefighter helmets and fire engines during craft time. In addition, they decorated words to songs about how to call 999 for help and firefighters by painting flames with forks and using handprints to represent firemen.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 23/04/2021

For the Summer term Bear Hugs Nursery will be thinking about people who help us. The first people to be considered are the key workers of the NHS. The children used cotton wool effect painting to create rainbows and had a hospital role play area with 'crate' ambulances parked outside. They built their own ambulances from bricks, as well as, making ambulances, doctors' bags and nurses' hats to take home.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 01/04/2021

Easter was celebrated at Bear Hugs Nursery this week. The children planted carrots into plant pots for the Easter bunnies in the sawdust to eat. They made Easter bunny ears and Easter cards. The Easter chicks laid eggs in the pink feathers and tiny chicks hatched on yellow rice and shredded wheat. The children created play dough and handprinted chicks. Numbered chicks provided the children with the opportunity to count the correct amount of buttons into bowls. In the garden, the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt by finding eggs hidden amongst the flowers, mud kitchen and throughout the outside area. At the literacy table the children coloured Easter eggs, drew around stencils and printed Easter shapes.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 26/03/2021

This week the Bear Hugs Nursery children completed their eco-friendly topic by considering how they can recycle plastic. The children sorted and weighed plastic, cardboard, cork, clothing and electrical items in their recycling centre. They used recycled plastic bottles to create ice-shaped lily pads for the frogs to sit on, blossom on their spring trees, watering cans to water their plants and skittles to knock down in the garden area. The children used recycled plastic milk bottle tops to create number and shape flowers to help them match numerals and name the shapes. They used recycled yoghurt pots to grow cress and fill with pasta. In addition, the children used recycled plastic bubble wrap to create jellyfish.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 19/03/2021

The Bear Hugs Nursery children thought about how to conserve and reuse water this week, as part of our eco-friendly topic. The children created raindrops in the spinner and umbrellas to prevent them from getting wet. They rolled water-balls down guttering to be collected at the bottom and made water collectors to recycle rainwater. Alongside, decorating watering cans to water the flowers and sponges to clean toys using recycled water.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 13/03/2021

Bees, ladybirds and butterflies were some of the insects the children wanted to encourage into the garden by planting flowers that attract insects. They had a garden centre role play area with ladybird and bee costumes, made insects from play dough and heard insect stories while sitting on ladybird cushions. For craft the children made bumble bees, symmetrical butterflies and flower cards for Mothering Sunday. In addition, the children planted beans to understand the process of growing, watered plants and poured bubble water into plant pots.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 05/03/2021

Recycling paper and having sustainable forests was the topic this week at Bear Hugs Nursery, as the children continued to learn how to become eco friendly. The children added water to shredded paper to understand how to make recycled paper and made rabbit pictures from used newspapers. They used junk modelling to reuse cardboard to make cars and trees. The children acted out the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' in the role play area by going through the different terrains, such as long wavy grass, deep cold river, thick oozy mud, big dark forest, swirling whirling snowstorm, narrow gloomy cave until they found the bear.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 26/02/2021

How to keep endangered animals from becoming extinct was discussed and thought about this week by the children at Bear Hugs Nursery. They visited the animals in the zoo and heard stories about endangered animals. The children made panda pictures, glued tiger stripes, painted blue whales and crinkled trunks for their elephant headbands.

Photos from Bear Hugs Nursery's post 12/02/2021

'There was an old woman who swallowed a fly' was the rhyme the children learnt this week at Bear Hugs Nursery. They found the different animals in books, posters, jelly and sand. The children cut out the various animals and stuck them onto the old woman. As well as, making their own flies and cows.


'I am the Music Man' was the song the children learnt about this week at Bear Hugs Nursery. The children had a role play classroom full of different instruments to play. They had bells, tambourines and maracas to shake; guitars to strum; drums, triangles, xylophones and cymbals to hit. Also, they thought about instruments they could blow, such as trumpets and saxophones. The children make their own bell, piano and guitar instruments.


Five Little Speckled Frogs was the song topic for this week at Bear Hugs Nursery. The children could sing the song using logs and frogs, as well as their own painted logs with removable frogs. They created lily pads and frogs with closing mouths and long curly tongues to catch flies. The lily pad game supported the children in counting the dots and matching numbers to the right lily pad. The children learnt about the life cycle of a frog through touching 'tapioca' frogs spawn and sequencing images of how frogs grow. In the role play area the children could become vets and look after poorly animals.


Snow fell on the premises at Bear Hugs Nursery this week. The children enjoyed making marks in the snow with rollers, digging up the snow with construction vehicles, making snow castles and weighing the snow on the giant scales.


'Row, row, row your boat', was this week's nursery rhyme. The children sat in cardboard boats and used tubes as oars. They used shaped, sponges to paint boats and played with the boats in the water tray. Following the words, 'If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream', the children put the crocodile onto the pond mat and created crocodiles with paint, tissue paper and sequins. The children used foil to make shimmery, watery paintings of boats and animals, and matched shapes onto fish boards. The children made lion faces on plates to remind them, 'If you see a lion, don't forget to roar'.


Tommy Thumb was the nursery rhyme the children learnt this week. The children put their hands inside puppets to perform storytelling in the Puppet Theatre. They studied and sang about how their fingers have different uses and are not all the same size. Alongside, comparing the differences on the babies' hands. The children created finger prints, which could be counted, drew around their hands and made finger puppets


Bear Hugs Nursery is delighted to welcome the children back from their Christmas break. This term the children's activities, singing and creativity is based upon learning different nursery rhymes. Five Currant Buns was our first nursery rhyme and the children cooked and served bread, cakes and poured lots of tea in the bakery role play area. The children wrote shopping lists, sorted numbered currant buns, drew currant buns in the oats and paint and brought Five Currant Buns during our singing time.


This week the Bear Hugs Nursery children finished finding chocolate coins in the Christmas Tree advent calendar. At their Christmas party they shared Father Christmas banana and strawberry bites, watermelon Christmas trees, mini Christmas biscuits and Christmas crackers. At the party they played games, such as pass-the-parcel and dancing with balloons. The children listened to Father Christmas tell the story 'Dear Santa' and how he chose the right present for each child. The children wore the crowns they made at the beginning of the Christmas party.


The children at Bear Hugs Nursery were busy collecting the post to find out what people wanted for Christmas. They could then make the toys and wrap them, before Father Christmas chose one of his hats and delivered the present to the correct Christmas stocking.
In preparation for Christmas, the children have made their own special bauble, Rudolph reindeer and stained glass window.


The Children at Bear Hugs Nursery began to think about the meaning of Christmas. They dressed up and played in the stable with straw, gifts, animals and the manger. They heard stories telling how the shepherds brought sheep and the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They decorated the Christmas tree, you can never have too many decorations! The children made bags to put their Christmas crafts in, which they will take home at the end of term: - Christmas lights, Christmas trees and the stable.




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