Guitar Lessons with Luke

Guitar Lessons with Luke

Surrey born, bred and renowned musician Luke Edney offers you guitar tutoring from your home or on " I specialise in being YOUR tutor.

Everybody learns differently, and I pride myself on finding the right method to make you learn the most efficiently - No-one likes wasting money on getting nowhere! This is obviously at the discretion of your own amount of practise time between lessons, many people think that just because they HAVE a guitar tutor, that they will be Jimi Hendrix (or whoever it is you like, let's not go there right

Operating as usual


You don’t have to do grades, but when you do, I’ll get you through it! Another happy student.


Choose your fighter!


The struggle is real


Just had one of the best "misheard lyrics" incidents with a student today. Re: Smash Mouth's "Allstar":
🎵somebody once told me the world was macaroni so I went and had a poo in the shed🎵😄


It's been a while since i posted on here but it's just because I've been so hectic. Another great result from a student that is utterly resilient in his practise and thirst for musical knowledge. What started as a extra curricular part of his D of E has turned into "I want to continue right up to grade 8". We've been doing this since debut grade (1 below grade 1) and within a year and a half he's gone and racked up his grade three this month after starting study for it in December! Super proud and so glad he's continuing to make massive strides with his goals.


🧘‍♀️Meditation in playing and learning:
Been a while since I posted so I thought I'd let you into a little thing I've done since a beginner when the song you're trying to learn just isn't going your way. I would sit infront of the tv watching something to shut off in my mind whilst still practising. It gives your mind chance to breathe and for muscle memory to try to take over, and get them much needed hours upon hours of fine tuning a hard song or scale that frustrate us so much when learning. I still do it now but I will also widdle with one hand whilst doing mundane stuff on the computer like filling out spreadsheets or browsing the Web. Can't tell you how many times I've accidentally come up with a new riff or lick whilst doing this.


Playing with FX is one of the great fun niches to playing electric. Why learn keys when you could learn guitar? 😅


Practise makes better. There's no such thing as perfect. We live in such a technological world you can go on YouTube, find your favourite song, and then slow it down to practise getting it right note for note before starting to speed it up to record pace. But how many people learning to play any instrument actually do?! Again, because everything is so easily accessible these days people tend to thing that the same thing will spill over into their practise time because they don't understand hard graft anymore! This is something I endlessly metaphorically slap my students in the face with, it's actually harder alot of the time to play something slowly, especially to a metronome and no other context. Get them licks, bends, slides, vibrato and picking absolutely crisp and clear like you are actually in fact listening to the track slowed down and hearing all those little nuisances. It's also a great opportunity to get your guitar gurn faces just how you want them! 🤣🤤


Just one lesson today, as things are getting very busy over here! Then time to cook a roast 🥰 what's your plans for today's lazy Sunday? Practising I hope!


Let's see your snowmen down below! Does it top our tarzan with a strat?

Knew it was missing something!


Another lockdown...Another CHANCE TO BETTER YOURSELF AND DO SOMETHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED. Stop waiting for tomorrow and get guitar lessons with Luke in your own home on zoom from as little as £15 NOWWWWWWWWWWW


Christmas card from one of my students. This kid absolutely cracks me up! Nothing says Christmas like a giant penguin with laser eyes! 🤣 I'm teaching right up to Christmas eve this year and then again between Xmas and New year, get your new years resolutions in early with some guitar lessons with Luke!


Another Monday, another week of trying to keep our muso heads above water! See you out there.


Like a lot of us, Mathew just needs to believe he CAN achieve greatness. One of the things I focus on extensively with my students is their confidence in themselves in general. Not everyone wants to get up on a big stage and play to 40,000 people, but even if they don't I want them to be confident and happy in all aspects of their life.


you can now enquire for lessons with Luke online! Response time is typically 1-3 business days. Just go to


Learn guitar with this maniac!


This isn't about going through the motions, this is about learning to hit your goals week after week, month after month. Listening to your goals and what you want is KEY to any business that helps better yourself. If you're more inspired to learn what you want, you'll be more inspired to pick that guitar up during the week to spend some good time practising. Get in touch now to learn guitar with Luke Edney!


Does indeed brighten my day when I read these reviews! Get in touch for some top rated guitar lessons however experienced you are!


Nope, you haven't been knocked out, you're not in a looney tunes cartoon; it's just another bloody five star review for Luke Edney's guitar lessons. Don't let the government continue chatting aload of toilet, don't make a poor little bearded ginger man retrain to be an accountant, or work in IT. GO GET LESSONS WITH LUKE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME: in person or online. Soz for the caps.


This boy cracks me up, never a dull moment! 🔥 get in touch for guitar lessons with Luke, online or from your own home.


It's never to late to learn something new. Don't be that guy or girl, or circle, or person, who says "I'm far too old", or "my fingers are too fat", or "I just don't have the time". Stop lying to yourself and tick one thing off your regrets list. Learn guitar with Luke from the comfort of your own home either in person or online!


Get in touch to learn guitar with Luke from your own home, in person or online!


When you ask one of your 12 year old students what would be his GOAL song to learn and he replies "watchtower" Jimi Hendrix, you know you're in the right job


Just taught my first lesson in space! Elias here killing it with his strumming today 🤘


I've Created some original content to help you learn guitar from home in this time of pandemic. So far I've created 2 worksheets concerning strumming patterns with accompanying audio for all examples shown. So if you so far know all your open chords and want to get strumming like a pro, take advantage of some free content! More work will be added very soon. Click on the dropbox link to download all relevant files!


Online lessons available now! get in contact with the page for more details!


Amazing Christmas card from a student!


Welcome to the Page! yes that's right, THAT Luke Edney who plays all the time and runs Open Mic Night at The Crouch Oak also teaches guitar, and is now offering it to you Facebook. I'll stop talking in 3rd person now. If you have any enquiries please send me a message, Luke.

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🧘‍♀️Meditation in playing and learning:Been a while since I posted so I thought I'd let you into a little thing I've don...





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