Yoga With Jody Barber

Tuesday's class 6:15 - 7:15pm in Methodist Church Hall Abbots Langley

Thursday's class 7:00 - 8:00pm The Methodist Church Hall Abbots Langley

I have been teaching yoga in Abbots Langley since August 2105 and have a Diploma in teaching yoga with Triyoga London, Yoga Alliance and the British wheel of Yoga. My insurance is with the British Wheel of Yoga
I am also a Chartered Neurological Physiotherapist with 23 years experience and have passion for the body and how it moves!

Operating as usual

Photos from Yoga With Jody Barber's post 26/01/2021

This week we are finding marvel in our ordinary poses / life. When I do this I find extraordinary contact through the ground and with that comes length, strength, expansion connection. There is nothing special about these poses/ asanas I am no photographer or yoga model. It’s all very ordinary looking but is that what I am experiencing in these photos? Interested in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary come to class this week. Tuesday and Thursdays via zoom email me on [email protected].


Happy New Year! May 2021 be a smoother ride.

Seize the day!
What’s you new year motto / resolution / Mantra/ reflection? I have a few.

Here’s one inspired by a wise and patient man who spent 4 years in solitary confinement in a tiny windowless cell, chained to a wall. And didn’t see a human face I. Those 4 years.

‘What you have to do is live for the day, you have to say, now is life, this very moment. It’s not tomorrow, it’s not yesterday, it’s now, so you have to live it as fully as you can. Invest in every day.’ Terry Waite 2016.

My Yoga classes resume on Tuesday 5th Jan andThurs 7th Jan at 6:30via zoom. Email me in [email protected] for more info.


Preparing for this weeks yoga classes and bathing in nature at the weekend. Al classes on zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30 pm. Contact me on [email protected] for more info. X


Say hello to Bumble who joined our yoga class by zoom last week! This week Like Bumble in this photo we will be abandoning our bodies to gravity letting go of any expectations or demands, going with the flow, rolling exploring, exhaling deeply before we explore how to recruit some subtle strength from deep with us.

Classes continue Tuesdays and
Thursdays 6:30pm via Zoom DM me or email [email protected].


Thank you so much those of you who have returned to yoga with me via zoom this week. It was so lovely sharing a yoga practice with you again.
Classes are Tues and Thurs 6:30 pm via zoom message me or use Facebook booking system if you want joining details. X


My New yoga Zoom studio coming to you on 2nd June. More details to follow x
‘the key to life is accepting challenges’ Bette Davis

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat again soon albeit virtually. Xx


5 min Lumbar-Spine Release : Home Yoga-Physio Exercise Series

Hey guys! trying out youtube to find ways to make yoga accessible to you, please watch, like, dislike all feedback welcome. Many thanks.

An accessible spinal movement sequence that lasts no longer than the time it takes to make a coffee while you take a break from your desk. No previous experi...


Hi Guys I’ve been away for a while. My main priorities have laid with supporting the NHS and looking after my family and myself and finding my feet in this brave new world. In fact I’ve picked up the well know Dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley. I was probably drawn to it because we are living a kind of dystopian existence now we’ve seen played out in many a movie. In the novel Aldous Huxley with his acerbic wit asks the question of happiness in the setting of dystopia. The conclusion is that true happiness cannot co exist without conflict and sorrow, that it is something that must be constantly strived for in the context of the accelerating pace of scientific and technological advances, that can also destroy mankind body and soul. Something interesting in all of that! However happiness is not something I personally feel it is something we strive for. However learning how to be.......... here, now and present may lead us to experience joy, as a product of love, joy prevailing over suffering, joy being independent of your personal circumstances. So how are you all doing? I have been doing okay personally but some days have felt tough and I’ve had moments of not feeling okay and within all that moments of joy. I just wanted to say this because there are so many wonderful resources out there to help us with our mental health, yoga, mindfulness apps etc it can in itself feel overwhelming! And it is okay to not feel okay! It’s how we frame it! Checking in and acknowledging our emotions and allowing them to be. So I sat and had a little cry over the phone with a colleague over a patient who has died, I was also crying for many other things I miss my normality in all its shape and forms, hugging family friends I worry if my parents are coping okay with shielding and so on. Just saying some days it’s okay not to feel okay it really is. I am really missing teaching yoga and am teaching some friends tonight over one of the video platforms called Bluejeans. When I am comfortable with how I adapt my teaching to one of these online platforms I will invite you to a free taster session it will be so good to see some of your faces on your mats in your own homes. If you are interested in this please do email me on [email protected]. In the meantime do check out what my other yoga colleagues are offering online! I am reposting their links on my fb page.
stay safe, stay active, stay happy. Jody ###


Lubricate those lumbar spine discs!

Been sitting at your desk for too long? Back feeling a bit stiff/ stuck/ sludgy? Here’s a little move that you can engage with right at your desks or in your kitchen on a break. Remember those spinal discs rely on movement to rehydrate!


Another lovely yoga colleague and friend offering online yoga classes.

Online Yoga and Other Offerings 💟 -


Hannah is a lovely teacher look at her online classes

Join Me - Online Yoga Starts this week 🙌 I've missed you guys💛💛💛 -


Morning I thought I’d share a picture taken this summer of some of the amazing healthcare professionals I am proud to work with. I have been busy working with them which is why haven’t posted anything until now! I have emailed hopefully all of you who regularly attend the yoga classes I teach that all yoga classes for the foreseeable future are cancelled and a few mindful practice scripts you could follow on your own at home. On Tuesday 6:15 this week instead of a class 3 of us walked and chatted and explored a short mindful walking practice around Abbots Langley and the fields behind Abbots Road. We even managed to stand like Warriors and feel the wind on our faces and the ground underneath our feet and for a moment we could touch a piece of calm amongst all this confusion. I will be busy working for the NHS over the coming weeks and when I am not I will be looking after my own health and well-being and family so that I can return to the NHS refreshed and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. I have not had time to work out how to become a virtual yoga teacher yet but many of my amazing yoga colleagues have. So I have already shared one utube clip from my friend and yoga colleague Charlotte Preston and will continue to when I come across what my other yoga colleagues are posting. At the days and times that yoga would normally occur I will be outside the Methodist Church hall and if you wish to join me for a mindful walk and a standing yoga practice ensuring safe social distancing ( no charge). I am just trying to offer a bit of routine to help ground us. Having said all of this tonight Thurs 7pm I will not be there as am driving down to Plymouth to collect my Son from Uni. Hopefully meet some of you for a mindful walk on Tues 24th March at 6:15. Take care all of you. ###


Standing Movement Practice for the middle of the day

A lovely yoga practice from my yoga colleague Charlotte.

A standing Movement Practice which can be done anywhere, to beat the afternoon slump! Really good if you are working from home.


Noticing the beauty in the everyday. A regular mindful yoga practice can help us capture the beauty waiting for us to appreciate it all around us. X


Whilst running found a tree in the way and some beautiful fungi! Mindful running and yoga. This week in yoga we are discovering how important attending to the needs of your spine influences all our movements! Xx


Hello Happy New Year! I hope you all had a peaceful and restful Christmas. Yoga can achieve different things for all of us and at different times. Whether you want to pause and take time out of the fast lane, notice the beauty in the small things around you, learn more about your body, stretch more strength more, chill more. Classes with me are for all bodies and abilities and give you a balanced blend of stretching, strengthening and rest and restoration.
Next classes Tues 7th January 6:15pm and Thurs 7pm both at the Methodist Church Hall Abbots Langley. DM or email [email protected] for more info. Jody x


Hello Happy New Year! I hope you all had a peaceful and restful Christmas. Yoga can achieve different things for all of us and at different times. Whether you want to pause and take time out of the fast lane, notice the beauty in the small things around you, learn more about your body, stretch more strength more, chill more. Classes with me are for all bodies and abilities and give you a balanced blend of stretching, strengthening and rest and restoration.
Next classes Tues 7th January 6:15pm and Thurs 7pm both at the Methodist Church Hall Abbots Langley. DM or email [email protected] for more info. Jody x


Feeling grateful that I have this morning view of the Austrian alps. There are no yoga classes until Tues 7th at 6:15 Methodist Church Hall. X


No yoga tonight. Enjoying long a self practice in my Happy Place Mallorca. Next class 6:15pm Tues Methodist Church Hall.


Yoga classes back to normal this week having restored myself in nature and friendship. Tues 6:15 and Thurs 7pm Abbots Langley Methodist Church Hall


Thank you to all who moved slowly into stillness with me practising yoga on a canal boat last weekend. It really is a unique experience moving slowly on the water and exploring slowing down the our bodies our inner selves.


Yoga, tap dancing / dancing, running, playing the tambourine, time with friends and family, enjoying nature make me come alive. Yoga class tonight 6:15 Methodist Church Hall. Do what makes you come alive xx


Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn
Yoga classes back at the Methodist Church Hall
Tues 6:15pm and Thurs 7pm. Can’t wait to meet you all again on our mats Jody xx


Feeling grateful for my outside office today with my faithful assistant Winston. Preparing for tonight’s yoga workshop “What’s up Dawg “. 6:30 to 8:30 at the Methodist Church Hall. Donna Farhi says it’s the garlic of yoga a panacea for whatever ails you, which combines the benefits of an inversion, arm balance, forward bend and restorative pose all rolled into one”
If you want to find out more about this amazing pose and how it can help you. There are still a couple of places left £20. Xx


I am back from my hols. Scotland did not disappoint and I had amazing surroundings to practice in. I am teaching this week on Tues 30th 6:15,and Thurs 1st at 7.00pm. Then there is a break from the usual timetable and I will be teaching two workshops
1) yoga for the neck and shoulders on Thurs 8th 6:30 to 8:30
2) WhAts up Dawg? A chance to fully explore how your own body expresses itself in downward facing dog or ask any questions about what you are experiencing, learn how to adapt the pose to meet your needs. Thurs 15th 6:30 to 8:30.
Both at the Methodist Church Hall Abbots Langley. £20 each or £30 if you attend both. X


Yoga tonight 7pm come because it makes you feel so good!!!


We had a wonderful day exploring and experiencing How pelvic balance can help us move with ease. Thank you Catherine Annis as ever you were brilliant! We will book you again next year!


Yoga tonight 7pm and still places on Yoga workshop running this Sat 10 to 5pm course tutor Catherine Annis £50 where we will be exploring pelvic balance. The pelvis connects the limbs to the torso and any imbalance in the pelvis may have an impact on how we stand, walk, run efficiently and without injury. If you want to know more on how to stand run or walk more efficiently or just feel damn good, book one of the last few places! DM me or email [email protected].

[06/18/19]   No Yoga Tonight
Next class Thurs 7pm

[06/18/19]   No yoga Tonight next class Thurs 7pm


Yoga Tonight 7pm. Let’s create some yoga hugge in this wet cool weather. It will be a candle lit one tonight with plenty of movement to warm you up and energise you x 13/06/2019

Pelvic Balance

Last few places left on this course running next Saturday. Don’t miss out on a chance to practice yoga with international yoga teacher Catherine Annis here in Abbots Langley! Yoga Workshop - Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire : June 2019 Pelvic Balance & Why It’s So Important Have you ever wondered why one side of your body is easier to access than the other in your yoga practice?


Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training - IYTT

This is why I often start class with a slow and sometimes supported bridge. Getting the heart higher than the head is a great way to settle and find ease and rest. This article explains why beautifully.

Turning upside down - the benefits

Interesting article on baroreceptors and their effect on our parasympathetic nervous system.

#parasympathetic #heartpower #bloodpressure #nervoussystem #slowingdown #yogaforstress #stressmanagement

[05/30/19]   Yoga tonight 7pm


Yoga Tonight 7pm in my garden as the hall is a polling station DM or text 07976651136 to get my address!

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Lubricate those lumbar spine discs!





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