Driving For Fun.

No longer teaching and forming pupils or instructors. Retired and enjoying the wine in the Bordeaux

Fonctionnement normal


Hey everyone, hope you are all OK. I just was in the UK for a few days ... married my Daughter last week. Wonderful Wedding and, as in the picture below, beautiful couple. Congratulations to the couple and the best wishes for a long and happy future.


Hello All, I hope you are all well and having a good time. I am now enjoying my retirement and thinking of you. All the best to you all.


Hello All, what a great finish to my Driving Instructor activities! Last day/test for me. Rachel E. from Weybridge passed her test in Tolworth this morning and .... together we finished on a high .... Rachel passed with only 2 driver errors (minors). To all my Pupils, weldone and happy driving. I will miss you. JP. RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 30/10/2016

Well done Ben for passing your driving test! Happy Driving!

Timeline photos 07/09/2016

Well done Ciaran! Passed 1st time with only 1 minor :) RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

Another Pass RED Driving School Official Page! Well done Marie, great driving! See you on the roads :)

Timeline photos 22/08/2016

Congratulations for your Pass with a CLEAN SHEET Ciara!! Brilliant drive with 0 faults in Chertsey! Well done!

Timeline photos 03/08/2016

Congratulations Micaela! Well done for passing your driving test today! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 13/07/2016

Well done Tobias! Brilliant pass in Guildford! Another one on the road RED Driving School Official Page!

Timeline photos 15/06/2016

Congratulations Tom for passing 1st time with only 1 minor! Brilliant drive.. see you on the road :) RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 13/06/2016

Well done Peter Tubes Dale! You are now allowed on the roads without me.. ( good luck to everyone else!) Its been a pleasure teaching you and best of luck for all your future driving, you deserve it! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 29/04/2016

Woo Hoo! Another 1st time pass! Well done Rachel, brilliant result Happy driving! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 29/04/2016

Nigel Cullen passed his Approved Driving Instructor test today! Keep an eye out for him on the road! If your thinking of being an Driving Instructor send me a message! RED Driving School Official Page


Another Pass in Chertsey today. Well done Katie Carter. Excellent drive and now... drive safely.


Another one bites the dust! Another pass today making it 5 passes in 6 days! Could it get any better? I have now got a few spaces available ( this doesn't happen often! ) get in touch for more info!

Timeline photos 12/01/2016

Wow! What a pass! Well done Elly! You worked really hard to achieve a great result in your 1st driving test!


I had a feeling that this would be a good start to the year! 5th day back at work and I have already had 4 passes!

Timeline photos 08/01/2016

Well done Eviar, you are a confident driver and you showed it in your test! Congratulations for passing first time today!

Timeline photos 08/01/2016

Brilliant driving today Jennifer! Well done for passing :)

Timeline photos 16/12/2015

Tom passed today! First time pass with only 1 minor! Well done Tom, see you out on the road.

Timeline photos 06/11/2015

WOOHOO!! Another Pass! Well done Jamie! brilliant work :)

Timeline photos 18/10/2015

Well done Joss Newman! Brilliant pass today with only 1 minor! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 03/08/2015

Thanks for helping me keep a long record of 1st time passes Mark! Well done to passing with only 2 minors! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 14/07/2015

Brilliant 1st time pass today! Well done Tom!! RED Driving School Official Page Another pass at Chertsey with only 3 Minors.

Timeline photos 10/07/2015

Another pass with only 3 minors!! Well done Grazia! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 02/07/2015

Well done to Conor who passed his test today in Guildford. Congratulations! RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 29/06/2015

A first time pass and only 1 minor!!! Excellent drive and congratulations to Marilena for passing her driving test RED Driving School Official Page

Timeline photos 16/06/2015

Another 1st time pass!! Congratulations to Scott for passing his test.

Timeline photos 16/06/2015

Spent the day working with Tubes at St Georges Park, the home of National Football. Never seen so many football pitches in one place!

Timeline photos 26/05/2015

Tim passed his driving test 1ST time today. Well done Tim.


Hollie C has just her driving test in Chertsey. Confident and safe drive. Hollie passed with only 3 minor driver faults. Congratulation

Timeline photos 08/04/2015

Great Result! Bradley passed today 1st time and got only 5 minors ... Well done Bradley!

Timeline photos 22/03/2015

Congratulations to Henry for passing his test. 1st time and only 3 minors. Well done!

Well done also to George, Henry's brother. George too passed his test with only 1 minor!

Timeline photos 16/03/2015

First day with the brand new 2015 CORSA, Fab is all I can say! Really impressed with it. Coming to a lesson near you ......

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