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Photos from Hastings School's post 31/05/2024

Last week a group of children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed at the annual British Schools Junior Athletics tournament. Well done to all those children who gained medals, a real achievement. Thank you to all of those students who tried their best and left everything on the track and field. Go Team Hastings!

Photos from Hastings School's post 30/05/2024

For the first time ever, we took some of our Year 2 and 3 children away for
two nights in San Rafael. For many of them this was their first time away
from home. They had a wonderful experience!

Photos from Hastings School's post 29/05/2024

visited our school to give a talk on creativity. During his visit, we participated in two creative writing exercises that will be part of our CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program. His insights and guidance were incredibly inspiring, encouraging us to explore new ideas and express ourselves more freely through writing. This experience has undoubtedly enriched our approach to creative thinking and writing.


We are incredibly proud of our Year 10 Sociales students for securing first place in their category at the European level in the Cognita Student Challenge, which includes all Cognita schools worldwide. The Cognita Student Challenge is designed to shine a light on excellence in real-life learning, and our students have truly excelled. But above all, we want to congratulate them for their effort and participation. Well done, team!


🌟 Fantastic Finishes! 🌟
Our Fantastic Finishes have become wonderful celebrations of all the learning that takes place in our classrooms. The children love to share all that they have learnt and created with their parents.
🦁 Year 1 & Year 3: The children in Year 1 and Year 3 had a Fantastic Finish to celebrate all their learning about animals. Year 1 focused on a variety of animals, while Year 3 delved into the world of birds. As always, this crossed so many areas of the curriculum: Writing, Science, Art and Music!


Would you like to know how the Hastings Learner Habits impact our student's learning? See what some of our Year 6 students say in this video. 🤭

Photos from Hastings School's post 22/05/2024

☀️📚 Embracing the Madrid sunshine! Our Hastings students make the most of sunny days, taking their reading outside. Here's to bright sunny days and fun learning in the heart of Madrid! 🌞📖

Photos from Hastings School's post 21/05/2024

After learning about different types of communication and having a talk from ONCE( National Organisation for Blind People) our super creative year 11 Lengua students have worked on a project designing adaptations for people with different impairments. They have designed ways to tell colours apart, different games, building adaptations, art exhibitions; these are some examples of their fantastic work.

Photos from Hastings School's post 20/05/2024

🍳✨ Cooking up creativity! In March, Hastings School students showcased their culinary skills in the "Design the Menu" competition, crafting delicious recipes using sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. This initiative aligns with our commitment to reducing food waste and promoting eco-friendly eating habits.
The highlight? Y9 student Daniela Ailon spearheaded the transformation of these green and healthy recipes into the "Hastings Sustainable Cookbook." Featuring a variety of dishes curated from our talented community, this cookbook celebrates our culinary prowess and dedication to sustainability.
You can see this culinary treasure in last week's bulletin! 📖🌱 🍽️📚

Photos from Hastings School's post 17/05/2024

🌲🏞️ Adventure awaits! Last weekend, our Year 5 students ventured into the breathtaking landscape of Gredos. From hiking through scenic trails to bonding around the campfire, every moment was filled with laughter and exploration. Our young adventurers made life-long memories, while learning about teamwork, resilience, and the wonders of the great outdoors.

Photos from Hastings School's post 16/05/2024

🌊🐠 Dive in with Year 4! Last week, our students explored the wonders of the Atlantis Aquarium. From colourful coral reefs to graceful sea creatures, they immersed themselves in the beauty of the underwater world. Stay tuned for highlights! 🌟 🐙🔍

Photos from Hastings School's post 15/05/2024

🎉✨ Happy San Isidro Day from Hastings School! 🌾 Yesterday, our little ones stepped into the festivities in style, dressed to impress in traditional attire. From colourful mantones to charming chulapo outfits, they embraced the spirit of Madrid's beloved celebration with joy and enthusiasm!🎈 🎊👒

Photos from Hastings School's post 14/05/2024

🎓✨ Celebrating success in Nexus! Our Annual Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition was a resounding success, highlighting the hard work, dedication, and intellectual curiosity of our students. From thought-provoking discussions on ethics and morality to insightful inquiries into the nature of knowledge across different disciplines, our students showcased their impressive command of TOK concepts and genuine passion for inquiry. The quality of presentations was nothing short of remarkable. Congratulations!

Photos from Hastings School's post 13/05/2024

🐷🌱 Last week, our Pre-nursery classes had an unforgettable morning with some farm animals at our Sobradiel campus! From cuddling fluffy bunnies to feeding friendly goats, there was a lot of laughter and learning. Swipe through these snapshots of pure joy! 🐔🚜

Photos from Hastings School's post 10/05/2024

On April 24th, the Year 8 and Year 9 girls participated in the volleyball tournament at the ICS school. It was a really rewarding experience for our team who came in sixth overall, playing some wonderful games even though some of the girls had never played together. We're proud of them and already looking forward to next year's tournament. Congratulations to the team!

Photos from Hastings School's post 09/05/2024

🎨 Dive into the Visual Journey of our Year 13 A-Level Art Students! 🖌️
Witness the culmination of two years of hard work and creative exploration as our Year 13 students unveil their outstanding artistic projects. 🌟 From initial concepts to final masterpieces, our exhibition offers a unique insight into the process, development, and evolution of each student's chosen topic. 🖼️


📰 Exciting Reading Alert! Check out the latest article from ABC Familia Journal featuring insights from Simon Baskett, Head of Secondary at Hastings School. Simon emphasizes the importance of three key pillars for school success: staff, students, and teachers. "Successful communication relies on all three working together positively. It must also be regular and swift if any issues arise. We inform parents every time a student does something positive, as well as if their behaviour is not appropriate. This way, they know at all times how their child is doing," he highlights. The article delves into the collaborative efforts of parents and teachers for the well-being of the student. Don't miss out on this insightful piece! 🌟


🎓 Unlock Your Future with Hastings School Nexus! 🌟At Hastings School Nexus, we're dedicated to guiding our students towards their brightest futures. 🚀 Our University Counsellor will be your expert guide through university applications and requirements! 🎓💼 From choosing the right course to mastering the application process, let us support you in reaching your academic and career goals! 📝💫 Contact us today to learn more!

Photos from Hastings School's post 03/05/2024

Year 10 students had a successful and really informative trip to Alcalá de Henares. They enjoyed a guided tour of the Roman Forum, the university and the main sites of this historic city. Thanks go to Ms Tello for organising the trip and to Ms Guede, Ms Del Rincón, Ms Mila and Mr Menguiano for accompanying the students.

Photos from Hastings School's post 02/05/2024

Another successful round of road safety classes for our Years 2, 4, and 6 students! 🚸 Learning to stay safe on the roads is crucial, and these classes are helping our kids understand the dos and don'ts of pedestrian safety, crossing roads, and being aware of traffic signs. Keep up the great work, everyone!


🎵 Get ready to make some musical magic at our Music Summer Camp! 🌞 Join us for a fun-filled week of learning, jamming, and making unforgettable memories. Whether you're a budding musician or just love to groove, there's something for everyone! Spaces are limited, so register now to secure your spot. Don't miss out on the summer sounds! 🎶☀️

Photos from Hastings School's post 30/04/2024

Busy hands in the garden! 🌱 Our Pre-nursery kids in Sobradiel are planting pumpkin seeds, dreaming of a big harvest next Autumn. Meanwhile, our Eco-Committee in Sobradiel have cut the lettuces and prepared a delicious salad for lunch, enjoyed heartily by all of Sobradiel Primary. 🥗


🎓 From Hastings School to Eindhoven University of Technology! Meet Mónica, a shining example of the incredible journey our graduates embark on. 🌟 After years of dedication and hard work, she's now pursuing her passion for Industrial Engineering in the Netherlands! 📚💫 The solid foundation and excellent education she received at Hastings have undoubtedly paved the way for her remarkable achievements. 🏫✨ We couldn't be prouder of her accomplishments and can't wait to see where her journey takes her next! 🎉👏


🎉 Congratulations to all our students who participated in the Spring Maths Challenge at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid last weekend! 🌟 We're thrilled to announce that nine of our Hastings students took part in this prestigious competition, showcasing their mathematical skills alongside thousands of participants from across the region.
Huge congratulations to Pablo, an outstanding student, for his exceptional performance! 🏆 Out of over 50,000 students and 515 schools, Pablo's dedication and talent earned him one of the coveted prizes, a remarkable feat considering only 150 participants from the second round receive this honour. Well done to all of our students who took on the challenge! Your hard work and achievement inspire us all.


🌟 Join us for our Early Years Talk! 🌟 This is your chance to explore our facilities and meet our dedicated team of educators. Discover the nurturing environment where your child will learn, grow, and thrive. We can't wait to welcome you! Registration link in BIO

Photos from Hastings School's post 23/04/2024

📚✨ Celebrating Book Day with a parade of characters! 🎉 Our students brought their favourite book characters to life today, filling our school buildings with magic and imagination. From fairies to princesses, each costume tells a story. We also had a second-hand book sale, finding new homes for pre-loved books, organised by our older Primary children. The proceeds will go towards

Photos from Hastings School's post 22/04/2024

Making the most of Madrid's beautiful weather with outdoor learning sessions! 🌳 Our primary students are delving into the world of shapes and measurements, turning our outdoor spaces into an extension of the maths classroom..


🎉 We extend our warmest congratulations to Alba Becker for securing a place at in the USA! 🎓 Alba's remarkable achievement is a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional abilities. 🌟 Her acceptance into Duke, alongside the outstanding success of our students securing places at esteemed universities like , , and , represents the most successful ever round of US applications at the moment for Hastings School. 👏 We applaud Alba's resilience, leadership, and academic excellence, which serve as an inspiration to our entire community. Congratulations, Alba, on this incredible accomplishment! 🎉👏

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Photos from Hastings School's post 18/04/2024

In today's digital age, creativity is more important than ever. Through digital art, students not only express themselves but also develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills essential for success in the 21st century.
Join us at Hastings School and find out how digital art fosters creativity, innovation, and self-expression in our students. Let's inspire the next generation of creators together! 🌟


Join us for an exclusive Early Years Talk at Hastings School. Find out about the exciting journey your child could embark on with us! 🌟
At our talk, you'll have the chance to explore our facilities, learn about your child's path at Hastings, and meet some of our dedicated teachers. Don't miss this opportunity to see first hand what Hastings School has to offer and how we can support your child's early years education.
Register now and take the first step towards shaping your child's future with Hastings School!
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